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How to Order SEW Eurodrive Gear Units & Gearmotors Full Guide of 2024

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how to order sew eurodriveYou have come to the right place for expert help on all your SEW Eurodrive gear unit and gearmotor needs. As an industry leader in drive technology, our products deliver the precise performance and reliability you expect.

Let’s walk through ordering the gear unit that’s right for your application. With ranges including helical, bevel, worm, and parallel shaft styles, we’ll find the optimal solution. Our huge selection of ratios and torques ensures your space and power requirements are met.

Whether you need a standard catalog unit, customized design, or replacement part, our experienced team handles it smoothly from quote to delivery. Leaning on our expertise, you gain the advantage to boost your system’s capabilities.

Together we’ll determine the specifications, get your gearbox ordered fast, and keep operations humming along.

Now let’s begin maximizing the power, precision, and performance of your equipment.

Key Takeaways

  • Wide selection of SEW Eurodrive gear units and gear motors available
  • Customization options for standard catalog units and replacement parts
  • Online shopping cart for 24/7 ordering and access to documentation
  • Product experts available for guidance on component selection

How to Order SEW Eurodrive Parts

How to Order SEW Eurodrive Parts
You can easily obtain SEW-EURODRIVE products by using their convenient 24/7 online shopping cart. This shopping cart provides access to parts, documentation, and streamlined ordering. Their DriveBenefits modules even offer cost optimization from engineering to maintenance, optimizing processes across the value chain.

With just a few clicks, you can find and order any parts or accessories for your SEW-EURODRIVE gearmotors and drives. You can access parts lists, 3D models, datasheets, and documentation for your exact product using the serial number.

Additionally, you can review torque settings, warranty details, and critical spare parts recommendations.

SEW-EURODRIVE ensures you get the right part when you need it with worldwide shipping, track & trace, and even same-day shipping for some products. Their online support connects you to product experts for guidance on selecting the optimal components.

Whether you need a replacement part urgently or want to optimize a new configuration, SEW-EURODRIVE’s online shopping cart makes it easy.

Standard SEW Eurodrive Gearmotors

Standard SEW Eurodrive Gearmotors
When selecting standard SEW Eurodrive gearmotors, consider the Helical Gear Units/Helical Gearmotors, RX Series (single-stage), R Series (two-stage and three-stage), or RM Series. You’ll want to evaluate your torque, speed, and other application requirements to determine the optimal series and configuration to meet your needs.

Helical Gear Units/Helical Gearmotors

Discover the high performance and precision of SEW-EURODRIVE’s helical gear units and gearmotors, offering dynamic drive solutions to power your applications. Select optimized helical gearmotors with precision gearbox ratios, extensive power transfer options, and high torque capabilities based on your selection criteria.

Achieve maximum motor optimization, energy efficiency, and IP protection with SEW-EURODRIVE’s parallel shaft helical gear units and helical gearmotors.

RX Series (single-stage)

Have you considered exploring SEW-EURODRIVE’s single-stage RX series gearmotors, providing powerful yet precise drive solutions through helical gear technology? Though complex projects often require intricate systems, a streamlined configuration process through DriveBenefits modules can optimize procurement and maximize efficiency.

R Series (two-stage and Three-stage)

The high-torque two-stage R57 gearmotor delivers robust power while enhancing productivity within your production process.

  • High torque ratings up to 475 kNm
  • Multiple gear ratios available
  • Long service life
  • Compact, space-saving designs
  • Easy installation and maintenance

The R series helical-worm geared motors provide the right solution for challenging applications requiring high torque and precision. With a wide selection of ratios, mounting configurations, and motor options, SEW-EURODRIVE can tailor an R series drive to seamlessly integrate into your system.

RM Series

You’ll find that the RM series offers improved energy efficiency with IE4 motors and lower noise emission for a quieter work environment. The RM series has integrated frequency inverters like Movitrac LTE-B for defect tracking and surge protection.

With a 50 Hz frequency, movimot gearmotors optimize energy consumption and noise reduction through documentation updates like Movidrive MDX 60/61B.

SEW Eurodrive Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Units/Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotors

SEW Eurodrive Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Units/Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotors
You can configure and buy SEW Eurodrive parallel shaft helical gear units/parallel shaft helical gearmotors through the 24/7 online shopping cart, optimizing your procurement process with DriveBenefits modules.

  • High shock output power
  • Engineered sealing interfaces
  • Fluid immersion designs
  • Highly efficient gear teeth

    These robust gearmotors, like the DT series with a speed of 1500 rpm and a weight of 25 kg, enable you to select the right solution for your application through the online platform. With expertise in drive systems, the shopping cart gives you the power to optimize your procurement and maintenance processes.

SEW Eurodrive Helical Bevel Gear Units/Helical Bevel Gearmotors

SEW Eurodrive Helical Bevel Gear Units/Helical Bevel Gearmotors
You’ve got power at your fingertips with SEW-EURODRIVE’s helical bevel gearmotors.

  • High torque ratings up to 841,000 Nm
  • Broad selection of ratios and shaft positions
  • Durable, case-hardened and ground gearing
  • Optimized manufacturing for precision tolerances
  • Motors matched to the application with high overload capacity

With a focus on safety, performance, and reliability, SEW-EURODRIVE’s helical bevel gearmotors provide the robust mechanical power transmission you need for demanding applications. Contact our drive experts today to find the right solution for your specific needs.

SEW Eurodrive Helical Worm Gear Units/Helical Worm Gearmotors

SEW Eurodrive Helical Worm Gear Units/Helical Worm Gearmotors
Juxtaposing SEW-EURODRIVE’s comprehensive solutions and dynamic helical worm gear units makes selecting the ideal drive system effortless. Helical worm gear units provide high torque in a compact design, perfect for conveying, mixing, and agitating applications.

The optimized worm gear efficiency, precision helical gearing, and thermoplast gearwheel resist shock, vibration, and overhung loads.

With helical ratios up to 279:1, the F, K, and DV series cover torque ratings from 10 Nm to 18,000 Nm. Whether it’s a new installation or modernizing equipment, SEW-EURODRIVE’s helical worm gearmotors and gear units, paired with variable speed drives, offer the ideal, energy-efficient drive solution.

SEW-EURODRIVE’s online support provides the product details and expertise needed to maximize performance.

SEW Eurodrive Spiroplan Gearmotors

SEW Eurodrive Spiroplan Gearmotors
Let’s move on to SEW Eurodrive’s Spiroplan gearmotors. These right-angle helical bevel units tame torque, matching any application’s load requirements. With durability built into their precision-ground hypoid gears, Spiroplan gearmotors limit backlash while offering high permissible radial and axial forces.

Whether you need aseptic DAS motors, AC brake motors, snap rings, seals, or other electric motor and motor reducer components, SEW Eurodrive is your expert partner for sourcing and integrating industrial drive systems.

SEW Eurodrive Varigear/Varimotor Variable Speed Gearmotors

SEW Eurodrive Varigear/Varimotor Variable Speed Gearmotors
Through the lens of an orchestra conductor, you direct the Varigear/Varimotor tempo with precision. Advanced motion control and energy efficiency measures allow variable speed benefits through load analysis techniques and drive sizing considerations.

  • Rugged hybrid asynchronous servomotors
  • Optional ATEX protection
  • Fast turnaround of standard products
  • Wide speed range with drive inverter

The Varigear/Varimotor product portfolio offers customizable variable speed gearmotors to optimize performance. With the right drive selection, you lead dynamic motion sequences as the master conductor.

SEW Eurodrive Motors

SEW Eurodrive Motors
When ordering SEW Eurodrive motors, it is important to consider the DR/DT/DV AC Motors, AC Brake Motors, and Aseptic DAS Motors. With expertise in selecting, integrating, and maintaining industrial drive and motion control systems, these motor options can help you find the right solution for your application needs.

DR/DT/DV AC Motors/AC Brake Motors

Navigate the array of DR/DT/DV AC Motors and AC Brake Motors, grasping their dynamic prowess and precise control. Enhance your understanding of robust motor solutions with expertise in selection, integration, and maintenance of industrial drive systems.

Explore DriveBenefits advantages, from streamlined procurement to online shopping benefits. Master AC motor selection, optimize your motor configuration, and leverage a 30-day return policy for hassle-free solutions.

Aseptic DAS Motors

Amidst the symphony of industry solutions, where gears and circuits intertwine, lies the realm of Aseptic DAS Motors – a sanctuary of precision and power. Here, dynamic ingenuity intertwines with seamless motion, offering liberation, power, and mastery.

Explore Aseptic DAS Applications and experience the precision of these motors, seamlessly integrated with inverters. Unveil training benefits, discover at trade shows, and embrace the symphony of precision in motion.

SEW Eurodrive MOVITRAC B Frequency Inverters

SEW Eurodrive MOVITRAC B Frequency Inverters
Delve into the realm of industrial drive and motion control mastery as you explore the intricacies of SEW Eurodrive’s MOVITRAC B and MOVITRAC LTE B frequency inverters. Seamlessly navigate the complexities of selecting, integrating, and sustaining these cutting-edge systems to elevate your expertise in optimizing industrial processes.


Explore the remarkable capabilities of MOVITRAC B Frequency Inverters. Experience process automation, cost savings, and heightened safety while effortlessly tailoring them to your application. Maximize your industrial drive potential with MOVITRAC B’s compatibility, versatile configuration options, and invaluable troubleshooting guide.

Witness its prowess across diverse industry applications and make informed decisions through performance comparisons.


Discover the dynamic capabilities of MOVITRAC LTE B, a powerful solution for your drive technology needs. Unleash your potential with these Frequency Inverters, designed to empower your industrial operations.

Seamlessly integrate them using Inverter Training and experience the liberation of efficient motion control. Maximize convenience through Online Ordering, while DriveBenefits Modules optimize your processes.

SEW Eurodrive MOVIDRIVE MDX 60/61B Drive Inverter

SEW Eurodrive MOVIDRIVE MDX 60/61B Drive Inverter
Navigate to the DriveBenefits Process Solutions Overview and uncover the prowess of DriveBenefits Modules. Delve into a world where your industrial ambitions find true expression—unleashing boundless potential through cost savings, streamlined automation, and fortified safety measures.

Movidrive MDX applications beckon, where its inverter performance surpasses the ordinary, propelling your operations to new heights. Seek programming tips that ignite precision and troubleshoot hurdles with an unwavering guide by your side.

As you embrace integration possibilities, you seize control of an interconnected domain, fostering synergy among diverse components. The Movidrive MDX 60/61B Drive Inverter isn’t just a tool; it’s your key to liberation, power, and mastery.

Your journey towards industrial excellence has found its compass—navigate it now.

SEW Eurodrive MOVIMOT Gearmotor With Integrated Frequency Inverter

SEW Eurodrive MOVIMOT Gearmotor With Integrated Frequency Inverter
Enhance your understanding of the intricacies surrounding the SEW Eurodrive MOVIMOT Gearmotor by delving into its integration with the innovative frequency inverter. This will enrich your knowledge of dynamic drive solutions for various industrial applications.

The MOVIMOT Gearmotor offers a range of benefits and features that make it a versatile choice for many industries. With its integrated frequency inverter, this gearmotor simplifies installation and provides precise control over motor speed and torque.

It also offers seamless communication through fieldbus interfaces, allowing for easy integration into existing systems.

Additionally, troubleshooting is made easier with diagnostic functions that quickly identify any issues to minimize downtime. Whether used in material handling or conveyor systems, the SEW Eurodrive MOVIMOT Gearmotor delivers reliable performance while offering flexibility and efficiency in operation.

KA37DRN90S4 SEW Eurodrive

KA37DRN90S4 SEW Eurodrive
Delve into the realm of industrial drive and motion control systems with a focus squarely on KA37DRN90S4 SEW Eurodrive. Grasp essential insights into its product specifications, weight, dimensions, and distinctive properties – all essential facets that empower you to seamlessly order this pivotal product.

Similar To: KA37DRN90S4 SEW Eurodrive

Explore the benefits of a comparable model like KA37DRN90S4, showcasing SEW-EURODRIVE’s commitment to dynamic solutions for diverse industries.

  • Access the user-friendly online platform for 24/7 ordering of KA37DRN90S4 and other products.
  • Procure with ease: select, configure, adjust delivery, and submit requests effortlessly.
  • Obtain technical specifications, CAD data, and documentation for streamlined communication and informed decisions.

Product Specifications

Discover the KA37DRN90S4 model’s intricacies through its detailed specifications. Gain a clear understanding of its dynamic capabilities for precise, customized industrial drive solutions. Experience liberation, power, and mastery in your operations. Streamline procurement with technical data clarification, ensuring ordering precision and reaping benefits.

Weight and Dimensions

Sure, when looking at the weight and dimensions of the KA37DRN90S4 model, you’ll find that it fits seamlessly into various industrial setups due to its compact design and manageable weight.

  • Determining Size: The KA37DRN90S4’s precise dimensions ensure a seamless integration into diverse environments.

  • Shipping Logistics: Its manageable weight facilitates cost-effective and efficient shipping arrangements.

  • Packaging Efficiency: The compact design allows for optimal packaging, reducing waste and transportation expenses.

  • Handling Considerations: With its well-balanced weight, handling during installation and maintenance is straightforward.

  • Weight Optimization: The KA37DRN90S4’s weight is optimized for stability without compromising portability and ease of installation.

Product Properties

Navigate product properties for insights into specifications, performance, and features. Expertise in selecting, integrating, and maintaining industrial drive systems. Tailored solutions offer customization and provide technical data benefits.

Order This Product

To effortlessly acquire the KA37DRN90S4 model from SEW-EURODRIVE, simply utilize their intuitive online shopping platform. This 24/7 avenue provides access to product details, adjustments, and easy submission of requests or purchases.

Experience expertise in selecting, integrating, and maintaining industrial drive systems, offering you liberation, power, and mastery. Dive into the Ordering Process through their Online Catalog, explore Product Availability and Technical Specifications, and enjoy flexible Payment Options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sure, here are 5 frequently asked questions that would not normally be answered in the provided article sections:

You’ll need to register online first before accessing the shopping cart. Please check pricing and lead times when configuring your gearmotor. Make sure to confirm your order details before submitting to avoid any delays. You can expect to receive an order confirmation email with tracking information.

If you need assistance in selecting the right components, please contact tech support.

Can I Attend DRIVEACADEMY® Training Online?**

Yes, SEW-EURODRIVE offers select DRIVEACADEMY® training classes online for your convenience. You can register for virtual sessions covering inverters, motors, and drives through the training portal on our website.

Does SEW-EURODRIVE Provide Remote Technical Support for Troubleshooting?**

Yes, SEW-EURODRIVE offers remote technical support to troubleshoot your drive systems. Their experts can log in remotely to analyze issues, recommend solutions, and guide you through repairs.

Are There Any Pre-Configured Packages for Specific Industry Applications?**

Yes, SEW-EURODRIVE offers pre-configured drive packages tailored to specific industries such as material handling, machine tools, and renewable energy. These optimized solutions integrate motors, gearboxes, drive electronics, and software matched to your application needs.

Our experts can help you select the right package to improve performance, boost efficiency, and simplify integration.

What Are the Benefits of Using the PT Pilot® Quotation Program?**

You can obtain tailored quotations for your drives in seconds with PT Pilot®. This intuitive online tool simplifies selecting, configuring, and quoting SEW-EURODRIVE products to save you effort and get your projects moving faster.

Is There a Warranty and Maintenance Plan for SEW Eurodrive Products?**

Yes, SEW-Eurodrive offers a comprehensive warranty and maintenance plans to protect your investment. Their certified technicians perform scheduled preventative maintenance and repairs to maximize uptime.

Extended warranties are also available. Contact your SEW-Eurodrive representative for details on the plans that fit your needs.


Well, congratulations, you’ve unlocked the secret recipe for effortlessly acquiring SEW Eurodrive gear units and gearmotors! You’ve navigated the labyrinth of technicalities with the grace of a ballroom dancer, all in the quest for industrial drive perfection.

From the rhythmic hum of the helical gear units to the sleek precision of the MOVITRAC B frequency inverters, you’ve demonstrated a mastery of ordering prowess that would make even the most organized librarian envious.

So, when the time comes to summon the power of SEW Eurodrive, just remember, you’re not just ordering gear units – you’re orchestrating a symphony of efficiency. And now, armed with this knowledge, it’s time to elegantly conduct your next industrial masterpiece by ordering SEW Eurodrive gear units & gearmotors, seamlessly harmonizing your motion control endeavors.

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