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How to Hem Pants for Beginners Full Guide of 2023

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Do you want to look more professional and polished? Here’s a secret: hem your dress pants if you think they’re too long. Well, you can quickly tell if your pants are too long. Dragging pants that are too long on floors. You also find that their pauses are quite large than usual. So let’s look at how to hem pants.

How to hem pants for beginners?

Anyone, especially beginners, can hem their pants in a few steps. First, you need to measure the inseam to determine the correct length. Before removing the original seam, measure the measurements and trim any excess fabric. Finally, you will need to fold the new hem and sew with your hand or a sewing machine.

3 Simple Ways to Hem Trousers

The type of shoes you wear determines the correct length of your pants. That’s because shoes change the amount of space available in the foot’s front so that a hem can hang freely.

An inseam is a fabric that is folded at the edge and found in all types. Of clothing, including jeans, pants, skirts and trousers. The standard size for an inseam depends on the type and pattern of the garment. The size of the garment also affects the length of the inseam. And because we all have different heights, the inseam can be short or long. But for many people, the length is usually longer. So it tells you why you need to have an idea about zooming techniques.

Don’t worry, this blog is about the three simple methods of hemming pants. These methods are straightforward. You only need a few supplies that we likely find in many households. Plus, you’ll need an old pair of jeans that you don’t mind experimenting with for practice.

Hand-hemming trousers

It is the recommended method for those who do not have a sewing machine or cannot access it. have to.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s quick, easy, and pocket-friendly too. However, it requires a lot of practice. Here you will need a few simple and inexpensive sewing supplies. It includes a needle, thread, scissors, pencil and ruler or tape measure. After you have gathered all the essential sewing supplies, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Gather materials – Gather the materials. Besides the ones listed above, you can add an iron box and an ironing board.

Step 2: Check the length – While wearing your pants, hold the seam until you the desired length. Then take off your pants so that the hem stays in place.

Step 3: Take Measurements – Get the dimensions from the length of the original seam to the folded edge. Turn your pants inside out. Now open the folded edge.

Step 4: Highlight a line – Use a fabric marker to draw a line around your new hem see. Measure an inch from the line you made and cut out the excess fabric.

Step 5: Sew – Fold the raw edge to the new line. Repeat to place the raw edge in the fold. Use a sewing pin to make sure the fold stays in place. Use small and even stitches to sew the fold to make a new hem.

Hemming trousers with a sewing machine

Another way to hem your trousers easily and quickly is to use a sewing machine. It is not luxurious and as comfortable as the first method. If you want to hem jeans, you need a heavy duty jeans needle and the sewing supplies. The steps below should guide you to the sewing step.

Step 1 – Pin the pants to your desired length

There is no’correct’length because correctly means different things to different people. Pin the pants to see what the trouser legs will look like. Take off your pants and check with the insides turned the hem is the same on both legs. You must wear the pants again before continuing. I intend it to help you get the correct measurements.

Step 2 – Press the hem of the new pants

Press the ironing board around the leg with your pants until you see the crease. The amount of heat applied depends on the type of pants material. Materials such as cotton require a significantly greater amount of heat. If the material is polyester or rayon, the medium setting . The trick here is to iron an inconspicuous spot at first.

Step 3 – Trim the extra length

If you want pinpoint accuracy, use a zoom meter. The zoom meter helps you to make an accurate fold and a sharp fold. Mark the fold with the tailor’s chalk and cut the pants 5 cm below the fold.

Step 4 – Fold and press the new seam

Here you need to make sure that the side seams are nice folds. Then iron and pin the hem.

Step 5 – Sew the hem close to the folded edge

With the pants still inside out, place the leg around the free arm of your sewing machine. You can set it for a straight stitch, medium stitch length. Now sew all the way around the folded edge. If you measure and print accurately, you will undoubtedly appreciate the result.

Hemming trousers with tape

You may not have a sewing machine or a needle and thread or have no access has to. What options do you have now? Here the zoom band becomes usable in this situation. You can easily find a hem ribbon at the nearest drugstore.

It may sound difficult. Believe me; it’s pretty simple. After you do it, it is quick, easy and cost-friendly. Follow the steps below to hem your pants without sewing.

Step 1 – Make a seam line

Open the first inseam and wear your pants. Overlay it and follow a similar process as shown above for marking your hemline. Mark a line along the entire length with a textile marker and grab the hemline. Trim the unwanted fabric 1.5 ″ below the hemline.

Step 2 – Use the hem tape

Tape the hem tape into your pants, up and down the hemline. Discard the coating paper, if any. Do this carefully so that the hemline doesn’t look funny because of asymmetry.

Step 3 – Fold

Overlap the seam across the sewing tape and around the circumference of the leg and walk again. Do this for the second leg as well.

Step 4 – Press

Add extra fabric over the hemline and put on your iron box the heat settings. Now iron the hem carefully. It will help the fabric stick.

Before you say you are good at hems; you need to practice. Find old pants you want to experiment with. You can only try hemming official trousers if you are confident in the hemming skills.

What does it mean to hem your pants?

It means that the inseam of the pants are too long and you cut them shorter. However, it also includes reapplying the seam. The hem is a folded edge that you can see at the very bottom of your pants and jeans. Many clothes have at least one seam. You will also find a hem at the bottom of your skirt.

What length should I hem my pants?

The ideal length is 1/4 ″ from the ground. Well, it depends on the type of pants. If you are wearing ankle pants, the position of the seam can be above the ankle leg or right on top of it. If you have pants with us-the legs and legs without shoes, the hem of your pants should rest comfortably on the floor.

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