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An Incredibly Useful Tool for Your Sewing Room: the Cricut Maker (2023)

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If you have been sewing for a whilst, you likely very own a great sewing machine, a server, and perhaps even an embroidery machine or a quilting machine…

But, do you very own the Cricut Maker?

Cricut machines are not just for paper crafters any longer! The Cricut Maker can lower out just about any sort of material with the press of a button. It is an incredibly useful tool for when you want to lower out smaller sewing tasks with precision. Sounds fairly brilliant, proper?

Cricut Maker Machine

Cricut Now Has a Rotary Cutter Blade for Material

The two the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Take a look at Air 2 can lower out material, but the Cricut Maker has distinct resources to assistance you do it greater. With the Cricut Maker, you can use the awesome rotary blade — it has a 360-degree design and style to swivel on stage and lower material all around corners and in smaller circles. It is not only for straight cuts.

Cricut has various blades that can lower material, but the best 1 is (by far) the rotary blade. It will work just like the rotary cutter you currently use in your sewing areas.

The following chart exhibits all the Cricut blades that can lowermaterial:

Cricut Blade Compatible Machine What It Can Lower
Deep-Stage Blade Cricut Take a look at Air 2 and Cricut Maker Thick, stury material, this kind of as craft foam, leather, and vinyl
Bonded-Material Blade Cricut Take a look at Air 2 and Cricut Maker Bonded material, this kind of as burlap, denim, polyester, and stiffened felt
Knife Blade Cricut Maker Only Thick, dense materials, this kind of as leather and vinyl
Rotary Blade Cricut Maker Only Delicate, soft material, this kind of as canvas, cashmere, chiffon, cotton, crepe, denim, felt, flannel, fleece, jersey knit, lace, leather, linen, lycra, muslin, polyester, satin, silk, terry, tulle, and velvet.

The rotary blade is clearly the best for sewing tasks. It can lower the most kinds of material. The rotary blade can even lower delicate and soft material devoid of bonding. Having said that, you need to have the Cricut Maker machine to use it.

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It is simple to set up the Cricut rotary blade. You only eliminate the outdated blade in the clamp and match up the housing gears on the machine with your new Cricut rotary blades. Then, you calibrate your rotary blades in Cricut Style and design Room so it is prepared to use.

If you are pondering how extended the Cricut rotary blade will final, that depends on how usually you use it and what materials you are cutting. It does get boring, just like any other blade. You will know you need to have a new blade when your pattern does not come out clean and sharp any longer. But do not stress, substitute blades are affordable. You can likely use the very same blade devoid of challenge for 6 to 12 months.

Equipment You Have to have with the Cricut Rotary Instrument

To use the Cricut rotary tool, you also need to have a distinctive cutting mat. Cricut designed the pink FabricGrip mat for material. It has a sticky surface that keeps material in spot whilst your Cricut Maker is cutting.

The pink FabricGrip mat comes in each a 12″ x12″ and 12″ x24″ dimension. The bigger mat is clearly greater for the reason that you can lower far more material at as soon as.

Right here are some other equipment to assistance with your Cricut Maker sewing tasks:

  • Brayer Instrument : To smooth out bubbles and assistance lay your material flat on the Pink FabricGrip mat.
  • Broad-Tip Tweezers : To eliminate material from your cutting mat.
  • Scraper : To eliminate material from your cutting mat.
  • Lint Roller : To eliminate smaller scraps of material and lint from your cutting mat.

The Cricut Maker is an incredibly useful tool to have in your sewing areas. You can flip to it every time you want to perform on a fast sewing venture. Plus, Cricut has a partnership with Simplicity Patterns and Riley Blake Materials to assistance you build just about anything at all you can assume of.

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