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How to Clean a Wool Pressing Mat in 2 Easy Steps (2024)

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Getting both sides done at the same time. That is the concept behind the wool presser mat. They have become popular because people think it saves them time when they are doing their ironing. Getting them clean though, is another matter.

Unlike real wool mats, cleaning your wool presser mat doesn’t take a lot of work nor a lot of detergent. In fact, it doesn’t even take a lot of time. 2 easy steps are all you need to follow if you want to get your wool presser mat clean

To learn more about caring for your wool presser mat, just continue to read our article. It is filled with cleaning information as well as other details to help you find and use the perfect ma for you.

Can You Wash a Wool Pressing Mat?

The best answer we could find is that it is possible to wash your wool presser mat. But since wool tends to retain moisture, it is best that you hand wash it instead of letting your washing machine handle the task.

Another experienced wool presser mat user recommends only rinsing the mat and then letting it hang dry. That may be the best advice yet. Wool can be a tricky fabric to work with as it is also recommended that you do not spray any starch directly onto the mat.

The reason for that is that the wool fibers will absorb the moisture. Spraying your ironing board first with starch is the better way to use that ironing additive.

Can You Use Steam on a Wool Pressing Mat?

No, it is not a good idea to use a wool presser mat when you are going to steam another fabric. The reason behind this denial is that the steam will travel through the wool fibers and wet the fabric underneath.

That means that your cutting or ironing board may get soaked during the process. Heat is another issue and that may be able to get through those wool fibers and do a little damage to whatever is underneath the presser mat.

A thicker wool presser mat, about 1/2 inches or more, may stop those issues from taking place. Other ways to avoid steaming all the way through the mat include using a mister and spray a little moisture on your fabric as before you iron.

If you want to use your steam function, then you can place a towel underneath the presser mat to block the heat and steam from hurting anything else that the mat is lying on.

The Characteristics of a Wool Presser Mat

It is safe to say that the wool presser mat is one of the easiest laundry tools or accessories you will ever use. All you have to do is take it out of its packaging, set it on your ironing board and start doing your ironing. For some mats, you can use your iron’s steam function without worry.

There are other characteristics you can expect to see and experience when you do use one of these mats when you iron. Here are just a few:

  • You will smell an odor – there is an aroma that may be similar to steamed wool and some people may not like it. The good news is that the odor tends to go away, especially when you get used to smelling it.
  • The mat doesn’t shift – instead, it seems to grab onto your fabric and hold it tight. You do not have to worry about fabric movement while you iron. Lining up edges is easier as you know those edges won’t move.
  • ​It holds heat well – that is the reason so many women like using a wool presser mat. They can iron both sides of the fabric without turning it over. The heat retention is superb. The only thing you have to remember is that both heat and steam go through the wool fibers and reaches whatever is lying underneath.
  • ​You can use pins – the wool presser mat is not just a mat. You can pin your blocks and fabric directly to the mat without hurting it. Then your fabric should not move while you press.
  • It is all wool – unlike a lot of laundry items the wool presser mat is made from 100% wool. There are no contaminants, impurities to weaken the structure of the mat.

Using a Wool Presser Mat

There are a lot of different ways you can set up your wool presser mat to help you do your ironing. Here is just one method that may be ideal for you to use:

  • 1. Using a long arm machine place a long wood board over the bars and span the poles. This should put it at the right height for ironing.
  • 2. Next, get a small ironing pad and place it over the wood board. This mat does not have to be that thick.
  • 3. Finally, place your wool presser mat over the top of the iron mat.

Those 3 layers are all you need to make sure your ironing goes off without a hitch

Some Final Words

As you can see the wool presser mat is not a difficult item to work with. It’s easy to maneuver and get into position and it is not that difficult to make adjustments. Also, it doe snot take much to clean a presser mat.

While you can use your washing machine it may not be the best method to choose. Wool presser mats will absorb moisture and it may take a long time to dry if really soaked with water.

If you are going to clean your mat, then handwashing is just as easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. A good rinsing may be all the cleaning you will need to get the mat ready for the next ironing load.

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