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How to Make a Long Tulle Skirt for Wedding Dress – Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

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how to make a long tulle skirt for wedding dressDreaming of a fairytale wedding? You can make it happen with the right dress and accessories. If you’re looking for a way to add extra sparkle and drama, why not try making your own long tulle skirt for that perfect princess look? With our step-by-step guide on how to create this stunning garment, you’ll be able to turn heads at any wedding or special occasion.

Key Takeaways

  • Use a step-by-step guide for creating a long tulle skirt for a fairytale wedding look.
  • Try different looks with fabric swatches or scrap pieces of tulle before creating the skirt.
  • Consider renting items for try-on parties and choosing the right fabric and tulle length before investing in a tulle wedding dress.
  • Master cutting techniques, stitching tips, and hemming techniques for a flawless finish on the tulle skirt.

Making a Long Tulle Skirt for a Wedding Dress

how to make a long tulle skirt for wedding dress 1
Making a long tulle skirt for your wedding dress can be an enjoyable and creative way to customize the look of your special day. Before taking on this project, it’s important to try out different looks with fabric swatches or scrap pieces of tulle in order to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Prepare by drawing and cutting the pattern, then sew each piece together before hemming them at various lengths for a unique silhouette.

Try Before You Buy

Try out a tank top and skirt combination before investing in a tulle wedding dress to ensure you love the look! Rent items for try-on parties, consider fabric choice, color coordination, and tulle length.


Prepare for your wedding dress-up dreams by gathering the materials you need: bolts of tulle, a sewing machine, tailor’s chalk, and pattern paper. Get creative with fabric choice and tailoring tips to ensure the court train looks perfect! Sewing skills are essential – practice makes perfect! Utilize pattern advice for a flawless finish and choose from numerous tulle options to achieve that showstopping look.

Drawing and Cutting

Draw a pattern for your perfect skirt on the pattern paper, then carefully cut the tulle according to this outline. Utilize drawing tools and fabric selection to achieve the desired look. Master cutting techniques and stitching tips for a double or chapel train hemming method.


Once you have the pieces cut, it’s time to sew them together and create your perfect tulle skirt. Quality fabric choice is important, as well as mastering basic stitches such as hemming techniques and basting.

A tailor’s chalk can help with creating a variety of different skirt shapes and lengths for a snugly fitted skirt that will show off your own pattern design.


You’ll need to master hemming techniques for a snugly fitted skirt that will flaunt your pattern design. Get creative with tailor’s chalk and use the right tools: measure carefully, add hem allowances, then machine or hand-hem.

For a cathedral train tulle wedding skirt, you can turn heads in floor-length sophistication! DIY it from Walmart or BHLDN — either way, have fun creating the ultimate tulle look.

Understanding Skirts With Trains

Understanding Skirts With Trains
If you’re considering adding a bit of drama to your wedding look, why not explore skirts with trains? There are several types of train lengths available for bridalwear, from the standard chapel and cathedral length all the way through to longer royal or sweep styles.

Standard trains can be anywhere between 20-90cm in length and are designed to just brush the floor as you walk – perfect for traditional ceremonies. However, if you want something that will really make an impact, then consider one of the more extravagant wedding train lengths, such as court or opera, which could range up to 1m in length.

Train Types

With so many styles to choose from, you can create a unique look for your special day by selecting the right train type for your tulle skirt.

From long and sweeping trains to those with dramatic ruffles, fabric choices range from lightweight chiffon and organza to heavier satin or silk.

Consider dyeing tips if you’re looking for something more vibrant than plain white or ivory.

Sewing techniques such as gathering will make sure that everything stays in place while permanent marks like monograms are popular additions too!

Keep in mind bulky undergarments may be necessary depending on the length of the train – but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin your silhouette. Fishtail trains often pop out at formal court events, and an embroidered border can add just enough flare without being overbearing.

Design away!

Standard Trains

Standard trains are a popular choice for creating a timeless look on your special day, with options ranging from lightweight chiffon to heavier satin or silk.

For the romanticism of a full-length tulle extravaganza, circle skirts and buying tulle fabric can be used to create dramatic sweep train designs.

To ensure accuracy when cutting out pieces, use tailor’s chalk and give yourself a 25-inch seam allowance for added comfort.

Sewing techniques such as gathering will make sure that everything stays in place, while permanent marks like monograms are popular additions too!

Create an unforgettable bridal look by adding beautiful standard wedding trains to your ensemble.

Wedding Trains

Take your look to the next level with a luxurious wedding train! Floor-length, cathedral-length, chapel-length, and modified lengths are all available. Add an unforgettable touch by using tailor’s chalk to cut out pieces with a 25-inch seam allowance for added comfort.

Create stunning single or double trains that flow from the back of the skirt – try a whopping cathedral train for maximum drama at traditional weddings! For something more subtle, opt for sweep styles featuring sheer fabrics like tulle or chiffon.

Where to Find a Circle Skirt With Train Pattern

Where to Find a Circle Skirt With Train Pattern
If you’re looking to make a long tulle skirt for your wedding dress, the key is in understanding the different types of skirts with trains and finding a pattern that fits your taste.

For starters, there are six main train lengths available – chapel, cathedral, court or opera, royal or sweep styles – all ranging anywhere from 20-90cm.

A great place to start is by checking out online stores such as BHLDN and Amazon for ready-made tulle wedding skirts.

When it comes to making one yourself, here’s what you’ll need: fabric choices including tulle (try Gifts International at $6.95 per 40 yards), tailor’s chalk/marker pen/chalk pencils, plus waistband pattern pieces (available in big-box stores).

Plus, other supplies such as scissors and pins will aid sewing basics even novice sewers can master with practice!

  1. Use lightweight materials.
  2. Opt for light colors.
  3. Keep seams straight.
  4. Be sure not to choose an overly complicated design.

With these techniques at hand, creating unique personalized looks has never been easier – so why not give it a go?

Where to Buy a Tulle Wedding Skirt

Where to Buy a Tulle Wedding Skirt
For a wedding-ready look, try pairing an elegant tank top with a stunning tulle skirt for your special day. Tulle skirts are flattering on most body types and come in various lengths and fabric choices to suit any style preference.

The cost of tulle wedding skirts can range from very affordable (Walmart has options less than $25 for 25 yards) to more expensive if you opt for embellishments or custom tailoring. Reviews online can help you make sure that the pricing comparisons match up with quality expectations before buying, as well as provide helpful tips when making your own DIY maxi skirt using tailor’s chalk/marker pen/chalk pencils and waistband pattern pieces.

Whether it’s ready-to-wear or made at home, great tulle maxi skirt DIYs will give you an unforgettable look without breaking the bank!

Styling Options for Your Tulle Wedding Skirt

Styling Options for Your Tulle Wedding Skirt
You can style your tulle wedding skirt in a variety of ways, such as wearing it over another dress or with a tank top – both options providing an elegant look.

According to the Google Fashion Trends Report, tulle skirts are one of the most searched-for clothing items.

For extra flair and formality on the big day, you could opt for tailored fit draping techniques and add accessories like the Maison Scotch Pom Pom Tank or the Ramy Brook Perry Chiffon Star Tank Top from BHLDN.

Or go for something more unique with the Natori In Perpetuity Camisole paired off with a colorful tulle fabric choice to match any color scheme!

Additionally, consider basic types of DIY tutorials that will help you create different styles using tailor’s chalk, marker pen, chalk pencils, and waistband pattern pieces. This is great if you want an affordable option compared to buying ready-made ones online at places like Gifts International ($6.

With all these styling options available today – no matter what type of wedding dress the bride desires – she’ll find her perfect look!

Creating a Convertible Wedding Dress With a Tulle Skirt

Creating a Convertible Wedding Dress With a Tulle Skirt
Experience the luxury of a convertible wedding dress with a tulle skirt, crafted to your desired look. Tulle alternatives such as chiffon and organza are great budget-friendly options that offer versatility in styling.

DIY Tips like adding a 25-inch seam allowance for train types or selecting pattern pieces can be used to create an original design tailored just right for you.

For those on a tight budget, shopping around online will help you find affordable materials like tulle fabric at Gifts International ($6.

So slip into something timelessly beautiful by exploring various combinations of tailor’s chalk markers and fabrics paired together in creative harmony using our tips above – producing one stunning masterpiece worthy enough for any special day ahead!

Pairing Your Tulle Skirt With a Tank Top

Pairing Your Tulle Skirt With a Tank Top
With a variety of tank tops to choose from, you can easily create your own signature look with a tulle skirt. A stitch in time saves nine. From the Maison Scotch Pom Pom Tank and Ramy Brook Perry Chiffon Star Tank Top, all the way up to Natori In Perpetuity Camisole from BHLDN, there is an affordable option for every body type and wedding reception style.

Whether it’s full-length or knee-length skirts, special attention should be paid to selecting pattern pieces that will give you the desired length when paired with tulle fabric or other materials like chiffon or organza.

To get creative with how these styles are incorporated together into one unique dress design requires some clever tailoring techniques using tailor’s chalk markers along different parts of waistlines and hemlines, for example – experimenting until satisfied! With this method in hand, no two dresses should ever look alike, allowing each bride her momentous day wearing something tailored specifically just for her without compromising on any dream details previously thought impossible!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best type of tulle for a wedding skirt?

Choose tulle that is lightweight, durable, and soft for the best wedding skirt. Shop around for tulle with texture to give your skirt extra flair.

How much tulle is needed to make a full skirt?

To create a full skirt, you will require around 10-12 yards of tulle. Take into account the length and width while estimating the amount needed to guarantee it is sufficient for your project!

What is the difference between a tulle skirt and a train skirt?

A tulle skirt is a lightweight, sheer fabric with many layers that create volume and fullness. Train skirts are usually made of heavier fabrics like satin or velvet, have fewer layers, and generally hang longer than the hemline of the dress.

Are there any special tools needed for making a tulle skirt?

You don’t need any special tools to make a tulle skirt! All you’ll need are basic sewing supplies like scissors, pins, needles, and thread. With practice and some guidance from tutorials, you can create your own beautiful tulle skirt with ease.

How long does it typically take to make a tulle skirt?

Creating a beautiful, long tulle skirt for your wedding dress can be an empowering and liberating experience. Depending on the complexity of the design, it typically takes between 8-10 hours to make one.


Making a tulle wedding skirt may seem daunting at first, but with the right supplies, tutorials, and patience, it’s not only achievable but fun. You can create a skirt that fits your exact vision for your wedding day with the right fabrics.

Plus, with the help of videos and tutorials, you can save money by making the skirt yourself and avoid the hassle of returning an ill-fitting skirt. So why not try making a tulle skirt for your wedding day? With a little practice and patience, you can create a stunning skirt that you can be proud of.

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