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How to Sew Corduroy Full Guide of 2023

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Corduroy is an incredible textile– it has stunning texture and good framework. You typically see it used in informal trousers, skirts, as well as jackets.

I like corduroy, however it is not the easiest textile to sew since it is so thick and also has a nap …

In this message, I want to show you exactly how to sew corduroy like a pro. You can understand this classic textile!

What Is Corduroy?

Corduroy is a sturdy fabric made up of a base fabric and also lengthwise stripes of matching elevated tufts called, “wales.” Wide wale corduroy has wide lines of elevated tufts, while pin wale corduroy has slim wales, as well as the common wale is someplace in between.

corduroy pants

Prep work and also Care of Corduroy

Corduroy is commonly made from cotton fibers as well as being for that reason at risk to reducing. Nevertheless, it is often combined with polyester to provide it some stretch.

Always preshrink corduroy fabric before stitching. Do this by washing and drying it according to the treatment directions located on the fabric screw. Please keep in mind that some corduroy fabric needs dry cleansing. If you’re not exactly sure, run a small sample of corduroy with your washing maker to see just how it takes on the wash.

If pushing is required, use heavy steam and also press corduroy on the incorrect side over a needle board (velvet board) or a towel to stay clear of squashing the snooze.

Layout, Marking, and Cutting Tips for Corduroy

Corduroy has a snooze (one instruction is up, one is down) so make use of the “with nap” format in your pattern guidelines. This will make sure that the nap runs the same instructions for all your items. Additionally examine to make sure the tops of all your pattern items are dealing with the very same direction prior to reducing.

Pin your embroidery pattern to your corduroy making use of long, sharp pins, such as quilter’s pins Then, transfer all pattern markings to the incorrect side of your material utilizing dressmaker’s chalk or other fabric-safe marking devices. Dressmaker’s tacks of contrasting thread can be used for markings that need to be visible on the best side of your material.

Use sew-in interfacing to decrease the demand for pushing corduroy (as well as the risk of squashing the stack.) For in-seam pockets, utilize a lining textile instead of corduroy to decrease bulk.

Embroidery Machine Setup for Corduroy

Most sewing equipments are strong sufficient to stitch through corduroy You do not need to buy a special, commercial stitching maker. Nonetheless, a serger makes the job a lot easier.

  • Needle: Use a jeans/sharp needle. A dimension 90/14 or 100/16 jobs best for heavy corduroy, while pin wale corduroy can utilize a dimension 80/ 12. A global needle may not permeate the thick material layers, causing damaged needles or avoided stitches.
  • Presser Foot: A straight stitch foot or zigzag foot might be used, depending upon the stitches you intend to stitch. If the thick layers do not feed equally, nonetheless, a walking foot will address that trouble. Make sure the stress on your presser foot is gotten used to fit the thicker fabric. Constantly stitch on a sample item of material initially to change your stitching maker as needed.
  • Sew Length/Width: Establish your stitch size in between 3.0mm and 4.0mm Readjust up or down if required after you sew a sample joint on some scraps of the fabric. If your corduroy has any type of spandex/polyester web content for stretch, make certain to utilize a stretch stitch or a narrow zigzag stitch so your joints will stretch with your fabric.

Embroidery Tips for Corduroy

If you’ve never sewn with corduroy previously, take it slow as well as adjust your embroidery device sew size and also size till you obtain the preferred look. End up the raw sides of your material with a serger or pinking shears.

Embroidery corduroy is similar to stitching denim. You do not need a unique embroidery maker, yet you do require to recognize just how to take care of bulky seams. A Jean A Ma Jig can really help!

Topstitched seams as well as hems look fantastic on informal corduroy If buttonholes are a component of your project, make example buttonholes on scraps first. After that, make certain the switches have a shank as thick as the material layers at your buttonhole.

When sewing corduroy, expect lint to develop in your feed pet dog location. You may require to take time to cleanse that location with a tiny brush occasionally throughout your job. Likewise check the bobbin location for lint buildup.

We intend to see what you’re stitching with corduroy Leave some images in the remarks below!

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