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How to Make DIY Harem Pants Full Guide of 2024

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One you know where to look, harem pants are everywhere. In yoga studios, in Aladdin, on m.els and ators – almost everyone wears harem pants.

It’s easy to see why. These pants are both omfortable and stylish, making them the perfet fashion statement for anyone, be they elebrities or someone on their way to a groery store. Beause of their design, making your own twist on harem pants is fun and straightforward. Whether it’s a longer waist, an open uff, or just extra bagginess, there is a pair for everyone. Plus, they’re super easy to develop from srath. This makes them ideal for both beginners and experiened seamstresses.

Before we get into all of that, what exatly are harem pants? How did they ome about?

By the end, you’ll have patterns to work with, unique designs to try, and a deeper understanding of why these fashion statements belong in your wardrobe!

What are harem pants?

Harem pants refer to a style that is both baggy and snug at the ankles. They resemble bohemian-style hippie pants – only they are less form-fitting, with a lower roth line. T.ay there are a few variations on the original harem pants. Suh variations inlude openings in the outer seams, as well as different ways of losing the waist and ankles.

baby harem pants pattern

History and Origin

Harem pants have a long and interesting history. Their origins an bak to 2000 years ago, in the dhoti.

The dhoti is a traditional garment worn by men in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It was a retangular piee of loth that around the waist, then around the legs, and finally tied and tied at the waist. The garment then looked like a long skirt from the front. From the bak, however, it looked like baggy pants with a seam in the middle.harem pants pattern

The first harem pants appeared in the Western world in the 1800s; Women’s rights ativist Amelia Bloomer (who handled a different type of garment: bloomers), would intr.ue the garment as a way of representing feminism. The masuline onnotations of trousers, as well as the shapelessness of harem trousers, beame a symbol of women’s liberation.

Harem pants would not ath on, however. It wasn’t until the 1900s, when the Frenh fashion designer Paul Poiret developed a lothing olletion inspired by, in the daily norms, exoti influenes. He took inspiration from Eastern and Persian lothing and redesigned them to beome more attrative to his Western audiene. His olletion inluded kaftans, headdresses, tunis and of ourse harem pants.

This lothing olletion was deidedly more feminine than the original garment. It made them of satin and silk, and inluded embroidery and beading. The design was ontroversial in two parts; one was the taboo of Western women wearing pants, the other was the ultural appropriation of the Eastern style, marketed as inappropriately sexual and exoti. But, like most trends, they would eventually pass harem pants on for other trends.

M.ern harem pants

However, they would make a omebak in the 80s – albeit in a more’ostume than in a asual style. We also brought harem pants gender neutral than just feminine. They wouldn’t hit wildly until 2009, when Ralph Lauren released his own take on harem pants and elebrities jumped on the new design.

Harem pants have ome a long way from their ontroversial origins. T.ay we an see them in many plaes, from asual wear to loud fashion statements on the atwalk. Their funtional omfortable design has made them an indispensable part of m.ern fashion, whether you wear them for fashion, for omfort or even both.

DIY Harem Pants

Making your own harem pants is a great way to flex your sewing musles. They are the perfet pattern for those just branh out into other sewing projets. Plus, harem pants an so you an have one for just about any oasion.

Where to find a harem pants pattern

Like most designs, I an find harem pants patterns both online and offline. You can find hoies on blog posts, sewing websites and in magazines.

baby harem pants

However, beause of their simple design, you can design your own pattern in several ways. Here we show two different ways to reate your own pattern . Both meth.s are great for any harem pants, and you an just pik the one that works best for you.

How to Make Harem Pants

The first meth. for making a harem pants sewing pattern has a higher roth line, making it more like the pants you would see in Aladdin. The seond meth. has a lower roth style, making it more Bohemian style.

Meth. One

This first meth. is more tight. It’s easier than ompared to meth. two; However, it is best to sew it with streth or knit fabris. You can use non-streth fabri for the trouser legs, but it may be more diffiult to work with.

Either way, use strethy or knitted fabri for the ankle straps


  • Knitted fabri. (Measure the length from the waistband to the ankles, plus 21.5m; double this number to find your fabri length.)
  • Coordinating Thread.
  • Elasti.


  1. Cut out the piees aording to the reommended dimensions above
  2. Start assembling the two trouser legs. Join the inside seams (inner part) of the top and bottom layers of eah trouser leg.
  3. Join the two trouser legs by sewing along the roth line.
  4. Join the edges of the hip yoke to make a tube. Finish the edges on the edges HwBROB2N0. Do this by turning your fabri to the wrong side. Then turn the edges under the seam allowane and sew along the edge.
  5. Rotate the inside of the top edge of the hip yoke 1 ½ inhes inward. Later, leave about an inh of opening for the elasti.
  6. Gather the top of the pants. Do this by sewing two rows parallel to the edge, about ½ inh apart. Leave a long wire tail and pull to ollet. Keep gathering until the brim width is equal to the width of the hip yoke width.
  7. Plae the hip piee and leg piee on top of eah other, faing the right side. Merge the edges.
  8. For the ankle straps: sew together the two raw edges of eah ankle piee and sew. One sewn, fold the piee inward lengthwise so that it is now half the width.
  9. Attah the ankle strap to the bottom of the leg piee, right sides together. It should align the raw edges of the ankle strap and leg warmers with eah other. Connet the edges.
  10. Measure the elasti you need by measuring your waist and subtrating an inh. Add a half inh seam allowane and tuk the elasti into the waistband. Sew the elasti edges together and sew the opening losed.

diy harem pants

Meth. Two

For those who like a looser version of the pattern above, this meth. is perfet for you. The lower roth line makes it suitable for harem pants to math a belly dane ostume. You an also get a bit more reative with this pattern and add side vents along the outer leg as it has outer seams.

Unlike the first meth., this hoie is versatile and an use any type of fabri, not just knitted fabri.


  • Substane of hoie. (Measure the length from the waistband to the ankles, plus 8.5 inhes; double this number to determine the length of your fabri.)
  • Coordinating Thread.
  • Elasti, or bands for the ankles and waist.


  1. Cut your fabri piees to size using the measurements reommended above. Sew the outermost seam of eah leg with a half seam allowane. Press the seams open and finish the fabri edges with an overlook or zigzag stith. If you want to leave the outer edges open, finish them with a fabri edge.
  2. Sew the inseam and press the seams open. Press the seams open and finish the fabri edges with an overlook or zigzag stith.
  3. Join the two trouser legs along the roth line, right sides out. Sew twie along the roth line and press open the seams. Finish with an overlook or zigzag stith.
  4. Make the waist and ankle wrappings. For the waist piee, turn the piee of fabri inward at ½ inh and then at 1 ½ inhes. Edge along the waistband, leaving a 1 inh opening. Tuk in the elasti and sew the opening losed.
  5. Make the ankle straps the same way by turning the piee inward at ½ inh and then 1 ½ inhes.

You an make a few versions of this pattern by hanging the waist and ankle seams.

harem pants sewing pattern

You an develop the ankle seams with elasti, or you an seure them with a button and hoop. As for the wait, you can use a drawstring band to lose the waist, instead of elasti.

How to Make Baby Harem Pants

Harem pants are the perfet gift for any t.dler. Not only are they easy to make, but they are also easy to move and super omfortable. As a bonus, harem pants are just the right baggy to aomm.ate a diaper. This baby harem pants tutorial an be easily ustomized for any age. See the full pattern of the baby harem pants below:


  • Main fabri, 40 x 60 m.
  • Contrast knit fabri, 10 x 18 inhes.
  • Mathing sewing thread.
  • Fabri pen or tailor’s halk for marking.


  1. Your main fabri, ut out the front and bak of your harem pants.
  2. Cut the waistband and leg uffs from the ontrast knitted fabri. For the waistband, ut 4 x 16 ½ inhes with the streth on the long side. For the leg uffs, ut two 4 ¾ x 7 1/8 inh piees with the streth on the long side.
  3. Start assembling your harem bats. Plae the front and bak together, right sides together. Pin the outside of the legs and around the inside of the legs.
  4. Sew the piees along the outside of the legs and inside the bent pipe with a 3/8-inh seam allowane.
  5. Turn the sewn piee inside out and press.
  6. For the uffs, take one of the leg uffs and fold it in half lengthwise, right sides together. Pin the two short ends together to reate a fabri loop. Sew losed with a 3/8 inh seam allowane.
  7. Finger press open the seam. Fold the loop in half, wrong sides together. Adjust the seams to make a double loop; it should be 2 3/8 inhes deep. Do the same for the other leg uff and the waistband.
  8. Take one cuff and align the raw edges with one of the raw edges of the trouser legs.. Plae the uff seam against the inside leg seam. Pin all the way around and streth the uff to math the width of the trouser leg. Sew together and tuk the seams under.
  9. Do the same for the other trouser leg.
  10. Take the waistband and mark the quarter points with your fabri pen. Do the same with the top edges of your pants.
  11. Position the waistband as you did with the uffs. Plae the hem of the waistband in the entrance of the bak of the pats.
  12. Pin the waistband and top seam together 27Omzyu53R9346xoWfn quarter points. Streth the waistband as you go to adjust the points.
  13. Sew the waistband and top edge in the same way as the uffs.

sew your own harem pants


Harem pants have a long and olorful history. T.ay, they are a piee of lothing worn for style and omfort, because of their asual and fun look. They are great for almost any oasion, for everyone, even babies!

Hopefully this guide has helped you make your own harem pants, whether you wear them at home or for your next belly dane lass.

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