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How to Hem Pants With a Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2023

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Blind hems are perfect for quickly and neatly changing your pants from home.

The standard cross stitch method, made by manufacturers, is prone to snags and any creases that come undone. Blindheim’s use the simple method of folding, pinning and sewing to create an almost invisible stitch.

Even if a stitch were to snag, the zigzag pattern of the blind hem stitch makes it less prone to wear, as the stitches alternate from the front to the inside of the fabric.

how to hem pants with a sewing machine blind stitch

You will learn how to hem pants with a sewing machine from home, so you never have to look for and pay for a tailor or specialist again.

Tools needed for hemming trousers ]

For blind seam trousers with a sewing machine you will need:

  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • Pins
  • A blind hem presser foot
  • An iron
  • A highlighted or crayon.


If you are buzzing a pair of pants for someone else, you first want to measure the length of the pants gth.

Measure the new hem while the wearer is standing on a step so that you have enough room to fold and get a feel for the desired length.

After the new hemline , fold the new hem out rather than in preventing the pants from coming loose when the wearer takes them off.

If you measure the pants for yourself, then try the pants while standing. Experiment with the fold.

how to hem pants with a sewing machine blind stitch

Make sure you are standing to make sure the fold is exactly where you need it. Once you have chosen the new hemline, make an outward fold and remove the pants.

Mark and cut

Now it’s time to use your highlighter or chalk. Unfold the pants and use your ruler to mark a straight line where you want your hem to fall.

Then mark one line above and one line below the hemline. Depending on how deep or shallow these two lines will be equidistant from the original hemline.

For example, if you’re going for a 2.5cm hem, draw a line one inch above and another line one inch below the hem.

Finally, take your scissors and cut the pants so that there are only an inch and a half. below the third line.


Fold the pants to match the new fold line and use your iron to flatten them. Before you get to your sewing machine, it’s important to secure your hemline by pinning the fold.

Let your pants hang down. Pick up your fold and turn it back once as if to strap it. Turn it back one more time until you see a small tab of fabric extending at the fold of the side seam. Pin horizontally and catch the edge of the fabric.

Repeat on the opposite side seam of the same pant leg. Repeat pinning with another pin in the center and continue pinning around the cuff in a folded back position.

Pinning the fold this way will make it the’s easier to perfect your sewing on the machine instead of undoing and redoing your sewing if you find errors.

Loading and setting up your machine

Choose the thread of your choice and load the coil. Make sure the thread fits into your fabric to get a seamless finish.

Then place your blind hem foot on the blind hem stitch. Then set your machine for straight sewing with a small or medium straight thread, depending on how wide you want your stitches.

The average stitch is usually between two and a three.

how to hem pants with a sewing machine

How to hem pants with a sewing machine

Place your pant leg on your machine so that the pins sit on the right side.

Make sure your trouser leg is the right one. wrong side up before lowering the presser’s foot to the seam. You want to bring your presser foot right up against the fold.

Allow the leg to advance slowly while your machine sews. It will work little by little until it sews a straight line around the circumference of the leg. Repeat this process for the remaining leg.

To avoid irregularities, ensure a neat stitch all the way through methodical and slow sewing.

The machine sews along the inside of the fabric that is not visible and then switches to the right side, alternating back and forth from WS to right side.

Essentially, there’s only a little of stitching on your pant legs.

Here’s a video with more detail on how to hem pants with a sewing machine.

Press the hem

Spray a little water and give your hem a hard press with your iron. The water will reduce wrinkles.

If the wrinkle still bothers you, try washing and drying your pants. The crease will eventually disappear.

And there you have it: a hassle-free method to create the perfect hem.

Now that you have a step-by-step guide to hemming pants with a sewing machine, you can practice today.

Do you have any tips on how to hem pants with a sewing machine?

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