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How Many Fat Quarters in a Yard? (Fat Quarter in Inches/Cm 2023)

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Just like making garments, you need to measure accurately to make sure it fits the person or bed for which I make it. When you come across new terms, such as fat quarters, you need to know exactly how big they are if you want to get accurate measurements.

How many fat quarters in a yard? For those fabrics that are neither too small nor too wide, the average fat quarter is 1/4 of a meter. That means you can get 4 fat quarters in a garden. But there is one caveat: That yard of material has to be 44 to 45 inches wide to get 4.

For more information on fat quarters and how many are in a yard, simply continue reading our article. It contains the information you need on this topic and more. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this important quilting material.

Is a Fat Quarter half a yard?

No it is not and the only way we can consider it half a meter is if the width of the fabric is about 36 inches. The name gives away the size of the material and the word quarter shows it should be about 1/4 yard in size.

Of course, if you use larger widths of fabrics, the word quarter can be misleading. You will get less than a quarter yard if your material is 54 or 60 inches wide. The size of the fabric determines how many meters of material you get.

How many meters is a Fat Quarter?


As you now know, a good quarter of an hour should be 1/4 meter of fabric. As you know, it will also depend on the width of the material they will cut it from whether or not you will get real fat quarters.

We’re not talking about pre-cut thick quarters here, but if you make your own from your own fabric, you bought it from the yard. Pre-cut fat quarters are 45 by 51 inches and make a 1/4 yard with a 44 inch wide piece of fabric as standard.

Half Yard vs Fat Quarter

Fat quarters can be easier to work with, but if you make a cutting mistake, discard the whole quarter and use a new piece. With half a yard of material you can make better cuts that fit your pattern more easily, and if you make a mistake, you may still have room to correct it.

Which one you use depends on your preference, of course. It also depends on how complicated your pattern is, how big your squares will be, and other factors. Fat quarters have their place in quilting just like a 1/2 yard.

2 Fat Quarters Equal Half Yard

You may think we’re technical here, but 2 quarters only half a yard if you are using a 44-inch wide piece of fabric as your standard width for a yard of fabric.

You will get 4 thick quarters of this size fabric, which is equivalent to a yard and leaves some room for seam allowance – if you cut your own seam and don’t use pre-cut fat quarters.

While it may be technical, it is an important distinction to make so that people don’t get confused if they have leftover material after they have four quarters of 54 Cut 60-inch fabrics.

How Much is a Fat Quarter in Inches


The default size is 18 by 21 inches. That is 18 inches long and 21 inches wide. That measurement makes it possible to cut 4 grease chambers from a yard of material 44 inches wide.

If you use a 36 inch piece of material, you will only get 4 quarters of fabric of 18 bit 18 inches tall. As you can see, you will lose 3 inches per quarter, which may be okay if you are making a smaller quilt. The smaller size fits better on smaller details.

How many fat quarters in a garden?

In a 44 inch wide piece of fabric purchased by the yard, you will get 4 fat quarters per yard. That will leave about 5 cm for each seam allowance along one side of the quarters.

If you want to get thick quarters from 54 to 60 inch wide fabrics, you still get only four pieces with lots of extra material left over for other projects or as leftovers.

A 36 inch piece of fabric will only give you 2 fat quarters, but again, you have a lot of material to spare for other sewing supplies.

What is the size of a fat quarter in cm?

Takes 2 1/2 centimeters to make 1 inch. Turn 18 by 2.5 and you will get 45 inches in one direction and 52.5 inches in the other. The 52.5 is the total if you multiply 21 by 2.5.

That amount of fabric is still a lot of fabric to use in your quilt and gives you plenty of room to make delicate cuts. How many fat quarters to use in a quilt depends on the size of the quilt you are making. Finding that out requires more math, which some people don’t like to do.

Why Use Fat Quarters?


There are many good reasons to use fat quarters instead of a 1 yard bolt of fabric. The first is that the material is pre-cut for you and you don’t have to cut a lot if you need that material.

The next reason is that fat quarters are easier to handle, twist and turn. Then it is easier to make precise, delicate and smaller cuts with a pre-cut fat quarter. Some say pre-cut fat quarters are cheaper than buying a few yards of fabric.

In addition, you can get different colors in the same package, so you don’t have to buy multiple yards with different colors of the same material.

How Many Fat Quarters to Make a Quilt

Some people like to buy a bundle of fat quarters and make their quilt like this big if that bundle allows. But it requires a specific number of fat quarters for different sized quilts. For the king size you need at least 42 and no less than 52.

Queen size 30 and 35, respectively; double is 30 and a twin needs 24; a rag or throw quilt can get away with using 12 and a crib needs 8 to 12. A small craft quilt only needs 6. These are easy and fast quantities, as you may measure these sizes slightly differently.

Fat Quarters to Make a Baby Quilt

To make a baby quilt you must use the crib size listed above and you have between 8 and 12 fat quarters. The amount you will use will depend on the size you want to make the quilt with and how thick it will be.

These amounts are approx. alone and you get as close as possible to the actual number you want to use. They help you plan better and give you an idea of how much to buy for a particular size quilt you plan to make.

Will Fabric Stores Cut Fat Quarters?


We checked several stores and not one of them said they will or will cut fat quarters for you. You may need to ask them to do this if you are a very good customer and spend a lot of money in their stores.

However, those same stores all have pre-cut bundles of fat quarters and their prices vary depending on design and other factors. Micheal’s and other stores have a wonderful selection of grease stays, so you may not need them to cut fabric to size for you. Some Micheal’s and other large box stores may not have fabric at the yard to cut down.

Will JoAnn Cut Fat Quarters?

As far as we can tell, the store doesn’t, but they can make an exception if you’re a good customer and you order a lot of material at once. It depends on the store manager and store policy.

There have been complaints about how thin Joann’s fat quarters are, and you may not want to buy their pre-cut options. The best we can say here is that you should check with your local retailer before purchasing anything. It’s a gamble which stores will or won’t do it for you.

Does Walmart Sell Fat Quarters?

Yes, that checkout store sells fat quarters. Their reputation for the lowest prices can help you save some money if you buy those items from this store. The only question is whether you like that store’s colors and designs.

The cost of their thick quarter bundles ranges from about $17 to $60 and check from their selection to see if they fit what you have in mind. Wal Mart are usually conveniently located, making it easy to shop in their stores.

Does Michael Sell, Fat Quarters?


Yes, they do. They try to stay competitive and make sure their stores have enough selection and unique items to meet all of your sewing needs. How big a selection you get and how much of each item there is will by everyone.

We have read that I limit their offer and when we visited their online store on at least one item was already out of stock. It depends on the local store manager what’s in their store and some people might be lucky enough to find a few fat quarters while others might be unlucky.

Does Fat Quarters Sell?

This may be because of the different store managers. They might try to compete with the fabric stores and have some items on sale, but the website check weed didn’t list fat quarters.

They had many pieces of fabric available, but none of the 18 by 21 inch dimensions required to make a fat quarter. Both Hobby Lobby and Hancock outlets sell and sell fat quarters.

Like other stores, it price their materials at different levels and you can get as little or as much as you need. At least that’s the impression they get when they read their advertisements.

Are fat quarters big enough for face masks?

Yes, fat quarters are more than big enough to make face masks. But they are not so big that you can get over 3 from one piece of material. Others have stated that they can take 4 to 6 face masks from their fat enclosure.

The amount you get depends on QCP3cy2b4Rl,UOekB2uNvOcUgYOUTuFbQLSpdpduo. Measure and cut carefully to get many one-piece face masks, but the effort is worth it.

Then you can create those face masks in any color or design you want, as the sky is the limit for those two positive features.

Some final words

Fat quarters are handy pieces of material, and they help you make fine and intricate cuts with little hassle. They are easy to maneuver and are available in different colors and designs.

Due to their size of 18 by 21 inches; they are also perfect for smaller sewing projects. I do not limit them to quilting use only. Just find what you are looking for at the price you want to pay.

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