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Best Black Friday Cricut Deals: Score Big on Makers, Joys & More! (2024)

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best black friday cricut dealsYou’re in luck if you’re hunting for the best Black Friday Cricut deals!

This year’s sales offer unbeatable discounts on Cricut cutting machines and accessories.

Score big savings on the powerful Cricut Maker 3 through bundled packages or standalone discounts.

For budding crafters, check out the compact yet versatile Cricut Joy with bundled supplies.

Don’t miss out on heavily discounted accessories like blades, mats, and vinyl supplies to revamp your crafting stash.

Major retailers like Amazon, Michaels, and are slashing prices – so keep an eye out for limited-time promotions to maximize savings.

Want to elevate your crafting game? Read on for a full breakdown.

Key Takeaways

  • Cricut Maker 3 machines are available at significant discounts, with bundle packages and standalone deals offering savings up to $50.
  • The Cricut Explore Air 2 also sees bundle packages and standalone discounts, providing versatile cutting capabilities at budget-friendly prices.
  • The compact Cricut Joy is an appealing option with bundle deals that include the machine and essential accessories, as well as standalone discounts.
  • Cricut accessories and supplies, such as replacement blades, vinyl storage solutions, and transfer tapes, are also heavily discounted, allowing crafters to stock up on essentials.

Cricut Maker 3 Deals

Cricut Maker 3 Deals
You’ll find incredible deals on the Cricut Maker 3 this Black Friday, from bundled packages with bonus materials to standalone discounts on the machine itself. Retailers like Amazon, Michaels, and Cricut’s own website are expected to offer substantial savings, so keep an eye out for limited-time promotions to maximize your crafting budget.

Cricut Maker 3 Bundle Packages

Regarding Cricut Maker 3 bundle packages, you’ll discover an array of choices that align with your crafting requirements. These bundles frequently encompass:

  1. The capable Cricut Maker 3 machine, renowned for its versatility in cutting a diverse range of materials from fabric to leather.
  2. A selection of indispensable tools and accessories, such as blades, mats, and design software, to expedite your projects.
  3. Assorted materials like vinyl, infusible ink, and specialty papers, enabling you to delve into diverse creative pursuits.

Cricut Maker 3 Standalone Discounts

Seek no more for isolated discounts on the formidable Cricut Maker 3! This cutting-edge apparatus can revolutionize your crafting endeavors with its precision and versatility. Examine these remarkable savings:

Retailer Original Price Discounted Price Savings $429 $379 $50
Amazon $429 $399 $30
Michaels $429 $389 $40
Joann $429 $409 $20
Target $429 $399 $30

Do not let this opportunity pass you by to secure substantial savings on the Cricut Maker 3 standalone machine this Black Friday!

Cricut Explore Air 2 Deals

Cricut Explore Air 2 Deals
For those seeking a versatile cutting machine on a budget, the Cricut Explore Air 2 offers excellent value with bundle packages and standalone discounts during Black Friday sales. Whether you opt for an all-inclusive bundle or prefer to customize your setup, keep an eye out for tempting deals that can make this capable machine more affordable.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Bundle Packages

Cricut Explore Air 2 bundle packages are a crafty way to score big this Black Friday. These bundles pack in essential accessories like the Cricut Design Space software, a variety of project materials, and helpful troubleshooting guides – everything you need to liberate your creativity. Snag these all-in-one deals and elevate your Explore Air 2 experience.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Standalone Discounts

Keep an eye out for standalone deals on the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine, potentially offering $30-$50 in savings. This versatile cutting machine is a fan favorite, and Black Friday is the perfect time to snag one at a steal. Here are 3 things to look for:

  1.’s exclusive Explore Air 2 discounts
  2. Surprise Explore Air 2 flash sales at major retailers
  3. Bundled Explore Air 2 deals with free materials or accessories

Cricut Joy Deals

Cricut Joy Deals
For those seeking a compact and portable cutting machine, the Cricut Joy is an excellent choice, and Black Friday deals make it even more appealing. You’ll find bundle packages that include the machine along with essential accessories, as well as standalone discounts on the Joy itself, allowing you to craft on a budget.

Cricut Joy Bundle Packages

Regarding Cricut Joy bundle deals this Black Friday, anticipate packages that comprise the compact Cricut Joy machine with an assortment of initial supplies to immediately initiate your crafting endeavors. These bundles present exceptional value, combining the machine with indispensable materials such as smart vinyl, iron-on, and more, at substantial holiday markdowns.

Cricut Joy Standalone Discounts

The Cricut Joy may see discounts of $20 or more off the regular price, making it an enticing option for crafters on a budget.

With its compact size, versatile features, and compatibility with a wide range of materials, the Cricut Joy is perfect for tackling various DIY projects.

Keep an eye out for these standalone deals to elevate your crafting experience.

Cricut Accessories and Supplies Deals

Cricut Accessories and Supplies Deals
Cricut accessories and supplies are the perfect complement to your crafting arsenal this Black Friday.

Score big savings on essential items like replacement blade packs, ensuring your Cricut machine stays in top shape.

Invest in vinyl storage solutions to keep your materials organized and accessible.

Don’t forget the transfer tape – a must-have for seamless vinyl application.

Snag discounted mat packs to tackle a variety of projects with ease.

And don’t sleep on stocking up on Cricut pens – the perfect tools for adding personalized touches to your creations.

With these deals, you’ll have everything you need to showcase your creativity and elevate your crafting game to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Cricut machines go on sale on Black Friday?

Like a beacon in a storm, Cricut’s Black Friday deals gleam, enabling crafters to open up new dimensions of creativity at reduced prices. Yes, these cutting machines frequently experience substantial price reductions during this sales extravaganza, making it a prime opportunity to make an investment.

Is it cheaper to get a Cricut bundle?

You’ll often save with a bundle if you’re getting a machine and supplies. Bundles offer discounted pricing for everything together vs. buying individually. Just don’t get extras you won’t use – stick to what you need.

Which Cricut is the best one to get?

You want to be a crafting hero? The Cricut Maker is your sword, slicing through any material with power and precision – conquer every DIY project like a legend!

What is Cricut biggest competitor?

Cricut’s biggest competitor is Silhouette. You’ll find their cutting machines offer similar features at competitive prices, giving you options to explore based on your needs and budget.

What is the warranty coverage for Cricut machines?

As you delve into Cricut’s crafting realm, their guarantee protects against imperfections – a safeguard for your expenditure. Machines bear a one-year warranty from the date of acquisition, providing you with the assurance to freely express your imagination.

Can I use third-party materials with Cricut machines?

You can absolutely use third-party materials with Cricut machines. This versatility empowers your creativity, giving you control over material choice and project possibilities.

How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues with Cricut?

First, make sure your Cricut is on and connected to Wi-Fi. Next, restart both the Cricut and router. If problems continue, update software, reset network settings, or reach out to Cricut support for help.

What is the difference between Cricut Design Space and Inkscape?

Dude, in the digital age, you need mastery over your tools. Cricut Design Space is a closed ecosystem, while open-source Inkscape gives you freedom to customize and control every aspect of your designs. Flex your creative muscles – Inkscape’s the gym for your artsy side.

Can I use a Cricut machine for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use Cricut machines for commercial purposes. However, be mindful of licensing terms for designs and fonts to guarantee you’re operating legally.


Ultimately, if you’re hesitant about the cost, just remember – these best Black Friday Cricut deals offer unbeatable value. With substantial discounts on cutting machines and supplies, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your crafting arsenal or try your hand at this versatile hobby. Don’t miss out on scoring big savings during this limited-time promotion blitz.

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