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Brother 1034DX Serger Review: Color-Coded Threads & Versatile Stitches (2024)

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brother 1034dx serger review

The Brother 1034DX serger offers a versatile set of features that make it a great choice for both beginner and experienced sewers. Its color-coded threading guides and differential feed control make it easy to use, while the retractable knife and 22 built-in stitches including 4-thread overlock and narrow hem provide plenty of versatility.

Comparing to the popular Brother 1034D, the 1034DX maintains key features like differential feed and color-coded threading, though it lacks a coverstitch function.

The 1034DX’s pros include effortless threading, a 25-year warranty, and a budget-friendly price. While it may require more maintenance and isn’t suitable for heavy-duty projects, the 1034DX serger provides an excellent all-around sewing experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Color-coded threading guides
  • Differential feed control
  • Retractable knife blade
  • Versatile stitch options, including 4-thread overlock and narrow hem
  • Comparable to the popular Brother 1034D, with similar features and ease of use
  • Effortless threading and a 25-year warranty
  • Lightweight and budget-friendly, suitable for light to moderate serging needs
  • Limited to 3 or 4 threads, not suitable for heavy-duty projects
  • May require more maintenance and oiling
  • Can be noisy during operation

Key Features

Key Features
The Brother 1034DX serger boasts several standout features that enhance your sewing experience. From its color-coded threading guides to the convenient differential feed control and retractable knife, this machine is designed to streamline your projects and deliver professional-quality results.

Color-Coded Threading Guides

The Brother 1034DX serger comes with color-coded threading guides that make the threading process easier. These guides help identify the correct thread color and ensure accurate threading. The guides are included in the instruction manual and instructional DVD that come with the machine.

The 1034DX is a four-thread serger, so you’ll need four spools of the same color thread. Using neutral-colored threads like white, black, or gray can reduce the need for thread changes.

The color-coded threading guides are a lifesaver for beginners, as they make the process more manageable with practice. However, it may take some time to get the hang of it, similar to learning to ride a bike.

Differential Feed Control

The differential feed control on the Brother 1034DX serger is an essential feature that contributes to even stitching, particularly when working with fabrics that stretch or are delicate, such as knits and linens. This feature enables you to modify the feed dogs, which transport the fabric through the machine, to guarantee smooth stitching and eliminate the need for pins when creating a serged edge or gathering.

The differential feed ratio ranges from 0.7 to 2.0, which can notably enhance the stitch quality on various fabric types. Additionally, the stitch width can be effortlessly adjusted between 5mm to 7mm, providing the optimal stitch width for your project.

This feature plays a vital role in the serger’s durability and construction, ensuring that it can effortlessly handle a wide range of fabrics.

Retractable Knife Feature

Imagine you’re on a sewing adventure, and your trusty sidekick, the Brother 1034DX serger, has a secret weapon: the retractable knife blade.

This nifty feature is all about safety, ensuring you won’t accidentally nick your fabric—or worse, your fingers. It’s a game-changer for ease of use and maintenance, making your serging journey versatile, durable, and, let’s face it, a whole lot less stressful.



The Brother 1034DX serger offers a range of stitch functions, including 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon overlock stitches.

Additionally, it provides 22 built-in stitch functions, allowing for versatility in your sewing projects.

The stitch width control allows for customization in your stitch settings, ensuring a perfect fit for your fabric.

The serger also features decorative stitches, blind stitch, and stitch options for various sewing needs.

With these stitch functions, the Brother 1034DX serger is a reliable and versatile tool for your sewing projects.

Comparison With Brother 1034D

Comparison With Brother 1034D

The Brother 1034DX serger offers a range of stitch functions, including 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, ribbon overlock, rolled hem, and narrow hem stitches. It also features a differential feed and controls located on the right side, making it suitable for a variety of fabrics.

However, it lacks a cover stitch or chain stitch found in the Brother 1034D. The 1034DX’s threading system is color-coded, making it easier to thread, and its features are similar to those of the Brother 1034D, with some differences in color-coded tension adjustments and stitch fingers.


The Brother 1034DX serger boasts several advantages that make it a sought-after choice among sewers. Here are four critical reasons to contemplate this machine:

  • Effortless threading: The color-coded threading guides make it a cinch to thread the machine, even for novices.
  • Comprehensive stitches: With 22 built-in stitch functions, you can handle a wide range of projects, from overlock to rolled hem stitches.
  • Retractable blade: The retractable blade blade guarantees safe and efficient cutting, preventing unintentional fabric damage.
  • 25-year guarantee: The machine comes with a 25-year guarantee, giving peace of mind and long-term value.

Moreover, the Brother 1034DX offers a budget-friendly solution, with a speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute. Its lightweight design and dependable performance make it a preferred choice for many sewers.



While the Brother 1034DX serger offers a range of benefits, it does have some drawbacks. One limitation is that it’s only capable of using 3 or 4 threads, which may not be suitable for heavy-duty projects.

Additionally, the machine requires oiling before the first use, which can be an inconvenience. Maintenance can also be a hassle, with regular cleaning and oiling necessary to keep the machine in top condition.

The serger can be noisy, although this can be reduced with a rubber mat. Overall, while the Brother 1034DX is a versatile and reliable machine, it may not be the best choice for heavy-duty use or those who prefer a quieter sewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the 1034DX handle thick fabrics?

Like a hot knife through butter, the Brother 1034DX effortlessly handles thick fabrics, thanks to its powerful motor and adjustable presser foot pressure. You’ll breeze through even the heftiest materials with ease and precision.

Can the 1034DX be used for commercial purposes?

While the Brother 1034DX’s commercial-grade capabilities make it a viable option, its limitations on fabric thickness may pose challenges for heavy-duty commercial use. It’s best suited for smaller-scale projects and home/hobby sewing.

Is the 1034DX compatible with generic presser feet?

You bet the 1034DX is compatible with generic presser feet! The snap-on system makes swapping them a breeze. Just make sure they’re the right size and you’re good to go. Easy peasy!

What is the learning curve for beginners using the 1034DX?

Well, well, well, look who wants to join the serger superstar squad! Buckle up, my friend, because that learning curve is about as steep as Everest. But don’t worry, with patience and perseverance, you’ll be churning out professional-grade seams like a pro in no time!

How does the stitch quality of the 1034DX compare to industrial sergers?

You’ll find the 1034DX’s stitch quality rivals many industrial models. Its differential feed and adjustable tension deliver remarkably consistent, professional-grade seams on diverse fabrics. With some practice, you can achieve near-flawless overlocking that’ll wow even the pickiest seamstress.


Ultimately, if you’re seeking a user-friendly, budget-friendly serger with versatile stitching capabilities, the Brother 1034DX serger review demonstrates its potential as an excellent choice. While it may lack some advanced features, its color-coded threading, differential feed, and ample stitch options make it a valuable addition to any sewing room, especially for beginners or those with light to moderate serging needs.

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