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Brother Pq1500sl Quilting and Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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All of you quilters as well as sewists who watch for an effective workhorse to enhance your efficiency, Brother PQ1500SL Quilting as well as Sewing Machine might be just the ideal option for you. It doesn’t do an excellent numerous things, yet what it does, it does astoundingly well. It won’t bedazzle you with numerous stitches, but every single stitch it makes will certainly be smooth, sophisticated, as well as beautiful, specifically as the previous one

If a great old mechanical machine is what you require, this will not let you down. Skilled exists normally don’t require lots of bells and whistles. They need an entertainer that will certainly do the work in one of the most effective means– something like Brother PQ1500SL It provides a lot of space for bulkier tasks, a powerful engine that won’t obtain tired after hrs of sewing through thick as well as slim , a selection of sewing and quilting feet, a few automated functions that will make your life much easier.

Today, I am providing you a thorough review of this machine First, we’ll take a look at its basic attributes and performance , and afterwards we’ll take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading and also determine if this design is right for you.

Brother PQ1500SL– Overview Features

  • Sewing rates of 1,500 stitches per minute It’s one of the attributes that certify this model for a sturdy or semi-industrial machine, because the sewing speed of your typical portable machine does not go over 850 stitches per minute.
  • Integrated needle threader that must minimize the time needed for this primary job. Sewists are grumbling regarding this feature, but extra on that particular later.
  • Automatic thread cutter will certainly clip both the upper and reduced threads at a touch of a switch. It additionally resets the strings so you can effortlessly continue with your following job or sewing session. Without messing around with that dreaded set of scissors, naturally.
  • Flexible presser foot pressure A color-coded knob regulates the stress, so you can boost or decrease it when collaborating with various material thickness. This feature enables for also stitches across different fabrics.
  • Adjustable feed pet dogs You will not have much to whine about, also if you stitch challenging materials such as velvet. Combined with the variable presser foot pressure, this alternative enables sewing effortlessly. Choose from 4 feed pet setups.
  • Automatic needle up/down placements The needle will certainly drop in down setting by default, so you can conveniently rotate the material without losing the stitch. But you can also pre-program the machine to stop the needle in whichever placement you such as.
  • Easy bobbin winding The procedure is rather obvious and you will discover tags published out on the machine ‘s body to reveal to you what’s your following action. Just ensure the bobbin works with the machine, given that there are some comparable looking bobbins that just won’t do.
  • Thread tension controller works with a convenient dial that moves the tension disks closer to or away from each other, raising or lowering the pressure. You can quickly readjust your stitches to be tighter or looser. If your string stress is unbalanced, you will certainly see uneven stitches with loops and puckers on either side of the material.
  • Pin-feed systems is Brother’s exclusive feature readily available in a few of their premium quilting models. Put simply, it replaces the feed dogs with a pin, so several layers of textiles will certainly be able to relocate smoothly.
  • Removable knee-lifter is a very convenient method to raise the presser foot without increasing your hands from the project.
  • Fabric extension tables is an addition that quilters will certainly praise to. It enables a large workplace, 5.7 inches in elevation and 8.6 inches in size. You will have the ability to tackle your cumbersome quilting jobs without any type of effort.
  • LED lights to cheer up your workspace. Ideally, you shouldn’t be requiring an extra light.

Added Accessories

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine accessories As you unpack the machine, you will discover some good bonus in the plan. Also, though I can definitely live without the majority of these devices, I still like the thrill of searching via the box and also finding yet one more little aid that I would certainly otherwise have to get separately. And they really made a rich choice of extras here Here’s what you will certainly get: 5 steel bobbins, a feltscaper, a stabilizer roll for needlework, felting needle, an assortment of polyester strings for needlework and cotton threads for quilting, 3-piece organizing caddy, fabric framework, seam guide, ballpoint needle, spool cap, cleansing brush, 2 screwdrivers, spool pillow, power cord and also the user’s manual. I wish I handled to list out all of them!

When it comes to feet, there’s something in the shop for everyone. Zipper, the basic objective, rolled hem, gathering, spring activity, undetectable zipper, as well as quarter-inch feet– there’s almost absolutely nothing entrusted to yearn for

What Do Sewists Think About It?

Sewists as well as particularly quilters are going crazy regarding this machine, its power, great and smooth stitching, big quilting area as well as residential or commercial properties. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with over 330 customer reviews since this writing. Certain, it’s not one of the most prominent Brother designs– however it wasn’t even suggested to be. Basically, it isn’t an entry-level machine and even an extremely flexible one. If you’re looking for a version that will certainly obtain you began and are a Brother fan, you could take into consideration getting Brother HC1850 or SQ 9185. They are easy to utilize as well as loaded with properties to season up your discovering process.

Newbies tend to complain that the machine is finicky in regards to settings The string tension is usually out of location, which can create breaking of the string. This is simply among those settings that call for rather a little bit of experience to master it, which is specifically why I don’t advise this machine to newbies.

Overall, the number of great evaluations surpasses the bad ones by much. Individuals are usually extremely material with their purchase , as well as the excitement hasn’t lowered despite those that have actually been utilizing it for over three years. Models from other manufacturers that are similar in efficiency have a tendency to come with a large cost. Sewists that are used to having a vast array of expensive stitches still locate this machine an extremely good as well as effective choice for the straight stitch, while employing another machine for the a lot more different stitchwork.

Helpful Tips

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting and Sewing Machine from close up If it’s your first time collaborating with a semi-industrial machine, ensure to never ever neglect the fact that you need to oil it from time to time. It’s a routine element of the maintenance , as well as you can find yourself in a world of discomfort if you forget it. Simply put a sticker label note to remind you that you require to oil it before beginning a bigger project, or perhaps if it’s run out usage for a couple of weeks.

On the intense side, oiling isn’t tough You won’t need any kind of mechanical understanding to do it– just seek little holes on the machine ‘s body and also pour a couple of decreases right into each of them. You will also locate a cleaning brush in the bundle, so you can sweep dust and other pollutants.

One of the most usual issues with this design is needle threading. Even though it’s marketed as advanced, it’s far from being easy and also will most probably need some digging for instructional video clips on the Internet. Other clients have actually had problems utilizing the automated thread cutter , which reduces the threads also short. Nonetheless, this concern is very easy to resolve if you raise the stress foot before cutting the thread.

What We Like About Brother PQ1500SL

  • It comes really near to a sturdy machine, thanks to its 1.5-amp engine, durable steel building as well as fantastic stitching rate. With rather over 33 extra pounds, it’s hefty sufficient not to wobble when being used. Certainly, that indicates you will not have the ability to tote it and also lug to your sewing course. Yet it wasn’t also planned for that. Technically, it’s still a portable machine, so it will not occupy half of your room. Just assign a unique look for it in your apartment or condo or residence and allow it to rest there. I am pretty sure that it will serve you a lifetime.
  • It’s stuffed complete of incredible features for quilters Expansion tables, decrease feed dogs, pin-feed system, needle up/down, adjustable presser foot stress, 9-inch throat space roomy enough to fit full-size quilts– every one of these attributes will make quilting a wind. There aren’t numerous feature-packed versions within this price range.
  • Thicker fabrics like denim, canvas or vinyl will not stifle it , also when sewn in multiple layers. This is a semi-industrial machine, which indicates it will not perspire over thicker materials.
  • The optimum sew length is seven Keep in mind that the majority of sewing machines only supply stitch sizes approximately six factors. So, there’s only one stitch, yet it’s very adjustable and also versatile.
  • A nice selection of feet comes consisted of in the package. Quilters will particularly appreciate the cost-free movement, pin-feed and also strolling feet.
  • Oiling is very straightforward , even if you’ve never ever done it previously. The machine has small openings where you can put drops of oil. There’s no need to take it apart, unlike numerous other heavy-duty versions.
  • It’s pretty quiet thinking about how powerful the electric motor is. You don’t have to stress over waking up fifty percent of your community.
  • Sensible rate Devices with similar performance and also attributes commonly set you back a pair hundred bucks extra.

What We Don’t Like About Brother PQ1500SL

  • Not one of the most appropriate version for novices So you’ve only just begun sewing, as well as a person is tossing different notions at you, such as thread tension. What are it as well as exactly how will it affect your progress? This machine is largely planned for skilled sewists who understand their what’s and when’s. The learning contour would certainly be as well to steep for newbie exists and also quilters.
  • It only has a straight stitch No zigzag, buttonholes, overcasting or any type of other stitches that prevail in even more functional designs. It’s a disadvantage for sadists who like to try out numerous, various stitches. But if you are just one of those seamstresses who can make miracles by utilizing simply directly stitch, you will still be thrilled, since this machine does that stitch magnificently.
  • No automatic rate control You will need to master regulating the rate with the foot pedal, which often won’t be subtle sufficient, although it’s pretty receptive. Here’s a good pointer to aid you defeat this con: attempt sewing with bare feet. It makes a world of difference.
  • Setup is rather difficult If you’re wanting to start sewing right after you unbox the machine, you’re most likely in for a bit of disappointment. You will need some time to set every little thing up, as well as the customer’s manual is a bit short on details. So, get ready to sift through YouTube videos in order to figure out everything.
  • Needle threading isn’t easy sufficient for individuals who aren’t made use of to this design. You will certainly most definitely need your user’s handbook– and also not just the very first time.
  • The bobbin case isn’t transparent , so you can’t monitor your string supply. Prepare yourself for poor surprises, when the bobbin unexpectedly lacks thread in the middle of a job.
  • The LED lights can be a bit brighter If you like working at evening like I do, some additional light would get rid of the stress on your vision, especially if it’s not excellent.

Final thought

I did my best to detail all the benefits and drawbacks in this review, so regarding supply the most sincere as well as multisided account– the kind that I like to review when I’m concerning to purchase. When all is taken into consideration, there’s no uncertainty about it– this model is far from being excellent Yet however, it’s still among the best and also most convenient devices out there. At the very least, where the price/quality proportion is worried. As for quilters, it may easily be the best mid-range quilting machine

If you’re a wise sewist, it will certainly boost your performance However, if you’re a beginner, you’re in for some grinding through trial-and-error till you handle to refine your abilities Yet as soon as you surpass the basics, you will be thrilled with simply exactly how constant and professional your jobs will certainly look.

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