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Sew Stylish Fabric Drink Coasters: Easy DIY Tutorial (2023)

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how to sew a drink coasterEmbark on an enchanting expedition into the art of crafting captivating coasters with the fascinating focus keyword: sew a drink coaster. Unveil the secrets of stitching and summon your creative spirit as you delve into this delightful DIY endeavor.

Discover the dance of fabric and thread, orchestrated with finesse, to forge fabulous fabric drink coasters in an easy-to-follow tutorial that will leave you yearning for more.

Unveil the world of fabric finesse and functional flair, as we guide you through the meticulous mastery of making your own stylish drink coasters. A symphony of supplies awaits your skilled touch: the vibrant Richcheck Gingham fabric, the snug embrace of Warm Natural Twin Cotton Batting, and the Coats Clark XP Thread Kit, with hues as diverse as your aspirations.

Engage your sewing machine, ready for the rhythmic race of the needle. As the fabric unfurls, follow the steps: Cut, Assemble, Clip, Repeat, and Sew, each stitch a step toward seamstress success. Your diligent hands will mold the coaster’s destiny, culminating in a creation worthy of your skilled touch.

Celebrate the union of function and fashion, as these coasters elegantly cradle your cherished drinks. A finishing touch of quilting artistry binds the layers in harmony, while a coordinating storage bag stands ready for their repose.

So, don your creative crown and sew your legacy into each stitch, for you hold the power to transform fabric into both art and utility.

Key Takeaways

  • Vibrant fabric selection for eye-catching coasters
  • Experiment with different textures and eco-friendly options
  • Add personal flair with embroidery or appliquĂ©
  • Follow quilting techniques for durability and style

How to Sew a Drink Coaster

How to Sew a Drink Coaster
Get ready to create functional fabric accessories that keep your surfaces dry and stylish – it’s time to dive into crafting these essential additions to your home setup! Sewing techniques blend seamlessly with your creative instincts as you select the perfect fabric for your coasters.

Opt for vibrant designs like the Richcheck 60 Inch Gingham Check Orange Fabric, adding a pop of color and pattern to your space.

Explore the artistry of stitching as you embellish your coasters with decorative stitching, giving each piece a unique touch. With a variety of coaster variations at your fingertips, from round templates to different fabric combinations, your crafting journey becomes endlessly exciting.

Seam allowance precision is crucial, ensuring your coasters not only look polished but also withstand everyday use. As you immerse yourself in this beginner-friendly project, these fabric coasters become a canvas for your creativity, adding a personalized touch to your home décor.


Embark on your coaster-sewing journey by gearing up with essential supplies. As you delve into this creative process, you’ll be primed to stitch up a functional masterpiece.

First, gather the vibrant Richcheck 60 Inch Gingham Check Orange Fabric, radiating timeless charm.

Next, ready yourself with the Warm Natural Twin Cotton Batting, ensuring both warmth and stitch perfection.

Then, armed with the Coats Clark Inc Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread Kit, you’ll conquer color-coordinated stitching with ease.

Equip yourself with the versatile Clover Point Two Point Turner for those elegant corners and precise details.

And don’t forget the Singer ProSeries Thread Snips in teal for impeccable, detail-oriented cuts.

With your arsenal assembled, you’re poised to seamlessly blend creativity and craftsmanship.

Now, let’s dive into the preparatory steps for your coaster-sewing adventure.

Gather the Supplies

Equip yourself with a burst of color and pattern by diving into the vibrant world of Richcheck’s 60-inch Gingham Check Orange Fabric, adding a touch of classic flair to your creative canvas! Explore patterns and gather essentials like cotton fabric, fabric scraps, a rotary cutter, and sewing clips.

With these colorful variations and your beginner’s toolkit, you’re all set to infuse personalized embellishments into your fabric coasters, transforming them into functional works of art.

Get Your Sewing Machine Ready

Position your sewing machine for action with the all-purpose presser foot, ensuring the bobbin is threaded and in place. Thread the machine properly. Opt for a straight stitch, adjusting the length to 2-3 and width to 0.

As you prepare to sew fabric pieces for your coaster, remember the rotary cutting techniques you’ve learned.

Prepare the Fabric

Choose your fabric pieces – one from Fabric A, one from Fabric B, and one piece of felt. Lay them out, layering Fabric A, Fabric B, and the felt square on top of each other. Ensure the edges align neatly. To prevent shifting during cutting, you might use pins to hold them in place.

Now, using your rotary cutting set, trim the edges so they’re perfectly even. Remember, precision is key for professional results. Use an iron to press the fabric pieces, ensuring they’re smooth and wrinkle-free.


Delve further into the crafting journey as we embark on the construction phase, where imagination meets technique. Sew a coordinating storage bag to house your artfully crafted fabric drink coasters, ensuring they’re always within reach.

Elevate your occasions with the charm of fabric coasters, celebrating moments both big and small. Discover the simple elegance of cleaning these fabric companions – a quick stain remover and a gentle cold water wash, followed by an air dry, and they’re ready to grace your table once more.

And fear not, for this is but a stepping stone in your sewing education; there’s more to explore, learn, and create in the world of fabric craftsmanship.

Sew a Coordinating Storage Bag

Craft a stylish and complementary storage pouch, elevating your fabric coasters with a coordinating accessory. Choose fabric that harmonizes with your coaster design. Cut two rectangles, each 5 x 7 inches, from your chosen fabric.

Consider adding decorative stitches or embroidery for a personalized touch. Layer the fabric rectangles with right sides together and sew around three sides, leaving the top open. Turn the bag right side out, press, and fold down the top edge. Stitch a simple hem or add a drawstring for closure.

Celebrate With Fabric Drink Coasters

Enhance your tabletop with a burst of sunshine by placing these vibrant fabric creations beneath your favorite beverage. Crafted with care, fabric drink coasters offer a canvas for your creativity and sewing mastery.

Stitching variations, from delicate swirls to bold geometrics, personalize each coaster design. Experiment with circular templates and quilting inspiration to elevate their charm. These handcrafted coasters make thoughtful, personalized gifts that reflect your crafting techniques and design flair.

Cleaning the Fabric Coasters

Discover a quick and effective way to keep your fabric coasters looking pristine – a simple care routine ensures they remain fresh and stylish! To maintain your coaster’s hygiene, attend to spills promptly.

Gently blot with a clean cloth, avoiding rubbing to prevent pushing the stain further into the fabric. If the stain persists, treat it with a fabric-safe stain remover following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Regularly turn the fabric and remove basting threads. After cleaning, press the seam gently and air dry to avoid any potential shrinkage or distortion.

More Sewing Education

Immerse yourself in further sewing expertise through additional educational resources, expanding your skills and confidence.

Ever wondered how stitching transforms fabric into functional art? Explore a variety of sewing techniques to take your projects to the next level.

Learn about fabric selection and how it can enhance the final result. Experiment with stitch variations to add texture and visual interest.

Get creative with embellishments like appliqué or embroidery for personalized touches. Overcome beginner challenges by mastering essential sewing skills through step-by-step tutorials.

Don’t let leftover fabric go to waste – turn it into beautiful scrap buster projects! And if you’re feeling adventurous, try out different quilting patterns for added durability and design elements in your creations.


Gather all the necessary supplies to create your own stylish and functional fabric accessory. Start by preparing your fabric, making sure it’s washed, dried, and pressed before cutting into 5.

You’ll also need cotton batting for added durability and absorbency. Layer two fabric squares with two batting squares in between them, then clip or pin the layers together, leaving a gap for turning later on.

When sewing the coasters together, use a 1/4 inch seam allowance and stitch around the edges of each coaster with coordinating thread. Trim any excess fabric or batting from the corners and sides before turning them right side out through the opening you left earlier.

To finish off your coasters neatly, fold in any raw edges inside each coaster and secure them with clips or pins before topstitching around their perimeter to close up that opening completely.

Once you’ve finished stitching all of your coasters closed, give them a good press if needed so they lay flat nicely when placed under mugs or stacked for gifting purposes.

Maintain these beautiful creations by cleaning as needed – simply machine launder in cold water whenever necessary!


Get ready to create your own fabric drink coaster with this step-by-step tutorial. First, cut the fabric into squares and assemble the layers. Then, clip them together and repeat for each coaster before sewing it all together.

Step 1 – Cut

To start, grab your fabric and cutter and slice away to create the perfect pieces for your project. Cutting techniques are vital in crafting a fabric coaster masterpiece. Begin by selecting your desired fabric, such as the vibrant Richcheck 60 Inch Gingham Check Orange Fabric.

With your rotary cutter, follow the template-making process meticulously. This step ensures precise 4.

Step 2 – Assemble Layers

Position the cotton batting between your fabric layers, preparing them for the next crucial step in creating your stylish, absorbent creations. Enhance the appeal of your coasters with creative fabric combinations, experimenting with various textures and patterns.

Meticulously align the edges, ensuring that curved seam allowances match perfectly. Place the fabric layers together with their right sides, securing them with pins. This foundational layering technique sets the stage for a variety of stitching variations and embellishments.

Step 3 – Clip

Now, take your fabric layers and carefully clip them together to ensure they stay in place throughout the sewing process. Use rotary cutting techniques to cut your fabric into the desired shape. Pinning the layers helps keep everything aligned while you sew.

Consider different types of clips, such as binder clips or quilting clips, for a secure hold without damaging the fabric.

Proper clipping techniques involve placing clips close to where you will be stitching and evenly spacing them around the edges of your circular item.

Rotary Cutting Techniques Pinning Fabric Layers Seam Allowance Options
Cut fabric with ease Secure alignment Customize fit

With these steps complete, you’re ready to move on to turning your coaster right side out and adding a top stitch for added durability!

Step 4 – Repeat

Clip the layers of fabric and batting together, ensuring they stay in place while you work.

Consider these elements as you proceed:

  • Quilting Designs: Explore various quilting patterns to add visual interest and sturdiness.
  • Colorful Stitching: Opt for variegated thread to infuse your coaster with vibrant stitching.
  • Fabric Choices: Select fabrics that resonate with your style and theme, enhancing the coaster’s personality.
  • Stitching Techniques: Experiment with different stitches to create texture and cohesion.
  • Personalized Variations: Tailor your coasters by incorporating unique elements like appliquĂ© or embroidery.

With fabric A and fabric B securely held, you’re ready to infuse your coaster with your creative touch. The next steps unveil the exciting transformation of your materials into charming and functional fabric drink coasters.

Step 5 – Sew

Guide the fabric layers smoothly through your sewing machine, allowing the needle to create a secure bond between the materials. Choose a multi-color thread that complements your fabric choices, as this will not only add visual appeal but also highlight your precise sewing skills.

While sewing, maintain a steady pace to ensure even stitches. Once you have sewn around the coaster, lift the presser foot and carefully remove the coaster, leaving a short thread tail.

Use and Care

Use and Care
To keep your fabric coasters in tip-top shape, simply air dry them and avoid the dryer like the plague. Cleaning instructions are simple – use a stain remover for any spills or stains, then wash them in cold water.

If you want to add a personal touch, consider customizing your coasters with different shapes or patterns using variegated thread. You can also make coordinating storage bags for easy organization and protection when not in use.

Coasters make great gifts too! Wrap a set of handmade fabric drink coasters with a pretty ribbon for housewarming parties or special occasions.

Materials Needed for Fabric Coasters

Get ready to sew your own drink coasters with the help of some essential materials. You’ll need Richcheck 60 Inch Gingham Check Orange Fabric by the Yard, Warm Natural Twin Cotton Batting, Coats Clark Inc Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread Kit in Multiple Colors, Clover Point Two Point Turner, and Singer ProSeries Thread Snips in Teal.

These high-quality supplies will ensure your fabric coasters turn out beautifully and withstand regular use.

Richcheck 60 Inch Gingham Check Orange Fabric by the Yard

Richcheck 60 Gingham Check 1View On Amazon
Choose the vibrant Richcheck 60 Inch Gingham Check Orange Fabric by the Yard to add a pop of color and classic pattern to your next sewing project. This soft, medium-weight cotton blend features a timeless gingham check design in a bright orange hue.

The fabric is perfect for creating fabric coasters that are both functional and stylish. With its 65% polyester and 35% cotton composition, this fabric is easy to care for – just machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

Sold by the yard and cut to order, you can easily customize your coaster project based on your desired measurements.

  • The vibrant orange color adds excitement to any space.
  • The classic gingham check pattern offers a timeless look.
  • The soft yet durable cotton blend ensures longevity of coasters.
  • The easy-care instructions make maintenance simple.
  • May not be suitable for those looking for more subtle or neutral colors.
  • The polyester content may affect breathability compared to all-cotton fabrics.

Warm Natural Twin Cotton Batting

Warm & Natural Twin CottonView On Amazon
Experience the comforting embrace of Warm Natural Twin Cotton Batting, a versatile and essential companion for your creative endeavors. Crafted from 100% natural cotton fibers, this batting brings a touch of warmth and a natural drape to your quilting and crafting projects.

Its twin size is perfectly suited for smaller undertakings, ensuring that your creations possess both comfort and charm. With the absence of resins or glues, there’s no need for pre-washing, and you can quilt with ease knowing that it allows stitching up to 10 inches apart.

Embrace its even stitching and smooth needle glide, as it effortlessly maintains its form without shifting or bunching during quilting.

  • Made from 100% natural cotton fibers, offering a comforting touch to your creations.
  • Twin size makes it ideal for smaller projects like quilts and crafts.
  • Stitch up to 10 inches apart without compromising on quality or stability.
  • Provides a warm and natural drape, enhancing the overall feel of your finished pieces.
  • Ensures even stitching and easy needle glide, promoting a smoother quilting experience.
  • May experience slight shrinkage (1-3%) after the first wash.
  • Quilting lines may become more pronounced post-washing.
  • Slight variations in color and appearance may occur due to the nature of natural fibers.
  • Requires careful storage in a cool, dry place to maintain its integrity.
  • While perfect for smaller projects, may not be suitable for larger quilting endeavors.

Coats Clark Inc Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread Kit Multiple Color

Coats & Clark Inc. DualView On Amazon
Enhance your crafting projects with the Coats Clark Inc Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread Kit – a versatile collection of 50 color-coded spools designed to ensure trouble-free sewing on various machines, backed by almost two centuries of thread-making expertise.

This polyester-wrapped core-spun construction thread offers enhanced seam appearance and performance, making it ideal for all your sewing needs.

The package contains fifty 1-1/2 by 1-inch spools, each containing 125 yards of thread. With a wide range of popular single and multi-colors included in the kit, you’ll have plenty of options to bring your creative vision to life.

  • Wide variety: The kit includes all the most popular colors for diverse project needs.
  • Smooth and strong: This thread is known for its smoothness and strength during sewing.
  • Easy organization: The reusable cardboard box with a flip lid provides convenient storage.
  • Limited quantity per spool: Each individual spool contains only 125 yards of thread.
  • Polyester material may not be suitable for all projects that require specific fibers or blends.

Clover Point Two Point Turner

Clover Point 2 Point TurnerView On Amazon
To elevate your sewing project, you’ll love the versatility and precision of the Clover Point Two Point Turner. This multi-purpose tool is perfect for turning points with its curved end, allowing for elegant and seamless corners on your fabric coasters.

The fine-tipped end is ideal for detail work, ensuring that every stitch and fold is executed with accuracy.

With its comfortable grip design, this tool feels secure in your hand as you create beautiful finishes on various projects. Add a professional touch to your fabric coasters by incorporating the Clover Point Two Point Turner into your sewing process.

  • Versatile tool suitable for different tasks
  • Curved end helps create seamless corners
  • Fine-tipped end allows for precise detail work
  • May take some practice to master using both ends effectively
  • Some users may find it too small or lightweight

Singer ProSeries Thread Snips Teal

SINGER 00564 ProSeries Thread Snips,View On Amazon
Discover how the Singer ProSeries Thread Snips in teal effortlessly trim threads and fabrics, making precise cuts a breeze for your sewing and crafting projects.

These 5-inch thread snips are designed with rubberized comfort grip handles, allowing you to comfortably hold them while working on your projects. The fine tip blades of the snips ensure that you can make detailed and accurate cuts with ease.

Each scissor blade is individually inspected and hand tested for quality assurance, giving you confidence in their performance.

With the Singer ProSeries Thread Snips in teal, trimming threads and fabrics has never been easier.

  • Rubberized comfort grip handles provide comfortable use
  • Fine tip blades allow for precise cutting
  • Individually inspected and hand tested scissor blades ensure high quality
  • Limited color options available (only available in teal)
  • May be too small for larger or bulkier materials
  • Requires manual cutting rather than automatic cutting feature

Make a Round Template

Make a Round Template
Create a perfectly round shape by tracing the edge of a circular object onto paper, providing you with a template for your fabric.

Once you have your round template, use it to trace and cut out circles from your chosen fabrics. Experiment with different fabrics and patterns to create unique coaster designs that match your style or home decor.

Consider adding variations such as scalloped edges or decorative stitching along the border for added flair. You can also embellish the coasters with appliques or embroidery to personalize them further.

Don’t forget about gift ideas! Fabric coasters make thoughtful presents for friends and family members who appreciate handmade items. Use thread snips to trim any loose threads before moving on to the next steps in constructing these functional accessories.

Be sure not only to use scissors but also a rotary cutter so that you will get a clean circle without jagged edges.

Make and Cut Out Fabric and Batting Pieces for Drink Coasters

Make and Cut Out Fabric and Batting Pieces for Drink Coasters
Embarking on the next phase of your coaster crafting journey, you’ll delve into the art of precision. As you transition from template creation, the spotlight shifts to the meticulous process of cutting out cotton batting pieces and cutting out fabric pieces.

This stage requires your deft hands to carve the foundation of your coasters, ensuring that each piece aligns harmoniously to bring your envisioned coasters to life.

Cut Out Cotton Batting Pieces

Next up, cut out the twin cotton batting pieces, ensuring even stitching and easy needle glide for your project’s warmth and drape.

  • Use warm natural twin cotton batting to add a layer of cozy comfort.
  • The pre-washed quilting batt is ideal for smaller projects like drink coasters.
  • This 100% cotton batting provides warmth and drape to your crafts.
  • It ensures even stitching and easy needle glide for a professional finish.

Cut Out Fabric Pieces

To start cutting out the fabric pieces for your project, grab your ruler and rotary cutter. Measure out 4.5-inch squares from both Fabric A and Fabric B, making a total of eight squares in each design.

Utilizing contrasting fabrics adds visual charm to your coasters. Experiment with layering techniques and explore coaster variations. As you delve into this creative process, consider embellishment ideas and potential scrap fabric projects.

Turning Round Fabric Coaster Right Sides Out and Press Seam

Turning Round Fabric Coaster Right Sides Out and Press Seam
As you turn your round fabric coaster right sides out and carefully press the seam, you’re reaching an exciting phase of crafting.

Begin by deftly inserting the cotton batting, ensuring it’s centered snugly. Then, with precise finesse, remove the basting threads that served their purpose during the ironing stage.

As you embark on the final stitching, secure your coaster’s edges with a finishing touch, all the while contemplating the possibilities of adding an artistic quilting pattern to hold the batting gracefully in place.

Your fabric drink coasters are on the brink of becoming functional art that will surely elevate your crafting prowess.

Insert Cotton Batting

Gently nestle the cotton batting within the fabric layers, achieving a plush and elegant interior. This step adds warmth and structure to your coaster while enhancing its tactile appeal. Feel free to experiment with quilting variations, such as stitching patterns that secure the batting and create visual interest.

Consider creative embellishments like embroidery to elevate your coaster’s aesthetics. Mixing fabric combinations and textures allows for personalized designs that resonate with your unique style.

Remove Basting Threads

Carefully releasing the temporary basting threads, the fabric’s contours emerge, seamlessly aligning with the shape you meticulously crafted. As the threads yield, the true form of your coaster comes to life, revealing the crisp edges and smooth curves.

This step not only refines the coaster’s appearance but also ensures its functionality. Consider experimenting with various basting techniques for different textures and effects. Additionally, explore alternative materials and embellishments for unique creations.

Remember, mastering the art of sewing curved edges equips you to craft diverse shapes of drink coasters, adding a touch of elegance to your creations.

Finishing Stitching for Your Drink Coasters

Smooth out the final stitches, securing your creation with precision akin to a master craftsman adding the last brushstroke to a masterpiece. As you finish stitching your drink coasters, consider exploring various quilting techniques to add unique textures and patterns.

Get creative by incorporating decorative stitching or embellishments like buttons or embroidery for an extra touch of style. Experiment with alternative fabrics such as linen or denim for coaster variations that suit different occasions and aesthetics.

Let your imagination run wild as you put the finishing touches on these functional yet beautiful fabric accessories.

Quilting the Coasters

Enhance your fabric creation by adding an artistic touch through intricate quilting techniques. Experiment with creative patterns that elevate the aesthetic of your coasters. Select from a range of batting varieties to achieve the desired thickness and texture.

Custom embellishments, like contrasting thread colors or decorative stitches, lend uniqueness to each piece. Consider topstitching ideas to secure layers and accentuate the design. Your coasters will transform into miniature art pieces, showcasing your quilting mastery and providing functional beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sure, here are five frequently asked questions that would not normally be answered in the provided article sections:

Embrace the artistry of crafting with vibrant Richcheck Gingham Fabric. Stitch warmth with Warm Natural Cotton Batting. Thread dreams into reality with Coats Clark Thread Kit. Sculpt perfection using Clover Point Turner and Singer ProSeries Thread Snips.

Can I use different types of fabric, like flannel or linen, for making fabric drink coasters?

Absolutely, variety enhances creativity! Flannel or linen can lend cozy textures to your coasters. Flannel offers warmth, while linen exudes elegance. Explore textures, curate your style, and craft coasters that resonate with your unique taste.

What are some creative quilting designs I can experiment with to enhance the appearance of my fabric coasters?

Embark on a quilting journey with your fabric coasters. Stitch intricate petals reminiscent of nature’s harmony, or weave geometric mosaics that dance with colors. Your hands are the brush; fabric is your canvas. Unleash your mastery and create heirlooms.

Is there a specific recommended thickness or loft for the cotton batting when making quilted fabric coasters?

When crafting quilted fabric coasters, choosing a medium loft cotton batting, like Warm Natural Twin Cotton Batting, provides an ideal warmth and stitching consistency. It elevates your coasters with a soft, even texture while maintaining their functionality and style.

Can I add embellishments like embroidery or appliqué to personalize my fabric drink coasters further?

Absolutely! Elevate your fabric drink coasters with personal touches. Embroidery adds intricate flair, while appliqué introduces texture.

Are there any eco-friendly alternatives to cotton batting that I can use for a more sustainable approach to crafting fabric coasters?

For a sustainable twist, consider using bamboo or hemp batting in your coaster project. These eco-friendly alternatives offer a planet-friendly touch to your crafting while still providing the desired functionality and charm.


As you embark on the delightful journey of crafting your own fabric drink coasters, you’ll find that stitching together functional elegance is as satisfying as it is creative. The process unfolds like an artful dance – from the careful selection of materials to the rhythmic hum of the sewing machine, every step carries a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Gathering the vibrant Richcheck 60 Inch Gingham Check Orange Fabric, Warm Natural Twin Cotton Batting, and the Coats Clark Inc Dual Duty XP General Purpose Thread Kit sets the stage for your coaster masterpiece.

With the Clover Point Two Point Turner and Singer ProSeries Thread Snips Teal in hand, your crafting arsenal is complete.

As you follow the steps outlined in the tutorial, you’ll notice your fabric taking shape, the layers of color and texture melding seamlessly. Your fingers deftly cut, layer, and stitch, each movement contributing to the transformation of materials into personalized coasters that exude style and practicality.

Through this process, you’ve learned to create a cozy home for your cups, infusing your surroundings with a touch of elegance. The round templates you’ve fashioned become vessels for creativity, guiding the shaping and contouring of your fabric and batting pieces.

The gentle art of quilting, a blend of form and function, adds that extra layer of charm and durability.

Now, your drink coasters are ready to grace your living space or be shared as thoughtful tokens of care. Just imagine the vibrant pop of color from the Richcheck fabric, the soft embrace of Warm Natural Twin Cotton Batting, and the perfectly coordinated threads from the Coats Clark Inc kit.

So, whether you’re setting a table for friends, indulging in a quiet moment with a warm beverage, or gifting these treasures to loved ones, your skillfully crafted fabric drink coasters will be the talk of the occasion.

The warmth of homemade elegance, the soft touch of quality materials, and the joy of crafting converge to offer you a rewarding journey through the art of sewing – all encapsulated within this easy-to-follow DIY tutorial.

Enjoy your creative adventure, as you sew stylish fabric drink coasters to elevate every sip and enhance your surroundings.

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