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What Color to Expect When Dyeing? (12 Examples 2023)

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Dying fabric can b a grat way to gt th look you want.

Dying your fabric is not always an xact scinc, and know what to xpct bfor dying your fabric.

What color can I xpct whn dying?

All dys and substancs will hav slightly diffrnt rsults, so it is important to not that you may look at diffrnt rsults. Blu, for xampl, changs to diffrnt shads of rd or pink whn you blach thm. Th tim, th matrial of th fabric and th color affct th rsult.

bleach clorox nylon

Blaching your fabric:

On grat way to chang th color of your fabric is to to blach.

Dpnding on th dy you ar working with, you can blach it to gt a wid varity of rsults.

Anothr way to tak your fabrics to th nxt lvl is to blach your fabrics in diffrnt dsigns to giv thm a diffrnt look.

Blaching can b a tricky procss, so I hav providd som xampls of what to xpct whn you blach your fabric.

1. What color changs BLUE whn blachd?

In gnral, you can gt diffrnt rsults whn you work with blu.

What you gt whn you blach blu dpnds mainly on th color blu you start with.

Darkr blu, such as royal blu, bcoms ithr rd or pink, dpnding on how dark thy start, th fabric and how long you lt th blach sit.

If you hav a lightr blu color, you gt a lightr off-whit or whit color

2. What color dos GRAY chang whn blachd?

If you ar working with gray mattr, you will probably gt a pink color if you choos to blach it.

Lik blu cloths, you can mak gray cloths turn whit whn blachd, if thy ar light nough.

3. What color changs PINK whn blachd?

Pink clothing can turn whit whn blachd.

This is also a grat way to whitwash originally whit cloths that turnd pink.

4. What color changs RED whn blachd?

If you’v vr paintd, you know that adding whit to rd maks pink and blach similar.

Blaching your rd cloths will probably turn thm pink.

Dpnding on th fabric you ar blaching, or how long you lt th blach sit, it can also whitn.

5. What color changs BLACK whn blachd?

Black clothing dos not turn gray whn blachd, dspit what most popl think.

Normally you will gt a rd or orang color whn you blach black cloths.

Which dpnds on th garmnt and what typ of dy is it usd.

6. What color changs YELLOW whn blachd?

Whit clothing may turn yllow with us ovr tim and may to turn whit again.

Likwis, yllow garmnts ar likly to turn whit or off-whit aftr thy .

7. What color changs GREEN whn blachd?

Grn clothing has svral options availabl to thm rally can.

Lik most colors, a grn shirt can turn whit whn blachd.

Anothr option for grn clothing to chang whn blachd is pal yllow grn.

8. What color changs PURPLE whn blachd?

Lik rd, purpl is likly to turn pink no mattr what typ of purpl you ar blaching.

9. What color changs ORANGE whn blachd?

Orang, whn blachd, will almost always turn to a lightr shad of orang.

It is also possibl that th lightr orang color may look yllow aftr bing blachd.

10. What color changs BROWN whn blachd?

Brown bhavs similarly to gray.

Whn blachd, a brown substanc is likly to turn pink.

Many fabrics turn pink whn thy bcaus thy ract with th chmicals in th dys that turn pink, vn if th original color dos not rsmbl pink.

11. What color changs BEIGE whn blachd?

Big is a lightr vrsion of brown and can chang a fw diffrnt color.

Big can turn pink such as brown, off-whit or whit.

12. What color changs WHITE whn blachd?

Whit should rmain whit whn blachd.

Th only bnfit of whitning a whit fabric is that it will rfrsh th itm and look nwr and clanr aftr much us.

Most popl wait for thir whit clothing to discolor and yllow bfor thy blach it.

This will tak th yllow color out of th itm and giv it a whitr look.

How long should you kp th fabric in blach?

Fabric blaching is a dlicat procss.

Blach is a vry harsh chmical that changs th color of your fabric, but can also spoil your cloths if lft on for too long.

Bfor blaching your fabric, run a tst strip. This will giv you a bttr ida of th color of your fabric and lt you know how your fabric will chang to th blach itslf.

Mak sur to prpar your fabric. blach bfor using it. Th most important thing to do is to dilut it.

Normally you want to us 1/4 cup of blach pr gallon of watr. If you don’t dilut your blach, you will ruin your cloths and th fabric will brak down.

Whn it coms tim to blach your fabric, you will rally mak sur not to lav your fabric in th blach for too long.

B sur to rad th dirctions on th blach you ar using, but if you don’t hav clar instructions you usually want to mak sur you don’t longr than 5 to 10 minuts.

If you about th intgrity of your clothing, you can also use a “ full fabric ” blach, which is softr and mor forgiving to your fabric and lss harmful than othr options.

Ar thr any colors you shouldn’t blach?

Thr isn’t rally a spcific color you shouldn’t blach.

But that dosn’t man you can blach vrything.

Whn it coms to what not to blach, rally look at th typ of fabric or how it rathr than what color it is.

Som fabrics that can jTsg2o with blach ar cotton, acrylic, nylon, polystr, or cotton / poly blnds.

Howvr, it would b bst if you didn’t blach th following:

  • Wool[0
  • Silk
  • Mohair
  • Spandx
  • Lathr

In addition to crtain fabrics you should not blach, you should also not blach your fabrics if it is a “ is non-fast color. ”

This mans that this mans that Zvm9kThhb3PYcFu8K4y4viaXqKnJpfQjKkWo3LllTJU5hFVTJW50R05c1voZvs9rxxwIkNgD4mPl8QXrUxPSZbLYK81DSYdskYOTdW1K2gtI8d blaching your fabric, mak sur you know what you ar working with, know th color you ar hoping for, and tst your fabric to dtrmin what is happning whn you apply blach to your fabric.

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