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Maskmaker, Maskmaker, Make Me a Mask! Full Guide of 2023

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Like many of the sewing community, I’ve been active making face masks due to Covid- 19. I’ve personally sewn greater than 80. Can you associate?

I found a fun video clip by Abby Goldfarb that I think all you maskmakers will take pleasure in. It’s an apology of “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof:

“Maskmaker, Maskmaker”

Thanks for that enjoyable video, Abby! If you delighted in “Maskmaker, Maskmaker,” you’ll most likely additionally like several of the various other video clips on Abby’s YouTube channel. She understands exactly how to make individuals laugh throughout a crazy time.

I’m additionally interested in the amount of deal with masks you’ve stitched … Please take the survey below.

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