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Can You Iron Corduroy? Easy Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

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can you iron corduroyUncovering the secrets to ironing corduroy like a pro can feel daunting. But with this simple guide, you’ll soon be transforming crumpled garments into crisp pieces of perfection in no time.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply sprucing up your wardrobe, mastering the art of ironing your favorite corduroy piece is possible – and surprisingly easy!

This step-by-step guide will show you how to get that perfect pressed look without sacrificing comfort or style along the way.

So let’s get started on learning how to effectively and safely bring out that professional touch in all of your favorite corduroy pieces!

Key Takeaways

  • Turn the corduroy inside out before ironing.
  • Use the wool or delicate fabric setting on your iron.
  • Iron in short bursts of steam to prevent shine and imprints from developing.
  • Brush the corduroy in the direction of the ribs to lift any flattened areas.

Step 1: Prepare Corduroy for Ironing

Step 1: Prepare Corduroy for Ironing
Turn your corduroy inside out before steaming out those wrinkles, hun. This allows you to get deep into the fibers without causing shiny patches on the right side. Make sure your iron is set to the wool or delicate fabric setting. Corduroy is a delicate blend that can’t handle high heat.

Set the steam on high to let moisture penetrate and relax the fibers. Hold the iron just above the fabric and press the steam button in short bursts across wrinkled areas. Avoid sliding the iron around, as this can crush the pile texture. Let the steam do most of the work for you.

Lift and lower the iron over wrinkles to lightly press them smooth. Take care not to flatten the ribs completely, as they add dimensional style. After steaming inside out, turn your cord right side out again. Use a soft-bristle brush to gently lift flattened areas.

Brushing along the rib direction revives the pile for a lush, velvety finish. Your patience pays off with wrinkle-free corduroy clothing ready to wear.

Step 2: Set the Iron to the Correct Temperature

Step 2: Set the Iron to the Correct Temperature
You should set the iron to the proper temperature for corduroy. When choosing the temperature for ironing corduroy, follow these guidelines:

  • Set the iron to the wool or delicate fabric setting. This provides a lower heat that avoids damaging the pile.
  • Check the garment’s care label for the recommended heat level. Some may specify a cotton/linen setting.
  • Organic corduroy may require an even lower temperature. Experiment to find the optimal level.

With the right precautions, you can achieve a flawless finish. Begin by preheating the iron until hot. Test on an inconspicuous area first. Then, holding the iron just above the fabric, apply bursts of steam.

Use a repeated lift and lower motion to smooth wrinkles. Avoid sliding the iron, as it can crush the ribs. Let steam relax the fibers. But don’t overdo it, or moisture can reactivate wrinkles. Your corduroy will emerge refreshed, with its texture and luster restored. So use your iron carefully, and you’ll master the technique needed to keep corduroy looking its best.

Step 3: Use a Steam Setting for Ironing

Step 3: Use a Steam Setting for Ironing
Let’s create steam to release the wrinkles as we iron. Steam is essential for ironing corduroy effectively. The steam penetrates the fabric to relax fibers and loosen embedded wrinkles. With steam, the iron glides effortlessly across the corduroy surface without dragging or damaging the delicate ribs.

Follow these techniques for using steam when ironing corduroy:

Preheat iron 5 minutes
Set to wool/delicate Yes
Activate steam burst button Press frequently
Hold iron just above fabric Don’t press down
Use a hovering motion Up and down
Target wrinkled areas Steam then press down
Work in sections From top to bottom
Keep corduroy damp More steam
Avoid flattening ribs Gentle motions

Proper steam technique allows the iron to do the hard work, not your arm muscles. The result is wrinkle-free corduroy with a refreshed pile. Continue maintaining your treasured corduroy pieces with careful ironing.

Step 4: Iron Corduroy With Care

Step 4: Iron Corduroy With Care
Let’s continue discussing ironing care for corduroy. When ironing corduroy, be gentle and take care to avoid flattening the fabric’s characteristic ribs. Use a lifting and lowering motion instead of sliding, rely on bursts of steam, and always iron inside out to prevent shine and imprints on the right side.

It’s important to be cautious when ironing corduroy to preserve the texture. Vary your motions and keep the iron moving to avoid creating imprints. With care and patience, you can successfully iron corduroy garments without compromising their unique look and feel.

Inside Out Ironing

The arch of the garment plops onto the ironing board as you flip your organic corduroy jacket inside out.

Carefully iron corduroy inside out to prevent:

  • Static electricity
  • Shine
  • Imprints
  • Fabric damage
  • Wrinkles

Gently releasing steam onto the delicate fabric prevents crushing the velvet texture.

Lift and Lower Method

Simply lift and lower the iron gently over the fabric. This lift and lower method allows steam to penetrate wrinkles efficiently.

Pros Cons
Prevents shine marks Time consuming
Maintains texture Requires patience
Allows steam penetration Risk of iron imprints
Retains warmth Potential for water spots

With a light touch and proper technique, you can lift corduroy back to its lush glory.

Avoid Sliding the Iron

You’d be heartbroken if you flattened the luxurious pile by sliding the iron over those beautiful organic corduroy pants.

  • Position the iron above the fabric.
  • Lower it down gently.
  • Lift it up again.
  • Repeat.
  • Let steam smooth wrinkles.

Never slide the iron across the ribs. Avoid flattening the velvety texture you love. With care, your organic corduroy will look sensational and feel divinely soft for many years to come.

Use Steam to Release Wrinkles

Feel bursts of steam relax the wrinkles as you hold the iron just above the fabric. Steam penetrates the corduroy fibers and releases trapped wrinkles without flattening the ribs. Let steam do the work for you by hovering over stubborn creases until they smooth out.

Maintain the integrity of the fabric while achieving that crisp, wrinkle-free look. With the help of steam, keep your treasured corduroy pieces looking their best. Careful ironing preserves the luxurious texture of this ribbed fabric.

Step 5: Turn Corduroy Right Side Out

Step 5: Turn Corduroy Right Side Out
After releasing steam and ironing the inside of your corduroy garment, it’s time to turn it right side out. This step is key for properly caring for corduroy and preventing future wrinkles.

  1. Carefully turn the garment right side out, being gentle with seams.
  2. Smooth any rumpled areas with your hands.
  3. Inspect for any lingering wrinkles or creases.
  4. Lightly brush the corduroy pile with a soft-bristle brush.
  5. Brush in the direction of the ribs to lift and revive the pile.

Turning the garment right side out allows you to inspect your work and maintain the luxurious texture of corduroy. Proper technique preserves the supple hand-feel and helps the fabric hold its shape between wearings.

With the right care, your corduroy will maintain its vibrancy and keep you cozy all season long. The text now has more variety in sentence structure and length, with contractions used for a more natural style.

Step 6: Gently Brush Corduroy After Ironing

Step 6: Gently Brush Corduroy After Ironing
After ironing, gently brush your corduroy garment with a hand or suede brush in the direction of the pile to further soften it and prevent wrinkles. Sweeping the soft bristles across the fabric lifts the flattened ribs so they stand tall again.

Take care to always brush with the nap, tracing the natural direction of the fabric’s pile. Light, swift strokes are ideal for perking up the fabric without causing excess fuzzing. Give special attention to creases or seams where the ribbing tends to flatten most.

Ensure the garment looks crisp by brushing the collar, cuffs, and front placket. For jackets, gently brush the exterior then flip it inside out and brush the interior as well.

With the ironing and brushing complete, admire the revitalized texture. Your corduroy will feel supple and look smart once more, ready for winter wear. Handle it gently to prevent new wrinkles – immediately hang shirts, pants, and dresses on proper hangers.

With proper maintenance, your trusty corduroy garments will offer cozy warmth and sophisticated style for many more seasons.

Step 7: Hang Corduroy Immediately to Prevent Wrinkles

Step 7: Hang Corduroy Immediately to Prevent Wrinkles
Hang your corduroy up straight away so its pile doesn’t muss and wrinkle again. The most crucial step after ironing is to immediately hang the garment properly to lock in your ironing results. Choose a thick wooden or padded hanger that won’t create shoulder dents. Hang shirts using skirt or pants hangers to evenly distribute the weight.

For pants, use clip hangers that fasten at the hem or waist to prevent creases. Always hang them from the waistband rather than clipping the leg. Space items 1-2 inches apart on the rod so air can circulate to allow moisture to evaporate.

This helps set the shape and prevent mildew. Let corduroy dry completely before wearing or storing to lock in your crisp results and keep the fibers smooth.

Follow proper hanging methods after ironing and your corduroy will look its best.

Can You Iron Corduroy?

Can You Iron Corduroy
Ironing corduroy can revive the texture and help remove wrinkles. Be sure to iron corduroy inside out to avoid flattening the ribs. Use a steam iron on a wool or delicate setting. Apply steam bursts to wrinkled areas rather than sliding the iron over the fabric.

Gently lift and lower the iron to relax wrinkles. Let the steam do most of the work.

  • Pre-treat any stains before ironing.
  • Keep the iron moving continuously.
  • Use a pressing cloth if needed.

Proper ironing techniques allow you to maintain the integrity of the fabric. Corduroy needs special care to preserve the velvety texture. With some simple tricks, you can keep your corduroy clothing looking crisp. Follow these guidelines, and your jackets, pants and dresses will hold their shape beautifully.

What Temperature Should You Iron Corduroy?

What Temperature Should You Iron Corduroy
Let the steam do most of the work when ironing your corduroy inside out on the delicate setting. Use a cotton setting or the wool setting on your iron when caring for corduroy fabric. Check the manufacturer’s care label but generally a medium heat is recommended. If your iron has variable temperature controls, set it to use a lower heat between 140°F and 220°F.

The steam will relax the fibers and release wrinkles. Move the iron slowly using a lift and lower motion to prevent flattening the ribs. Angle the iron slightly when moving vertically to direct steam between the raised ridges.

Release steam in intermittent bursts across stubborn creases. Let garments dry completely before turning right side out to prevent imprints.

Maintain the supple texture of corduroy with proper ironing methods. With this knowledge you can keep your corduroy clothing looking smart. Handle treasured garments with care to extend their lifespan. Discover effective techniques for ironing the fabric while retaining its distinctive character.

Inspire mastery in corduroy care through gentle ironing and natural stain removal.

How to Iron Corduroy Pants and Jackets

How to Iron Corduroy Pants and Jackets

  1. Lay the garment inside out and preheat the iron to the wool setting with steam.
  2. Hold the iron just above the fabric and lower it as you release bursts of steam onto wrinkles.
  3. Lift the iron up after each burst of steam and reposition it over the next wrinkled area.
  4. Avoid sliding the iron horizontally; this flattens the fibers. Let the steam relax wrinkles.
  5. When finished, turn the garment right side out and gently brush the fabric pile. Hang it immediately.

Take your time with corduroy. Allow the steam to penetrate the fabric instead of applying too much pressure. Check for flattened areas and revive the pile by gently brushing it. With care, you’ll have crisp, nap-filled corduroy ready for fall and winter wear.


Ironing corduroy can be a challenge, but with the right tips and tricks, it can be done in no time! Take Carol Jones, the Ironing Diva, for example.

She preheated the iron with the delicate or wool setting, released bursts of steam onto wrinkles, and used a lift and lower method. To ensure the corduroy is cared for properly, Carol recommends washing it inside out with cold water and a biodegradable detergent, and air drying it with gentle pegs.

With the right care, you can enjoy your corduroy for a long time to come. So if you’re ever wondering, Can I iron corduroy? the answer is yes, you can!

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