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Bernina 830 Sewing Machine: Seamless Embroidery & Quilting Powerhouse (2024)

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bernina 830 sewing machineYou’re eyeing the Bernina 830 sewing machine, and let me tell you – this Swiss beauty is a game-changer. With its massive workspace, Jumbo Bobbin capacity, and built-in embroidery designs, it’s a seamstress’s dream come true.

Imagine effortlessly tackling quilting projects with that spacious 30cm area to the right of the needle.

But wait, there’s more – the embroidery module lets you create intricate designs up to 12" wide with on-screen editing capabilities.

Prepare to level up your textile artistry with this powerhouse.

Key Takeaways

  • Dive into the world of embroidery with 150 built-in designs and 10 embroidery alphabets at your fingertips.
  • Elevate your quilting game with the spacious 30 cm Workspace to the right of the needle, providing ample room for maneuvering even the grandest of projects.
  • Say goodbye to frequent bobbin changes with the jumbo bobbin that boasts a 40% larger capacity, ensuring uninterrupted sewing and embroidery bliss.
  • Harness the power of precision with the laser-sharp pinpoint placement feature for embroidery, guaranteeing accurate stitching every time.

Key Features

Key Features
With the Bernina 830, you’ll experience an impressively spacious work area, allowing you to tackle large projects with ease. The 40 cm (15 in) free arm and 30 cm (12 in) space to the right of the needle provide ample room for maneuvering fabric.

Additionally, the jumbo bobbin boasts a 40% increase in thread capacity compared to standard bobbins. This enables long periods of uninterrupted sewing and reduces the need for frequent bobbin changes.

Massive Work Area

You’ll have all the sewing space you need with the Bernina 830’s extra-large work area. Seamlessly switch from sewing to embroidery with the free-hand system, slide-on extension table, and multiple spool holder. The embroidery module and ArtDesign software let you create intricate designs, while the 30 cm sewing space to the right of the needle gives you ample room to maneuver.

Jumbo Bobbin Capacity

You’ll love the jumbo bobbin’s 40% larger capacity – fewer thread changes mean continuous sewing bliss for your embroidery, quilting, and other projects. Bobbin replacement is effortless, ensuring seamless shifts when embroidering, quilting, and tackling large sewing tasks without constant rethreading. Say goodbye to bobbin woes with this machine’s innovative bobbin technology!

Embroidery Design Library

With its impressive 150 built-in embroidery designs and 10 embroidery alphabets, you’ll have a world of creative possibilities at your fingertips. The on-screen editing functions allow for resizing, rotating, and combining designs effortlessly. Plus, the large embroidery area and free-motion embroidery capabilities empower you to bring your embroidery visions to life with precision and flair.

Embroidery Capabilities

Embroidery Capabilities
The Bernina 830 comes loaded with 150 built-in embroidery designs, giving you a vast library of options to play with from the start. Its generous 9.5" x 12" embroidery area allows you to take on larger projects with ease, and the on-screen editing capabilities let you adjust designs to your exact specifications.

Built-in Designs

With 150 built-in embroidery designs and 10 embroidery alphabets, you’ll have endless creative possibilities at your fingertips. Enjoy:

  • Variety of themes and styles
  • Built-in tutorials for easy learning
  • On-screen editing for precise customization
  • Accurate needle placement for flawless results
  • Automatic thread cutting for uninterrupted workflow

Embark into the realm of embroidery with ease and showcase your artistic flair.

Embroidery Area

With the Bernina 830, you’ll be blown away by its massive embroidery area and lightning-fast 1,000 stitches per minute speed. Its freearm capability and on-screen design editing make embroidering large projects a breeze. Plus, it’s compatible with Bernina’s embroidery modules and software, giving you total stitch control and the ability to customize designs with drag-and-drop ease.

Editing Functions

You’ll love the editing tools on the Bernina 830 for creating custom masterpieces. With drag-and-drop stitch combination and on-screen adjustments, you can tweak designs to perfection. Precisely place stitches, customize patterns, and even secure stitches automatically—all before your sewing machine brings those edited embroidery visions to life.

Sewing Capabilities

Sewing Capabilities
Regarding sewing, the Bernina 830’s exceptional stitch quality guarantees impeccable results on a wide range of fabrics, from delicate silks to heavy denims.

With its spacious workspace that extends up to 30 cm to the right of the needle, you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver larger projects like quilts with ease.

Automated features like the thread cutter save you time and effort.

Stitch Quality

You’ll achieve impeccable stitch quality with:

  1. Automatic thread tension adjustment
  2. Ideal needle sizes for every fabric
  3. Customized stitch types crafted for projects

The Stitch Regulator secures consistent stitches, while automatic securing tidily finishes seams. Guides assist with pintucks, tapering, and precise seam allowances for flawless results.

Workspace Size

The Bernina 830 offers an expansive workspace.

It has a 40 cm freearm and 30 cm space to the right of the needle.

The slide-on extension table and accessory box provide ample room for larger projects.

Utilize the seam guide and dual feed for impeccable stitching.

Embrace the multi-spool holder’s convenience for effortless thread changes.

Experience quilting and embroidery mastery within this generous workspace.

Automatic Functions

You’ll breeze through projects with the Bernina 830’s time-saving automatic functions:

  1. Automatic thread cutter for effortless trimming
  2. Bernina Stitch Regulator ensuring consistent stitches
  3. Drag-and-drop design editing for embroidery precision
  4. Semi-automatic needle threader for hassle-free threading

This user-friendly machine empowers you with innovative features, providing a seamless sewing experience suited to your creative needs.

Machine Specifications

Machine Specifications
The Bernina 830’s impressive dimensions accommodate ambitious projects.

With a generous 40 cm (15 in) long free arm and 30 cm (12 in) workspace to the right of the needle, you’ll breeze through projects.

It has top speeds of 1,100 stitches per minute for sewing and 1,000 stitches per minute for embroidery.

The stitch width maxes out at an expansive 9 mm, and the stitch length at 6 mm.


With its generous dimensions, the 8 series 830 is the queen of sewing machines.

You’ll marvel at the 40 cm free arm and 30 cm workspace to the right of the needle – perfect for quilting and embroidery.

This reconditioned model offers cost savings and sustainability.

The included accessories like hoops and software provide everything needed for seamless sewing right out of the box.


You’ll enjoy supreme speed with the Bernina 830 – a maximum sewing speed of 1,200 stitches per minute and embroidery speed of 1,000 stitches per minute. Breeze through projects with the BSR foot control, enabling continuous stitching at your desired pace. The programmable securing function and fast reverse guarantee efficient starts and stops without sacrificing stitch quality.

Stitch Width/Length

You’ll be blown away by the 830’s stitch versatility:

  • Up to 9mm wide stitch patterns for bold decorative stitches
  • 6mm max stitch length for precise quilting and embroidery
  • 11 adjustable needle positions for perfect stitch placement
  • Presser foot recommendation guarantees ideal fabric/stitch combos

With mastery over every stitch detail, the 830 lets your creativity run wild.

Accessories Included

Accessories Included
As part of the impressive accessory package, the Bernina 830 comes equipped with a versatile collection of presser feet specifically designed for various sewing and quilting tasks. It also includes multiple embroidery hoops of different sizes to accommodate projects ranging from intricate designs to expansive compositions, complemented by the extensive ArtDesign embroidery software.

Presser Feet

With the Bernina 830, you’ll have more than just the standard presser feet. You get specialty feet designed for embroidery, quilting, and intricate sewing tasks. Adjust the presser foot pressure with ease, and store extras in the included case. Don’t worry about compatibility – these presser feet work seamlessly with your machine.


Along with that impressive assortment of presser feet, you’ll find an equally robust hoop system to tackle your embroidery and quilting projects. Multiple hoop sizes and types guarantee stable fabric tension for pristine results, while easy attachment and maintenance keep the process streamlined. Maximize your creative potential with hoops designed for precision at the machine’s blistering 1,000 stitches-per-minute embroidery speed.


Moving on to the software, you’ll be blown away by the ArtDesign embroidery software. Import/export stitches via USB, access on-screen help, and utilize the Stitch Regulator (BSR) with ease. The centrally located color touch screen and multi-function knobs make navigation a breeze. Plus, enjoy software updates with embroidery tips, fabric compatibility, and endless project ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old is a BERNINA 830 sewing machine?

The Bernina 830 is a recent model, having been released within the past 10 years. As a top-of-the-line machine, it incorporates Bernina’s latest innovations and technology. You’re investing in a powerful, precise sewing companion built to last.

What is the difference between BERNINA 830 and 830 electronic?

At the end of the day, the BERNINA 830 electronic offers more advanced features like automatic tension adjustment, while the standard 830 lacks this capability but is more budget-friendly.

What format does BERNINA 830 use?

The BERNINA 830 utilizes embroidery designs in the industry-standard.EXP and.ART file formats. These formats allow seamless integration with the machine’s on-screen editing capabilities, ensuring precise and creative embroidery results.

Does the BERNINA 830 have pinpoint placement?

Yes, the Bernina 830 boasts a precise pinpoint placement feature, ensuring your embroidery designs are accurately stitched exactly where you intended.

How does the machine handle thick fabrics?

You’ll find the 830’s power and Dual Feed system easily handle thick fabrics, ensuring even feed for perfect stitching every time. Its robust construction and advanced features allow you to tackle any project with confidence.

What is the maximum hoop size supported?

The 830’s maximum hoop size is a generous 12" x 8", allowing you to commence ambitious embroidery creations that showcase your mastery of design. Ignite your creativity and bring intricate visions to life with this expansive workspace.

Can the machine handle metallic or specialty threads?

The Bernina 830 can handle metallic or specialty threads effectively. Utilize the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) for even stitches, choose an appropriate needle, adjust tension, and spool the thread correctly to avoid breakages.

What is the warranty coverage for parts and labor?

Your Bernina 830 comes with a 1-year warranty covering both parts and labor, ensuring you have peace of mind for any necessary repairs or adjustments during this period (Source).

How easy is it to change between sewing and embroidery?

You’ll find switching between sewing and embroidery on the Bernina 830 LE easy, thanks to the clear on-screen prompts and support features. Just connect the embroidery module, select the mode, and you’re set to go (Source).


Imagine harnessing your creativity with the Bernina 830 sewing machine, a veritable masterpiece for any textile artist.

With its expansive workspace, jumbo bobbin, and premium embroidery designs, you’re empowered to conquer any project.

Experience impeccable stitch quality, extensive embroidery capabilities, and automated functions crafted for seamless sewing.

Marrying professional-grade dimensions, speed, and accessory options, the Bernina 830 transforms your quilting and embroidery endeavors into refined works of art.

Elevate your textile artistry with the Bernina 830 today.

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