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Straightforward and Quick Diy Personalized Refrigerator Magnet Full Guide of 2023

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Quick and easy homemade personal fridge magnet project you can do in ten minutes, even if you’re a turtle. ????

Supplies to make a personalized fridge magnet:

For this DIY project you will need needed:

  • Single magnets
  • Jar lid
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Your favorite photo

1-ingredients for personalized magnet

Step 1: print the photo

The first thing to do before doing this start the self project, choose your favorite photo and print it in a smaller size depending on the jar lid you will be using.

Step 2: draw a circle

Then you can take the jar with lid, the size of the lid mmeasure,and draw a circle on the cardboard. You can also make your life easier and draw the circle with the lid.

The best cardboard you can use is as thick as you can find. I couldn’t find any thick cardboard so I have to draw two circles on the same cardboard.


Step 3: Cut

Then cut the circles you draw in step 2.


Step 4: Glue the circles of the cardboard into the jar lid

Now it’s time for some gluing. You can use any glue you like. I am happy with the way the hot glue gun works so I use it for everything including this project.

Take the lid, put some glue in it and put one circle of cardboard in the lid.

glue circles in the lid

Then take the other circle of cardboard and stick it on top of the previous one in the lid. Use as many circles as you want in the lid.

The point is to fill the lid on the inside. I was happy how it turned out with the two circles, so I continued with the procedure.


Step 5: Glue the picture

Next thing you will do is take the picture you previously printed and draw a circle with the cover. Cut out the circle of the picture and glue it on the top of the cardboard.


Next yTakethe magnets. You need to test hhow many magnets they neededto attach the jar lid to the refrigerator.

If the lid remains on the refrigerator, one magnet is sufficient. If it falls off the refrigerator, you may need to place two magnets.

The magnets I used were sticky on one side, so I stick the magnet on the lid. If you can’t find a sticky magnet like mine, you can attach it with hot glue.


Here is the completed look.


Additional ideas for personalized magnet

  1. You can use different sizes and different shapes of jar lids and make a whole collage on your fridge with all the happy moments.
  2. You can also be creative and cover the lid with some sticky paper.
  3. You can use some spray and make the lids in different colors.
  4. You can wrap a ribbon around the lid and make a bow at the top or bottom of the image.
  5. Glue beads around the lid to add shine to the magnet.

I wanted a clean look, so I left mine as is wadding nothing

It can be the perfect gift for any occasion, such as Valentine, Christmas, birthday present only with adding the pphotonof some crazy moments spent w your family, friends or loved one ever.

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