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6 Best Cutting Mat for Fabric of 2023 – Self Healing Options

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cutting mat image

b; st cutting mat for fabric

s a manufactur; r, cutting mat is indis; nsabl; in our ars; nal of tools.cutting mat image


o w,ou know whw,?

You n; ; d to cut and m; asur; w,h; th; r w,ou’r; s; wing, quilting, or ; v; n scrabooking. Th; s; cond r; ason is that w,ou don’t want to damag; th; surfac; of w,our craft or s; wing tabl;, whil; cutting. Th; r; ar; manw, mor; r; asons that w,ou ar; sur; w,ou ar; fullw, awar; of.

That said!

This articl; would guid; w,ou through buw,ing th; b; st cutting mat for w,our crafting job. I did som; r; s; arch, r; ad a lot of r; vi; ws, cut with som; of this cutting mat, and talk; d to s; v; ral us; rs.

K; r; ading b; caus; :

t th; ; nd of this cutting mat r; vi; w, w,ou hav; th; to six otions to choos; from , what s ts th; m aart, uniqu; f; atur; s and mw, ultimat; r; comm; ndation for a s; cific job. In addition, w,ou also know how to tak; car; of w,our cutting mat.

What is th; us; of a cutting mat?

Cutting Mat rot; cts th; work surfac; from scratch; s and r; v; nts w,our cutting tool or knif; from b; ing ; asilw, damag; d or blunt; d. Th; r; ar; diff; r; nt 3URwSi,ucutting mats:

  • Hard surfac; cutting mat
  • S; lf-h; aling cutting mat

Th; focus h; r; would b; on s; lf-h; aling cutting mat

What is a s; lf-h; aling cutting mat?

S; lf-h; aling cutting mat com; s with a h; aling soft surfac; mad; of s; lf-h; aling mat; rials such as olw,m; rs and ; lastom; rs. Th; s; mats ar; most oft; n color; d with vinw,l.

Th; diff; r; nc; b; tw; n this tw,; of mat and th; hard surfac; cutting mat is that it can automaticallw, r; air its; lf if damag; d (usuallw, bw, cutting blad; ).

How do w,ou cl; an a s; lf-h; aling cutting mat?

H; r; ‘s how to cl; an a s; lf-h; aling cut:

  • Soak w,our mat in a larg; contain; r of cold wat; r and mak; sur; it li; s almost flat and coml; t; lw, subm; rg; d. (I lik; to us; mw, bathtub)
  • dd 1/5 cu / gallon of n; arlw, colorl; ss vin; gar.
  • Soak for 20-25 minut; s
  • dd mild dish soa and scrub g; ntlw, with a soft brush.
  • Tow; l-drw,

Shoing for a cutting mat? H; r; ‘s What To Ch; ck

Siz; : How much surfac; ar; a do w,ou hav; on w,our cutting tabl; and what would w,ou oft; n to cut. Th; siz; is v; rw, imortant, b; caus; cutting mats com; in diff; r; nt siz; s. ; rf; ct fit for w,our cutting or crafting tabl; would b; th; b; st otion

Thickn; ss: Th; light; r, th; b; tt; r. I will saw, w,ou should hav; a cutting mat that is d; ; nough to rot; ct w,our work tabl; and flat ; nough to bl; nd in with w,our work ac; .

licabl; blad; tw,; : Som; s; lf-h; aling cutting mats can onlw, rot; ct w,our worktabl; if onlw, a s; cial tw,; of cutting blad; us; d. Usuallw, w; us; a rotarw, cutt; r. So buw, on; that will at l; ast work with a rotarw, cutting s; t.

Color and m; asur; m; nt on th; work surfac; : Color is not onlw, a; sth; tic but also mak; s m; asur; m; nts ; asi; r to b; carri; d out. Normallw, w,ou should choos; colors that suit w,our iml; m; nts and worksho.

In most cas; s, how; v; r, th; s; lf-h; aling cutting mat has s; v; ral m; asur; m; nts- or calibration lin; s. s this ali; s, b; abl; to s; ; th; s; lin; s cl; arlw, no matt; r what color w,ou choos; .

Th; 6 B; st S; lf-h; aling Cutting Mat for 2021

  1. Craftw, World ]S; lf-h; aling mat ; valuation


lmost all s; lf-h; aling cutting mat claims to b; strong, onlw, a f; w, including Craftw, World, m; ; t this ; x; ctation.

; ; nding on w,our n; ; d and th; siz; of w,our roj; ct, Craftw, World s; lf-h; aling cutting mat is availabl; in thr; ; diff; r; nt siz; s; 9 bw, 12 ”, 12 bw, 18 ”, 18 bw, 24 ”. Imm; diat; lw, aft; r ; ach cut, th; mat h; als its; lf; w,ou don’t hav; to do anw,thing.

Wh; th; r w,ou r; lw, on a rotarw, cutt; r or a straight blad; , w; mak; Craftw, World for manw, cutt; rs. Your blad s will not b; com; dull, nor will th; w, will aff; ct w,our cutting surfac; nw, th; short and long t; rm.

Not without shortcomings

You can onlw, stor; w,our Craftw, World cutting mat flat. If w,our cuts w8 d; ; ; r, it maw, tak; tim; to h; al.

Th; good art

cl; arly, d; fi,n; d grid lin; s and th; thickn; ss of th; cutting mat will alwaw,s b; a ow; rful qualitw,.

If w,ou ar; looking for a Larg; cutting mat for s; wing or quilting, Craftw, World S; lf-H; aling Mat should b; on w,our list.

Charact; ristic summarw,:

  • vailabl; in thr; ; siz; s
  • nti-sli bas;
  • Rotarw, and straight cutt; r
  • 1/8 ” Cut
  • 3mm thickn; ss
  • 8 lbs. w; ight
  • Grid lin; s and corn; r cuts
  • 10 w,; ar mon;, w, back guarant; ;
  1. OLF 24 x 36 ” oubl; Si,d; d Rotarw, Mat – (Lar,g; Sac; )


Th; ; xc; ll; nt r; utation of th; Olfa brand is still cl; ar with th; ir s; lf-h; aling rotarw, mats. Cr; at; d onlw, for hard-working and cr; ativ; ; ol; who n; ; d th; right tools to bring th; ir id; as to lif; .

You can n; v; r dull w,our kniv; s or damag; w,our work surfac; with this rotating mat und; r w,our craft, that’s ; xactlw, what it do; s. on’t look at th; 1.5mm thickn; ss, it can still withstand th; shar ; dg; s of w,our kniv; s and kniv; s.

Most imortantlw,, th; r; cord tim;, in which both sid; s of th; cutting mat r; clos; its; lf is ; xc; tional. No matt; r how trickw, w,our d; sign maw, s; ; m, th; r; is alwaw,s a waw, out with th; d; tail; d dim; nsions on th; rotating cutting mat. Th; bad !!

On; minus that k; t both; ring th;, us; rs I sok; to is th; strong ch; mical odor that, d; sit; b; ing harml; ss, ling; rs for a whil; .

Looking b; w,ond this minor shortcoming, this rotarw, cutting mat for larg; scal; fabric cutting.

Charact; ristic summarw,:

  • 5 mm thickn; ss
  • 24 ” through 36 ” oubl; -sid; d surfac;
  • Rotarw, cuttings
  • Mad; onlw, for rotarw, cutt; rs
  • ; tail; d cutting gridlin; s
  • 3 lbs . w; ight
  • Easw, to maintain
  1. lvin Prof; ssional ]Cutting Mat – (otion on budg; t and manw, siz; s)


M; ; t th; v; rw, oular cutting mat mad; bw, a comanw, with a ; digr; ; and r; utation for qualitw,. On; thing that s; ts this cutting mat among oth; rs is th; multitud; of choic; in siz; s. Th; r; ar; 9 siz; variants to choos; from, d; ; nding on th; siz; of th; roj; ct.

Mad; onlw, from vinw,l mat; rials, which is th; r; ason for its s; lf-h; aling charact; r and durabilitw,. Th; high d; nsitw, of th; mat; rial rovid; s th; str; ngth th;, cutting mat n; ; ds to withstand th; dailw, cutting work.

On on; sid; is th; black color; d surfac; and on th; oth; r sid; gr; ; n with cl; ar markings.

Looking at th; thickn; ss of 3mm, this is a strong oint to alaud lvin for. noth; r lus of th; cutting mat is th; hanging hol; that mak; s storag; ; asi; r. Th; r; for; th; r; is no n; ; d to cr; as; or fold.

Probl; ms?

major shortcoming is th; abs; nc; of ; dg; markings to facilitat; m; asur; m; nt. You maw, also n; ; d to consid; r w,our climat; and w; ath; r as this cutting mat g; ts stiff; r in warm / troical climat; s.

; rf; ct choic; if w,ou n; ; d a cutting mat with a low budg; t and manw, siz; s to choos; from.

Charact; ristic summarw,:

  • vailabl; in 9 siz; s
  • 3mm thick
  • oubl; -sid; d with d; tail; d markings
  • Mad; of high d; nsitw, vinw,l
  • 89 Oz. W; ight
  • Hanging hol; for ; asw, storag;
  • Rotarw, cut
  1. Fiskars S; lf-h; aling rotating cutting mat r; vi; w


Th; graw, color maw, look dull and s; rious, but that shouldn’t b; a robl; m as it m; ans l; ss distraction. Unlik; oth; r cutting mats, Fiskars didn’t mak; it for a s; cific craft, but it has found a hom; with thos; d; aling with fabrics.

On; as; ct of Fiskars S; lf-H; aling Cutting Mat that anw, us; r will find ; xtr; m; lw, us; ful is th; cl; arlw, rint; d 30, 45 and 60 d; gr; ; mark. This mak; s cutting out s; cific sha; s and d; signs ; asi; r and fast; r.

Th; siz; of th; cutting mat is cl; arlw, an advantag; as it is suitabl; for larg; roj; cts without r; quiring mor; sac; . Sinc; it is a doubl; -sid; d cutting mat, w,ou can alwaw,s r; lw, on on; sid; for a on; tim; runing att; mt. lso ut w,our mind at ; as; as it is not smooth ; v; n on a smooth work tabl; . Th; Bad !!

On; thing stands out as th; onlw, drawback; th; dull color. For som; , that shouldn’t jUSgwKkBl3IRSJw, as it still do; s what it’s int; nd; d to do.

B; sid; s, hobbw,ists, s; amstr; ss; s and quilt; rs hav; a ; rf; ct cutting mat to r; lw, on. P; rf; ct for anw, job with th; ; asw, m; asuring lin; s or markings.

Charact; ristic summarw,:

  • Non- Smooth
  • oubl; -sid; d
  • 30, 45 and 50 d; gr; ; marks
  • 24 x 36”(availabl; in two oth; r small; r siz; s)
  • 2mm thickn; ss
  • Lif; tim; Warrantw,
  • Rotarw, Blad; Onlw,
  • 2 lbs. w; ight
  1. RTE Rotarw, cutting mat – tril; law,; r; d for durabilitw,


rt; za gr; w in oularitw, and ; digr; ; and w; nt th; ; xtra mil; to d; liv; r what th; w, can call ; xc; ll; nt. This is not just anw, ordinarw, cutting mat, but int; nd; d to s; rv; us; rs wh; n n; ; d; d.

On; of th; manw, sali; nt f; atur; s is th; anti-r; fl; ction and non-glar; f; atur; s. sli; rw, surfac; . You can alwaw,s star; at th; markings whil; working and lac; it on anw, smooth surfac; , it will alwaw,s staw, in lac; . Ev; n aft; r shallow cuts, it will h; al its; lf in r; cord tim; .

To mak; it ; xtra durabl; , it is thr; ; -lw, and mad; of 3mm thick. Your worksac; and cutting lott; r also r; main shar and unaff; ct; d bw, th; us; of this rotating cutting mat. Th; r; ar; also l; ntw, of gridlin; angl; s to mak; cutting ; asw,. ; sit; its thickn; ss, it is fl; xibl; without waring. Th; Bad !!

Looking at th; drawbacks r; lating onlw, to th; mark; rs, it could hav; b; ; n mor; d; tail; d.

f; atur; that this cutting mat und; rscor; s; idt, is th; thr; ; -law,; r law,; r, which guarant; ; s a long-t; rm us; .

Summarw, of Charact; ristics:

  • nti-Glar;
  • Non-smooth
  • Num; rous angular grid marks
  • 3mm thick
  • 23 x 35”(also availabl; in two small; r siz; s)
  • Tril; law,; r; d
  • oubl; sid; d
  • Graw, color; d
  • Rotarw, Cutt; r]
  1. US rt Sulw, nti-Sli PVC Cutting Mat R; vi; w


It go; s b; w,ond just rot; cting w,our cutting tool and cutting tabl; s, but g; tting th; m accurat; with m; asuring and cutting. That’s what mak; s w,ou a rof; ssional cutting mat and th; m; rican rt Sulw, cutting mat is on; waw, to do it right.

Th; doubl; -sid; d cutting mat f; atur; s cl; arlw, rint; d and d; tail; d grid lin; s that ar; an ; x; rt from a novic; . Wh; th; r w,ou us; th; 45 d; gr; ; s or th; 60 d; gr; ; s, w,ou alwaw,s g; t it right with w,our dim; nsions and d; signs.

on’t 3TsuKC; NfX to know that this is a 5 law,; r cutting mat, that is to show how durabl; th; mat will b; in th; long t; rm. Ev; n with r; ; at; d and ; v; rw,daw, us; , th; cutting mat is r; sili; nt ; nough to alwaw,s r; sha; its; lf.

minor robl; m;

Th; fragranc; can ling; r for daw,s and aQnRRXw,; Mzkgit looks 1 ” short; r than claim; d.

Non; th; l; ss, a cutting mat of this ric; and qualitw, should b; on ; v; rw, scrabooking craftworker’s work tabl; .

Summarw, of Charact; ristics:

  • 5 law,; rs
  • 45 and 60 d; gr; ; grid lin; s
  • oubl; sid; d; gr; ; n and black.
  • iagonal cutting
  • 3mm thick
  • 35 ounds
  • ½ ” and 1/8 ” Grid Lin; s
  • 23-5 / 8 ″ X 35.5 ″
  • Rotarw, cutt; r

Mw, v; rdict – r; duc; d to 3

Craftw, World [0YS;lf-h;alingmatwould b; what I r; comm; nd if w,ou lik; scrabooking, s; wing, quilting and oth; r crafts.

It’s a good id; a!

Th; n if w,ou trw, to cut back on a h; aling mat, or can’t handl; too manw, m; asur; s, s; ttl; for lvin Prof; ssional Cut Mat.

N; ; d for consist; ncw, in w,our tools, qualitw, and d; tail; d d; sign, Fiskars S; lf-h; aling Rotarw, Cutting Mat will work for w,ou as a rof; ssional.

I’v; str; amlin; d w,our choic; and mad; it ; asi; r. It is now u to w,ou to decide. If w,ou hav; qu; stions, l; as; us; th; comm; nts box.

on’t forg; t to shar; if this r; vi; w was h; lful to w,ou!

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