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Best Knitting & Crochet Needle Cases and Storage – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews (2023)

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Today we are looking at various methods of keeping and as well arranging knitting needles, I currently recognized with some needle storage suggestions, and also last week I did a little survey on Instagram asking you guys how you keep your needles and there were some truly fantastic suggestions there. As well as I likewise invested a great deal of time trying to find various other suggestions of storage methods on the internet.

So in all those ways I developed a listing that is maybe not detailed, however comprises most likely something for every person, which’s what I want na show to you today.

The biggest obstacle for me to do these review was structuring how I was won na provide all this details to you, so I’ve organized my company concepts right into several categories and subcategories.

Straight Needles Storage

1 The major categories are gon na be driven by the kinds of needles, and also let’s begin with directly needles because I discovered those are a little a lot more easy to shop.

One of one of the most typical storage remedies for straight needles is to just put them in a rather flower holder or mug and also present them like an arrangement of blossoms.

A great deal of people in my poll stated they don’t make use of straight needles to weave however they use them to decorate their knitting space, which’s what I do also. With these, you can conveniently include your antique needles and the ones that were passed on from your mother or grandma, and you can use all sorts of containers to present them in.

An additional enjoyable method I saw you can show your straight needles is to make one of these charming little hedgehogs and then stick needles right into it, which would represent its quills.


I believe this is charming. I haven’t could find the pattern to make it, but there are some comparable ones on Ravelry that are smaller sized.

If you make use of one of those patterns, you would most likely have to alter it to make it larger or utilize thicker thread as well as bigger needles or something like that. I saw some that were knit as well as others that were crocheted. Yet, anyhow, it is a cute idea.

Right here are a couple of various other display screen concepts for your straight needles. One is to make use of a examination tube owner and insert the needles into the openings.

This that I located is wood and also as you can see, it would help not just straight needles however likewise for DPNs and crochet hooks.


You can either store the needles inside the examination tubes or on their own withthe examination tubes. I like the appearance of the timber stand as well as the clinical allure of using a test tube holder for needle storage

Another similar style is to utilize a dividing box, such as this one to save your straight needles.

This set occurs to be a classic wooden knitting needle display screen box yet you can utilize similar boxes made of clear acrylic, or wood, or a dividing basket or anything else that you might have like this.


Sticking with the timber motif, yet if you do not want your straight needles sitting out in the open, possibly you wish to put them inside a cabinet or something, well in order to corral whatever, you might get one of these nice, wooden needle boxes.


I discovered this handmade one on Etsy for $120 dollars. It has 2 sides, one for your straight needles and also the opposite for your fixed circular needles. I lined each side with felt, which provides it a lavish look and also there’s a wood panel that fits besides the straight needle side to hold them in position, so they remain there when you close the box.

An additional way you could store your straight needles remains in a material situation that rolls up. Currently for these you might sew your own. There are a lot of patterns readily available for purchase if you look online, or you can get them already made, as well as there are lots of selecting from on internet sites like Etsy. I found this on Amazon and it holds 10 sets of straight needles.


Below’s a comparable one I found for crochet hooks.

The pleasant feature of these roll-up cases is that they’re small and they don’t use up much area, as well as they’re constructed of rather material.

And last, for straight needles, if you’re seeking a method to arrange your straight needles that’s portable, here’s a DIY idea. You can make your own needle cases out of PVC pipe.

They are cut to the length that fits your particular needles as well as depending upon just how big the pipeline diameter is, you might fit different varieties of needles in them, and also these are something you can throw right into your knitting bag and also conveniently take your needles together with you.

So those were some suggestions for arranging your straight needles.

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case

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