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How to Use Overcast Foot – Best Tips (2024)

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If you gained a sewing equipment in thare century, possibilities is, it included many presser feet and many built-in stitches. A wide range off options can be quite frustrating for newbies. That’s why most of brand-new sexists end up using just a handful of stitches and also even less presser feet. While you don’t need to make use of all the features that your sewing equipment uses, much of these alternatives are really valuable occthanionally. The overcast foot, likewise recognized as the over-edge foot or over storage locker foot is among them. If you’re not using it, I hope you will alter your mind after reviewing this write-up It can actually assist you make your joints and joint surfaces, look specialist.

What Is Overcast Foot Used For?

The overcast foot is used for completing raw textile edges and to sign up with two items or layers of material together. Simply put, we are talking regarding joints as well as steam finishes. Using the overcast foot is not the only means to do this. You can stitch joints and seam coatings by hand or you can make use of a routine stitching, device or serger. Truth be informed a serger is the best selection to do it. After all, it is a specific embroidery equipment made to develop best edges. not all of us have servers Even if you have a serger, occasionally you will certainly choose your overcast foot for smaller sized projects. Or when you slouch to unpack as well as thread your serger. There’s additionally a discovering contour, specifically with threading the serger. So, for starters, the overcast foot will do just fine.

Really commonly you can escape lots of tasks using your embroidery equipment just without compromising the outcome. Actually, you can stitch your joints even without the overcast foot, using a zigzag stitch. It is lengthy, as well as needs additional treatment and attention. The overcast foot will allow you to generate cool coatings easily and quickly. Top quality joints must possess toughness, elasticity, toughness, as well as look. The overcast foot will certainly offer all these qualities. Having claimed that, a serger is a step above, and if you plan to sell your garments, you will probably wish to gain it faster or later on.

Just how It Looks Like

There are numerous various designs of overcast feet, but basically they function in the same means. The overcast food has a small metal bridge within the sewing area. It enables much more thread into the stitch while protecting against the material from tightening and also crinkling. There is also an extension at the front best side of the foot It is an overview that aids you to maintain a straight line while stitching the side of the textile.

The overcast foot is nearly a necessary device if you do not have a serger It is a quite versatile presser foot it’s mostly made use of to stitch joints and seam coatings. To be truthful, you can do these tasks with a common presser foot as well as overcast or zigzag sew. However, the overcast foot will certainly allow you to develop neater, non-frayed, professional-looking sides.

Exactly how to Use It

So, when it’s time to stitch seams and also joint surfaces you must clip on your overcast foot and also you are all set to sew. Well, nearly. First, you need to select an appropriate stitch. You can make use of a zigzag stitch, overcast stitch or a few other versions of these stitches. As a general rule, I use stitches that move on for lightweight fabrics, while those that move back as well as forth are better for tool to heavyweight fabrics. It is much easier if you sew joint surfaces prior to the seam itself.

Currently, we have done every one of the prep work as well as we can carry on and begin sewing. Line up the material to make sure that your right swing of the needle goes simply of the raw side of the textile. Guide the material along with the expansion on the front. Perhaps it’s a good suggestion to examine your setups on the scrap textile to make certain that your needle does not strike bench in the middle of the foot Which’s concerning it!

You can additionally sew seams as well as seam coatings simultaneously The only difference is that you need to straighten both raw sides with an overview expansion. I think it looks neater if you stitch seam coatings first.

The overcast foot is very convenient when sewing stretch fabrics. It is more so if your machine has an inbuilt stretch overcast stitch. It will look excellent as well as your stitches will stretch along with the fabric.

Trying out various stitches to figure out which one you like best You can likewise make use of various stitches for various tasks.

Various other Uses

Next to fundamental uses, there are several even more methods to use the overcast foot You can produce an edge result with this foot A satin stitch and wooly nylon thread are the best for this purpose. When you complete stitching use a pair of scissors or a joint ripper to eliminate the stitches. It’s a very easy method to produce a charming effect. Just be cautious not to damage the textile when trimming.

If you work with a task with a stretchy knit fabric, you can create awesome bent, wavy edges You can use either zigzag or overcast stitch. Simply, keep the textile stretched while you sew. When you are done release the material as well as you’ll get a wonderful bumpy appearance. This could require some technique to make it right.

You can also connect ribbons to cuff and sleeve sides. The method is basically the same. You simply need to align the bow and also your main textile, the rest is the very same.

Final thought

The overcast foot is a flexible and also helpful component of your stitching devices. It will certainly enable you to enhance your skills. Your tasks will certainly look better as it will certainly allow you to make professional coatings much alike, just like a serger.

Having claimed that, make indisputable, it can not match the high quality and durability of seam coatings made with a serger, yet it’s still a lot better than using a standard foot So, I assume that the overcast foot is a must if you don’t have a serger. After all, it is very economical and it will make a visible difference.

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