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Brother Se625 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review (2023)

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Sewing embroiderers as well as stitching sewists are the most likely (and also most targeted) customers of combo makers such as Brother SE625 Computerized Sewing Embroidery Machine Brother has actually made this model with convenience in mind. It’s not exactly a jack of all trades, yet it can certainly be a great device for those that have only just acquired a taste for various crafts. Or even committed sewists as well as embroiderers that need or intend to do both.

However there’s something that’s constantly on my mind when I bump into a combo version. Which of both points does it do better? Does its sewing functionality suffer at the expense of embroidery, and the other way around I tend to be normally dubious of multifunctional units. Maybe it’s just me being a bit old-fashioned. I would constantly choose a machine that succeeds in few locations than an incredibly flexible one that does everything– and does it in the “meh” manner.

So, I am writing this review to determine which classification this machine truly comes from. First, we’ll see the noticeable– review and also features. Then, we’ll dig under the hood and see if it’s worth your cash.

Brother SE625 Overview Features

Externally, this machine shows up to be simply enough flexible to bring in both sewists and embroiderers. Its modern-day appearances must make it an elegant addition to your sewing space or cabinet, without also girly or brilliant colors that yell creative thinking as well as pleasure. Yet I understand the majority of you aren’t below for the looks. Let’s see what it can do, according to the requirements.

Embroidery Functions

Every embroidery fanatic will certainly be mainly interested in the workspace. The hoop is of a typical size, 4 × 4 inches. Whereas several devices solely made for embroidery will surpass SE625 in this regard, with 5 × 7 or also 6 × 10 hoops (often combined), I believe 4 × 4 is simply enough for many tasks you’ll be taking care of. However, the machine won’t take a different bigger hoop, so you will have to use what you have If you desire, really feel cost-free to purchase a separate smaller sized hoop, though.

Embroidery layouts would be an additional critical concern. You will certainly get 280 layouts total, 80 of which are integrated, and the remaining 200 on the consisted of CD. Amongst them you will certainly locate decorative alphabet, nature, holiday, sporting activities, flower, youngsters as well as various other designs. However that’s not all you can expect. The USB port permits you to import essentially limitless designs that you can download from the Internet. Or you can do it straight from the machine, by hooking it up to a computer system. You can either most likely to, Brother’s official online database of layouts that you can acquire or obtain totally free. But you won’t be limited to that. There are a variety of other web sites where you can download and install patterns and styles, a number of which are totally free A lot more on that particular in a separate article!

Anyways, I like the USB alternative over direct downloading from the Internet. To start with, there’s less possibility to capture some awful infection or other malware that can make a mess. Second of all, I don’t such as to mess my machine ‘s inner memory with temporary data that can create disruption and also lagging further down the roadway. So, I would very suggest you to stick with the USB stick. Note that the latter isn’t included in the bundle, however you must absolutely have a couple of hanging someplace around the residence.

Sewing Functions

Sewists will certainly be pleased to recognize that this machine comes geared up with 103 stitches, among which you can count on a range of decorative stitches and also 8 designs of one-step automatic buttonholes. Undoubtedly, it’s not an enormous number of stitches for a digital machine Most of them include hundreds of stitches. Yet we can not expect excessive from a combination machine that is meant to match various objectives, such as this one.

If you are a quilter, I would not suggest this design There are far better, specialized devices for quilting or sewing and quilting. Nonetheless, if quilting is just among your numerous passions, you will have the ability to do a few of it, many thanks to the increased needle-to-arm work space, with 6.4 x 4.1 inches in width and elevation. That’s probably inadequate to deal easily with really bulky quilts, yet ought to be just great for normal size projects. The decrease feed pets enable free-motion quilting, but there are no unique quilting feet

Every twist has to handle tiny and difficult locations, be it cuffs, sleeves, baby garments, and also other circular items that are usually hard to gain access to. With Brother SE 625, it will not be a trouble, because of the convertible free arm option.

Automatic Functions

Brother SE625 options on screen It’s great to understand that the “computerized” component isn’t simply there to account for better sales. The machine will instantly stop when you’re reduced on bobbin thread, and also it will certainly let you recognize just how much time you have left till you lack it completely. Also, when you’re providing for the day, it will memorize the settings so you can conveniently return to it tomorrow, with no inconvenience. Various other automated features consist of needle up/down placement, a button to start and also quit sewing, automated string cutter, as well as variable rate control. It means you won’t need to rely as much on the foot pedal. If you’ve never ever functioned on a contemporary sewing machine, it might appear unusual, as the foot pedal may seem to be an important device. Yet you’ll swiftly recognize that it’s not. It’s terrific to have an alternative.

You can likewise wind the bobbin instantly Just like most Brother makers, it’s a jam-resistant, top drop-in bobbin, which is very simple to established. And indeed, similar to with numerous various other Brother versions (even some of the most inexpensive), you do not need to thread the needle manually. It’s extremely easy with automated needle threader and also won’t take greater than 10 mins to determine. Later, when you find out exactly how to do it, it will be a breeze. Rather alleviation, specifically if your vision is bad like mine.

Presser Feet

As you might quite possibly recognize, we aren’t stuck with what’s included in the bundle when it comes to presser feet. But it’s still very great to have excellent equipment right in the package. It conserves quite a lot of time, as well as to be completely honest, a considerable amount of money as well. That’s why I was really delighted to learn that this machine consists of seven feet:

  • Spring activity zigzag foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Blindstitch foot
  • Button sewing foot

Another thing worth noting is that the feed canines have 7 points, which means they will certainly feed your materials (any fabrics, that is) in a smooth as well as great means, without bunching up. Plus, you can drop them if you wish to do some free-motion sewing

LCD Screen

Prior to I made my very first encounter with electronic sewing devices, mighty LCD display was basically the only method I can identify them I presume it represents lots of various other sewists too. While it’s certainly not one of the most essential point, it’s still a really user-friendly function. Which’s why I enjoy having it. So, let’s see what this one can do.

It’s a large, 3.2-inch Stitch Smart color touchscreen display. It will certainly reveal your embroidery layouts completely shade, however that’s much from being the only point it does. You can modify your layout’s right there on the screen with the embroidery patterns Drag as well as Drop feature, manipulating individual thread shades, relocating your lettering, readjusting the designs to the smallest detail. You can easily resize, relocate, mirror photo, or rotate your style. It’s an amazing possibility that accounts for numerous options. Using this touchscreen display is so simple that you will not also need any descriptions — just play around till you get the hang of it.

Setup and also Ease of Use

The LCD display I simply pointed out will not simply make sewing as well as embroidery less complicated. It will additionally assist you through the setup process. Apart from the owner’s guidebook, you can additionally view and also speak with eight built-in tutorials, showing right there on the display. They will certainly aid you with positioning the embroidery arm as well as hoop, putting the upper thread, using automated needle threader, winding and inserting bobbins, changing feet.

Additional Supplies as well as Accessories

Brother SE625 usb port preview

As you unto the machine, you will certainly locate a variety of great tools as well as devices that you would certainly or else need to buy independently. Four bobbins, three bobbin clips, four spool caps, 6-piece needle sets, a screwdriver, a spool internet, scissors, cleaning brush, a power cable, and a foot pedal will exist so you can start stitching immediately. What I specifically like is that the machine comes with a dirt cover It needs to be a has to for every machine if you ask me, yet it’s not. One point much less to stress over!

While we’re at it, the machine has a small device storage on the front. Despite the fact that you won’t have the ability to carry lots of items there, it’s still an extremely practical location for keeping spare bobbins, needles as well as various other small stuff.

What Do Users Say?

There aren’t numerous user evaluations on the Internet, as well as I assume that’s since a lot of individuals will certainly select a 1-in-1 rather than 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 (you call it) versions. Minority more detailed ones that I might locate are mainly composed by novice craftspeople that are typically pleased with the machine ‘s capability.

It can handle lighter workloads without any problems One user reported the automated threader breaking on her, and also she just had to resort to manual threading. I need to claim it’s not an uncommon event with most modern low-end versions, be they Brother or some other brand name.


  • The LCD display is outstanding Sewists will not obtain much of it in contrast with some other Brother versions with anemic screens. Yet it’s very essential for embroiderers, since you will certainly have the ability to control your thread shades and every other aspect of your layouts. Big adequate to make it comfortable, it reveals sharp as well as bright shades.
  • Automatic functions will certainly conserve you lots of time Once, a straightforward point such as threading a machine was a hell to discover as well as obtaining made use of to. In modern-day versions such as this, it actually takes a press of a button. These features exist to make sure that also a total newbie can start stitching on day one, with no anticipation or experience.
  • Reasonably valued For a function loaded machine with a bunch of automated features, you will certainly typically need to fork over a few hundred dollars more. This one ought to fit almost any kind of budget. Unquestionably however, it’s substantially more pricey than SE 600, which is almost identical with the exception of the CD with extra styles. Yet if that CD means anything to you, you will not mind paying the distinction.
  • A selection of sewing stitches as well as embroidery layouts makes it worth the name “digital”. What makes it even worthier is the possibility to download and install as well as import more designs.
  • LED light bulbs are great for night owls They brighten the workplace just enough in my point of view. No requirement to buy separate lights, as with a few other Brother models.
  • Light-weight sufficient but not also light It’s a mobile machine, so it should not consider a ton. With around 25 pounds, it’s not specifically light as a plume, however you can still lug it to your sewing or embroidery class without way too much initiative. That being claimed, it’s not exceptionally lightweight as a few other designs. And that also makes up security while sewing.


  • The hoop dimension is restricted to 4 × 4 inches Embroiderers that need to deal with bigger layouts won’t be able to do it on this machine It’s most likely the most significant disadvantage of this model.
  • There is a finding out curve I do not indicate it to always sound like a disadvantage, but it’s still a little an annoyance for newbies that would love to begin quickly. Unlike lots of other Brother devices, this set doesn’t include a DVD. It has eight tutorials that you can view on the LCD display, however that’s insufficient. You will certainly need to seek advice from the comprehensive individual’s hand-operated rather often till you handle to find out each and every single detail. There is likewise a quick-start guide with the a lot of basic explanations, for those of you who do not aim for extremely high.
  • Most parts are made of plastic It’s not a surprising point for a reasonably cheap machine, however it still suggests you have to be added cautious. If you occur to break anything, attempting to change it can confirm a nightmare. Real sufficient, you will certainly get a minimal 25-year warranty. Yet you shouldn’t rely on it too much. A single broken component isn’t highly likely to obtain your money back, as numerous twists have learned the tough means.

Final Verdict

Although the name claims” Sewing and Embroidery , I would turn that around and also claim it’s mostly a embroidery machine with extra sewing capability. If you desire a mid-level sewing machine, you could get a considerably more powerful workhorse at the very same (or approximately the exact same) price.

However, embroiderers who stitch periodically will truly take pleasure in working with this machine Despite the not-so-big whoop, it gives an ocean of options. Much more importantly, the top stitch quality is really smooth and even, so you can entirely trust it with nearly any type of task.

This machine is virtually the same to its predecessor Brother SE600 (read my complete review of it here). The only difference between the 2 designs is that SE600 does not consist of a CD with 200 styles. Nevertheless, in the Internet age, I would not think about that much of a trouble.

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