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Sewing Machine Bobbin Problems | 11 Issues & Solutions Full Guide of 2023

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Numerous people experience problems with the bobbin on the sewing machine

It can appear challenging to identify what’s going on simply since everything is enclosed inside the machine Yet it’s not really that tough and most modern equipment will make it easy for you.

Let’s take a look at 11 usual problems many individuals experience with the bobbin case as well as bobbin thread.

Whether you’re using a top load bobbin or a front-load bobbin these are the kind of problems individuals have.

If the bobbin maintains triggering problems simply follow along as we discover why this might take place and also find good solutions

Begin by threading your sewing machine

Before we begin troubleshooting and also figuring out what’s wrong allow’s just reread the machine and also see if the problem vanishes.

This is constantly the initial point we intend to do when we have problems with the thread on the machine

Get the bobbin as well as make certain there are no knots on the thread. Take out a little bit of string to make certain everything runs efficiently before you close it off.

After you have put the bobbin right into the situation you want to transform the wheel in the direction of yourself for a full turning. Now the needle will certainly drop and up and also order the bobbin thread for you.

Currently pull out some string as well as leave it hanging from the rear of the machine as well as you are all set to go.

However, if this doesn’t solve your trouble right here’s a checklist of things you can try.

Adjustment the needle

See to it you’re utilizing the correct needle for the sort of fabric you are dealing with. It’s always essential to inspect the number on the needle and ensure it matches the density as well as the framework of the fabric.

If you are not exactly sure which kind of needle you should make use of, please have a look at this sewing machine needle overview

You likewise need to see to it the needle is placed correctly and isn’t curved If the needle was a little bent or has an uneven tip it will quickly create problems, specifically with the bobbin

If you are constantly experiencing curved needles you are possibly drawing the material too fast or as well hard with the machine

Please keep in mind that the needle can be bent although you can not conveniently see it when you look at it. If it’s only curved a little, you might just see it if you take it out of the machine as well as place it flat on the table. In either case, it’s constantly a rather affordable remedy to just transform it. If you haven’t altered the needle in a while you must do so whenever you experience weird noises or the bobbin area is causing you difficulty.

You should likewise make sure you make use of the appropriate size needle If the needle is as well thin for the material you’re using it could wind up obtaining bent as well conveniently.

Constantly make certain to attach the needle enough. If it obtains loose gradually it could wind up destroyed inside the machine as well as this can trigger some actual (costly) problems

Currently that we have seen to it the needle isn’t the problem, let’s proceed to what else can cause a problem with the bobbin thread.

Make certain you’re utilizing the best size bobbin

There are several dimensions of bobbins.

There’s a difference between front-loaded as well as top-loaded bobbins and there’s additionally a distinction between a home sewing machine and the industrial designs.

Commonly an industrial sewing machine will have a broader bobbin so you can actually put a bobbin from residences sewing machine This is not a good concept as it can relocate forth and also back while sewing So constantly ensure you’re utilizing the right size.

The size can also differ from brand to brand name.

Let’s state you have a Singer machine as well as wish to use a Brother bobbin You could be able to do so but we constantly recommended to use one from the same brand name as the machine The exact same goes with all the other brands like Pfaff, Kenmore, Janome, Babylock, Husqvarna and so on.

You will certainly need to check with the handbook to ensure you are utilizing the right dimension bobbin

Bobbin string will not turn up

After placing the bobbin thread you need to be able to grab the bobbin thread when transforming the handwheel towards you (newer far from you). If this doesn’t work below’s a pair of solutions you can look right into.

First, you need to make certain the bobbin -winding pin has been pushed back to the left. Otherwise, the needle will certainly not decrease and get the bobbin string. Likewise, make certain the presser foot is up when you do this.

If this doesn’t address your problem, you most likely have to take it to the shop.

The timing can be off.

The needle needs to meet the bobbin string at the right time in order to form a stitch. Otherwise, it will certainly not be able to choose up the bobbin thread and also get your machine ready for sewing

Bobbin string maintains knotting

Whenever the bobbin thread keeps looping on the back of the material you could have an issue with the stress of the needle string.

If the tension of the top thread is also reduced, it could not have the ability to pull the bobbin thread effectively to develop the best stitch. So start by screening with a greater stress on the upper thread.

This can also cause what we call “birdnesting”, or “thread bunching”. It’s the same thing actually. The string doesn’t develop a good stitch on the back of the textile and we have a messy bunch of thread rather.

If you don’t recognize just how to set the stress you can begin by a number in between 3-5 and function your means from there.

You likewise require to make certain that there are no knots and abnormalities on the string.

A low-grade string can also trigger the string to get stuck as well as cause loops, holes, as well as various other aggravating problems

Examine the bobbin instance for burs

Several new sewing machine models are making use of at a drop-in system for the bobbin and also older designs (along with brand-new versions) are utilizing a bobbin instance with a front loading system. When you place the bobbin right into the bobbin instance you wish to see to it you are threading the machine according to the guidebook.

If you are utilized to service one more machine this sort of machine could be threaded in a different way than you are made use of to.

Prior to you keep reading you need to inspect your machine Figure out whether the bobbin is placed on the overlook the machine (noticeable from the front) or if the bobbin case is placed flat under the footer.

Front-loading devices (upright)

Almost every frontloading machine will have a metal bobbin case. This is an excellent point due to the fact that when we have a needle running into the situation we can actually fix it once more (in many cases).

Take out the hook and also analyze it to see to it there are no burrs responsible. When the needle is punching up-and-down it can really strike this area as well as leave a mark. Especially if the machine is not in ideal sync.

If that’s the instance you can utilize a little nail documents as well as provide it a gloss.

Make sure you do this extremely carefully so you do not leave another mark.

The hook can be damaged

Now that you have actually dealt with the hook you will apply a little of oil.

This is just to make certain it runs as smoothly as possible when you insert it back right into the machine

Top-loading devices (straight)

A lot of top-loading machines will have plastic bobbin cases. This makes it a little more challenging to deal with the trouble whenever a needle encounter the instance.

The issue below is that the needle will certainly not only leave a little mark but sometimes have actually harmed the bobbin situation.

You need to secure the bobbin situation and also examine it. In numerous situations, you will certainly require a new bobbin situation if it is damaged.

So once again, if the bobbin case is harmed you require to replace it. It will normally set you back around $ 15- $30 to ensure that’s excusable, however it’s constantly discouraging to need to wait on a new one to get here.

Bobbin string tension problems

On the majority of devices, you will certainly have the ability to adjust the stress of the bobbin thread. Initially, you intend to examine whether it requires to be changed.

You can check the bobbin stress by holding it hanging by the thread like this:

Bobbin case hanging from the thread

When the bobbin case is hanging similar to this, we wish to be able to tremble the string a little bit without the bobbin instance falling down and also relax greater than an inch or more.

If you can not relax the thread by snapping your wrists once or two times the bobbin tension is possibly established expensive and needs to be changed.

Furthermore, If you find that it is as well to lose you need to transform the stress. You can do that on your own. You need to situate the little screw on the side of the bobbin case.

This is where you will discover the little screw:

Tension screw on the bobbin case

You wish to make certain just to turn it in a little bit at a time. You can begin by transforming it “5 minutes” left or ideal believing concerning it as a little clock. Now you will certainly check it prior to you touch it once more.

Turn the little screw clockwise to loosen up the stress as well as counterclockwise if the tension is also loose. Once again, you really need to be cautious not to turn it greater than a couple of millimeters each time you adjust it.

Whether you are using a front-loaded or top-loaded bobbin you need to put the bobbin carefully. The thread of the bobbin must always direct parallel as the bobbin situation turns.

If you are making use of a Singer machine you should have the bobbin string out clockwise.

Please note: We practically never change the tension of the bobbin instance. So you do require to check tension as well as make sure it is not remedied prior to you try to adjust it.

If you do not get this right it’s not a large trouble though. It will possibly stitch simply great anyway.

If the bobbin tension is not constant …

If the Boppin tension is changing are not being regular with time, you ought to try to exchange the bobbin

If you are using a plastic bobbin, you must try switching over to a steel bobbin instead. Always make certain to get one from the exact same brand as your machine If you I’m doubt make certain to contact your regional sewing machine shop.

As we pointed out before the plastic bobbins frequently set you back problems and also you should simply attempt exchanging it.

The bobbin instance is stuck

If the bobbin case is stuck you require to gently remove the bobbin to see what could be the trouble.

Perhaps it took a hit from a durable canvas or natural leather needle (which can be rather challenging). Make certain to open the little latch to be able to take it out as well as try to shake it a bit if you can not obtain it out.

Get rid of the bottom plate of the machine and also take a great look. Perhaps something is stuck like a needle, thread, or piece of material.

If you take care of to get the bobbin instance out of the machine, take an excellent appearance at it and also make certain there are no burrs on the bobbin situation Below’s how you take care of a burr on the bobbin instance

If it’s entirely stuck and you can not obtain it out whatsoever you most likely need to obtain it to sewing machine repair service shops.

The bobbin instance is loose

First, see to it that this is actually the case.

It could seem like the bobbin case is loose and also it could simply be the bottom plate of the machine that requires to be attached more snugly.

If you make certain it is the bobbin situation here’s what you require to do.

You require to make certain that the bobbin case is put correctly.

Beginning by turning the handwheel in the direction of you up until the needle remains in it’s greatest position. Now examine if the hinged latch on the bobbin situation actually locks in the area as it should when you press in the bobbin Draw the hinged faucet as well as eliminate the bobbin case.

When you put the bobbin situation it should always click in position.

As quickly as you hear the clicking audio it ought to rest appropriately and also not be loosened are befalling. Currently you can use the handwheel to relocate the needle up-and-down and also take a look at the area around the bobbin case.

Ensure the needle is not striking the bobbin Whatever ought to run efficiently and quickly.

If the needle does touch the bobbin situation, you must attempt to reinstall it again.

If the trouble lingers ensure you’re making use of the proper bobbin instance and also bobbin Take the machine to a fixing shop if it doesn’t repair the problem.

Odd noise from the bobbin case

If you have a strange sound originating from the bobbin case (or around that location) the initial point you must do is to cleanse the machine The sound can originate from the needle touching something inside the machine or maybe there’s an item of string or fabric stuck someplace.

If that does not work you have to transform the needle. It might have gotten a little curved and also maybe it is touching some inner parts of the machine while going up and down.

You need to never ever continue sewing or quilting whenever the machine is making an odd noise. It should appear completely typical as well as not to make any kind of scratching or ticking noises.

In many cases, the sound quits when you have cleaned the machine and altered the needle.

Continue reading to learn just how to clean up the machine correctly.

Tidy the machine from lint

If you’re machine is still creating an issue ensure to cleanse it completely. You intend to remove all dust, hair, and also dust from around the bobbin location to see to it nothing gets stuck.

Dust is that fluffy stuff that maintains accumulating inside the machine as we use it.

It will always accumulate and also you require cleaning your machine frequently to see to it doesn’t harm anything or hinder the needle and everything going on mechanically.

Ensure the risk can run quickly as well as easily.

Lint and dirt on the bobbin

Unthread the machine as well as taking apart the bobbin and lower plate entirely so you can reach all corners.

As soon as you’re done getting all the lint and dust out of the bobbin location you ought to give it a little oil. We constantly end up off cleaning with a bit of oil– not also much. If you find it challenging to get the right quantity of oil, you can place a decrease of oil on the brush and also use it to apply it unto the relocating components.

By utilizing the brush to oil the machine you are also catching more dust and obtaining all the dust out from the area.

You should never ever make use of canned air to blow air right into the bobbin area.

Because if you do so, you will only blow the lint even more right into the machine as well as you will probably blend it up with the oil to develop little layers of dust inside the machine

So make certain to only use a brush to clean up the machine Once again, this is to prevent pressing the dirt additionally right into the machine We intend to take our time to eliminate it carefully.

What you can do instead is to vacuum the location carefully.

You could have a little head-mount for your vacuum in order to reach additionally into the machine Simply see to it you are not sucking up any type of important parts of the machine

You constantly desire to look very carefully before using the vacuum.

Here’s a great video showing you just how to clean and oil your sewing machine with a specific concentrate on the bobbin location:

Please keep in mind that the machine utilized in the video above is a Bernina model. We also make use of a Bernina version and also as the lady in the video clip over explain, it’s a really wonderful machine when it comes to cleaning the location around the bobbin

It’s extremely easy to eliminate the bottom plate between the needle as well as the bobbin case and this could not hold true if you are on a Singer machine, Brother machine or Pfaff and Janome. On some of these brands, you require a screwdriver to remove the lower plate.

Do not hesitate to do so.

It’s very vital that you clean the location around the bobbin as well as bobbin situation. That should always be among the very first points you do whenever you experience bobbin problems

We advise you clean it every second time you change the bobbin string.

If the machine has actually not been in use for a very long time are you operating in the filthy or messy atmosphere you most likely require to do it much more regularly.

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