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How to Tea Stain Fabrics Properly to Avoid Damage Full Guide of 2024

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If you intend to offer your material at an old, antiqued or classic appearance, tea stain is the sure means to accomplish that view your fabrics

There are two sides to the opinions from professionals when it pertains to tea staining material. While some specialists think the acid from the tea will ultimately cause completion of the fabric, others however enjoy the result and think if done properly is worth the effort.

Yet exactly how can you properly tea stain materials to avoid damage


Don’t ever before setting out to accomplish tea staining on a large scale, it is best for smaller sized jobs. You will need a commercial dye to accomplish a larger project. Lets proceed!

You will need the complying with materials to tea stain your fabrics:

  • Bags of black tea (Dependent on the textile size as well as the color preferred)
  • 2 heatproof bathtubs, you can additionally use the sink with a stopper.
  • Big pots
  • Mixing utensils
  • Tongs
  • Water
  • Stove/Heating Source

With all these products readily available, follow this below process carefully.

  1. Boiling Hot Water

Begin by boiling an ample amount of water that can cover your textile in the bathtub. Make certain the tub is not loaded to the brim as it is warm and can burn in instance it spills. You can either boil on the range or make use of a kettle.

  1. Add Teabags to Boiling Water

At this point, you will be adding your black tea backs into the water. Guarantee the tea bags are not dripping any leafy content, the quantity of the tea bag will certainly identify the shade. A minimum of 15 minutes wait is necessary.

  1. Stirring

I like to use a bathtub. Put the warm teabag water right into a bathtub (or any container). Keep mixing the tea bags inside the bathtub till the water changes to brown and the tea have liquified inside the warm water. You ought to mix till you believe the tea bag has actually cleared all its color into the water.

  1. Dipping Fabric

Utilizing the tongs, meticulously eliminate the tea bags as the material must not fulfill it inside the dark brownish teabag water. With the use of the tongs utilized in removing the textile, carefully dip the material right into the water as well as ensuring it is completely immersed by the water. Move textile and reverse to remove folds and also air pockets. The textile must be enabled to take in the warm as well as the color for around 60 to 90 minutes.

  1. Draining and Squeezing Fabric

After this phase, you can eliminate the sink stopper as well as enable the dark brownish water to drain completely. You may need to await a bit after draining pipes the dark brown water prior to ejecting water out of the textile as it will certainly still be hot.

  1. Cold Bathing of Fabric

You will certainly have to soak the new dark brown textile in cold water for around 20 to 30 minutes. Tea discoloration of your textile is done.

We go to the last of the process and also similarly crucial too. All you need is to dry out off as well as the new vintage look of your material will certainly stick forever. If you have the chance, you ought to sun completely dry for best results.

In summary, tea staining provides the textile a cozy look that makes the material vintage. This works much better on fabrics from all-natural product such as bed linen, muslin, wool, and also cotton. Synthetic products do not have the ability to soak up the stain

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