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The Best Black Friday Cricut Deals for 2020: Diy Discounts (2023)

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Black Friday is over, but it’s time for holiday deals! We are sure that you are just as enthusiastic about the approach as we are. It’s over. Updated: December 11, 2020

We’ve put together what will probably be the best Black Friday Cricut Deals, based on what Cricut has provided us with in the past.

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As you probably already know, Cricut makes some great products for cutting vinyl, leather, paper, light woods (such as balsa and basswood) and similar materials, heat transfer printing and more.

Here’s what is likely to become the Black Friday Cricut dealing with individual products and bundles.

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Cricut Cutter Discounts on Black Friday 2020

Cutting thicker materials has never been easier than with Cricut’s cutting products, such as the Maker, one of their first machines.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the most recent model in the Explore line. It handles lighter substances than the Maker.

Cricut Maker Sales

When Black Friday rolls around, look for significant price cuts on the Cricut Maker. It’s one of the most expensive items in the product line so it should have the deepest cuts (no pun intended).

It is the maker who can cut through the harder materials such as balsa and leather because it exerts more pressure than the Explore.

This will help you create some very nice projects that you just wouldn’t be able to do with, say, just a hand knife.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Deals

If you particularly like fabrics like vinyl, you probably want special offers from monitor the Explore Air 2.

You could also search for previous versions of the Explore, but we think you’ll with the improvements you get with the Air 2.

With the lighter pressure (compared to the Maker above) that the Explore uses to cut materials, you will find it most suitable not only for vinyl but also for other popular craft products such as polished cardboard films, and bonded fabrics.

Black Friday Deals on EasyPress Heat Transfer

Cricut products are not all about cutting. You can also rely on the Cricut EasyPress line to perform complete and accurate heat transfers.

EasyPress 2 is the upgrade and the latest version of EasyPress.

Cricut now offers three different sizes of EasyPress 2. Whether your projects include blankets, T-shirts or onesies, there’s one to suit your needs.

From large to small, here are the transfer area dimensions available to you in the EasyPress 2 line.

  1. 10 inches by 12 inches
  2. 9 inches by 9 inches
  3. 15 x 18 cm

Each model has a built-in handle that makes pressing easy (hence the name) and provides even pressure and heat distribution when making a transfer.

We think you’ll love the simplicity of using these machines as they will give you much better results than a regular iron.

Make the BrightPad the highlight of your Black Friday

There are other ways to trace, weed and paper -piecing (for quilting patterns), but we think there’s no better way than using the Cricut BrightPad.

So if you’re shopping on Black Friday, look for a good sale on this tool.

You get about 103.5 square inches (9 inches vertically by 11.5 inches horizontally) of working space on the LED-lit BrightPad. This is enough space to create your projects.

With five different brightness settings, this sturdy device will probably remind you of an iPad in design.

Don’t forget to look for deals on accessories and materials

Although the Cricut machines themselves are top of the line, they won’t do you any use if you can’t put anything in it.

Watch the sale of heat transfer vinyl, Oracle vinyl, transfer paper, and so on is a great idea to save money, even if it’s not as much as on the larger items.

That said, if you buy (especially fabrics) in large quantities, your savings can add up quickly!

Sooner or later you will also need new cutting tools and blades.

Whether the one you own is broke or if it’s too boring to get it right, you’ll want to look at discounts on these smaller as fissures so you always have one on hand for your current project.

Black Friday Cricut Bundle Deals

We expect to see bundle deals on Amazon this year as in the past for Cricut products. They were popular before, so why should 2020 be any different?

One of the most amazing bundles we’ve seen in the past that we hope will this year is a Maker bundle that contained many things. Definitely look for those kinds of bundles this time.

You will also likely find the Explore Air 2 as part of a bundle containing a variety of tools, mats and other accessories or fabrics.

Save on shipping costs

Not only do many manufacturers like Cricut offer you great savings on their products for Black Friday, a lot of help you save on shipping too.

Keep an eye out for reduced or even free shipping from Cricut Makers, Explores, espressos, Bright pads and more.

Black Friday deals don’t really end on Fridays

If () yourself can’t take advantage of Black Friday deals, you will probably still be able to find cool offers on Cyber Monday, which is November 30th 2020.

No it doesn’t matter when you’re shopping, look for all the Cricut sales you can find this season to save as much money as possible on Christmas gift giving – even if you’re just giving yourself a present!

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