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How to Make White Halloween Spider? Explained With Pictures (2023)

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For this Halloween spider project you will need:

  • Woolen Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Self-adhesive paper (black and white)
  • Wires
  • Tang
  • Hot Glue Gun

Picture 1 things required for the halloween spider

First, the pom-poms

We are going to make two pom-poms, a larger one and a smaller one using black or gray wool. The larger pom-pom will become the spider’s body and the smaller will become the head. I used white that worked really well for me.

There are a few different ways to make pom-poms, but this is the way I did it.

For each pom-pom, cut a piece of wool to a length of 30-24 inches and set it aside.

For the Greater Pom-Pom:

Grab the remaining thread and begin wrapping it around your palm. You should have a lot of wool layers on your hand before you .

The more layers you have, the bigger the pom-pom will be.

Picture 4Picture 5

When you with the number of layers, pull the wool off your hand while gripping the center and tunnel through the loops on each side.

Make sure not to lose any loops. Take the thread that you are setting aside and knot it securely around the center. You may need help for this.

See what it looks like in the following figure.

Picture 7

Make sure you keep a tunnel through the loops on either side of the center.

For each tunnel, insert a scissor blade through the tunnel and cut through the loops.

Picture 8

The cut loops on both sides of the center look frayed, so take the scissors and cut the ends to get a round shape.

It’s like cutting the haircut evenly to get the round shape. However, be careful. Do not cut too much.

And don’t cut the two ends of your tie piece, because you have to leave them as long as possible.

Stop trimming when you with the appearance.

Picture 10

Picture 11

For the smaller Pom-Pom:

Repeat the same procedure with one difference.

Wrap the thread around your three fingers only. This means you will get a smaller pom-pom.

Picture 12

This is what my two pom-poms looked like.

Picture 13

Second, the thread

The thread is used to make the legs of the spider, so you need eight pieces of wire.

I used threads from artificial flowers. The length of the thread will depend on the size of your pom-poms.

I cut them in half to get the correct length for my pom-poms.

Picture 14Picture 15

Now squeeze a little glue along the length of the wire, except where you are holding the wire.

Start wrapping the wool, thread around the glued thread so you don’t see the thread and continue until you reach the end.

Picture 16Picture 17Picture 18

Third, it’s time to assemble

Get the hot glue gun and glue the two pom-poms together. Now we have the spider’s body with its smaller head.

Picture 19

Form the wool-covered threads into legs, glue one end and stick them to the larger pompom. Place four legs evenly on each side of the body.

At this stage you .

Picture 20Picture 21Picture 22

Fourth and last

Now for the last touches, that’s the spider’s eyes. You can buy tow your eyes. But you can save yourself a trip and make them yourself.

Draw two circles on the black adhesive paper. Draw two much smaller circles on the white adhesive paper.

Picture 23Picture 24

Cut around each of the circles to finish with two round pieces of white adhesive paper and two round pieces of black adhesive paper. paper.

Press a white piece in the center of the black and then stick it on the front of the head as an eye. Let’s just say that’s the right eye. Do the same for the two remaining pieces and glue them on as the left eye. And that’s it.

You have your spider for Halloween.

Picture 25Picture 26Picture 27

As I said before, you can use black or gray woolen thread to make the spider scarier.

Here’s how mine turned out.

Picture 28Picture 30

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