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Is Free-motion Quilting Hard? (What to Expect 2023)

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Free-motion quilting can challenge for those who have never tried it before.

Free motion quilting is when .u sew .ur quilt pieces together without the use of .ur feed dogs that help .u guide .ur fabric in a straight line.

Is free motion quilting difficult?

Free motion quilting requires plenty of space, a plan before .u start, and plenty of practice. While one method isn’t necessarily more difficult than the other, free-motion quilting requires .u to make several adjustments to .ur regular style.

Because it is difficult to make the desired patterns while using .ur conve.r, most quilters use the free-motion quilting technique to create patterns and designs with threading and sewing.

In this article we’ll find out more about free-motion quilting!

patchwork quilt applique

How hard is it to get started with free motion quilting?

If .u want to get started with free motion quilting, there are some things to keep in mind to get started.

Some things .u should know before getting started include:

1. Make sure .u have enough space:

Space is important in quilting.

If .u’ve never sewn a quilt or other large blanket before .u may not realize how much more space it takes up compared to sewing smaller items such as clothing or minor projects.

If .u don’t if .u don’t have enough space to put .ur quilt on, .u may experience .ur quilt being pulled down and weighted, which can make sewing difficult.

To avoid this resistance, .u just need to get .ur quilt off the ground and onto a table or other surface can support the weight while sewing.

2. Practice first:

Any combination of thread and fabric can handle differently, and .u’ll want to practice with a test scrape with the fabric and thread .u want to use.

If .u practice first, .u can alert .urself to thread tension problems, sewing challenges, and other problems .u may encounter before sewing .ur actual project.

Practice will not only help .u spot potential problems, but it can also help .u dete.ine what type of design .u want and it will be a good sign if .u .u will sew the design .u want.

3. Make a plan:

Not only do .u need to practice, but .u also need to have a plan and lay -out .ur intended project before .u start.

The more .u plan .ur project in advance, the less likely .u are to make a mistake when .u actually sew .ur quilt together.

Some ways .u can plan or sketch .ur design include:

  • Arrange .ur pieces and then create a take a picture.
  • Hand drawing a design
  • Using quilt design software to sketch .ur design

4. Start simple:

If .u are new to free motion quilting then .u don’t want to start with an overly complex design, but want to start with something simple instead.

As .u begin .ur first free-motion quilting project, .u’ll want to prepare for success. This will help .u learn free motion quilting without getting discouraged by an enwrapped pattern or design.

Do .u need a special quilting machine?

The best thing about free motion quilting is that .u don’t have to invest in an expensive specialty quilting machine to get started.

If .u are not sure what .u will enjoy doing free motion quilting but .u already have a sewing machine in fact .u can use .ur regular sewing machine as long as .u have the feed dog can bring down.

By lowering the feed dogs on .ur machine. .u prevent .ur machine from moving .ur fabric forward while sewing and allow .u to sew in any pattern .u want.

If .u are looking for a more professional quilting method, .u can invest in a specialty quilting machine that will give .u more stitch options and will be better if .u plan on doing a lot. quilting.

What materials and equipment do .u need for Free-Motion Quilting?

If .u want to start free motion quilting, .u need to have a few things before .u start.

One thing .u will need is a free-motion quilting foot. This gives .u complete freedom of movement in free motion quilting without forcing .ur machine in one direction.

If .u plan to quilt regularly, .u may also want to try buying an extension table that will increase the work area of .ur sewing machine.

You should also purchase a few things to help .u draw and transfer .ur design to .ur quilt.

These items include:

  • Marking tools that allow .u to make markers on .ur quilt that are easy to follow.
  • A quilting ruler to guide .ur fabric through the machine.
  • A plastic drape slider that covers .ur conve.r and creates a smoother sewing surface.
  • A quilting guide, a weighted hoop .u put over .ur quilt that allows .u to quilt within the hoop.

You will also need the sewing supplies such as thread, a needle, scissors s, desired fabric, seam ripper in case of mistakes and anything else .u would use in .ur average project.

How do .u make free motion quilting EASIER?

Free-motion quilting can be a chore, and make free-motion quilting easier.

Rest assured, there are some things .u can do when .u first start free motion quilting to make it easier.

These things include:

1. Start small

Don’t go too big the first time.

Start a smaller project when .u are just getting started, and then .u will practice more and work with an easier amount of material.

Larger material may be more difficult to work with because of the weight and bulk of the material, as well as planning the use of such a large space.

2. Practice:

When .u do something, practice is perfect, and quilting is no difference.

If .u don’t want to spend a lot of money on test fabric, .u can always practice with felt fabric. Felt is cheap and works similar to fabric.

3. Go slow:

You can control .ur speed with .ur foot pedal, and it is best to when .u first quilt.

If .u are trying to quilt at a higher speed, it may be difficult for .u to maneuver .ur fabric at a speed that .u are uncomfortable with.

4. Take it easy:

You probably won’t be an expert when .u first quilt.

One of the best things .u can do for .urself is take the pressure off.

Expecting to become a quilting professional right away can get very daunting if .u are the first. to start.

If .u take the pressure off, .u can really enjoy the quilting and learning process.

How to Get Even Stitches When Making Free Motion Quilting?

Getting even stitches in .ur quilt can be very important to the look of .ur project.

Getting even stitches in .ur quilt is like getting even stitches in all .ur sewing projects.

If .u are not getting even stitches .u may have one of the following problems:

1. Tension problems:

Uneven stitches can cause a tension problem with .ur thread.

If .u are When setting .ur thread tension, make sure that the top and bobbin threads have similar tensions.

If .ur tensions don’t match .u could get knots in .ur thread, .ur stitches could be uneven, or even cause .ur thread to break.

If this is a problem, check both .ur top and bottom. wire.

If .u are unsure about .ur thread tension, .u can always work on a test strip of fabric to make sure everything works correctly.

2. Pull too hard:

If .u pull too hard on .ur fabric. .u can increase stitch length then make the rest.

Usually the feed dogs on .ur machine will help prevent this, but if .u are quilting freehand, the feed dogs will not work to keep .ur stitching even.

To fix this, make sure .u are not pulling .ur fabric through .ur machine and instead gently run .ur thread through the machine.

3. Machine Error:

If .u have a problem with .ur stitch length and it is not the reason above, .u may have a problem with .ur machine.

If .u cannot diagnose the problem .urself, take .ur machine to a specialist or call .ur machine manufacturer.

They will diagnose and fix .ur machine’s problem or tell .u what type of problem .u are having.

How do .u prepare a quilt to get the best result?

Preparing .ur quilt before .u begin can help keep .ur quilting project running smoothly.

To prepare .ur quilt. .u’ll want to do the following:

  • This will allow .ur fabric to shrink before .u sew it together so that .ur quilt doesn’t break the first time .u wash it.

Before .u quilt, make sure .u prepare .ur quilt properly, purchase all necessary equipment, and practice before .u begin.

Make the quilt .u want!

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