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How Do Self Healing Mats Work? (Cutting Mat Uses & Guide 2023)

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Reducing mats are becoming a vital sewing accessory. They shield your surface areas while offering you lines to guide your cuts. Now they have self – healing mats however they do not have any kind of healing powers. Just the capability to cover up old cuts so you can cut once again without issues.

How do self healing mats works? We can not represent all self – healing mat makers however one brand name places tiny, independent pieces with each other and when you make your cut, you are in fact entering between those items. After that the ‘memory’ of those items has them bouncing back to their original setting.

To learn more regarding self – healing mats and exactly how they work, simply continue to review our short article. It offers you as numerous realities as possible so you understand what makes those mats ticks. Self- healing mats may be simply what you are seeking.

Exactly how do Self- healing Mats Work?

The principle is actually rather brilliant. The manufacturers of these mats and their developers located a method to press independent, small pieces of material together to make a solid mat. They then painted lines on them or grids to guide your cuts.

When you align your material along those lines and push your reducing device against the surface area, those small items different as well as let your knife or rotating cutter glide to without damaging the floor covering.

When you have actually passed different sections on your floor covering, the ‘memory’ offered to those small pieces by the developers has them springing back to their initial places. Simply put, there is no real healing happening, simply the style of the floor covering at the workplace.

Now, you have to be cautious when using your cutting tools. If they are not razor sharp and well on the dull side, you can actually cut up those independent pieces as well as make them worthless. Or you will certainly cut them off the floor covering.

When all goes well, you ought to see no mark in your floor covering and it shows up to have complied with those renowned words, ‘doctor, recover thyself.’

Exactly How do Cutting Mats Self Heal?

It is hard to obtain right into all the technical information as, one, it would be really uninteresting to check out and you will not complete this post. 2, those details are not published since the moment of this writing.

The best method to define just how they recover has been given up the previous section. However, they are not perfect self therapists. As has been mentioned boring blades or rotary cutters can cut sections of those independent pieces and wreck your mat.

Additionally, another means to destroy your self – healing floor covering is to reduce t an angle. Anything over 90 levels reduced regardless and also you run the danger of damaging the floor covering. When you cut gashes into the floor covering, your future cuts will certainly have obstacles to get rid of.

The design of the self – healing mat is done in such a way as to offer you with a smooth cutting surface whenever you require to make a cut. This style makes them a cut over normal reducing mats which by now you have actually placed many lines, grooves, and also ditches right into.

You might have to pay even more for these mats, but you do not have to purchase them as often.

Are All Cutting Mats Self- healing

No, there are different sorts of reducing mats that you can use. Self- healing choices are simply one of the bunch and also these cutting mats can include various features. One might have a non-slip surface that doesn’t allow the mat action when you cut.

It holds the textile in location also, allowing you to make protected, exact, as well as precise cuts. There are folding mats that help you cut when your embroidery rooms are not that huge.

Then there are mats for right-handed people and also for people who use either hand. One more choice functions as a desk blotter and comes in numerous shades. Many are reversible and also allow you to use both sides for various functions.

What you have to keep an eye out for is just how these mats are marketed. When placed in the stitching section of those nationwide store, the rates appear to be increased of those cutting mats placed in the craft section. The two sections primarily hold the very same reducing floor covering.

To conserve some cash inspect the craft area and contrast for yourselves. You could obtain a nice shock.

What are Cutting Mats Used For?

The main function of reducing mats is to secure the surface you are functioning on. Not everyone is honored with a huge sewing room and also unique tables that deal with all their cutting obligations. They have to use good tables at times or their floorings as well as carving cutting lines into those expensive products is bad for the marriage or those items.

The next purpose of reducing mats is to aid you obtain those specific and precise cuts you require to complete your embroidery task. Having a little help is not wrong and also the reducing mats supply you keeping that aid.

If they include a non-slip surface area, that is an additional increase when you are collaborating with unsafe or stretch fabrics. The cost of these mats range, relying on their size, layout, as well as if they have unique functions like folding, non-slip surface areas, or are reversible.

Then, these various cutting mats will certainly function with various cutting devices. You must read all the details that features these mats initially so you understand what you can do as well as make use of prior to you begin slicing away.

Generally, rotating cutters are the excellent reducing device to utilize on all reducing mats, including self – healing ones.

What is a Self- healing Reducing Mat Made Of?

The developers or the manufacturers they function for are not going to offer up any type of tricks to anybody. Concerning 10 years ago a well-respected teacher whose body of work got on self – healing polymers was stunned when informed by the trainee that these polymers got on the free market in self – healing reducing boards.

All that we have actually been able to locate so far is that self – healing cutting boards are made from ‘special composite PVC vinyl products plus solid plastic cores’. Then those products are layered in multi-ply sections and painted to get them all set for reducing.

This discusses why numerous sewers who reduced their too large self – healing boards to dimension end up taking a great deal of breaks throughout the cutting process. And also why they have aching hands when they finish. Plastic is tough to cut with regular scissors.

The internet sites we obtained the information from are not 10 years old however released this year, so modern technology has actually not changed way too much given that the self – healing cutting boards initially came on the market.

One point is for certain, these boards are made to last you a while however they won’t last for life as they will certainly quickly quit self – healing

Do Cutting Mats Wear Out?

At some point, all reducing mats will break. Some last longer than others, i.e. 20 years compared to 6, yet at some point, you will have to treat on your own to a new reducing board. When you make the adjustment, you ought to see a globe of distinction.

Not just will you have deep grooves carved right into them, but the coloring of the lines and grids will additionally put on down to a point you can review the numbers or see the lines. One girl paid $100 for her cutting floor covering and also it lasted that 20 years we mentioned. Not a bad financial investment.

To avoid this trouble, you can have a number of reducing mats handy and also of different dimensions. This way the mat stays in better shape as it is not made use of as often. One sewage system went to the size of having one cutting floor covering for each sewing job she was working on.

You do not need to do that yet if you want your mat to last, you must have greater than one. The method in buying even more than one comes from an additional sewer, she waits till the mats are on sale for 50% off prior to her gets one. She buys them whether she requires them or otherwise as well as despite the dimension.

By the means, self – healing mats will dry out on you and not self -recover anymore. They need to continue to be damp to work well.

How do You Fix a Self- healing Cutting Mat?

The way to keep your self – healing floor covering in leading shape is to offer leading look after it prior to it starts to deteriorate and also lose its self – healing powers. As the old saying goes, ‘an ounce of avoidance is worth a pound of remedy.’

To do correct treatment you need to saturate the floor covering in vinegar, recipe soap, and water. All you require is 1/2 mugs of vinegar per gallon of water made use of and 15 mins approx. The water can not be warm or warm or it will warp the cutting floor covering.

Brush the mat initially before soaking it to obtain all the loose threads off initially. When you include the meal soap you require scrubbing again however both times you only need light pressure. Only a tiny bit of soap will handle this component of the work.

As you scrub, the solution will be soaked up by the floor covering, making it great as well as flexible again. Air-dry the floor covering till it is completely dry. Also, maintaining the self – healing floor covering hydrated is the means to maintain it from putting on out earlier than it should.

When to Replace a Cutting Mat

This is mosting likely to depend on your judgment as you will be the first to recognize if the cuts are too deep to make use of the mat if the numbering and also various other information are used off and more. Some individuals get attached to their reducing boards as well as do not like to get rid of them.

When that circumstance happens they proceed utilizing their mats well past the past due day. The key to know when it is time to change the mat is if the surface area isn’t smooth sufficient to give you nice straight cuts.

Or there are way too many grooves and ditches in them your rotary cutter resembles it is bouncing down a dusty back road. The best thing to do is to have several brand-new mats accessible that hasn’t been made use of. Relocating these into the area as quickly as your favorite floor covering shows indications of degrading assists address the splitting up concerns.

Then if you need a magnifying glass to check out the lines or numbers, etc, that is an excellent indicator that you require to change the cutting floor covering. It is your telephone call on this issue and also you require to find out to say enough and alter the mat.

What Material Cutting Board is Best

Not all cutting boards are made from the exact same material. For kitchen area work, you have a wide range of materials, but they may assist you reduce however they do not have the lines you require to make precision cuts. However, if you intend to use one of those then glass, marble, granite, wood cutting boards are the best to utilize.

For stitching and also craft cutting boards the self – healing ones see, to be made from the same product. The self – healing polymers as well as difficult plastic cores. You are not going to obtain numerous variants from that alternative.

The regular cutting boards have a variety of materials utilized to make them, just like the kitchen alternatives. These are not as solid as the kitchen area options and also the ones you should avoid are the ones made from cardboard or soft materials like that.

Plastic cutting boards are excellent as would certainly be the PVC made ones. You will certainly need to look at the different models on sale in your regional region and also choose the more difficult materials over the softer ones. The ones like cardboard can plane your cutting tool on the very first cut.

Are Cutting Mats Heat Resistant?

Some are made to hold your iron when you need to push today. However also those have problem with high warmth degrees. Usually, most reducing boards will warp on you if exposed to excessive warm.

It will certainly depend on what products they are made from. While plastic as well as PVC are strong building materials, they will thaw or warp when the room or water obtains also warm. You will locate that you can utilize most cutting boards with heat as long as that warmth isn’t for an extensive size of time.

When you neglect to transform the iron off, you run the risk of compromising the bonds of the product and afterwards exhaustion will embed in decreasing the mat’s lifespan. Also, the board ends up being much less flexible making it harder to collaborate with.

Check the guidelines on the floor covering before you make your acquisition. If your stitching project requires extensive amounts of heat, you may not have the ability to utilize the mat you want. You may have to make adaptions or locate another floor covering to make use of.

What to do With Old Cutting Mats?

There are a whole lot of alternatives offered that are far better than simply tossing them right into the trash and also allowing the land fill concern regarding them. The initial choice is to recycle them if they fit the reusing specifications. You will certainly have to examine those to see if your old cutting board certifies.

Next, you can contribute them to a firm that transforms them right into patterns or turn them into stencils on your own. Below is a great web site that gives guidelines on just how to do that.

After that you can see if the surface area of the floor covering can be rejuvenated and reminded being a cutting board once again. There are some methods you can do this as well as if your husband is an expert on rejuvenating he can do it for you.

Likewise, you can repaint them as well as add a clip to the top and transform it right into a clipboard or include a little chalkboard to it as well as turn it right into a kid’s toy or an interaction facility. Also, you can coat, cover, or include laminate, etc to the old surface area and put messages on it, food selection items, or just be innovative as well as make it a wall surface paint or hanging.

Once you begin brainstorming you need to be able to think of lots of ideas that maintains the old cutting board out of the garbage dump and also spare you splitting up stress and anxiety.

A DIY Self- healing Reducing Mat

If you can not pay for to get a new self – healing reducing mat, and also you have some craft skills of your own, you can always make one yourself. It may not be expensive or last as long yet it ought to offer you time to conserve up sufficient money to purchase a genuine one.


  • Corrugated cardboard cut to the dimension you need
  • 3 rolls of 1″ masking tape (the variety of rolls will differ depending on the dimension of the cutting mat)
  • Colored concealing tape (optional but if you use this alternative it has to be tinted covering up tape)
  • 1 square straight side with a T on top
  • One sharp utility knife
  • Approximately 20 minutes


  • Action 1: Cut the cardboard to the size you desire. Anything over 8 1/2 by 11 will function for nearly all cutting situations.
  • Action 2: Start wrapping the plain masking tape around the cardboard. Start on top as well as function your means down, overlapping the rolls slightly on each pass. This is a little bit tedious but don’t allow on your own, be distracted.
  • Action 3: Turn the cardboard 90 levels as well as do step 2 around once more.
  • Tip 4: do these 2 actions till you have regarding 6 layers covering the cardboard.
  • Step 5: apply the tinted covering up tape similarly for the last layer. Make sure that the edges are completed well as well as when that is done, so are you.

The good point concerning this DIY option is that you can include more layers once you begin to see your initial ones start to wear or get a lot of grooves in it. And also, you can use a various color of covering up tape each time you do this action.

Where to Buy Sewing Cutting Mats

Sewing devices seem to be easier to find than your favorite fabric. The bright side is they are selling just concerning all over. The first place to start is your regional textile or sewing supply shops. These individuals will certainly appreciate your service

If you do not have among those or they are out of stock, then you can carry on up to your shopping mall division store or large box stores. Walmart, Target, as well as similar shops ought to have some available for you to pick from.

But the actual trick is to visit those national chain craft stores as they might have some in the crafts section a lot more affordable than the ones you will certainly discover in the sewing area. Inspect Hobby Lobby, Joann, and Michael’s to see what they carry their shelves.

Finally, your last stop needs to be the web. Amazon as well as various other online outlets have a fine selection of reducing mats that make your sewing life a lot more satisfying. They might even have them at a rate you like. If they get on sale, get two just in case.

Some Final Words

You may not get all the info you desire on exactly how self – healing cutting mats works but just be thankful they do. This reducing floor covering choice can conserve you money as well as the mats must last much longer than regular ones.

Just beware when applying warm and also re-hydrate them regularly. Correct treatment aids they last a lot longer.

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