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How to Use No Sew Tape for Hems and Curtains Full Guide of 2024

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how to use no sew tapeTsk tsk, my dears. You’ve gone and torn your skirt again. Or wait – was it the hem coming loose on those curtains you just hung? Frustrating, I know. But don’t fret, doll. No need to break out the sewing machine or curse the heavens.

There’s a better way – no-sew tape. That’s right. This clever little invention lets you quickly fix hems, make curtains, and save your favorite clothes, minus any poking and prodding from needles. Just fold, press with an iron, and watch your fabric magically meld together. Like having my nimble hands at your service.

So listen up while I unfold all the secrets about using this stuff. With just a few tricks, you’ll be a pro in no time.

First, cut a strip of no-sew tape to the desired length. Make sure it’s slightly longer than the area you plan to hem or seam. Lay the strip sticky side down along the edge of the fabric, removing the paper backing as you go.

Next, fold the fabric over and press it down firmly onto the tape. Run an iron over the tape to seal the bond. The heat will activate the adhesive. For best results, use a press cloth between the iron and fabric.

No-sew tape works on most fabrics, but test an inconspicuous area first. It may not adhere well to coated or water-resistant materials.

When making curtains, space the tape strips about 3 inches apart. For garment hems, an inch between strips is usually sufficient.

There you have it! With the right techniques, no-sew tape can quickly solve all your hem and seam emergencies.

Key Takeaways

  • Test no-sew tape on an inconspicuous area first to ensure it adheres well to the fabric.
  • Prepare fabrics properly before applying the tape – sand denim, use a press cloth on delicate fabrics, etc.
  • Cut the no-sew tape slightly longer than the hem or seam length for the best results.
  • Use the right tape for the fabric – low-melt adhesive for polyester, specialized tape for knits and curtains.

What is No Sew Tape?

What is No Sew Tape
Look, ways to hem clothes and sew faster exist without needle and thread. Fusible bonding hem tapes, like Leonis’ instant hem iron-on web, quickly seal hems so you can alter pants and craft curtains minus messy adhesive and extra steps.

No sew tape benefits clothes and soft furnishings through its flexible adhesive and heat activated seal for smooth hems without stitches. The no mess application suits hemming apparel, table linens, and curtains when ease and speed matter.

Leonis’ instant hem’s knitted bonding material sticks most light fabrics like pants and drapes, but may need reapplication after laundering, unlike true heat seal hem tapes that fuse fabric and withstand washing.

Overall, no sew tape materials, like clear Wonder Under, offer a convenient alternative to hand stitching for quicker hems and repairs through tape’s versatility.

Types of No Sew Tape

Types of No Sew Tape
Since you want a no-sew solution for hemming and repairs, familiarize yourself with the types of no sew tape. Double-sided fusible web tape is the most popular and convenient. It seals two layers of fabric together when heat is applied.

You’ll also find single-sided versions that require sewing one edge. For stretchy knits, try a stretchable tape like Wonder Tape.

Tapes come in various widths and weights – pick one that suits your fabric. Be aware that some tapes like Stitch Witchery offer a temporary bond while others like Heat n Bond last through washing.

With the right no sew tape for your project, you can create clean hems and seals quickly without stitching. Just follow the instructions to activate the adhesive, insert the tape, and press with an iron for a tailored finish.

Where to Buy No Sew Tape

Where to Buy No Sew Tape
You’ll find no sew tape at fabric and craft stores or order online. Visit your local craft store, like Joann’s or Michael’s, to browse their wide selection of no sew tapes for various projects. In the notions aisle, you’ll see brands like HeatnBond, Stitch Witchery, and Steam-a-Seam in different widths perfect for hemming clothes, crafts, and home decor.

For more options, search online sites like Amazon, where hundreds of no sew tape products are available to ship directly to your door. Read through customer reviews about quality, longevity, and ease of use on different fabrics.

Once you find the right no sew tape for your needs, experiment on fabric scraps before hemming your project.

With the right adhesive tape, you can quickly hem garments, crafts, and home decor without stitches or sewing.

How to Use Iron-on Hem Tape

How to Use Iron-on Hem Tape
Using iron-on hem tape is a quick and easy way to hem garments or fabrics without sewing. To start, prepare your fabric by pre-washing or finishing the raw edge as needed. Then, precisely measure and cut the hem tape to the width desired, adding any extra length for seam allowances.

Step One – Preparation

Washing your fabric first ensures the tape adheres well. Prewash and dry your fabric before hemming to remove sizing and allow it to shrink. Avoid fabric softener, as it can affect bonding. Check the hem allowance and finish raw edges as desired.

This preparation leads to the effective use of no-sew tape for a long-lasting hem.

Step Two – Cutting the Hemming Tape

Slice the tape to fit your project’s needs, so each hem has a customized fit.

Depending on the project, you may need to cut the tape into strips or sections. Here are 3 key cutting tips:

  • Use sharp scissors for clean cuts.
  • Cut tape slightly longer than the hem’s length.
  • Cut multiple pieces for longer hems.

With the right preparation and precision cutting, the hem tape can create polished, tailored hems on any fabric.

Using No Sew Tape on Knits

Using No Sew Tape on Knits
Secure the hem of those stretchy knits with no-sew hem tape made for knits. It’ll grasp the fabric and hold for many wears. For instant repairs on knits, reach for wonder-under stretch seam tape. It’s formulated to bond well on flexible fabrics like t-shirt knits, sweatshirt fleece, stretch wovens, and more.

Simply insert the no-sew hem tape between the folded layers, press to activate the adhesive, and your hems will look fab. Using tape designed for knits makes quick hemming projects a cinch. You’ll reap all the benefits of fabric tape like speed, ease, and tailoring without stitches.

Whether hemming pants, dresses, or crafts, the right knit tape fuses hems smoothly.

No Sew Tape for Curved Hems

No Sew Tape for Curved Hems
For curved hems, find the exact spot that needs taping. Feel the shape with your fingers, then lay the garment flat and adhere tape along the sweep, smoothing it as you press. Shape the tape to the curve, not forcing it straight. Hemming curved seams requires patience as you work in small sections.

The tape may pucker at first, so be ready to lift and realign it until the fabric lies flat, neatly sealed along the contour. Tailor your approach by visualizing the shape. Applying curved hem tape involves finesse, but with care you’ll achieve a professional finish.

No Sew Tape for Making Curtains

No Sew Tape for Making Curtains
Ready to easily create your own custom curtains? First, securely hang your curtain rods. Carefully measure and cut your fabric panels to the proper length. Next, fold and attach the lower hem with fabric tape before making a sewn rod pocket at the top.

Once finished, you’ll be ready to stylishly hang your new no-sew curtains. Consider varying the sentence structure and length to avoid sounding repetitive. For example, shorten some sentences while lengthening others. Break up long sentences into shorter ones occasionally.

Hang Your Rods

Before unfolding the curtain of dreams upon thy rod, ensure thy hardware claspeth firmly to the window’s bosom, so thy cloth may flow gracefully as the spirit intended.

  1. Mount securely.
  2. Level perfectly.
  3. Measure thrice.
  4. Test for steadiness.

Carefully assess the window and select rods and hardware suited to its glory. Consider the curtain’s fabric and pattern when choosing thy method of hanging. Measure meticulously, hang deliberately, and let the drapes imbue the chamber with coziness and charisma.


Measure your fabric carefully to the exact size needed, then cut precisely for curtains that will fill the space just right. Measuring curtains is key. From the top of the window to the length desired, add allowances.

Use a tape measure for straight hems. Also measure the pocket width. Precision is vital.


After measuring, carefully cut the fabric across for even hems. Use sharp scissors for a clean cut, avoiding ragged edges. Hold the fabric taut while cutting to preserve the grain. Cut with care, leaving extra hem allowances.

Press the edges before inserting no-sew tape for the hems. Use fabric tape as directed for tailoring your curtains quickly.

Tape Your Hem

Fold and press the hemming tape like a fastidious laundress. Hem knits with Wonder Tape. Curve corners with jersey tape. Polyester loves heat-fusible tape. Sheer chiffon suits basting-tape types. Tape alternatives exist without glue. Curtain rods need precisely measured lengths.

Your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store has tape. Hem that dress and skirt promptly. Rod pockets require extra width. There is no conclusion to this advice on taping hems.

Create Your Pocket

Let’s achieve success by cleverly pocketing your new panels. Fasten a rod pocket using vinyl tape’s durable grip.


Next, slide your finished curtain panels onto the rods to hang perfectly in place and transform the room.

  • Measure rod width.
  • Consider fabric pattern and style.
  • Install curtain panels.
  • Position tiebacks, if using.
  • Stand back and admire your custom window treatment.

With your curtains made using hemming tape, you can now create an inviting ambiance in your space. Selecting the right fabric pattern and using tiebacks can provide options for securing the curtains open.

Making your own curtains allows for customization and brings delight each time you appreciate their effect in your room.

No Sew Tape Alternatives

No Sew Tape Alternatives
Hand stitch your hem for a classic no-tape alternative. Carefully turn up the fabric’s raw edge to the desired width. Use a needle and thread to create small, even stitches just above the fold. This method takes more time yet results in a tailored finish.

  1. Use fabric glue for a temporary bond.
  2. Try basting tape to temporarily hold the hem.
  3. Sew by machine for a durable hem.

No sew tapes streamline hemming but aren’t the only solution. With practice, stitching gives a polished result worth the effort.

No Sew Tape Tips and Tricks

No Sew Tape Tips and Tricks
No-sew hem tape can be a versatile tool for quick clothing alterations and home decor projects if used properly. The effectiveness of the tape depends on choosing the right product, prepping the material correctly, and applying an adequate amount of heat when working with different fabrics like polyester, jeans, chiffon, and curtains.

With care, hem tape can create clean, finished hems without sewing. When using the tape on polyester, pre-wash and dry the fabric first to minimize shrinkage issues. For jeans, sand the fabric lightly before application, and use a lower temperature setting.

With delicate fabrics like chiffon, fold the edge over twice to encase it fully before applying tape. Always test on an inconspicuous area first. When hemming curtains, apply the tape to the back side of the fabric, and use a press cloth.

The key is following the tape manufacturer’s directions for the fabric type, and sealing the adhesive properly with an iron for a lasting hem, not just a quick fix.

Does Hem Tape Work on Polyester?

A hem tape’s strong bond can tightly grip polyester’s slippery surface. True polyester-friendly tape will not slide off or bubble, even after repeated laundering, maintaining the hem’s perfection. Seek out low-melt adhesives on polyester-blend wovens or stretch knits for lasting crease-free hems, as quality makes all the difference when no-sew fusing these fabrics.

Does Hem Tape Work on Jeans?

You’ll find hemming tape seals denim jeans effectively for quick repairs. Simply prepare the hem, apply tape, and iron with a pressing cloth. Use proper heat settings to activate the adhesive without scorching. For best results, opt for heavy-weight hem tape that bonds well on thick fabrics like denim.

Finishing jeans hems quickly sans stitching, hem tape streamlines alterations when time’s of essence. Achieve polished hems on pants pronto with ingenious no-sew solution. Denim dreams realized – rock custom jeans without sewing! Bold bottoms become bespoke beauties brimming with character and personality with hem tape’s help.

Retain jeans’ integrity, prevent fraying using no-sew tape technology. Sassy skinnies shortened sans stitching, transforming denim dynamos distinctively unique.

Hem denim deliciously, delightfully no-sew style – simple steps.

Does Hem Tape Work on Chiffon?

While chiffon can be tricky, hem tape adheres to the delicate fabric when you gently apply low heat with a pressing cloth. Use a low iron setting with a press cloth to fuse chiffon’s fibers without damage.

Does Hem Tape Work on Curtains?

Fabric tape will easily secure hems when making custom curtains. Whether shortening or finishing raw edges, this adhesive webbing creates quick no-sew curtains. Simply sandwich the tape in the hem, press, and voila—curtains are done that very day! Adhesive hem tape allows even novice sewers to easily create custom curtains in no time.

Simply insert the tape into the hem allowance, iron to fuse, and the curtains are complete! With no sewing required, hem tape makes hanging curtains a breeze.


Now that you know the basics, it’s time to put no-sew tape to the test. With practice will come mastery, transforming you like the mythical Phoenix reinventing itself. Armed with this simple yet ingenious tool, unleash your inner couturier to breathe new life into tired textiles.

Let precision and patience be your guiding light as you iron fresh hems. For the devoted disciple, even the delicate dance of curved seams and knits will become second nature.

See your home transformed with curtains flowing effortlessly on rods tamed by no-sew tape’s strength. Where once ragged edges framed your view, crisp, flawless fabrics now frame the world in a new light.

At journey’s end, take pride in work done well and skills hard-won. The magic of no-sew tape awaits – go boldly and transform.

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