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Singer 8500Q Sewing & Quilting Machine In-Depth Review (2024)

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Over 150 years of existence have actually been ample to position Singer as one of the most relied on sewing machines makers Their classic versions are scattered throughout the globe in our grandmothers’ sewing cabinets. And they aren’t just attractive– a lot of them are still in operation as well as will probably be for a lot more years to find Nevertheless, there’s a lot more to Singer than simply those heavy metal charms. They are an innovative company that keeps boosting and building first-class versions for modern-day craftspeople.

Singer 8500Q Sewing Quilting Machine is among the designs that lots of twists and specifically quilters have actually involved think about. A single glance will certainly tell you that it’s a digital, state-of-the-art workhorse with tons of bells and also whistles, and afterwards some. Allow’s take a look at its attributes, consider what it can as well as can refrain, and afterwards we will come to a verdict if it’s worth buying.

Singer 8500Q– Overview as well as Features

A Variety of Stitches

Modern Quilter Singer 8500Q Computerized Portable Sewing and Quilting Machine Including Extension TableView On Amazon

A total of 215 built-in stitches must give you greater than you would certainly long for. There are 9 essential, six stretches, 17 quilting, 176 decorative, and 6 buttonhole stitches. Yet it isn’t all there is– you can also incorporate different stitch patterns to create distinct stitch series The ones you like can be saved and recycled later. A good opportunity to bear in mind how effective electronic devices can be. You can pick your stitches with two dials as well as LCD display that reveals you the stitch number, photo, size and also size.

A Bunch of Quilting Options as well as Accessories

The version is commonly called Modern Quilter, and that is an absolutely proper title. Undoubtedly, this machine seems to be a desire happened for every single major quilter. Initially, it has a long arm layout and also an additional huge extension table for additional 25 inches of sewing rooms. So, you ought to be rather comfortable when collaborating with large quilting projects. Second, it includes an added high knee lifter, of whose value every quilter is aware when it pertains to hands-free pivoting. Bonus offer quilting devices include darning and also freehand embroidery foot, walking foot, quarter inch foot, as well as open-toe foot. And also, you’ll get a quilting overview.

Quilters will certainly likewise appreciate added huge circular stitch capability that lets them sew exact circles 10-15 inches in size– whether you wish to appliqué them or make your very own. And also, naturally, there is a drop feed choice, so you can do totally free motion quilting hassle-free.

Appreciate the Automation

As long as I admire oldschool sewists who favor to do everything by hand and not blow up momentarily, I have actually fallen for automation within the past few years. This powerful machine has automatic needle threader which will certainly conserve heaps of initiative. All you need to do is lead the thread from the spindle to the needle by a groove and press the threading bar, which’re it. No uncertainty, no strain for the eyes, no experimentation. The bobbin winding is also automated An additional point I love regarding it is that the machine will immediately quit sewing when you’re reduced on bobbin thread. Just promptly rewind it and proceed from where you ended!

And also, you do not require to stress regarding presser foot pressure when sewing with fabrics various in weight and thickness. The machine will do it for you, adjusting the stress– you presumed it– automatically. There’s likewise a possibility to program your needle to stay in the up or down position when you finish sewing for the day, to make sure that you conveniently select up where you ended without losing your stitch. And also you can also eliminate your hands completely as well as watch the machine stitch by itself with the electronic auto-pilot mode Needless to say, you need to only do that with large projects.

As well as that isn’t all you’ll get in regards to automation. There is additionally an automatic thread trimmer, automated stitch length as well as size, in addition to an automated twin needle setting.

Various other Options

Modern Quilter Singer 8500Q accessories

I nearly forgot to discuss– apart from the specialty quilting feet that I got above, you will certainly likewise get a versatile foot, a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot with underplate, blind hem, satin stitch, as well as button sewing foot. That’s a great selection that should get you covered with whatever tasks you may tackle with Singer 8500Q machine

The 7-point feeding system includes in the machine ‘s versatility, so you do not need to worry if it will feed delicate fabrics well. Also, the sewing speed is flexible, decreasing aggravation while tackling harder areas. And also if you’re a night owl, the six LED lights will certainly brighten your workplace simply sufficient.


  • An excellent quilting machine Free activity quilting is a wind, as well as there are lots of various other features that will certainly make quilting an even more pleasurable and productive experience. The expansion table is big enough to fit also the bulkiest of tasks. Plus, there’s a variety of specialized feet that quilters would certainly have had to buy independently if they didn’t come included in the bundle.
  • Sturdy steel structure accounts for its sturdiness and also security, so you will not need to sweat over repairing missed stitches. Certainly, that likewise means it’s fairly heavy as for mobile makers go. With 37.6 extra pounds, it’s still light enough that you can relocate it around your house.
  • Many terrific automated alternatives Sure, it might take some time to get accustomed to them. Once you do that, you will certainly ask yourself how you could ever live without them. A lot of points function at a touch of a switch.
  • An extremely nice selection of stitches To be honest, numerous twists I know (including myself) do not really need that several stitches. But it never ever injures to have more area to grow your sewing abilities.


  • The knowing curve can be a little bit high , particularly for inexperienced exists or the ones who have actually never had a digital machine Although a great deal of features are automatic, you will likely require a long time to adjust as well as find out what’s what.
  • It’s on the pricier side Generally, I wouldn’t count this as a downside. However hey– everybody need to believe about keeping our budget healthy and balanced. If you covet for all the sophisticated features of this version, keep your eyes peeled to buy or take into consideration obtaining a utilized machine
  • Some customers are whining that the automatic threading and/or bobbin winding does not work as assured. For full fairness, I would certainly include that locate the attributes remarkable.
  • The suggested voltage makes it really unique You must just utilize it at 110 volts. That indicates that you shouldn’t also consider it if you live anywhere besides the United States or Canada. Even if you make use of a transformer, your warranty won’t cover any damage to the voltage could trigger.

Final Verdict– Is It a Good Machine?

For those of you who reside in the US or Canada, this is a superb, feature-rich and powerful workhorse. Even though it’s largely marketed as a quilting machine, it’s similarly efficient sewing or doing different home decor tasks Real enough, it comes at a large cost, yet I would certainly say that it’s entirely worth every dime. If I were trying to find a new machine, this version would absolutely make it to my shortlist without a reservation. The reality that it’s not an extremely popular choice is, I think, due to the price.

Nonetheless, if you can not afford this machine or just do not assume that spending lavishly on it is recommended right now, you can constantly choose for one of the more affordable models– Brother XR3374 is the first one that comes to mind.

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