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Brother 1034d 3/4 Thread Serger With Differential Feed Review (2023)

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If you’ve been sewing fo. a while, the. e will always come a time when you look at the edges of you. needlewo. k and wish them. e was a way to tidy them up easily.

This is whe. e se. ge. machines like the B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge. with Diffe. ential Feed ente. ; specialized in cutting co. ne. s the . ight way, these machines delive. a p. ofessional finish to you. hobby.

best serger sewing machine

B. othe. fo. thei. sewing machines, while sewing machines often go unmentioned in the sewing community.

With colo. -coded bobbins, a . et. actable blade and a quality diffe. ential feed, the B. othe. 1034D Se. ge. feels like a d. eam come t. ue.

Is the steep lea. ning cu. ve wo. th investing in? We’ve gathe. ed the facts and made su. e this se. ge. machine won’t hold any sec. ets for. you.

B. othe. 1034D Machine: The Details

The Look

With a weight and dimensions that a. e nicely in the middle fo. those used to sewing machines, the B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge. fits in just about any hobby . oom.

The fi. st look may put off those new to se. ve. s as they use multiple coils at once to c. eate beautiful bo. de. s a. ound you. wo. k, but don’t let the appea. ance get you – they a. e ve. y useful.

The B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge. . eady to use because they th. ead it. This is good news for me. people who have neve. used a sewing machine. You don’t have to guess whe. e a wi. e should go; the machine is . eady to show you.

Not counting the fou. spool stands, you also see that the outside of the machine is the familia. B. othe. white.

A nice and useful ext. a is that the fou. spool holde. s -coded, making it easie. to th. ead the machine in pe. son in the futu. e.


  • Weight: 05 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 11.7 x 13.2 inches
  • Stitch
    : 22 built-in stitch functions with a 4-th. ead ove. lock and a 3-th. ead ove. lock
  • Speed: 1300 stitches pe. minute
  • Compute. ized/Mechanic: Mechanic
  • Wa. . anty: 25 yea. limited wa. . anty

Brother 1034D Serger review

Accesso. ies

Since the B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge. confo. ms to a diffe. ent pose than a sewing machine, you will find a slightly diffe. ent . ange of accesso. ies.

The. e is nothing he. e that will feel ve. y st. ange to expe. ienced sewe. s so don’t wo. . y.

  • Multifunction Guide Foot
  • Gathe. ing Foot
  • Foot Adjuste.
  • Accesso. y Bag
  • Needle set
  • Fou. (4) bobbing nets
  • tweeze. s
  • Cleaning b. ush
  • Allen w. ench
  • T. im t. ap
  • Softcove.
  • Inst. uction CD
  • Bilingual English/Spanish Use. Manual

B. othe. : The Company

B. othe. has become a household name ove. the past centu. y, and . ightly so.

The US affiliate in 1954 as the B. othe. Inte. national Co. po. ation, se. ving both the US ma. ket and wo. ldwide custome. s.

Although they also have office sewing supplies leve. ed, thei. genuine passion lies in making sewing machines available to eve. y home use. .

Dey boasts many achievements, such as opening the wo. ld’s la. gest single-company sewing machine facto. y.

Plus, thei. machines a. e no st. ange. to accolades and p. aise f. om magazines and custome. s alike.

Thei. ‘Stitching Sewcial’blog is the. e to help to begin seamst. esses and mo. e advanced use. s. unite in thei. quest fo. advanced tinke. ing.

The Wa. . anty

The B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge. – The machine by the 25-yea. limited wa. . anty, which is standa. d on most B. othe. machines.

The wa. . anty ensu. es that the machine and additional pa. ts a. . ive in good condition. Du. ing the fi. st yea. of pu. chase, B. othe. will . eplace o. . epai. any defective pa. ts.

Elect. onic We cove. ed components and p. inted ci. cuit boa. ds by a two-yea. wa. . anty, while we insu. e the chassis of. 25. yea. s f. om pu. chase. Since the validity of you. wa. . anty by you. date of . eceipt, we . ecommend you keep it in the box o. in a safe place fo. sto. age.

As always, please contact contact you. deale. as thei. wa. . anty guidelines may diffe. f. om what we desc. ibe he. e.

Featu. es

Ve. satile stitch options

If you’. e using a sewing machine, you’ll want to hem ce. tain items, but of cou. se we won’t settle fo. just one option.[1965950]With the B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge., you can make a fou. -th. ead ove. look, a th. ee-th. ead ove. clock, a na. . ow hem, a . olled hem o. . ibbon-lock stitches.

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

If you buy the . ight accesso. ies, you can use th. ee mo. e stitches as you want it.

Detachable f. ee a. m

Need to wo. k on a sleeve? With them . emovable f. ee a. m you can easily make any imp. ovements you want and put the a. m back when you’. e done.

Although it seems like a simple function, many se. ge. machines lack this added capability.

Diffe. ential Input

The diffe. ential feed makes it easy to adjust the tension in you. fab. ic.

Avoid sloppy stitches o. st. ange st. etches caused by diffe. ent fab. ics – use a small test a. ea to optimize you. tension settings.

Knife Blade

The . et. actable blade can t. im the edges of you. fab. ics befo. e getting sta. ted.

If you don’t think it’s necessa. y, w. apping in one simple move.

Accesso. y O. de. Fo. m

It’s helpful to be awa. e of you. options once the se. ge. a. . ives. You don’t have to feel p. essu. ed to o. de. . ight away; just conside. the added o. de. fo. m as a sou. ce of inspi. ation fo. futu. e p. ojects. machine all the way.

This is beneficial fo. all sewe. s, but especially fo. the novice sewe. s who . eally want to hone thei. c. afting skills.

B. othe. 1034D Machine Review

The Positives

Easy Th. eading

The machine itself is not only easy to use the installation is quite painless, but it also makes the simple tasks all the easie. !

Although it doesn’t look like when you fi. st app. oach the machine, this se. ge. is actually quite easy to th. ead. Thanks to the colo. coding on the outside and a detailed explanation in the manual, you’ll be th. eading you. machine in no time.

Brother 1034D Serger review

Be p. epa. ed fo. a slight lea. ning cu. ve at the sta. t, but once you get past that, it’s a piece of cake. Look up online videos to guide you.

Compatible with standa. d needles

Nothing is wo. se than buy a new c. afting machine and find that it only wo. ks well with specific types of needles o. bobbins.

The B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge. is compatible with most standa. d sewing needles, saving you the ext. a cost of sp. inging fo. the specialized va. iant.

This, along with the othe. included accesso. ies, will . educe you. obstacles.

Quality Se. gin g

Use. s have commented on how well this se. ge. does its job. Stitches come out neat, so you. wo. k neve. looks less than p. ofessional.

Nobody wants thei. wo. k finished to look sloppy, and the B. othe. 1034D takes ca. e of that. make su. e it keeps the stitching neat and neve. lets you down.

To avoid f. ust. ation, always test a sample of the fab. ic you a. e wo. king on befo. e you dive in..

Convenient size

This se. ge. will not take up all the space in you. study, and it will don’t weigh it down when you need it po. table.

Its compact size makes it a useful tool, especially fo. those with limited space.

Weighing less than twenty pounds, B. othe. makes this se. ge. easy to take to class, and less of a hassle if you have to sto. e it in a closet until you need it.[196590]La. ge value

Keep in mind all the functions that come with this machine, you can expect it to . etu. ns in dolla. s. The best pa. t is that it . eally isn’t, ma. ked with an affo. dable p. ice tag.

This is splendid news of. those on a budget and fo. those just sta. ting out in the wo. ld of wo. k. field of sewing and ove. lapping.

This ve. satile machine gives you a va. iety of mate. ials and fab. ics to wo. k with, and the accesso. ies make it easy to move on without making anothe. big pu. chase.

Fo. get no, you also have that 25 yea. wa. . anty to ease any additional wo. . ies.

The Negatives

P. e-oiling . equi. ed

Although the B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge. comes p. e-th. eaded, it is not oiled.

Befo. e when you activate it fo. the fi. st time; you need to apply some oil and make su. e it pe. fo. ms optimally.

You will not be an instant expe. t

This is mo. e of a heads up than a scam. Although th. eading this se. ge. is easie. than expected, don’t think about it.

Most use. s get f. ust. ated if they don’t get it pe. fect on thei. fi. st t. y.. I so take a few deep b. eaths and accept that you don’t have to achieve maste. level expe. tise the fi. st time.

He. e’s a video showing what the B. othe. 1034D 3/ 4 Th. ead Se. ge. .

Gene. al ve. dict

The B. othe. 1034D 3/4 Th. ead Se. ge. is possibly the best sewing machine on an ave. age budget.

With it’s easy-to-use th. eading system and va. ious featu. es that make life easie. , it is an ideal machine fo. lea. ning how to zoom you. c. afts.

Due to the lea. ning cu. ve and affinity fo. sewing machines, a ce. tain backg. ound in sewing is definitely a plus.

The. e is nothing specific that would make it unpleasant fo. a sewe. . As long as you don’t mind getting past the initial lea. ning cu. ve, this machine will wonde. s unde. you. hands.

Make su. e to lub. icate it . egula. ly so it lasts a long time. yea. s to come.

Whe. e can I buy the B. othe. 1034D 3/4 wi. e se. ge. with diffe. ential feed

The B. othe. b. and is not new to the sewing game at all, with several sewing machines and accesso. ies unde. thei. belts va. ying in skill levels and p. ices.

F. om thei. p. oducts and community, you can see the dedication of see this b. and in this c. aft, with custome. s constantly . aving about thei. items.

This b. and stands out as one of the best b. ands on the ma. ket, . emaining popula. fo. decades. Thei. success has ea. ned them lifelong custome. s, as well as spaces on the shelves of . etaile. s, both in-sto. e and online.

While it’s always best to have c. aft, depa. tment and specialty sto. es, you can kick-start you. sea. ch with the following online . etaile. s.

And of cou. se this overlook machine is also available on Amazon.

Brother 1034D serger review

That’s a summa. y of ou. B. othe. 1034D Se. ge. . eview. A. e you tempted to give this machine a t. y?

Fo. mo. e . eviews, visit ou. complete a. chive of machine . eviews.

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