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Learn How to Sew Bundles With Closure: Step-by-Step Guide! (2024)

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Welcome to the world of bundle sewing! Sewing bundles is a great way to create custom hairstyles and add natural-looking volume. It may seem intimidating at first, but once you know the basics, it’s easy to get started.

In this guide, we will cover everything from choosing the right cap and needle for your project, all the way through step-by-step instructions on how to sew in bundles with closure. You’ll also learn about popular fashion styles that use this technique, as well as some of its benefits, such as customizable hairstyles and an overall natural look.

Finally, we will introduce you to a trusted supplier who offers video tutorials for bundle sewing so that you can hit the ground running!

Key Takeaways

how to sew bundles
Choosing the right cap, needle, and thread is crucial for successful bundle sewing. Double threading should always be used for maximum security when attaching bundles to the cap. Sewing in bundles with closure allows for a natural look and customizable hairstyles.

Preparing for Sewing Bundles With Closure

Preparing for Sewing Bundles With Closure
When it comes to sewing bundles with closure, having the proper tools is essential. It is important to choose a cap that fits well and to select either an invisible or matching thread.

Choosing the Right Cap

Choosing the right size cap is essential to ensure it fits your head perfectly for a comfortable and natural-looking sew-in.

  • Installing Caps: Choose one that’s large enough to fit over your braids, but not too big that it looks unnatural on you.
  • Needle Types: For sewing bundles with closure, opt for curved needles as they make less noise while stitching and are gentler on hair strands.
  • Thread Options: Invisible or matching color threads should be used – anything contrasting can ruin the look of your sew-in.
  • Hair Quality: Ensure you use human hair extensions of good quality so they last longer and result in a better outcome overall!
  • Sewing Techniques: Take time when doing the actual sewing process, going around each braid slowly until all pieces are attached securely.

By taking into consideration these important factors when installing caps, needle types, thread options, hair quality, and sewing techniques, you will have beautiful results from using beauty bundles combined with pattern beauty products tailored for different curls, coilies, and textures, leaving you feeling joyful and nourished!

Selecting the Needle and Thread

For a successful sew-in, you’ll need to select the right needle and thread. Opt for curved needles as they make less noise while stitching, and use invisible or matching color threads to avoid ruining your look.

Braid patterns must be in accordance with hair quality, making sure that each bundle is properly secured during stitching. Different curls require different products, such as Pattern Beauty natural hair kits, which provide essential elements and ingredients for overall hair wellness.

When sewing bundles with closure, double threading should always be used to ensure maximum security when attaching them to the cap.

Step-by-Step Guide for Sewing Bundles With Closure

Step-by-Step Guide for Sewing Bundles With Closure
To get the perfect look for your hairstyle, carefully sew in bundles with closure as if you’re stitching a beautiful quilt – it’s fast and easy! Here are four key steps to maintain closure when sewing:

  1. Preparation – Start by selecting the right size cap and a curved needle for best results.
  2. Bonding – Securely bond your frontal or closure to the hairline using invisible thread that matches your hair color, so it doesn’t stand out against your scalp.
  3. Customizing Hairstyles – Once secured, braid all of your own hair into parallel pigtails before stretching the wig cap over them; then start sewing around head circle-by-circle until reaching desired length or width of bundle(s).
  4. Sewing Techniques – As you go through this process, keep in mind that each curl pattern needs special attention during styling. Use Pattern Beauty products from beauty bundles tailored specifically to different types of curls/hair textures like hydrating, slicking back, preparing twist outs, juiciness, joyfulness, etc.

With Dsoarhair’s premium human hairs available on its website along with detailed instructions videos, customers can customize their own hairstyles, giving themselves ultimate control over achieving perfect locks every time without hassle.

Popular Fashion Styles for Sewing Bundles With Closure
You can find an array of fashionable styles for your sew-in bundles with closure, from 3 bundle looks to 613 blonde colored options. Preparing the right size cap and finding a curved needle that matches the thread color are essential steps when it comes to sewing human hair offerings.

To ensure a successful sew-in, follow the step-by-step guide provided on Dsoarhair’s blog, which also offers customizable hairstyles made specifically for customers’ needs. Pattern Beauty products provide a variation of hand-crafted pattern beauty products tailored towards different hair types.

This allows you to skip out on hunting for multiple items, as all essentials come already bundled together, ensuring hydration and soothing of hair follicles is achieved with ease.

By gifting yourself or a loved one this bundle full of nourishing elements, you’ll be giving their crown some much-needed love and attention! With these beauty bundles featuring instructions, love, and even video tutorials available online, there’s no reason not to try out something new today!

Whether it’s Brazilian natural wave, loose deep wave, curly human body waves, etc.

Benefits of Sewing Bundles With Closure

Benefits of Sewing Bundles With Closure
Looking for a natural look with customizable hairstyles? Sewing in bundles with closure is the way to go! This method allows you to DIY your human hair and gives you more control over the results. Additionally, Dsoarhair provides detailed instructions on how to make this easy process even easier.

Natural Look

With bundles and a closure, you can achieve a natural look that brings pleasure and joy to your hair care routine. Sewing in the bundle is preferred over using glue for a more organic result. To start, create parting space by braiding your own hair into parallel pigtails.

Stretch the wig cap over the head before securing it to your hairline using harmless glue. Using quality thread of an invisible or matching color will help when sewing on this human hair addition. Use double thread for extra strength! A curved needle is recommended as you sew around the head circle by circle until all pieces are firmly attached together.

Customizable Hairstyles

Experience the joy of DIY hair styling with Dsoarhair’s customizable hairstyles. Choose from Brazilian natural wave, loose deep wave hair, and body wave weave. Hair preparation is essential. Use a wig cap that fits your head size and stretch it over before bonding with harmless glue.

For sewing bundles, choose quality thread in an invisible or matching color. Double thread is recommended for extra strength. Use a curved needle to sew around the head circle by circle until all pieces are securely attached together.

With patience comes perfection. Rely on Dsoarhair’s video tutorial if needed. Enjoy creating beautiful looks while knowing you have access to customer service at unbeatable prices.

Trusted Supplier for Sewing Bundles With Closure

Trusted Supplier for Sewing Bundles With Closure
Looking to get a sew-in bundle and closure for your hair? Look no further than Dsoarhair! They offer a variety of human hair options, including Brazilian natural wave, loose deep wave hair, curly human hair, and body wave weave.

Not only that, but they also have an amazing tutorial video on how to sew bundles with closure, so you can easily do it yourself without any hassle.

Dsoarhair’s Human Hair Offerings

Dsoarhair offers a wide range of human hair products, including Brazilian natural wave, loose deep wave hair, curly human hair, and body wave bundles with closures. With over 5 million satisfied customers worldwide every year, Dsoarhair is the trusted supplier for all your sewing needs! Their quality human hair ensures you get a natural look that lasts.

Plus, they provide customized hairstyles to fit any style preference. Video tutorials make it easy to sew in on your own, and their services are always available when help is needed.

Enjoy complete control over how your locks look while getting the highest-grade quality from Dsoarhair’s amazing selection of tailor-made options like pattern beauty meets curly care kits or hydrating slicking back sets! Make sure each strand gets the attention it deserves by exploring all of their luxurious offerings today!

Video Tutorial for Sewing Bundles With Closure

Take the hassle out of styling your hair with Dsoarhair’s easy-to-follow video tutorials for sewing bundles with closure! Learn all the preparation techniques and sewing tips needed to make sure each strand gets the attention it deserves.

With their tailored offerings for different hair types, you can customize any look you desire and gain greater control over how your locks turn out. Enjoy the DIY pleasure while reaping supplier benefits such as top-quality human hair to ensure a natural look that lasts.

From 3 bundle closures to 4 bundle options, find what works best for you in one convenient place! Don’t forget 613 blonde colored bundles and 360 closures – perfect additions to complete any style preference or occasion.

Get started now with Dsoarhair’s instructional videos – no experience necessary!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to sew bundles with closure?

Sewing bundles with closure requires time and effort, but the end result is worth it. You will need to braid your own hair, sew in a cap, and attach the closure so that you can style it as desired.

Is it difficult to sew bundles with closure?

Sewing bundles with closure is not overly difficult. With the right tools and techniques, you can achieve a natural look in no time. Bonding a frontal to your head or creating pigtails to sew around the cap requires skill but is manageable even for beginners.

Are there any special tools needed to sew bundles with closure?

Yes, a curved needle and invisible thread are essential tools to sew bundles with closure for a clean finish.

What are the different hairstyles I can achieve with sew in bundles with closure?

Sew-in bundles offer a wide range of hairstyles, including options like 3 bundles with closure, 4 bundles with closure, 613 blonde-colored bundles with closure, and 360 closures with bundles.

What type of hair should be used for sew in bundles with closure?

For a successful sew-in, it is recommended to use human hair bundles of the highest quality. You can choose from Brazilian natural wave, loose deep wave hair, curly human hair, or body wave for the best results.


Sewing bundles with a closure is a great way to achieve the perfect hairstyle. Whether you’re looking for a natural look or a customizable style, Dsoarhair has got you covered. With their detailed instructions and video tutorials, you can easily achieve the perfect sew-in.

To get the best results, make sure to choose the right size cap, needle, and thread. And with Dsoarhair, you can find the perfect human hair bundles and closure to suit any style.

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