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Sewing Vinyl | Pro-tips Explained for Beginners (With Video Examples 2023)

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Vinyl is extremely various from other types of textile.

Vinyl will certainly typically stick to the bed of the device and to the base of the presser foot. So we require to alter our method a little bit in order for the project to go well.

So today we will consider a number of tips you can make use of for your next job with vinyl

Keep in mind: All things we cover in this write-up can also be used to jobs with natural leather and also suede.


Prior to we obtain begun allowing’s specify what vinyl is. “Vinyl” is simply a term for any type of kind of material with a “plastic” covering on it.

It can likewise be fabricated natural leather (leather), laminated fabric, oilcloth, etc. All these kinds of materials are water-resistant as well as fairly inexpensive.

They are additionally extremely resilient as well as flexible and also will typically be used for bags, covers, bags, watercrafts and so on.

Prepare well (you can not get rid of the seeds)

When collaborating with natural leather as well as vinyl as well as various other types of thick material we require to see to it we prepare actually well. Due to the fact that we can not reverse the seams, as soon as they are made they are mosting likely to stay there.

Once we begin sewing with vinyl, the holes will be there for good

So pay very close attention and also be certain to measure right the initial time.

You must additionally know that you can not place needles right into the vinyl when you require to draw the line or cut it.

What you can do rather is to reduce out a layout as well as make use of that for determining. It takes additional time but you will have a higher success price and ideally obtain everything right the very first time.

If you wish to conserve a little time right here you can make use of pins or clips to not eating the vinyl to the pattern. You just require to see to it you don’t leave the pins and clips on the vinyl for as well lengthy. They might leave marks if you do.

Excellent suggestions for sewing vinyl

Before we start sewing with vinyl or leather we require to take care of a couple of things.

The key issue with vinyl on the sewing maker will often be the footer. It just does not do a truly excellent task unless you modify it (or exchange it). The good news is this is simple and also it will not cost you as well much money.

Let’s look at a couple of choices to address this trouble.

Get a Teflon-coated foot or strolling foot

As we pointed out above, one of the main problems with vinyl and leather is the presser foot. It will typically drag. This happens because the vinyl is a little sticky as well as will certainly stick to the base of the foot and also the maker.

We can repair this issue by trading the footer for specifically coated foot made especially for sewing vinyl and also natural leather. The Teflon (or Teflon-like coating) will certainly maintain the foot from gliding as you can see in the video listed below.

After you place on this special foot your vinyl will move quickly while sewing.

You can find these at Amazon and also they just costs following to absolutely nothing (link to Amazon)

You can also make use of a walking foot. However the majority of people do not have these laying around as well as you would be flawlessly fine with a Teflon foot or among the other alternatives listed below.

… Or make use of gift paper tissue (or odorless talc)

This is a wonderful suggestion that will cost you next to absolutely nothing. We located this tip in the YouTube video below.

The lady in the video applies a thin layer of paper gifts cells above and listed below the layers of vinyl She is sewing a seam with 2 layers of vinyl, as well as when doing so we typically experience that the vinyl will stick to the bed of the machine. This results from the rubbery surface of the vinyl

When you use a thin Layer of paper cells over and also below the vinyl it minimizes the rubbing and all of a sudden the footer relocates much smoother.

When you buy an item of vinyl it will certainly frequently be wrapped in thin layers of paper that you can utilize. So, if you haven’t obtained any kind of paper tissue you do not have to go to the store.

Right here’s the video:

Be sure to select a white cells as colored cells could finish up coloring the vinyl After you’re done you can conveniently remove the tissue from the vinyl by pulling it off carefully.

A very neat method that will not cost too much.

Another suggestion from the video above is a bit much easier as you can stay clear of drawing tissue off. You can dip your finger in a bit of cornstarch or odorless talc and also put that onto the vinyl (on both sides). After doing so the feet will certainly move a lot more efficiently and not create a problem.

Make certain not to use excessive powder as it will be untidy.

If you are doing a big task and also end up with excessive talc on your device just vacuum your machine delicately afterward.

Or use a strip to your foot to prevent drag

Here’s another excellent pointer for sewing with vinyl as well as leather materials.

As opposed to spending for a Teflon foot there’s a low-cost alternative we would certainly explore. You can in fact develop one on your own by customizing your general objective foot a little.

When we use a standard general-purpose foot the textile often tends to move a bit, which we can see in the stitches. This causes the stitches to obtain shorter which is not optimum.

As it ends up, basic objective foot can be updated with a plastic stick-on strip from a store It can comply with the foot as well as make a terrific distinction.

Right here’s a YouTube video where we discovered the suggestion:

The stitching size stays constant after using the strip to the sewing foot. It minimizes drag on the machine. You must be prepared to change the strip occasionally as it gets used rather quickly.

Or just use scotch tape … You can also use a strip of scotch tape or masking tape.

It might refrain as excellent a task however it will possibly function just great. Ensure to remove the tape at the edges to ensure it doesn’t stay with anything else than the presser foot.

We do not intend to get it wrapped up in the needle and also maker, and also we absolutely don’t intend to obtain tape inside our machine.

Extend your sewing stitches

We want a great long stitch when we are working with vinyl and also leather.

If we were to make use of a shorter stitch it would easily cut the plastic as well as bore it. It just won’t create a good result.

Opt for a stitch size in between 3 and also 4.

Use an easy straight stitch.

Straight stitches are several of the greatest stitches we can do and also they were best with nylon as well as leather. You can make use of various other stitches also if you assume they look prettier on your project. However, generally we would suggest you simply go with a straight stitch.

Do not utilize the iron on vinyl

You can not utilize an iron on vinyl it will just thaw if you are not mindful.

If you require pushing the vinyl you can utilize your fingers or you can leave it in the sunlight.

You can also flatten vinyl with heavy items like a stack of publications. If you’re making use of several layers or really thick natural leather, you might have to make use of a rubber hammer. Simply make certain to place a book or something comparable on top of the fabric so you do not struck straight onto the material and also leave marks.

Is that does not work you can use an iron if you are extremely careful.

In that case, you require to put a layer of thin material on top of the vinyl Now you can delicately iron it gradually. If you still have wrinkles after doing this you can turn the heat of the iron up one little bit.

If you wish to get rid of creases after completing a project like a bag (made from vinyl you can do it this way:

Initially, you will need to warm up the mat with the iron. Currently you push your bag down on the floor covering and also with your hands also out all the wrinkles.

Here’s a video revealing the procedure:

It’s practically impossible to stay clear of creases when you transform the back completely. And, as the female in the video factors out, this is an excellent method to repair the creases.

Or make use of a hairdryer You can also use a hairdryer to warm up the vinyl so you can flatten it out with your hands. You do not need to be as cautious here.

Again, you need to ensure you don’t heat it up way too much. Do it from a range and also show up the warmth gradually.

Best sewing machines for natural leather and also vinyl

Depending upon exactly how thick the vinyl is and the number of layers you have you can most likely make use of the device you currently have.

Be certain to check your guidebook or do a little Google looking for the brand and model variety of your equipment. You will promptly discover what you can do and what you can not make with it. The major brand names like Janome, Singer, Brother, Bernina and so on will all have good details on this online.

(or else, allow us to recognize and we will create a write-up on it

If you’re seeking an equipment particularly created natural leather as well as vinyl sewing tasks there are two options we will take a look at. We have actually picked the 2 devices we such as the best at the more affordable end of the range.

You should not have to go spend a great deal of money on a brand-new sewing machine (in our opinion) so these are the choices we typically suggest.

Singer Heavy Duty 4411

This is among the best all-around sewing machines. The Singer Heavy Duty 4411 will work like a beauty on vinyl and also several layers of hefty textile. It’s perfect for jobs with vinyl and also natural leather. As well as it’s fast too!

It can do as much as 1100 stitches per minute as well as it can conveniently resolve numerous layers of leather or various other heavy fabrics. And also the best component is the rate.

You get 11 integrated stitches from this device which is not actually that much contrasted to the no version listed below. So, if you really like to play about with stitches as well as doing innovative stuff with your machine this is probably not the best choice for you.

You can obtain this maker for around $ 150- $ 200. Inspect the

It additionally stitches actually well on various other types of material. When you obtain a sturdy machine you can use it for slim fabrics in addition to the thicker types.

If you don’t know what equipment to get this is certainly the device for you. It’s affordable, it’s fast, and also it’s just super sturdy. Despite the fact that this machine is extremely strong it’s actually pretty lightweight contrasted to other Singer models.

It considers 14 pounds (6,5 kilograms).

Bro ST371HD

If you like the Brother brand you ought to probably choose the Brother ST371HD It’s also an excellent device for this sort of heavy-duty job.

This equipment is not as quick as the singer 4411.

It will only do 800 stitches a min so if speed is a significant problem you should not choose this maker. It’s also a little extra pricey than the Singer design. The weight is 14 extra pounds (6 kilos) which is excusable at all for sturdy device.

You obtain 37 built-in stitches, which are a great deal greater than the Singer design over. So there’s a lot you can do with this machine outside a sturdy job.

Similar to the Singer design, this Brother sewing equipment can stitch via whatever You can deal with lightweight silks or you can toss numerous layers of canvas at it. This equipment also features a nonstick footer which is best for our vinyl jobs

It additionally has a wonderful present which is easy to utilize. The device is 12.21 x 16.10 x 7.87 inches.

As you can most likely inform I am truly keen on the vocalist model above yet do not let that scare you far from the Brother model: -RRB-

If you are just starting to find out the art of sewing you will certainly obtain a wonderful instructional video with the Singer version. You can likewise download this training video clips on an application.

Brother will additionally help you get going with an educational DVD in English and also Spanish. So, if you still own a DVD gamer this could additionally function.

We simply lately did a contrast of the Brother and Singer Heavy Duty models Be certain to inspect that out if you remain in the marketplace for a brand-new Heavy Duty version.

What is the best string for sewing vinyl

Now we know how to sew vinyl and we also considered the equipments. Yet what kind of thread should we utilize?

You intend to utilize what we call a heavy-duty thread or industrial thread These are typically made from bonded nylon or bonded polyester. Very great and solid strings that will certainly last a for a long period of time. These are the same kind of thread you will certainly use for upholstery work. They are much stronger than your ordinary polyester string and also they are also adaptable, which is wonderful when we are dealing with vinyl

We desire the stitches to last for a long period of time as well as likewise make certain that the string doesn’t break while stitching.

Prior to you begin on the job you should do a little screening with the tension of the string. You will probably desire to decrease the stress a bit.

It’s a great idea to start with an item of scrap on up until you truly obtain this right.

When you get it ideal and also you feel comfortable you can move on to do your job.

What needle dimension ought to I utilize for vinyl and also natural leather?

You want to utilize what we call a natural leather needle or a global needle. Opt for a size 90/14 or 100/ 16.

These are sturdy needles and they will do a really great task. They will not damage when you push them with the leather as well as vinyl These are the very same sort of needles that we would certainly make use of for denim and various other sorts of thicker textile.

Beware because these types of needles are extremely sharp. They need to be sharp in order to pierce the vinyl as well as natural leather. They are constructed a bit various than thinner needles with a stronger shaft.

If you utilize a regular needle it might barge in the process. And also if you’re utilizing thicker needles they will possibly make too large openings in the vinyl So the 90/14 or 100/16 is your selection.

You can find out all there is to find out about sewing device needles from this short article

What is the best strong sewing device for denim and also jeans? We always recommend the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 and the Brother ST371HD. They are both really fairly priced and will do a good task whenever with hefty material. Not just jeans and also denims yet likewise natural leather.

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