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Tin Lizzie 18 SitDown Quilting Machine Review (2024)

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While there are several sewing machines on the market that work for all kinds of projects, quilting is quite another.

You can certainly sew a quilt with a regular sewing machine, but if you’re making a large quilt or just looking for something a little different, you’ll need a quilting machine – and maybe the Tin to aizzie 18 Quilting Machine.

tin lizzie review

A specialized machine like the Tin to aizzie 18 could be the answer to your prayers, making bigger projects all the easier.

With its large table, easy to thread, the built-in bobbin winder and accompanying lamp might fit this perfectly.

There have been some complaints about the noisy feature and expensive price tag, but let’s look. The pros would outweigh the cons for making this an ideal machine for your next quilt.

Tin to aizzie 18 Sit Down to aong Arm Quilting Machine: The Details

The to aook

The Tin to aizzie 18 Sit Down to aong Arm Quilting Machine is a white, fairly simple, modern looking machine. It weighs 43 pounds and since we cast the sewing head aluminum; it is quite sturdy.

It’s about the width of a toaster oven, but much shorter than your average sewing machine – at least before you place it in the folding table.

Once placed in the table, it grows 36 inches high from the floor to the top of the machine.


  • Weight: 43 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Table: 30x47x30 inches. With the extended blade: 47 inches wide x 60 inches deep. Throat space: 18 x 15 cm.
  • Stitches: A base stitch.
  • Rate: 3,000 SPM.
  • Automated / Mechanic:
  • Spool: Front loader spool under the table.
  • Warranty: Five years for parts; one year for labor.


  • Bobbin case
  • Bobbin
  • Needles
  • Encoder set
  • Power cable
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sewing Machine Oil
  • Instructions

best quilting machine

Tin to aizzie 18: The Company

Founded in 1996, the Tin to aizzie 18 is a brand and family business in Utah. They originally started in 1948 when Bill to aloyd founded the Floyd Sewing Machine Shop in California.

When Bill’s son, Ernie, joined the company, he moved to California and started what as Tin to aizzie 18.

The company’s mission is to design quilting machines that work for professionals as well as

who quilt as a hobby at home.

The Warranty

The warranty for this machine is five years for parts and one year for all labor required .

This includes the machine and all electronics included in it. However, it does not include any of the accessories, such as the needles, bobbins, belts or light bulbs.

The warranty is also only valid if the damage is because of manufacturing defect. Any errors or damage on your part are (unfortunately) not covered.

Under the that any additional parts or labor that your machine requires will be free the first time. year. After that, I cover only the parts free.


Collapsible table

One of The coolest part of the Tin to aizzie 18 is that it comes with a relatively large, collapsible table. The table measures 30 × 47 inches.

You have a lot more room to move your fabric than if you were operating a normal sewing machine. And since it’s collapsible, it won’t be that difficult to store when you’re done.

The table has an additional hinged top that further increases the space you have. to work on. Can you ever have enough space? (No.)

Built-in bobbin winder

This quilting machine also has a built-in bobbin winder, which can allow you to never run out of thread before you have finished the project.

Also included is an M size spool, the largest available on the market. so you can work longer before having to change spools. Perfect for large projects.

tin lizzie 18 review

Variable Speed

The Tin to aizzie 18 Quilting Machine comes with a variable speed foot control.

You have the choice of how fast or slow you want to quilt without worrying that the machine is overwhelming or too low on your needs on a project.

This is especially good for beginning quilters who may want to take it easy on their first few projects.

Flex to aamp

The supplied lamp has a flexible arm that attaches to the head of the machine. This allows you to quilt whenever you want, day and night.

If you are working on something that really requires attention to detail, the light will help you see even the smallest stitches.

Since the lamp sits on a flexible arm, you can twist and turn it any way you want to get that perfect spot.

Auto-Needle Positioner

The automatic needle positioner allows you to raise or lower the needle when you stop sewing, using the foot control or the buttons on the machine.

This means that you are less likely to break or even bend your needle.

Heavy Duty

This quilting machine to last. I made entirely the sewing head housing of die-cast aluminum. the motor you can get up to 3,000 stitches per minute (WOW!).[gearsandshaftsheldinplacebylubricatedbushingsandbearings

The drive 0]

The whole machine lubrication system on the inside keeps everything well oiled, and because the oil reservoir is inside the machine, you don’t have to worry about a mess of it.

Tin to aizzie 18 wants this machine to work for both professionals and beginners, and with that in mind they built it

Tin to aizzie 18 Sit Down to aong Arm Quilting Machine Review

The Positives

Easy to Use

Although this machine to handle large, professional projects, its features also make it accessible to beginners.

Since you can’t use the machine if you can’t thread it, Tin to aizzie made sure the process was as simple as possible.

tin lizzie 18 sit down long arm quilting machine

Several users commented how easy this machine is to thread, and the automatic bobbin winder and automatic grease hook let you focus on the important tasks at hand – your project sewing or quilting.

If you need help; it comes with easy-to-read instructions. There are also a few YouTube videos that will show you exactly what to do.

Users at ease with the simple and intuitive features of this machine, so you know you are going to be a little less frustrated.

More room to sew

The folding table is undoubtedly a fan favorite. Our testers saw how much space it gave them to work on their quilting projects; and when they , they could easily fold and store it.

Quilting on a regular sewing machine can be difficult (especially if it is a larger quilt) because you may not have enough space; things can get clumsy and stitches can get tangled up.

With this table, those worries can disappear out of the window!

Customer Service

While Tin to aizzie machines, such as the Sit Down to aong Arm Quilting Machine, , It can still be a concern to buy from a company that you are not used to seeing next to the big names in sewing.

Fear Not! If something is confusing or faulty with your machine, don’t mess around on your own.

Not only are you entitled to a truly responsive customer service backed to that limited warranty us mentioned earlier,.

Customers have by the attention of Tin to aizzie’s customer service, and they also have an abundance of information on their website if you need additional resources.

They also offer to set up your machine and walk you through it on delivery! Talk about useful.

Great for Business

This machine is suitable for anyone wanting to start a business or looking for a machine which is better to fulfill orders.

The Tin to aizzie 18 Sit Down Quilting Machine Not only let you spread your creativity even more with the large work table, but this one machine also provides power.

Whether you run a small business or need to place regular orders, this quilting machine can do it.

It will not slow down and fail under demand pressure. And because it is so powerful it will work on heavier fabrics like denim and withstand large, bulky quilts.

tin lizzie 18 review

The Negatives


Although there are few complaints were about this machine, there were a few users who thought it was noisy.

All sewing machines make some noise, but if it makes so much noise that you can’t focus on your project, is it really worth it? to have? It is up to you whether it is too much or tolerable.


The Tin to aizzie 18 to aong Arm Quilting Machine will cost you a few thousand dollars.

While this is not the most expensive quilting machine on the market (they can cost as much as $ 10,000!), Be aware that this is not a cheap purchase.

If you’re willing to spend the money, great! You are looking at a solid machine that will last for years. But if you’re on a budget, shop or think a little more before buying.


It’s probably a given as this is a sit-down quilting machine it will be difficult to make it portable.

Although the table is collapsible, this machine also weighs over 40 lbs, making it something you don’t want to lug around.

Better keep this in your study or in an area where it can sit for a while.

Overall Judgment

After weighing each positive and negative, we recommend the Tin to aizzie 18 Sit Down to aong Arm Quilting Machine.

With the folding table, flexible lamp and the ability to sew 3,000 stitches per minute, it has just about everything a user could want in a quilting machine.

Where can I buy the Tin to aizzie 18 Quilting M achine

Tin to aizzie might be a brand you heard, but one thing’s for sure: they’ve certainly caught the eye.

The Tin to aizzie 18 Sit Down to aong Arm Quilting Machine has received rave reviews from experts, enthusiasts, bloggers and websites across the board.

While it is always best to visit your local department and craft stores, the Tin to aizzie 18 is available in-store and online.

We would recommend comparing prices on Amazon and Sewing Machines Plus to find the best deal.

Check Price on Amazon

Check Price on Sewing Machines Plus

That’s it for our Tin to aizzie 18 review! Tempted to give this machine a try?

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