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Why, When, Where, and How to Oil a Bernina Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2024

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It might be an oily, unpleasant job, yet it has actually to be done. That is, if you desire your Bernina sewing machine to operate like a ‘well-oiled machine. A lack of oiling is bad for the machine as well as may finish up costing you countless dollars out of commission or substitute costs.

When to oil your Bernina sewing machine is not really determined by the quantity of passing time. It is measured by the variety of bobbins you use. Depending on your machine that might be about every 2 to 5 bobbins.

To get all the truths concerning oiling your Bernina sewing machine, just remain to read our short article. It has the information you require to deal with your costly sewing machine properly.

Some Oiling Tips to Follow

Before we reach all the action in coiling Bernina sewing machine we need to pass on some important suggestions:

  • Always oil prior to you start sewing Never do it after. The oil spreads out throughout the machine better.
  • Only use top notch oil. Keep away from those oils that have material or acid in them.
  • Adhere to the manual. If you do not have one visit the Bernina site to get a download for your particular version.
  • Do routine maintenance checks when you oil your sewing machine
  • Remove all needles when doing your oiling. Safety first.

Exactly how to Oil Your Bernina Sewing Machine

There may be minor differences in between the various sewing machine series so oiling your machine might not be precisely like the process that will be defined as listed below. The vital thing to keep in mind is that routine as well as proper oiling needs to occur if you do not desire to squander your financial investment.

Things you will certainly need:

  • owner’s manual.
  • sewing machine oil.
  • medium bristle brush.
  • can of compressed air.

The oiling process:

  • Step # 1 – Warm-up time – The Bernina sewing makers require to be at the space temperature. If they are cold, they may require regarding an hour to warm up.
  • Step # 2 – Open the top cover – inside the cover you will find little red dots. These tell you where you need to place the oil. Use the owner’s manual to assist you.
  • Action # 3 – Open the side cover – again you will certainly require using your owner’s manual to assist you to discover the appropriate areas to oil. The red dots are there as well aiding you out.
  • Action # 4 – Remove the Stitch plate – brush and/or burn out the accumulated fluff. Do this around the shuttle bus as well as the feed pet too. This must be done at every oiling time.

Where to Oil a Bernina Sewing Machine


The owner’s handbook will have the precise area for each and every version in a Bernina collection. You require to speak with that book to make certain you get the best areas when oiling. The 7 as well as 5 series might have included its special oil to use.

Don’t look for a choice as that option may not work as well as the oil that featured the Bernina sewing machine One area that needs to be fueled oil is the hook area. First, wipe it down and afterwards to get rid of the hook.

Inside the hook are 2 felt pads. Area 1 decline of oil on each pad. Afterwards, you must put 1 drops of oil responsible race. When you do this, you need to not add oil to the reservoir under the stitch plate.

You may wish to sew a couple of stitches on a piece of useless fabric to take in excess oil. When it comes to various other machines, there are red dots in the leading cover area and the side cover section that suggest where you require oiling.

Examine your proprietor’s handbook for your specific machine to ensure you get the best areas. The secret right here is not to over oil your Bernina sewing machine Over oiling is practically as negative as never fueling oil or under fueling oil the machine

What Oil Can I Use for Sewing Machine

A check on the Bernina Website does not offer a particular brand name of oil. Several of their machines will certainly come with their own oil to make certain you are utilizing the appropriate one. If you are in doubt you can talk to the proprietor’s handbook or speak with a Bernina dealership to obtain the name and also or the oil.

Normally, though, sewing machine oil is white mineral oil. Its light thickness means that it must not remain on the gears and also not block your machine This oil is clear and has no smell either.

If you are trying to find this oil in the store, it may be marketed as sewing machine oil or simply plain machine oil. If you are unsure, ask the staff or go to sewing machine sales or service center to get the best kind.

One little warning, you need to not substitute oils. Cooking oil and also vehicle oils are not made for sewing machines and also their viscosity will certainly be expensive letting the oil obstruct your equipments.

Those oils might additionally ruing any type of material you go through your sewing machine Additionally, 3 in 1 oil is one more variation you ought to not utilize. The exact same factors that were provided above apply.

Why Oil a Sewing Machine


The B ern ina sewing equipments, all versions, are precision makers. They are created to function producing elaborate designs, m stitches, and so on, as well as in doing so they have a great deal of inner parts that may seize, get clogging or just wear out if they are not fueled oil properly.

Or if you do not oil consistently, the efficiency of your sewing machine will lower leaving you with some very poor outcomes. When those events occur, you are taking a look at some costly repair bills, shed sewing times as well as wrecked material.

To put it one more means, sewing makers are like vehicles. They are loaded with metal parts that can fume if they rub together without lubrication. When that takes place, the metal increases as well as quits working.

The steel parts might obtain curved out of shape, lose their precision craftsmanship or just break. What oil does is protect against those points and various other ones from happening. With oil, the steel components slide by each various other without triggering any kind of troubles, warm accumulation and more.

Routine oils is in your best rate of interests in addition to in the best interests of your pocketbook. No person intends to pay Bernina prices repetitively when those expenditures could have been stayed clear of with a little drop of oil.

When to Oil Your Sewing Machine

For some Bernina sewing machines, you can wait till you have filled up 2 to 5 bobbins before taking the time to oil your sewing machine Other devices, like the Bernina 830, it is smart if you position a drop of oil to the hook system everyday BEFORE you start to stitch.

When you require oiling the machine in the bobbin area, you need to open the bobbin situation door as well as holding the bobbin setting up still. Then turn the handwheel towards you, till you see the copper wire underneath.

When you see the wire, include one decrease of oil to it and replace the bobbin and close the bobbin case door. If you do not have the Bernina 830 collection sewing machine after that, you ought to consult your owner’s handbook for the proper time to do the oiling.

For various other versions of sewing machines, there is a word that for every 10 to 20 hrs you sew, you should stop and also oil your machine This will maintain your sewing machine in top shape as well as carrying out as you anticipate it to.

It can be a tedious chore and also one that is not as much enjoyable as sewing but it requires to be done if you intend to continue getting delight out of your sewing times.

Just How Often Oil a Sewing Machine


One guidelines, and this is just one possibility, specifies that you need to oil your sewing machine after you completed your sewing project. You do this after every sewing project is finished.

Obviously, there is some adaptability here as your machine might not require fueling oil if your task is little and does not take a great deal of time to finish. You would certainly have to be the judge of that. But you must not allow a whole lot of time or a whole lot of small tasks delay your oiling time.

The various other product to consider is over-oiling. You do not wish to place a great deal of oil on your sewing machine While your machine has great deals of steel components that have a tendency to rub against each other, your sewing machine is not an automobile.

It does not take a great deal of oil to do the job. Some machines normally require 1 to 2 drops of oil and no greater than 3. As you can see from the info above, some Bernina’s demand only 1 decline of sewing machine oil.

What that informs you is that your container of sewing machine oil ought to last you a very long time. See to it to check with your owner’s handbook to see how much the supplier of your sewing machine recommends.

It is always far better to be secure than sorry, specifically when you are paying a great deal of money for a Bernina sewing machine

Cleansing and Oiling a Bernina With a CB Hook

One of the very first items of suggestions that you need and it relates to any kind of brand of sewing machine you utilize, you must take your machine in when a year to a certified repairman for cleaning and oiling.

In between those sees you should do normal oiling and upkeep to make sure your Bernina remains at peak efficiency levels. These upkeep times need to be done after you have actually consumed a bobbin.

  • Action # 1 – disconnect your sewing machine
  • Step # 2 – get rid of the presser foot, sew plate and needle.
  • Action # 3 – Open the bobbin door, pull the bars to release the bobbin, race cover, and cook very gently. When that is done to eliminate the bobbin and hook.
  • Step # 4 – utilizing a soft bristle nylon brush dirt your machine Start at the leading as well as drop, ensuring to comb thoroughly around the feed pet dog and also hook race. * some individuals do not advise utilizing pressed air as that often tends to press the lint as well as dirt better into the machine When that occurs, you may have a lot more problems to manage.
  • Action # 5 – now use a soft fabric to clean the hook as well as hook race area. Include 1 or 2 drops of oil onto the hook race and also replace the hook and also hook race cover. Utilize the handwheel to help you get the hook back into the best position.
  • Step # 6 – Put a new bobbin in the bobbin instance, put the case back in the machine and make use of a soft cloth to clean the stitch plate off and afterwards put the stitch plate back on.
  • Action # 7 – wipe down your machine and you are done.

Some Final Words

Giving sewing machine some oil is not as messy as doing an oil adjustment on an automobile. You ought to not obtain also greasy or unclean getting the task done right. The secret is to take your time, go slowly and also do not over oil.

Oiling your Bernina is likewise not that tough. After one time you ought to be a professional. Simply keep in mind to do your oiling prior to you begin sewing and also to make use of the right sewing oil.

These machines do not take simply any kind of oil, you require the kind that is particularly produced your machine If you need aid constantly consult your owner’s guidebook. Those books ought to have all the information you require to do the task right.

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