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The Easiest No Sew DIY Bean Bag Chair Tutorial – Create Beautiful Lounging Full Guide of 2024

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diy bean bag chairWhat’s stopping you from creating the most comfortable spot in your home? You’ve got this.

Making a bean bag chair is easier than you think! With a couple of basic supplies and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll be lounging in style in no time. Forget those pricey store-bought bags – this DIY bean bag chair lets you customize your cushion’s look and feel.

While sewing skills help, anyone can make one of these puffy thrones. All it takes is a willingness to try.

Let the creative juices flow as you craft a comfy masterpiece. With each fiber-filled stitch, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. So grab your materials and get ready to relax in your own custom bean bag – you’ve so got this.

Table Of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Ease of making a bean bag chair
  • Customization options for bean bag chairs
  • Sewing skills not required
  • Filling options for bean bag chairs

DIY Bean Bag Chair Ideas

DIY Bean Bag Chair Ideas
Let’s get crafty! Looking for a quick DIY project to personalize your space? You can sew a kid-sized bean bag chair in 30 minutes to create a cozy reading nook. Or make an oversized bean bag that’s big enough for the whole family to lounge on.

Add a handle so you can easily drag it from room to room. Turn an old bean bag into an iPad stand for hands-free viewing. With a little creativity, you can customize a bean bag chair to suit your needs.

Kids Bean Bag Chair (Sew in 30 Mins)

You can whip up a cozy bean bag for your kiddo in just half an hour using some simple upholstery fabric, a zipper, and bean bag filler.

Cut a 45 x 32 inch rectangle of durable upholstery fabric.

Stitch the long edges together.

Round one corner and install a 22-inch invisible zipper.

Fill with 3.5 cubic feet of beans through the zipper.

Consider sewing the zipper shut for young kids.

Round the remaining corners and align the seams for a custom cozy spot.

Follow measurements precisely and use quality upholstery fabric to prevent rips.

Upholstery swatch sampling brings funky shapes brainstorming.

Designer stencils sharing inspires kids’ playtime experiences.

Older cover repurposing allows pillowcase poufs possibilities.

Focus on fabric strengths and sewing machine capabilities for bean bags kids adore.

Fleece pillowcases become wonderful poufs.

Make a Giant Bean Bag Chair

Step it up a notch with a giant bean bag chair!

Big Bean Bag Bigger Bean Bag Colossal Bean Bag
4-6 ft wide 6-8 ft wide 8+ ft wide
Fits 1-2 people Fits 2-4 people Fits 4+ people
Under $100 $100-$200 Over $200

Going for supersized comfort? A giant bean bag is ideal for filling that empty corner or providing family-sized lounging. Just double the fabric measurements and filling. Sturdy upholstery fabric prevents rips, while a durable handle makes moving it around easier.

For the fill, recycled polystyrene beads or shredded foam offer affordability. With the right materials and some repurposed zippers, you can design a custom oversized bean bag!

DIY Bean Bag With a Handle

Adding a handle allows you to easily move your cozy new bean bag from room to room. Simply attach adjustable straps or a reinforced cargo pocket to make it portable.

DIY Bean Bag IPad Stand

Making a bean bag that holds your iPad lets you get comfy while watching shows or playing games hands-free. Craft a stand into the bag using velcro strips, pockets, or slots for props. Fill it with shredded memory foam or beans for support.

Add shelves or pouches inside for chargers and stuff. With a makeover, your bean bag transforms into a cozy personalized iPad lounge spot.

Bean Bag Chair Makeover

Refresh an old bean bag chair with a simple makeover. Add fun, trendy patterns like floral, polka dots, stripes, or your favorite fandom with fabric paint, stencils, iron-on appliques, pillowcase covers, or even duct tape for a crafty budget option.

Materials Needed for DIY Bean Bag Chair

Materials Needed for DIY Bean Bag Chair
Gather up those old full-size sheets to make the inner liner and a couple of twin-size fleece blankets for the cover, then pick up a zipper, 8 bags of bean bag filler, and a sewing machine or needle and thread.

Old Full Size Sheets for Inner Cushion Liner

You ready to upcycle those old sheets lying around into a cozy new bean bag liner? Fold full-size flat sheets into a rectangular shape, seal edges with elastic bands or corner Velcro. Measure precisely for a snug fit inside the bean bag cover. Repurpose old bed sheets into the cushioned heart of your homemade lounge seat.

Old Twin Size Fleece Blankets for Bean Bag Cover

Twist up old twin-size fleece blankets for a cozy, homemade bean bag cover. Their softness lends comfort and nostalgia to your lounge spot. Simply cut, sew into shape, then stuff and zip shut for a cushy custom chair. Upcycle blankets gathering dust into your next comfy creation.


Obtain a sturdy, long-lasting zipper to effortlessly access the bean bag’s filling. Choose a zipper with sharp silver teeth that will withstand frequent opening and closing when you want to add more filling or wash the liner.

8x 100L Bean Bag Filler Bags for Full Size Chair

Grab eight 100-liter bean bag filler bags for easy filling of your full-sized DIY bean bag chair. Choose from various options like pillow stuffing, foam, or no-sew alternatives. Consider safety concerns and material durability when selecting the outer shell for easy cleaning and longevity.

Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread

Use your sewing machine or needle and thread to stitch the sides of the inner liner closed, leaving one side open for filling.

Here are some tips for sewing your DIY bean bag chair:

  1. Choose a sturdy fabric that can withstand regular use and is easy to clean.
  2. Use a strong needle suitable for your fabric thickness.
  3. Consider reinforcing seams with double stitching to increase durability.
  4. Watch video tutorials or follow step-by-step sewing patterns for guidance.
  5. Get creative with embellishment ideas like adding decorative trim or embroidery.

Enjoy crafting fun while creating a cozy and stylish bean bag chair that suits your personal style and adds comfort to any room in your home!

Step-by-step Instructions for Making a DIY Bean Bag Chair

Step-by-step Instructions for Making a DIY Bean Bag Chair
Start by sewing the liner for the inner cushion closed on three sides, leaving one side open for filling. Next, cut the cover pattern from your blankets and sew it into a cone shape, attaching a square bottom.

Install a zipper on three sides of the liner to allow access. Fill the liner with beans or foam and sew it closed before inserting it into the cover.

Sew the Liner for the Inner Cushion

Sew the three sides of the inner liner closed, leaving one side open for filling. Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to ensure a secure stitch. Remember to take proper measurements for your desired size bean bag.

Upholstery fabric will provide durability and prevent rips. Vacuum pack your chosen filler material to maximize comfort and minimize mess. Considerations for kids include sewing shut the opening or using child-friendly materials like Styrofoam pellets instead of beans.

Sew the Bean Bag Cover Together

Shape the fabric pieces into a cone, creating a cozy cocoon for ultimate relaxation. Sew the sides together with precision using sewing techniques like backstitching and zigzag stitch. Customize your bean bag cover by choosing from a variety of fabric color options.

Consider alternative bean bag fillings such as shredded memory foam or toy stuffing for added comfort and personalization.

For optimal results, use a reliable sewing machine like the Brother CS6000i to ensure durability and ease of use in this DIY project.

Create a unique home decor piece that complements your style.

Experiment with different textures and patterns to add visual interest.

Explore convertible bean bag chair options that can be used as both seating and lounging furniture.

Sew the Bottom Square and Zipper to the Triangles

Attach the square bottom to the cover cone shape, creating a sturdy and stylish base that will make your DIY creation stand out in any room. Use sewing techniques to carefully sew the bottom square onto the triangles, ensuring a secure attachment.

Install the zipper on one side for easy access to fillings. Choose durable fabric options for longevity and style in your DIY bean bag chair project.

Convertible DIY Bean Bag Chair Tips

Try out these fun and creative ideas to transform your homemade cozy seat into a multipurpose wonderland! Explore convertible designs that can be used as a chair, bed, or toy storage. Consider material alternatives like outdoor fabric for added durability. Customize your bean bag with DIY accessories for extra functionality and style.

Remember to prioritize bean bag safety by using child-friendly materials and secure closures.

Tips and Tricks for Making a Homemade Bean Bag Chair

Tips and Tricks for Making a Homemade Bean Bag Chair
When making a homemade bean bag chair, it’s important to take proper measurements for your desired size. Using upholstery fabric will ensure durability and prevent rips or tears. Vacuum packing the filling makes storage easy and convenient, while considering sewing the chair shut is ideal for young kids to avoid any accidents.

Proper Measurements for Desired Size

To create the perfect size for your homemade cozy seating, measure and adjust accordingly to achieve your desired dimensions. Consider factors such as bean bag fabric, filling options, and bean bag comfort.

Remember that proper measurements are crucial for a well-fitting chair that provides optimal support. Don’t forget about customization options like adding back support or using it as an extra bed or toddler bean bag chair.

Using Upholstery Fabric for Durability

For a long-lasting and sturdy homemade seating option, consider using upholstery fabric to ensure durability. Upholstery fabric benefits include its ability to withstand wear and tear, making it perfect for bean bag chairs that will be used frequently.

Cleaning upholstery fabric is also easy, as most fabrics are stain-resistant and can be spot cleaned or machine washed.

When choosing the right fabric for your bean bag chair, opt for one that is thick and tightly woven to prevent rips or tears. Decorating with bean bags made from upholstery fabric adds a touch of sophistication to any space while providing comfortable seating options.

Ensure safety by double stitching seams and using child-safe zippers on removable covers.

Vacuum Packing the Filling for Easy Storage

Vacuum packing the filling provides storage solutions for your DIY bean bag chair. With this space-saving idea, you can easily store and transport your project without any hassle. Explore different filling options and enjoy the benefits of vacuum packing for easy storage.

Considerations for Young Kids

Consider sewing the opening of the bean bag shut to ensure safety for young children. This will prevent any accidental spills or choking hazards. Other considerations for kids’ bean bags include using bright and playful colors, easy-to-clean materials, and alternative designs like a teddy bear sleeping bag or chicken-shaped bean bags.

Keep in mind sewing techniques that prioritize durability and proper stitching. Additionally, always follow cleaning and maintenance instructions to keep your kids’ bean bag looking fresh and inviting.

Consider alternatives like stďż­ animals for added comfort options without sacrificing style or functionality.

Creative Ideas for Bean Bag Chair Designs

Creative Ideas for Bean Bag Chair Designs
Get ready to add some creative flair to your DIY bean bag chair with these unique designs! From a football-shaped game room bean bag to a stenciled patterned beauty, and even a funky pyramid or rollie pollie shape, the options are endless.

You can even repurpose old denim into a stylish pouf. Let your imagination run wild as you create one-of-a-kind seating that adds personality to any space.

Football-shaped Game Room Bean Bag

Create a fun and unique addition to your game room with a football-shaped bean bag that’ll make you feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines of your favorite team’s stadium.

This creative seating option combines comfort and style, allowing you to relax while adding a touch of football-themed decor to your space. With its distinctive shape and design, this football bean bag is sure to be a conversation starter among friends and family.

Whether you’re hosting game day parties or simply want an eye-catching piece for your game room, this DIY project is perfect for sports enthusiasts looking for something different in their home decor.

So grab some fabric, fillers, and sewing materials – it’s time to score big with this one-of-a-kind football-shaped bean bag chair!

Stenciled Pattern Bean Bag

Transform your ordinary fabric into a work of art with a stenciled pattern that adds elegance and style to your cozy seating.

  • Stenciled design offers endless creative possibilities
  • Choose from a variety of color options
  • Customize bean bag size to fit any space
  • Gather DIY materials for an affordable project
  • Explore unique shapes like the otomi stenciled bean bag or go for huge bean bags filled with stďż­ animals.

Rollie Pollie Bean Bag Shape

Shape the bean bag into a unique Rollie Pollie design for a fun and versatile seating option. The round shape of the Rollie Pollie bean bag provides numerous benefits, including increased comfort and flexibility in positioning.

Its size options allow for customization to fit any space or individual preference.

Maintenance is easy with removable covers that can be washed or replaced, ensuring long-lasting style. Get creative with styling by choosing fabrics that complement your decor, adding pops of color or patterns to liven up any room.

Embrace the liberation and power that comes from creating your own DIY bean bag chair in this playful Rollie Pollie shape!

Funky Pyramid Bean Bag

Get ready to experience the ultimate in funky comfort with a one-of-a-kind pyramid-inspired seating solution. The funky pyramid bean bag chair offers a unique teardrop-ish design, available in various color options to match your style.

You can customize it further by adding DIY decorations or using different filling alternatives for added comfort.

When it comes to maintenance, simply remove the cover and wash it when needed. Whether you prefer store-bought puffy chairs or want to try something different, the funky pyramid bean bag is sure to elevate your relaxation game! Don’t forget to hook velcro onto its corners for extra stability and support.

Denim Pouf

Create a stylish addition to your home decor with the unique and trendy Denim Pouf, adding a touch of vintage charm to any room.

  • Explore different denim pouf ideas for inspiration.
  • Discover DIY tips for making your own bean bag chair.
  • Get creative with various pouf designs.
  • Consider important factors when making a homemade bean bag.
  • Find patterns online to guide you in creating the perfect denim pouf.

DIY Bean Bag Chair Patterns and Templates

DIY Bean Bag Chair Patterns and Templates
Looking for DIY bean bag chair patterns and templates? Look no further! Check out our KIDS pattern [Click Here] and our ADULT pattern [Click Here] for step-by-step instructions on how to create your own cozy bean bag chairs.

Click Here for the KIDS Pattern

Discover the perfect pattern for your little one’s cozy seating with our exclusive KIDS design! Our Kids Pattern is not only adorable but also durable, ensuring that it can withstand all the playtime and snuggles.

You have a variety of filling options to choose from, whether you prefer beans, foam, or stuffing. Plus, we offer different sizes to accommodate your child’s needs. Get creative and personalize their bean bag chair with fun customization ideas.

Click Here for the ADULT Pattern

Check out the adult pattern for a cozy seating option that will add style and comfort to any room in your home. This DIY bean bag chair is not only functional but also allows you to unleash your creativity with various fabric choices and customization ideas.

Here are some highlights of the adult pattern:

  • Creative fabric choices: From durable canvas to luxurious upholstery fabrics, there are endless possibilities for making a unique statement.
  • DIY bean bag chair accessories: Add handles for easy moving or even make an iPad stand integrated into the design.
  • Bean bag chair filling options: Use polystyrene beads or shredded memory foam filler for ultimate comfort.

Get ready to transform your space with this DIY bean bag chair using our customizable adult pattern!

Reader Interactions and DIY Bean Bag Chair Tips

Reader Interactions and DIY Bean Bag Chair Tips
Discover a wealth of DIY tips and receive valuable feedback on your bean bag chair projects. Explore various ideas for creating unique and stylish bean bag chairs that will enhance the comfort and style of any space in your home.

Share DIY Tips and Get Feedback

Share your own innovative ideas and seek valuable input from others in order to enhance the quality of your DIY project. Whether it’s adjusting the measurements for a desired size bean bag or exploring alternative materials for a unique look, there are endless possibilities to personalize your creation.

Consider styling suggestions such as adding handles for easy moving or creating a bean bag iPad stand. Don’t forget safety considerations like using upholstery fabric to prevent rips and sewing shut corners for young kids.

Remember, comfort and support are key when designing your perfect bean bag chair.

Discuss Different Bean Bag Chair Ideas

Explore a wide range of creative seating options that will add comfort and style to any room in your home.

  • Bean Bag Chair Shapes: Discover unique shapes like rollie pollie, funky pyramid, or even a giant couch shape for ultimate relaxation.
  • Bean Bag Chair Fabrics: Choose from durable canvas marine fabric in coal black or upcycle old sheets and blankets for a budget-friendly option.
  • Bean Bag Chair Colors: Find the perfect color to match your decor with options ranging from vibrant stenciled patterns to classic denim poufs.
  • Bean Bag Chair Accessories: Add handles for easy moving or create a bean bag iPad stand for entertainment on-the-go.

Embrace the DIY challenge of creating your own bean bag chair while enjoying the liberation and power of crafting something with your own hands. With tips from brandy enthusiasts at Coast Guard gatherings, you’ll have all the guidance you need.

Whether it’s watching TV in style or making Stardust shoes come alive, these ideas are sure to impress both kids and adults alike.

Recommended Products for Making a DIY Bean Bag Chair
Looking to make your own DIY bean bag chair? Check out these recommended products for your project: Big Joe Bean Bag Refill Polystyrene Beans, Mybecca Canvas Marine Fabric Coal, Nylon Coil Zippers Bulk Silver Metallic Sewing Zippers by the Yard With Sliders, Brother Sewing Quilting Machine Project Runway Built-in Stitches LCD Display, and Memory Foam Shredded Bean Bag Filler.

These items will help you create a comfortable and stylish bean bag chair that you can enjoy in your home or outdoor space.

Big Joe Bean Bag Refill Polystyrene Beans

Experience the joy of reviving your cozy haven with a simple refill solution that breathes new life into your beloved cushioned oasis. Big Joe Bean Bag Refill Polystyrene Beans offer a budget-friendly alternative to buying pre-filled bean bags, allowing you to restore shape and comfort to flattened cushions.

With their lightweight and recyclable polystyrene beads, these refill beans are perfect for refilling bean bags and pool floats. During the refilling process, some mess is expected, but using a funnel made from a toilet paper roll and duct tape can make it easier.

Be aware that larger items may require more than one bag for filling purposes. These beans are larger compared to other brands like Yogibo, making them great for reviving old pool floats as well.

Mybecca Canvas Marine Fabric Coal

Consider utilizing the durable and waterproof Mybecca canvas marine fabric in coal color for your DIY project. This versatile fabric is perfect for upholstery projects and outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for your bean bag chair.

With its tightly woven construction, easy-to-clean material, and no additional dyes or colors added, this fabric provides both strength and style to your sewing projects. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced sewer, the Mybecca canvas marine fabric is sure to meet all of your needs.

  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy to clean
  • Tightly woven construction

Nylon Coil Zippers Bulk Silver Metallic Sewing Zippers by the Yard With Sliders

Upgrade your sewing projects with these silver metallic zippers, perfect for adding a touch of style and functionality to your creations. These durable zippers come in different lengths and colors, allowing you to choose the right option for your DIY bean bag chair.

The sturdy zipper tape material ensures long-lasting use, while the smooth zipping makes it easy to open and close.

With their metallic look, these zippers will elevate the overall aesthetic of your project while providing convenience and durability.

Zipper Options:

  • Various options

Color Choices:

  • Silver

Length Considerations:

  • Choose from different length options based on the size of your bean bag chair design.


  • The durable construction ensures that these zippers can withstand frequent use without breaking or getting stuck.

Tape Material:

  • Made with high-quality nylon zipper tape material, they are designed to last through years of opening and closing as you enjoy lounging in comfort on your homemade bean bag chair.

Incorporate these silver metallic nylon coil zippers into your DIY bean bag chair project for a stylish finishing touch that also adds functionality.

Brother Sewing Quilting Machine Project Runway Built-in Stitches LCD Display

Get ready to unleash your creativity with the Brother Sewing Quilting Machine! With its wide range of built-in stitches and user-friendly LCD screen, effortlessly bring DIY projects to life. Discover the best stitches for quilting, learn sewing machine features to consider, master how to thread a needle, troubleshoot common sewing machine issues, and get valuable tips on sewing machine maintenance.

Memory Foam Shredded Bean Bag Filler

For a comfortable and long-lasting filling option, try the shredded memory foam filler. It maintains elasticity and provides durability for various projects like pillows or cushions.

  • Provides ultimate comfort for your DIY bean bag chair
  • Durable and long-lasting material ensures years of use
  • Easy to work with for customization options

When it comes to filling your DIY bean bag chair, consider using shredded memory foam filler. This option not only provides unparalleled comfort but also offers durability that will withstand everyday use.

The elastic nature of the memory foam ensures that your bean bag chair will maintain its shape over time, providing endless hours of relaxation.

Additionally, working with this type of filler is a breeze, allowing you to easily customize your bean bag chair to suit your style preferences or match existing decor in your home.

Using shredded memory foam as a filling option has numerous benefits beyond just comfort and longevity. Memory foam conforms to the body’s shape when pressure is applied, offering optimal support while sitting in the bean bag chair.

This can help alleviate any discomfort caused by prolonged sitting or poor posture habits.

Furthermore, maintaining a clean and fresh-smelling DIY bean bag chair becomes effortless with shredded memory foam as it does not retain odors like other fillers might do over time.

Incorporating this high-quality filling material into your homemade creation will ensure that you have an inviting space where you can unwind after a long day while enjoying all the health benefits associated with proper support during relaxation activities such as reading or watching TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I clean and maintain my DIY bean bag chair?

To clean and maintain your DIY bean bag chair, remove the outer cover and wash it according to the fabric’s instructions. Spot clean any stains on the inner liner. Regularly fluff and rotate the chair to maintain its shape and comfort.

Can I use other materials besides sheets and blankets for the inner liner and cover?

Yes, you can definitely get creative with the materials for your DIY bean bag chair. Consider using old curtains, upholstery fabric scraps, or even repurposed denim to create a unique and stylish inner liner and cover for your bean bag chair.

What is the recommended amount of filler to use for a bean bag chair?

For the most comfortable bean bag chair, it’s recommended to use eight 100L bags of filler.

How can I make my DIY bean bag chair more comfortable?

Make your DIY bean bag chair more comfortable by adding extra filling. Consider using shredded memory foam filler for a plush and supportive seat. Experiment with different amounts of filling until you find the perfect level of comfort for you.

Can I personalize or customize my DIY bean bag chair with different shapes or designs?

Personalizing your DIY bean bag chair is a fun way to make it unique. Try different shapes like a football or pyramid, or add stenciled patterns for extra flair.


To wrap things up, crafting your own DIY bean bag chair is a fun and affordable project that can add a touch of comfort and style to any space. With just a few materials and some basic sewing skills, you can create a beautiful lounging spot for yourself or your little ones.

Whether you choose to make a kids’ bean bag in just 30 minutes, a giant bean bag for the family room, or get creative with unique shapes and patterns, the possibilities are endless.

So grab your materials, follow the step-by-step instructions, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your very own DIY bean bag chair.

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