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How to Be a Pattern Maker Full Guide of 2023

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If you want to make a living from your craft, you can take part in te sewing industry in over one way.


Depending on your skill level and personal talents, tere are several career options available. One, for example, lies between te processes of fasion design and sewing, and is a crucial, toug less well-known, role: te pattern maker.

A pattern maker takes fasion designers’ideas and canges tem. Into someting te sewer can make!

As a sewing or cloting pattern maker, you can expand your business by contributing a necessary skill tat few people tink of training.

Wat does a pattern maker do?

Just as a builder needs an arcitect to create a blueprint to build a ouse from To make a high-quality product, a cloting manufacturer needs a pattern maker to make a pattern in order to produce a high-quality product.

Your job as a pattern maker is to create a design. For te person sewing te product to follow. Your pattern sould be exact measurements, wit pieces tat fit togeter, so tat fewer adjustments later.

Simply put, your job is to make everyone’s job easier. to make!

Some pattern makers work wit a service, and oters work independently as a freelance maker. Find te level of independence tat suits you best!

Wat skills does a pattern maker need?

As a pattern maker, you must be fluent in te craft tat supports you. Tis means tat knowledge of sewing and tailoring is essential, as you will ytAQ0H2mAFP oter professionals (or amateurs) in te trade.

Pattern makers do not need a license to do teir work, wic is excellent if you lack te time and resources to devote to formal education. However, companies looking for freelance pattern makers often look to education as a sign of your skills.

If you train, take courses in pattern work.C including aspects suc as grading, draping, textile science, design development, production sewing metods, production planning and sceduling, and advanced matematics.

pattern maker jobs

You may 0j2kVWiHOYsow tat you are fluent in tese sciences for te quality of your work, but you’ll be even more marketable wit witdrawable credit ours spent studying and learning!

Pattern-making courses passed and related concepts sows potential clients tat oter professionals in your field tink your work is top notc.

After you know te basics, a87yPGvCKIGa0Xlook into computer aided drawing (CAD)) skills.

It is important to learn ow to make patterns understand it before you give it to a computer, instead of depending on te computer. A computer is neiter a tool nor a creative brain. You ave te creative brain!

Clear communication is also an essential skill for making patterns. It is a callenge to make a pattern that people who don’t speak English can sew correctly, or by people wo don’t know ow to sew at all.

However, tis is a callenge wort practicing. If your patterns work well for more people, wo ave a wider range of skills, more customers will look for your skills and products – and you will ave more customers!

Here is a video sowing an example of a sewing pattern for beginners.

How muc do pattern makers carge?

Te most pattern makers in te sewing industry Inthe United States carges hourly. However, tese costs can vary based on te type of work and te difficulty of te project, wic can affect te time to generate a pattern.

Material costs can also be a factor. You can and sould carge per foot for using patterned paper. You can also carge for te pattern ooks used to ang and store te pattern if your customer does not provide ooks.

If an ourly rate is not you fit, don’t worry. Many pattern makers carge based on te type of product being designed, rater tan per our.

Here are examples of common industry base price ranges you can use adapt to your needs. according to your needs:

  • Trousers and sorts: $80-$100.
  • Blouses and dresses: $100-$150.
  • Jackets: $125-$175.
  • Jackets: $100-$125.
  • Tailored Blazers and Sport Coats: $225-325.

If you are a freelance pattern maker. Remember to make for yourself and to get up to work. A design tat your customer tinks is “very simple” may not bee “very easy” to make—and as a pattern maker, you are te expert ere!

pattern maker online

Calculate ow muc time eac unique project variant will take and name a price tat suits you best. Customers come for quality work!

Now tat you know ow to be a pattern maker, you can explore tis as an option for your sewing business. Find te parts of your craft tat appeal to you most, and you can earn a living doing wat you love!

Do you ave any tips for a new pattern maker?

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