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Flannel Back Satin Fabric: Tips & Care (2024)

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what is flannel back satin fabricUnleash your creative prowess with the captivating allure of flannel back satin fabric. This extraordinary textile combines the smooth elegance of satin with the cozy warmth of brushed cotton, creating a truly unique material that is both luxurious and practical.

With its silky poly satin face and soft brushed cotton backing, flannel back satin offers an exquisite blend of comfort and durability for all your sewing projects.

Finding this exceptional fabric is as effortless as it is rewarding. Explore shop outlets or connect with fabric wholesalers to discover a wide range of colors that will ignite your imagination.

But it doesn’t stop there – we’ve got you covered with essential tips and care instructions to ensure you make the most out of this marvelous material.

So whether you’re envisioning stunning garments or seeking innovative uses for flannel back satin fabric, our article provides invaluable insights into harnessing its potential.

Get ready to embrace liberation through creativity as you dive into this world where luxury meets coziness in perfect harmony!

Key Takeaways

  • Flannel back satin fabric combines the smooth elegance of satin with the cozy warmth of brushed cotton.
  • It is affordable, starting from $6.50 per yard, and can be found at various shop outlets and online stores.
  • Flannel back satin fabric is versatile and can be used for sewing projects such as bedspreads, draperies, pillowcases, and oriental robes.
  • Tips for working with flannel back satin fabric include machine washing with cool water, using a fine needle size, and cutting between layers of paper to prevent fraying.

What is Flannel Back Satin?

What is Flannel Back Satin
You’re probably wondering what makes Flannel Back Satin so unique and versatile. Well, let me enlighten you! Flannel Back Satin fabric is a combination of silky poly satin on the face and soft brushed cotton on the back, providing a one-of-a-kind texture that sets it apart from other fabrics.

This dual-layer construction offers exceptional comfort and warmth, making it perfect for sleepwear or cozy blankets. The flannel backing adds an extra level of insulation, ensuring you stay toasty in colder weather.

One standout characteristic of this fabric is its versatility – it can be used for various sewing projects like bedspreads, draperies, pillowcases, or even oriental robes! Despite its luxurious appearance and feel, Flannel Back Satin comes at an affordable price point starting from $6.

50 per yard at fabric outlets like Joann’s or online shops such as Etsy or Amazon.

What is Flannel Back Satin Fabric?

What is Flannel Back Satin Fabric
Looking to add a touch of luxury and warmth to your sewing projects? Imagine a smooth, silky river flowing gently through the lush forest, offering both beauty and comfort. Flannel Back Satin fabric is the perfect choice for achieving that elegant yet cozy look you desire.

This satin-like fabric features a warm backing material that provides a cozy and comfortable feeling, making it ideal for various applications. Use it in home decor projects such as luxurious bedspreads, draperies, or pillowcases to instantly elevate your space with its opulent appearance.

For special occasions, create stunning evening wraps or oriental robes using this versatile fabric. Additionally, Flannel Back Satin is also great for DIY projects like quilt backings or creating unique clothing items that offer both style and comfort in one package.

Embrace the possibilities of this wonderful flannel-backed satin fabric!

Where to Find Flannel Back Satin Fabric

Where to Find Flannel Back Satin Fabric
If you’re looking for flannel back satin fabric, outlets and fabric wholesalers are great places to find a wide selection of this luxurious material. You’ll be able to explore different designs and fiber options while also enjoying the opportunity to purchase in bulk for larger projects.

Shop Outlets

If you’re searching for flannel back satin fabric, one of the best places to find it is at various shop outlets. These outlets often carry a wide range of fabrics, including flannel back satin. Flannel back satin can be used in fashion projects like robes or jacket linings, as well as home decor items such as bedspreads and pillowcases.

This unique combination of flannel and satin offers both luxury and warmth. Keep in mind that there may be a minimum purchase amount required before purchasing from these shop outlets or fabric wholesalers.

Fabric Wholesalers

When searching for a larger supply of this versatile and luxurious material, fabric wholesalers can be your secret treasure trove, filled with endless possibilities to unleash your creativity.

Fabric wholesalers offer a wide range of fashion trends and design possibilities at competitive prices. You’ll find an extensive selection of flannel back satin fabric in various colors to suit your needs.

With its brushed cotton finish and silky-smooth satin front, this fabric is perfect for sewing projects that require both comfort and elegance. Don’t hesitate to explore the options available from reputable fabric wholesalers for all your flannel back satin needs.

Tips and Care for Flannel Back Satin Fabric

Tips and Care for Flannel Back Satin Fabric
When working with flannel back satin fabric, it’s important to know the best tips and care practices to ensure its longevity and maintain its silky-smooth appearance.

  • Machine wash: Flannel back satin fabric can be easily cleaned in a washing machine using cool water.
  • Drape of satin: The presence of the flannel backing may affect the drape of the satin side. Consider this when planning your sewing projects or garment designs, as you may need to adjust accordingly.
  • Proper needles: When sewing with this fabric, it’s recommended to use a fine needle size that won’t snag or pull on the delicate fibers.
  • Cutting between layers of paper: To prevent fraying and achieve clean edges while cutting flannel back satin fabric, place layers between sheets of paper before cutting.
  • Maintenance for durability: Line drying is preferred over machine drying for preserving both sides’ integrity.

By following these tips and caring for your flannel back satin fabric properly, you’ll be able to enjoy its luxurious feel and beautiful look in various creative endeavors without worry.

Creative Uses for Flannel Back Satin Fabric

Creative Uses for Flannel Back Satin Fabric
Consider the possibilities of transforming this luxurious textile into a stunning evening gown that will make you feel like a star on the red carpet.

With its combination of silky-smooth satin on one side and cozy flannel backing, this fabric is perfect for making elegant dresses, skirts, or even tailored jackets. The flannel backing can be used as an asset to add warmth and structure to your garments while maintaining the drape of the satin.

You could also use it to create fashionable accessories such as scarves or wraps that provide both style and comfort in cooler weather. Let your imagination run wild with DIY projects using flannel back satin fabric – from luxurious throw pillows or bedspreads to unique home decor items like curtains or table runners.

Embrace your creativity and explore all the inspiring possibilities this versatile fabric has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the flannel backing affect the drape of the satin fabric?

The flannel backing of the satin fabric adds depth and dimension to its drape, creating a luxurious and elegant flow. Like a gentle wave, it enhances the movement of the satin, making it stand out even more.

Can flannel back satin fabric be used for making garments other than pajamas or winter slips?

Looking for creative uses for flannel-backed satin fabric? Wondering if it’s limited to pajamas and winter slips? Good news! This versatile fabric can be used to make elegant garments like evening wraps or lined coats, allowing you to stay warm while looking fabulous.

Where can I find flannel back satin fabric at a discounted price?

You can find discounted flannel back satin fabric at JoAnn’s clearance section. It’s perfect for creating unique garments beyond pajamas or winter slips. The flannel backing adds a special touch and enhances the drape of the silky satin fabric.

What are some tips for working with flannel back satin fabric?

When working with flannel back satin fabric, ensure quality and use proper needles. Cut between layers of paper for accuracy. The fabric can be machine washed on a cool delicate cycle and line dried.

What are some creative uses for flannel back satin fabric other than making bedspreads or blankets?

Get creative with flannel-backed satin fabric! Use it to make elegant evening wraps, linings for coats or jackets, and luxurious oriental robes. The combination of silky satin and cozy flannel backing adds warmth and style to your projects.


Discover the luxurious and versatile world of Flannel Back Satin Fabric. With its silky poly satin face and soft brushed cotton backing, this fabric offers the perfect combination of elegance and warmth.

Whether you’re making bedspreads, blankets, loungewear, or pillow covers, Flannel Back Satin Fabric is the ideal choice. Its thread count of 220 or higher ensures durability and comfort. Available in a wide range of colors, this reversible fabric is sure to complement any project.

Find this fabric at shop outlets, fabric wholesalers, and online shops. Embrace your creativity and let Flannel Back Satin Fabric bring your sewing projects to life.

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