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How to Rip Jeans and Leave the White Thread Full Guide of 2023

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You can rip jeans with sharp scissors and leave the white thread in place. All you need is a little patience, planning, and practice. The process is quite simple and easy. You don’t need any additional knowledge for the job.

If you damage your jeans, you will need a marker to mark the areas where you want to rip, a razor blade, a seam ripper and tweezers to cut out the white threads. To pull.

Now that you know how to damage the jeans, also know how to do the job independently. For that, the information here will help you immensely.

How to rip jeans and leave the white thread?

Many people think it is difficult to wear the jeans. Well, that’s not true. If you follow the steps for making ripped jeans the right way, it will be easier for you. Look below!

1. Sketch and display the jeans

Step 1: Select the jeans you like

The first thing to do is choose the jeans according to your wishes. If this is your first time doing this troubling job, go for a pair of cheaper jeans.

You can go to the thrift store and buy cheaper quality jeans. do not have one. Try to go for jeans, which are quite stretchy and if you want a sensual look, go for tighter jeans.

And if you’re a big fan of tomboy looks, pick baggy jeans for the job.

Step 2: Use a pumice stone to search the emergency area

If you want the jeans to look natural, rub the cracked area with a pumice stone. You can also use sandpaper for that job without hassle.

Place the pumice stone on the area where you want to rip the jeans and rub it. This gives the jeans a worn natural shape. Rub horizontally.

Sanding or scraping the tear area with the pumice stone on the jeans will help break off the blue or vertical threads. If you are using sandpaper for the job, use 220 or much higher specification.

Step 3: Mark the place where you want to make the ladder work

If you look at the classic jeans, let you get them on the knee. Place the jeans on a flat surface and use a marker or chalk to mark those areas to create the ladder design.

If you want to make the ladder exactly on the knee area, make about 2 to 4 lines horizontally. For the back pocket area, you will need to make lines of 5 cm or less.

The ladder forms on the material between the marked areas. You need to make sure that the side seam has one? inch line. You are also free to make the ladder design all over the jeans.

Before starting the ladder design, you need to decide if you want this design for the upper, lower or all knee area. Determine how many rips you need on your jeans and how big they should be.

2. Creating the ripped portion of the jeans

Step 1: Place cardboard in the leg portion of the jeans

When you’re all set to do the rip work, you need to put cardboard in the jeans. This will prevent you from cutting the back of your jeans. You need to put the cardboard on the leg of the jeans where you will do the rip work.

Step 2: Cut into slits the jeans

Fold your jeans vertically on the line you made with the marker and cut the lines you made with sharp scissors. Try to measure the inch right above the cut and make another cut parallel to the cut you made.

If you don’t want to use the scissors, you can also use a box cutter or even a razor. You can only use them if there is cardboard underneath the jeans.

Step 3: Check the bottom of the cut and pull out the wires

Turn the tabs over, which you made with the two cuts, and check the more reverse side of the material. You will find blue threads running vertically inside the jeans. These wires winding wires.

Pull out all threads using tweezers until only white threads remain. These white threads must also remain intact with the jeans to make the ladder.

If you want to rip the back pockets or the side seams of your seams, make sure you only measure? inch instead of the entire portion of the actual cut.

Step 4: Keep pulling the thread until your jeans are on a ladder

You must keep pulling all the blue pull threads out of the torn area unless only white threads are visible. Repeat the process several times to create torn areas on the jeans.

Individuals can also pull out the white threads if they want to make large holes in their jeans..

How do you keep the ripped jeans from tearing more?

Since ripped jeans can create myriad appearances, it is also necessary to prevent them from pulling more. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Take your ripped jeans and turn them inside out.

Step 2: iron-on pieces of your jeans in rectangular shapes.

Step 3: Put those rectangular iron-on patches in a vertical position next to the right and left sides from the hole.

Step 4: By applying heat, you must repair all patches. You can use a standard iron to get the job done. Otherwise, a flat iron is also sufficient.

Step 5: When you with work, you can turn the jeans over again and you destroyed jeans .

How do you care for ripped jeans?

If you take good care of your ripped jeans, they will last much longer. We can do this. These are:

1. Usually wash less

You don’t need to wear your worn or ripped jeans every time you put it on to wash. They won’t get dirty if you only wear them once, so you don’t have to wash them.

You can wear jeans for a week without washing them. If they get dirty, you have no choice but to clean them. But why exactly don’t you wash them regularly? Well, there is a reason behind it.

The ripped or frayed jeans are notable for being quite susceptible to damage compared to the non-ripped and classic jeans. If you wash them multiple times, you will see a lot more tears and tears.

2. Hang the jeans on the line to dry

When you wash the jeans [torn specimenson the washing machine, try them on the line to dry. Tumble dryers are quite handy and you can quickly dry all kinds of clothes in them.

Just throw them in the dryer for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and it will dry. But if you use the tumble dryer to dry the torn pieces, they will lessen. For such reasons, hang them on a rod.

You can also hang the jeans on a line between two trees, and get into the habit of drying your ripped jeans on the line instead of the tumble dryer.

3. Wash the jeans with clothes of the same color

You should wash your ripped jeans with clothes of the same color color and no need to wash these jeans separately. It’s okay to wash them with other items of clothing.

Keep in mind that if you wash several garments at the same time with the jeans, they must be of the same color.

Washing your worn-out jeans with clothes of the same color will prevent the jeans from having a different color.

Should I bleach the jeans?

Many people add bleach when washing their jeans because they believe it removes all stains and stains. Well, that’s not true. Bleach will do serious damage to your ripped jeans.

Bleach has the power to compensate for the dye. No matter what shade your jeans are wearing, there will always be a permanent stain. But of course you can dye your jeans.

But why would you experience such a headache when you can’t use bleach on your jeans in the first place? If there is you are on the jeans, use vinegar instead of bleach.

Should I use fake or real jeans if I upset them?

If you want an authentic look; you need denim jeans. Denim stands out for being a lot heavier compared to cotton.

It has the power of the tearing of the threads. For thinner materials, they have quite thin threads. These types of wires will soon break.

If you use thin fabric jeans, you will get holes in your jeans instead of ladders. But whether you want to use the fake or the original is entirely up to you.

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