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5 Best Sewing Table Choices – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (2023)

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When it comes to sewing tables, size matters. But not that there are strict rules. Someone may prefer a large, spacious sewing tables with many drawers, large and small, accommodate both the largest and the smallest items. Others have limited their sewing supplies to tiny rooms, meaning they had absolutely no use for huge sewing tables. Still others may not want or need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a table. Since these are irrefutable facts, I will not argue for or against either option. To everyone’s own table I would say

I’ve already written about the best sewing machine tables regardless of size or price. Now I’ll focus on small sewing tables, trying to present the best options on the market regarding affordability, functionality and convenience.

Best Sewing Tables

Arrow 601SP Crafts Table

Don’t by the simple appearance of this table. It is an inexpensive and very simple option intended for a variety of purposes, be it crafting, scrapbooking, sewing, writing an article. (Spoiler alert: I do the latter on a very similar table, which I also occasionally use for sewing.) A big pro for seamstresses and other craftworkers would be the measurement marker on the front. At 40 x 19 ¾ x 28 ½ inches, it certainly won’t take up much space in your craft room. The melamine surface should not be easy to damage. And there are foldable steel locking legs, which provide stability and are very convenient for storage. At just over 49 pounds in weight, it’s not exactly light as a feather.


  • Measurement marker.
  • Flexible table that can for many purposes.
  • Scratch resistant surface.
  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Legs lock for stability.


  • Lack of compartments.
  • Some users report it to vibrate when sewing quickly.
  • Plain appearance.

Studio Designs Eclipse Sewing and Crafting Table

This 30lb beauty may seem a bit too lightweight for quick sewing outings. Indeed, according to some customers, it wobbles a bit – but only with powerful machines with high sewing speeds. It has a handy drop-down section that places your machine at a suitable (and adjustable) height. Do you know how your back hurts when you sew for hours? You don’t have that problem with this table. Plus, it has an extendable part that you can fold when you don’t need it, which is ideal for larger projects. But not too big – quilters may find that they lack a little extra space. Another thing I absolutely love is the bottom shelf. Even though this is the only compartment, it is still spacious enough to accommodate most of the gear you will need for the particular project. It does not arrive assembled, but it is easy to put all the parts together.


  • Versatile, both useful for sewing as for a computer desk.
  • Has a large bottom shelf.
  • Extendable table for larger projects.


  • It is not foldable.
  • Not very stable for high sewing speeds.

Furinno 14035EX Study Table

Whatever their purpose, Sewing Tables Can’t Easily Get Cheaper Than This. Even though this table is very simple in style, they will amaze you at how well it fits into any room. And not only in terms of its small size, it also suits any style thanks to its minimal lines. You can choose from several colors, which are slightly different in price. Please note, they do not design this table with sewing in mind. In fact, the primary purpose is to write or work on a laptop. With only 16.3 pounds in weight and composite wood as the sole material, you can’t expect it to be very sturdy. But if you’re looking for the cheapest option and don’t sew at high speeds, this might be the perfect table for you. (At least until you get more generous money.) When you’re done sewing, replace your machine with a laptop and keep rolling.


  • Very cheap.
  • Minimal in style, fits any room.
  • Multipurpose – use it as a sewing or work table.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • Simple assembly.


  • Composite wood and chipboard are not tough or durable materials.
  • It will surely shake at higher sewing speeds.

Southern Enterprises Eaton Rolling Craft Station Sewing Table

With this table you can have your cake and eat it too. The work surface is spacious yet small enough for any sewing room, thanks to the expandable section. It is stable yet movable thanks to the rotating lockable castors. It is small, but can still hold a lot of stuff. That’s because it has four open shelves on the side and an extra compartment at the bottom (I can already see my feet leaning back there). such a table you don’t even need a separate sewing room. You can put your box anywhere and fold the table and roll it away when you’re done.


  • The table is sturdy enough and does not wobble at higher sewing speeds.
  • Expandable enough even for the largest projects such as quilts or curtains.
  • Lots of storage space.
  • You can move it however you want.
  • Beautiful stylish piece of furniture.


  • it does not make the sign of high quality materials.
  • Some customers complain it is difficult to assemble.

Giantex White Foldable Sewing Leg Table

I love how this table easily turns into a cute locker when you put it on folds up – perfect for small apartments. However, don’t be too quick to conclude that there isn’t enough storage space. It has three hidden bins and an adjustable shelf, perfect for all the tools you can’t live without. Plus, it has five casters and two lockable wheels, meaning you can move it anywhere (and however often) you want. When opened it offers more than enough space for average projects. The shelf on the inside can accommodate most sewing machines, or even a capacity.


  • Convertible piece of furniture – use it as a sewing table or closet.
  • Very spacious, with many compartments.
  • Easily movable thanks to the swiveling and lockable wheels.
  • Firm enough not to shake during use.


  • Customers report that assembly is difficult.
  • Others argue the materials are not durable.

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