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How to Sew Yoga Pants With Black Band and Aztec Pattern Full Guide of 2023

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I made yoga pants with the black belt and Aztec pattern for my client. Here are the steps by step pictures and description of this project. These yoga pants were easier to make and took less time than a turtleneck collar.

Stretch the knit material. Use Aztec line print for the main body and black sketch for the yoke.1yoga-pants-compressor

Cut out the back of the yoga pants wrong sides together.2nd y

If necessary, carefully adjust the material pattern by aligning the print of the pattern from the crotch to the bottom of the back piece before cutting the front piece.3rdp

After aligning the pattern print, cut out the front of the yoga pants.4 p compressor

Cut out the yoke with contrasting black fabric.5 y compressor

Place the back on the front, wrong sides together. Line up the crotch seam with the bottoms of the pants and notches. Repeat with the other.6 y compressor

Sew the seam with an elastic stitch, then baste the seam. 7 y compressor

Press the joined seam towards the back piece. Repeat with the other back and front piece.8 y compressor

Place stitched back / front panels at the crotch; match notches (back panels left; front right).9 y compressor

Sew the crotch area seam, making sure the assembled seam is back. Sew a reinforced stitch over the hem. Then serve the seam.10 y compressor

Place the sides of the pants wrong sides together; pin and sew the sides. Then serve the seams.11 y compressor

Serge the bottom of the trouser legs. Then turn under the desired amount (eg 1.25 ” inch) and press. Use a blind hem stitch or a regular hem (or sew by hand if desired) to follow the hem.12 y compressor

Pin the yoke on the right and left side lengthways wrong sides together.13 y compressor

Sew the pinned seams of the yoke and then baste them. Press the stitched seams.14 y compressor

Turn the yoke right side out. Fold in half on the fold line. Pin the notches together at the base of the yoke and thread 3/8 ” from the edge around the base.15y compressor

Pin the yoke to matching notches, side seams, and center.16y compressor

If desired, fold the yoke halfway over and twist it inward and pin it to the seam where it . Sew it on. Note: I folded the band to the outside of the garment.17 y compressor

Here are the last images of yoga pants with the black belt and.

yoga pants final

Final yoga pant from back side

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