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Sew Cute Mini Humpty Dumpty: Step-by-Step Crochet Pattern Guide (2024)

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how to sew a humpty dumptyLet’s stitch this together. Knowing how to sew a mini Humpty Dumpty is as easy as pie when you’ve got the right pattern.

With just some scrap fabric, thread, and a needle and thimble, you’ll have all your supplies cracked up and ready to go. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to cut out and assemble the parts. First, cut out the legs, arms, body, collar, shoes, and of course, his iconic hat.

Before you can say all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, this beloved nursery rhyme character will be all sewn up and ready for cuddles, photos, and playtime.

Don’t let this project intimidate you. With a pattern guiding the way, even beginners can master how to sew a mini Humpty Dumpty.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to sew a mini Humpty Dumpty using the correct pattern, scrap fabric, thread, needle, and thimble.
  • Craft legs using brown and blue yarn without any stuffing.
  • Create arms by slip stitching them to the body using white yarn.
  • Craft a jaunty blue hat with a round crown and a floppy brim.

Legs (Make 2)

Legs (Make 2)
Let’s get to work on the legs for Humpty, crafting two separate legs out of brown and blue yarn without any stuffing. Start by chaining 6 stitches in brown yarn. Single crochet 6 times in the 2nd chain from the hook.

Continue making single crochets for 10 more rows. Do not join rounds; simply work in continuous spirals. To shape the leg, decrease evenly across the next 3 rows. Weave in the yarn end and clip.

Make a second leg in the same way using blue yarn. For the best form, carefully stretch the stitches as you go.

With a bit of skill and patience, these techniques will have you crafting professional-looking amigurumi toys in no time. Master the turning chains for seamless transitions between rounds, and you’re on your way to crochet mastery.

Arms (Make 2)

Arms (Make 2)
With those two adorable legs complete, you’re ready to tackle Humpty’s arms next. Slip stitch your crochet hook back up to the color change on his body where you’ll attach the arms. Use white yarn and the crochet hook size called for in the pattern to chain the number of stitches needed.

For a small Humpty around 3 inches tall, you’ll want his little arms to be quite short. Work in continuous rounds as usual until you have an oval shape. Then, stuff lightly so they’ll hold their form.

With your contrasting gold yarn, work a row of single crochet around the ends of the arms to create cuffs. Leave the ends loose for now. Position the arms where desired and whip stitch them in place atop the gold body section.

The egg-shaped body paired with short, chubby arms gives Humpty his iconic, endearing look.


Your cherished childhood softie deserves a jaunty hat to complete his regal ensemble. With a few simple stitches, you can craft a whimsical cap fit for egg-shaped royalty. Choose a bright shade of blue that pops against Humpty’s white head. Single crochet a ring of six stitches, increasing as you work to shape the cap’s round crown.

Add extra increases on one side to form the floppy brim. For safety, avoid any pointy ends by sewing the last round together.

Top it off with a fluffy yellow pom-pom using our free pattern found at The addition of this playful hat brings Humpty Dumpty to life, sure to inspire giggles and ignite young imaginations.

Assembling the Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty

Assembling the Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty
Attach the legs and arms over the color yarn with care, imagining Humpty whole again.

  1. Place the legs in a sitting position using brown and blue yarn.
  2. Sew the white and gold crocheted arms in the proper spots.
  3. Embroider the mouth using rust or red yarn.
  4. Sew on oval button eyes for that traditional Humpty look.
  5. Secure the blue crocheted hat at an angle just like in the rhyme.

With a bit of stitching, stuffing, and assembling, your mini Humpty Dumpty will be ready to decorate for Easter or become a beloved ornament.

By following the crochet pattern abbreviations like sc (single crochet), changing yarn colors, and using the correct crochet hook size, you’ll have a cute crocheted friend to display.

Let your newly sewn Humpty remind you of pleasant childhood stories.

Additional Easter Crochet Patterns

Additional Easter Crochet Patterns
Keep craftin’ with more Easter amigurumi like the delightful bunny or basket patterns! Explore the realm of crochet egg designs to hatch your creativity.

But wait, there’s more! Delve into the world of printable templates for a twist on traditional crafts. And for those seeking a snuggly twist, why not try fleece alternatives? Don’t worry about safety concerns – inspired gifts come in all shapes and stitches.

From crochet projects that ooze charm to crochet designs that capture hearts, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your crochet creativity and bring forth charming motifs that leap off your hook.

With these diverse approaches to crochet crafting, you’re bound to discover new dimensions to your craft.

Sharing Finished Projects on Social Media

Sharing Finished Projects on Social Media
Capture the charm of your colorful creations with vibrant snapshots, and share these delightful masterpieces across Instagram and Facebook. By tagging @Crochet365KnitToo, you not only showcase your crafty inspiration but also become part of a thriving online community.

Your finished projects become more than just stitches; they’re visual celebrations of your skill and dedication. As you share your humpty dumpty and other sewing triumphs, you inspire fellow craft enthusiasts, creating a ripple effect of creativity and joy.

These platforms offer a canvas for your mastery and understanding of the craft to shine through, connecting you with like-minded makers. Join the fun, weaving humor into your captions and captions, as your creative showcases spread the love of sewing and the artistry of handmade treasures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the recommended materials for making the Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty?

To craft your adorable Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty, gather essentials like a US H8 crochet hook, vibrant worsted yarns, buttons for eyes, and cozy polyfill.

Can the legs of the Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty be stďż­ with polyfil like the body?

Absolutely, it’s like giving the legs a cloud-like embrace! Just tuck a touch of polyfill into the legs of your Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty.

How is the hat of the Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty attached to the body?

To secure the hat of the Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty, first angle it and use blue yarn to stitch it in place. Think of this step as Humpty’s stylish finishing touch – a touch of artistry that crowns his crochet charm.

Are there any other Easter-themed crochet patterns available in addition to the Humpty Dumpty pattern?

Sure thing! Looking for more Easter crochet fun? Discover delightful patterns like the Easter Egg Bunny, Crochet Easter Basket, and Crochet Easter Eggs.

How can people share their finished Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty projects on social media and connect with Crochet365KnitToo?

To master sharing your Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty creations and connecting with Crochet365KnitToo, unleash your inner artist on Instagram and Facebook. Tag @Crochet365KnitToo to showcase your charming creations, and join a community of passionate crafters.


As you wrap up your journey into creating this delightful Mini Crochet Humpty Dumpty, you’ve unlocked the art of turning yarn into whimsical charm. Just like the tale itself, your hands have woven together a story of creativity and craftsmanship.

With the knowledge you’ve gained, you can now confidently bring to life not just this endearing character, but a whole world of Easter-inspired creations. By embracing the spirit of sharing on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you’ll join a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts.

Remember, each stitch is a step towards your personal expertise in the art of crochet. So go ahead, let your imagination unfurl its wings and continue to sew the magic of Humpty Dumpty, one loop at a time.

Happy stitching!

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