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Can You Really Wear Cashmere in the Summer? (2024)

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can you wear cashmere in the summerSummer nights call for cashmere. You know that moment when the sun dips below the horizon and a chill sets in? That’s when cashmere comes into its own.

As dusk approaches, slip on a lightweight cashmere cardigan or sweater. The soft fibers trap body heat, keeping you cozy as temperatures drop. Cashmere is breathable too, wicking away sweat if the mercury should rise again.

Come morning, you won’t believe how soft it feels against your skin. Cashmere is perfect for summer layering.

Add a pop of color with a sleeveless cashmere shell under a sundress or linen blazer.

Cashmere brings lightweight luxury to the hottest days.

Key Takeaways

  • Lightweight, breathable cashmere is ideal for layering over summer outfits, as it provides a luxurious softness while remaining cool.
  • Cashmere cardigans and shawls in lightweight knits add softness and warmth on cooler summer evenings when needed.
  • Focus on the lightest weight cashmere yarns, like 14 gauge, in soft pastels and brights that evoke the summer season.
  • Properly care for cashmere garments by hand washing gently and laying flat to dry to maintain the fiber’s luxurious feel through repeated wearings.

Why Wear Cashmere in Summer?

Why Wear Cashmere in Summer
You’d be surprised how breathable and lightweight some cashmere pieces can be for staying cool when the weather warms up. With summer cashmere benefits like breathable luxury and versatile elegance, you can enjoy seasonal comfort in a fabric known for its winter warmth.

Style lightweight cable knit sweaters or round neck styles for effortless layering. Cashmere offers that refined elegance to summer dresses, tops, and skirts too. Although associated with winter, the right cashmere provides airy softness perfect for summer days.

The key is choosing the lightest weights and softest blends. Then cashmere becomes your warm weather go-to for polished versatility day to night. Let breathable luxury keep you cozy when temperatures dip after sunset. Cashmere delivers comfort with class all summer long.

Cashmere for Summer Nights

Cashmere for Summer Nights
Fight summer’s chill after sundown by cocooning yourself in the softest, lightest cashmere layer ever handcrafted.

  • Wrap up in a whisper-weight cashmere cardigan or stole to ward off the cool of evening while allowing your chiffon dress to flutter freely.
  • Slip on buttery-soft cashmere track pants and a matching hoodie for nighttime walks along breezy beaches.
  • Get cozy in an oversized cashmere sweater, skinny jeans, and flats for backyard patio gatherings.

With lightweight cashmere, you stay wrapped in luxury all summer long as the sun sets on each fashionable warm-weather day.

Cashmere Tops for Summer

Cashmere Tops for Summer
Breezy linen-cashmere blouses drape gracefully across sun-kissed shoulders, bringing delicate softness and warmth as the evening chill sets in. Designed for relaxed summer days, the new collection of cashmere tops blends lightweight Mongolian cashmere with linen for optimal breathability.

Sporty short sleeve shirts and off shoulder ruffle tops in coral pink add playful flair. For cooler nights, drape yourself in light cashmere cardigans with a lustrous sheen.

N.Peal’s feather-soft linen-cashmere pieces move with you, an effortless second skin. Let the light fabrics skim your frame in the languid summer heat. Cashmere lends an air of luxury even to your most casual looks.

These pieces promise the beloved softness of cashmere reimagined for warm weather wear.

Slip into the easy elegance of linen-cashmere, a winning blend that keeps you cozy and chic all summer long.

Cashmere Dresses for Summer

Cashmere Dresses for Summer
You’re in for a treat with the luxuriously soft yet breezy cashmere dresses in this season’s striking hues.

  • Wear with sandals and a sun hat for a chic summer look.
  • Pair knit cashmere rompers with wedges for daytime flair.
  • Try lightweight shift dresses in timeless navy or crisp white.
  • Off-shoulder styles flatter and keep you cool in the heat.
  • Leather trousers, a pencil skirt, or tie sleeve add polish to a statement piece.

Cashmere dresses allow you to enjoy the coveted fabric even during the dog days of summer.

Men’s Cashmere for Summer

For the modern man seeking stylish warmth when the summer sun dips down, cashmere offers lightweight layers perfect for looking sharp. Opt for a pointelle knit cashmere sweater in soothing neutrals to layer under a summer blazer.

The soft knit hugs you with cashmere’s signature featherweight coziness while the classic blazer polishes your outfit with casual elegance. A summer-weight cashmere gilet delivers effortless transitional style from work hours into evening fun.

For maximum versatility, choose one in a neutral tan or gray to mix, match and layer over breezy button-downs. Let your cashmere pieces become year-round wardrobe staples to carry you through warm weekends, cool evenings, and everything in between with seamless comfort.

The breathability and adaptable nature of modern men’s cashmere makes it a summertime essential.

Light and Soft Cashmere Pieces

Light and Soft Cashmere Pieces
You’d never guess lightweight cashmere cardigans are perfect for those cooler summer nights. Lightweight cashmere’s softness and versatility make it an ideal fabric for summer.

  1. Cashmere is:
    • Breathable
    • Lightweight
    • Soft
    • Versatile
  2. Opt for cardigans and sweaters in lighter knits. Cashmere layers beautifully over dresses, tanks, and tees.
  3. Choose soft, neutral tones like blush, ivory, and light gray that complement sunny palettes.
  4. Style cashmere sweaters with cutoffs or maxi skirts for an effortlessly chic summer look.

Cashmere’s lightweight feel and ability to transition between seasons are why celebrities like Amal Clooney and Blake Lively wear it year-round. With proper styling, cashmere sweaters bring cozy warmth to breezy summer nights.

Expert Tips on Summer Cashmere

Expert Tips on Summer Cashmere
Y’all’d be dazzled by how N.Peal’s fine-gauge cashmere dresses up any summer style – it’s time to get chic in gossamer softness!

Here are 5 expert tips for rockin’ cashmere this summer:

  1. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like N.Peal’s superfine cashmere in soft pastels or brights.
  2. Try effortless dresses and skirts for feminine flair.
  3. Cool cardigans provide the perfect topper for sunny days or nights.
  4. Carefully wash delicate cashmere pieces by hand or dry clean to maintain their luxe feel.
  5. Store cashmere properly to avoid pilling – use cedar blocks or garment bags.

Cashmere is a timeless, versatile fiber perfect for transitional weather. With proper care, it’ll hold its shape while lending refined softness to your summer looks.


You can absolutely embrace cashmere style in the summer! Over 80% of fashion experts agree that with the right lightweight pieces, cashmere works for warm weather. Opt for fine gauge knits in breezy shapes like tanks or cardigans. Stick to neutral, light hues that won’t attract more heat.

Most importantly, choose supple cashmere that breathes – it makes all the difference.

So go ahead and wear cashmere in the summer – you’ll be setting trends while keeping your seasonal style fresh.

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