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How to Choose a Bernina Sewing Machine – Our Top Picks Full Guide of 2024

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If you were to nab a peek of an average sewing space anywhere in the US, you would possibly discover a Brother, Baby Lock or a Singer (or numerous of those) resting there. It’s arguable whether those are the best sewing machine brand names, yet they are certainly most preferred. Bernina most likely would not make it to top 3. However, many specialists are absolutely thrilled with the efficiency and top quality of their makers And not even the hefty cost can transform their minds.

In this post, I will certainly attempt to find out what songs out Bernina from various other brand names. Likewise, why you need to or shouldn’t think about getting one. Ultimately, I will examine a few of the best bets when it comes to their models.

However initially, a word or more regarding the business. As you can presume from their logo, they are a Swiss company. With 126 years of customs (as well as counting), their excellent credibility has actually been sculpted in stone for years And also it keeps being so even today, in an age of powerful sewing computers. The owner was Karl Friedrich Gegauf, a medical college dropout that striving to be a mechanic. Which was, as we currently understand, a great decision. Among his very first creations were monogrammed needlework machine and also hemstitch sewing machine An additional of the firm’s site innovations were mobile zigzag makers, which quickly arrived throughout the world.

They were amongst the initial makers to identify the paradigm shift that was taking area in the sewing globe. So, in 2002, they developed the very first electronic sewing and needlework machine worldwide, Artista 200.

Today, they go on making sophisticated premium designs with numerous sophisticated features, while staying durable, powerful, and resilient as ever before. Uniquely, most of their models are still being produced in their homeland Switzerland.

Is Bernina Your Next Sewing Machine?

Normally, there isn’t a “one dimension fits all” response to this concern. However, take this generally of thumb. If you are only just starting out as a sewist, Bernina possibly should not be your front runner. Even though they have an entry-level series for newbies, those are still at the very least twice the rate of one of the most fundamental Brother or Singer models. The best guidance would certainly be to obtain a low-cost, basic machine to have fun with till you refine your skills sufficient to continue to the next degree.

But also if you’re a few years into sewing as a hobbyist, an inexpensive fundamental machine must satisfy all of your requirements. You don’t need a sewing monster that can blow up at 1,100 stitches per minute while you delight in a mug of coffee (that it produced you, ehem). All you require is a convenient little tool that does not cost an arm and a leg and also won’t create much headache in the future.

However, if you have (or strategy on having) a sewing service, a number of hundred (or even thousand) dollars shouldn’t be too massive a financial investment. As well as you might rest assured that they will pay for themselves several times over even within a couple months. You need a trustworthy, tough, as well as innovative workhorse. Bernina equipments are all of that and even more The best part is– your grandkids will likely utilize it too. As well as not equally as a fashionable item of antique.

Too Expensive? Attempt a Bernette!

As the sewing market raised as well as the competition went fiercer than ever, Bernina individuals expanded familiar with the cost concern So, they established a different line even in the 1970s, as well as calling it Bernette. Today, this brand bases on its very own. From its mom’s and dad firm it inherited top quality as well as innovation, while being a lot extra budget-friendly for entry-level craftspeople.

So, if you require a good mechanical, digital or mixed machine for sewing, needlework or both, however don’t wish to get duped, Bernette could be a great option for you What I truly appreciate is that their equipment come with Bernina dealership assistance.

Top 5 Bernina Machines

Prior to me continue with the listing, I need to confess something. Generally, when I make lists of best makers in this or that classification, I have to choose from hundreds of designs. In this situation, my job isn’t virtually as tough. Bernina doesn’t show off thousands of lines. On the contrary, they just have eight series to date, with a pair dozen designs– which’s it.

If you ask me, it’s not a negative thing at all. To me, it means that they have full self-confidence in each as well as every design they release. Their major property is top quality instead of quantity And they are appropriate to put that onward as a selling factor.

Selecting from their lines is fairly very easy Their series 2 to 4 were created with newbies in mind, however every one of them are upgradeable, with performance growing together with your skill. Accordingly, they are also extra budget friendly. As for collection 5 to 8, they are for specialist exists, quilters and embroiderers. Naturally, you will have to sprinkle even more money on those.

Bernette 35 Swiss Design Sewing Machine — Most Affordable Model

An entirely mechanical machine, this adorable little Bernette functions 23 stitches as well as seven presser feet– ample to obtain you going. You can readjust stitch width, length and also choose patterns with three dials handles, and change your thread stress with a wheel. With just over 16 pounds, it’s light-weight enough to bring and also utilize on the move The only automated feature is the buttonhole, which will certainly stitch by itself, without you needing to elevate the needle or do anything else. Currently, as I claimed, also the many standard Bernina versions will have more powerful features than their rivals. So, this machine will certainly stitch on the top rate of 860 stitches per minute. It’s not anywhere near an industrial grade design but is still faster than its peers within this price range.


  • Really cost effective taking into consideration the ordinary price of a Bernina.
  • Extremely adjustable stitches.
  • 5 of each stitch width as well as size alternatives.
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • No electronic features.
  • Much more effective than most entry-level equipment.


  • Completely mechanical.
  • Not enabling much modification.

Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine

Bernette’s leading model, it comes no place near the costs of common Bernina devices. Yet, it flaunts a wide selection of features including tremendous 394 stitches, eight one-step buttonholes, eight presser feet, 3 alphabets, speed regulator. It’s very easy to control the stitching rate on the display screen, with optimum of 820 stitches per min You will certainly likewise obtain a hard cover and an expansion table. All of that makes this acquisition an excellent worth for the cash. In regards to efficiency, it’s tough to locate a much more dependable machine within this cost variety.


  • Exceptional value.
  • Remarkable number of stitches.
  • Automatic needle threader and thread cutter.
  • Helpful for quilting, too, despite the fact that it’s not marketed because of this.


  • Beginners will have a steeper knowing contour.
  • Some consumers complain that it’s a little bit loud.

Bernina 530 Sewing and also Quilting Machine

Beginners would probably feel overloaded with this version, even if they can afford it. On the various other hand, intermediate to expert exists and also quilters will celebrate at its rich performance as well as elegance. 148 stitches (22 utilities, 117 attractive consisting of 12 quilting stitches) are most likely greater than you’ll ever before need. Because it’s essentially a little computer system, it will save your favored stitches as well as patterns for easy access in the future. The needle threader can either be semi-automatic or totally automated And also that will certainly save you much time later on. Plus, you can wind the bobbin while sewing, without transforming off the machine You can upgrade this machine with the famous Bernina stitch regulator, which is an outstanding attribute for free-motion sewing Pity it isn’t consisted of in the machine


  • 11 needle placements.
  • Automatic needle threader.
  • Long-term and temporary stitch memory.
  • USB link.
  • Knee lifter.
  • Free-arm table extensions and also bring bag included.
  • Automatic and hand-operated buttonhole.


  • Bernina sew regulatory authorities is offered independently.
  • Strolling feet not included.
  • Really costly.

Bernina Artista 630E Sewing, Quilting and also Embroidery Machine

I had to consist of among these most versatile versions from the Artista collection. Among the features that I definitely adore is the Bernina stitch regulatory authority for smooth, spotless stitches even at varying speeds. You can benefit from 480 stitches and 70 integrated embroidery designs. However that’s not all of it. Since it has USB interface, you can download hundreds of layouts from the net as well as use them at as soon as There are remarkable speed control, start/stop switch, and also free-hand system.


  • Extremely flexible.
  • Huge, user-friendly LCD touchscreens.
  • Outstanding for quilters as a result of Bernina sew regulator.
  • Superb for embroiderers as well, many thanks to the needlework module.
  • A strong and also long lasting workhorse.


  • Very expensive machine
  • Pricey upkeep.

Bernina 830 Embroidery and Sewing Machine — Performance Monster

Sewists and also embroiderers alike will certainly be delighted with this machine It uses 50% much more sewing room than various other designs, along with a different embroidery component 40 inches long. Yet quilters can consider it also, specifically as a result of the exceptionally high, 15mm foot lift. The sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per min (as well as 1,000 embroidery stitches) is comparable to the industrial grade devices. Thus, it will certainly be a lifesaver for specialists that handle heaps of service an everyday basis The dual feed system will certainly handle several layers of fabric like a wind. And also you will certainly find great deals of embroidery designs as well as hoops in the accessories bag.


  • Very fast yet smooth operating.
  • Bobbin bigger by 40%.
  • Numerous devices as well as extras, specifically for embroidery.
  • Huge functioning room, also for the greatest projects.
  • Very functional machine, for sewing, needlework, quilting.


  • Exceptionally costly.
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