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Laser Guided Scissors for Fabrics – is It Worth It? (2024)

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best laser guided scissors

best laser guided scissors

We have seen all kinds of sewing tools or gadgets.

But one you’ve probably never seen or heard of his laser-guided scissors. it’s getting more popular by the day.

You should see the looks on my face when I first came across this tool. So much excitement to try it out or use one!

For someone like me who is always looking forward to testing and using new sewing tools, many questions arise.

How can this tool improve my cutting accuracy and speed!

Most of these scissors come from China and the manufacturers of laser guided shears promise one unique thing; accurate cuts.

This article would help you understand if it lives up to its promise, how this laser cutter works, why you should buy it or not even think about it if you buy one.

To top it off, I’ll also be looking at the best laser-guided scissors you can get right now.

Let’s start with the basic concept of this laser scissors:

How do laser guided scissors work?

Laser-guided scissors work more like regular scissors, but with an integrated laser beam. A beam that points straight across the fabric.

Laser-guided scissors rely on a battery-powered laser beam fused into the handle of the scissors.

Why buy laser-guided scissors?

Let’s start with the good part.

The highlight of using laser scissors is that you can save the time, effort and resources you normally used to mark your fabric from point to point.

If you cutting large fabric and requiring you to cut a large straight path, laser scissors can make your job quicker and easier., you simply mark the end of the fabric and aim the laser at the end for a straight and even cut.

Unless avoiding measuring and marking every spot, laser-guided With scissors you can also work faster and faster. It is unnecessary to check the measurements from spot to spot.

Why not buy laser-guided scissors?

Scissors have a primary purpose, regardless of type: intended for cutting and that’s what the laser-guided scissors should do.

Not many good brands or options

The first question is how well it performs its primary task: cutting.

Now, as at the time of Bij At the time of writing this review, the laser scissors available cannot to the usual scissors we use in fabric cutting or scrapbooking.

Good Cutting or Laser Hype?

Now the focus was too much on the laser beam instead of the knife edges. The sharpness of these scissors is a concern; they are not always razor sharp as you would expect.

Laser alone does not guarantee a straight cut

Imagine that you have an unsteady hand. Do not by the laser that you are cutting a straight line.

You maybe many centimeters away from the actual measurement if you move or if your hands are unsteady. The reason is that when you move your hands, the laser lines move with it.

Simply put:

Some There must be efforts to mark the fabric at the beginning and end to ensure or guarantee an accurate cut.

Extra weight on your hands

Most of this laser cutter comes with extra packaging effort for the laser circuit and battery. This means extra weight on your hands when cutting. Scissors should not be too heavy.

Extra size and weight for the laser

Extra size and weight for the laser

Laser useful only for Straight Cut

Now don’t expect to have the laser on properly used for cutting shapes other than straight-line cutting. As explained before, the laser scissors are useful for large cuts if you mark the end and beginning of the fabric.

Best laser guided scissors available

Firstly, the best here does not mean good quality or an excellent product. I just meant the best laser guided scissors you can find on the market from the few and worthless ones out there.

If you use the keyword “laser guided scissors”]in your search engine (google), a few of these will flood the result.

Personally I’m not a fan, but I expect this niche to grow as top brands consider this option and compete.

Maybe the manufacturers improve the quality of the knives and cutting material used or design the laser to lock while cutting. 0]

If I have to recommend:

You have to check out before Bits and pieces laser scissors. It is lightweight and has a long-lasting battery or power supply.

Bits and Pieces Laser Scissors

Bits and Pieces Laser Scissors

New Laser Guided Fabric Scissors also promises a good cut, to an extent does.

New Laser Guided Fabric Scissors

New Laser Guided Fabric Scissors

Finally, Stainless Steel Sewing Laser Scissors isn’t a terrible choice either. Much better reviews than most I found on amazon.

stainless steel sewing laser scissors

stainless steel sewing laser scissors

In general, it will take longer to determine the speed and sharpness of the blades.


Don’t buy laser-guided scissors hoping to lose your valuable scissors.

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