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Discover the Best Dress Maker Shears of 2023

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best dress makers shearsDiscover the best dressmaker shears for 2023 and make sure your project is cut perfectly. Whether you’re a fashionista or a quilt-making enthusiast, cutting fabric with precision requires the right tools.

Investing in quality dressmaker shears can save time and frustration when crafting your next masterpiece, so it pays to do research before making this important purchase.

From Guggenheim 9” Dressmaker Shears to Kai 8′ Pinking Shears, there are many types of scissors that could be used by seamstresses of all skill levels – each type offering different features perfect for certain projects.

Let’s explore what sets these scissors apart from one another as well as which top brands offer high-quality tools to help you find the best pair of dressmaker shears available in 2023!

Key Takeaways

Choose dressmaker shears made from high-carbon steel for strength and precision. Look for blued-steel blades for rust resistance. Opt for 7” size scissors with serrated blades. Consider metal handles for a comfortable grip.

Types of Dress Maker Shears

Types of Dress Maker Shears
When it comes to dressmaker shears, Guggenheim 9” Dressmaker Shears, Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors, Thread Snips, Spring-Loaded Scissors for Rag Quilts, and Kai 8” Pinking Shears are some of the most popular brands.

For more intricate cutting jobs or delicate fabrics such as embroidery works, double-curved machine embroidery scissors like Pretty Vintage Embroidery Scissors and Classic Gingher 8 Shears should be considered, while Handi Quilter Batting Scissors are great for quilting projects.

Guggenhein 9’’ Dressmaker Shears

Guggenheim Professional Tailor Shears are designed to help you get clean and precise cuts with their stainless steel blades that glide through denim and canvas effortlessly, while the long handles ensure a comfortable grip for easy handling.

With safety covers, sharp blades, comfort grips, and rust-resistant material, these dressmaker shears are professional grade. Their features include high-carbon steel construction, 7-inch size, soft-grip rubber handles, serrated blades, and a lifetime guarantee/warranty.

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors

Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors cut through the toughest fabrics with ease, thanks to their sharp blades and comfortable handles. Long, serrated blades crafted from durable steel provide precise cuts for thread snips or dressmaker’s shears.

This model comes with an ergonomic handle, making it easy to use even on thick materials like canvas or denim. The Kai Dressmaking Shear is strong enough to stand up to regular wear-and-tear while providing an excellent finish in no time.

With this pair of scissors, users can make perfect seams and hems with each cut, giving them the confidence needed when working on delicate projects like wedding gowns or prom dresses.

Thread Snips

Thread Snips are a lightweight and easy-to-use pair of scissors with curved handles that use spring action for smooth operation. They offer superior thread quality on multiple fabric types. Singer Thread Snips and Penta Angel Sewing Thread Nippers have sharp blades that glide through tough fabrics with ease.

For more precision, Gingher Knife Edge Thread Snippers have an angled blade tip to access hard-to-reach areas. Kai 5 sewing scissors have a unique double curve design for intricate cuts. Regular maintenance tips include honing with sandpaper or aluminum foil, plus sharpening techniques using oil (not recommended).

Spring Loaded Scissors for Rag Quilts

Spring-loaded scissors for rag quilts are the perfect tool for quickly and accurately trimming frayed edges. They have serrated blades for cutting through multiple layers of fabric, a spring action for easy operation, and sharp blades that cut right to the tip.

The lightweight design is comfortable to hold, even with arthritic fingers, and can fit in small spaces when needed. These scissors come with a protective cover and can be used on most fabrics, from thin silk threads to thick materials like denim or canvas.

Their curved handles make it easier than ever to do hand-embroidery, reverse appliqués, or any other fabric-cutting needs.

Kai 8’’ Pinking Shears

You’ll appreciate the sharpness and precision of Kai 8” Pinking Shears, which slice through fabric like a hot knife through butter. Careful use ensures perfect results every time for any fabric choice. With an easy-grip handle and extra-sharp quality metal blades, these heavy-duty shop snips are designed to last with proper finger holes for comfortable cutting without fatigue or hand strain.

Great for dressmakers’ shears as well as pinking shears, they won’t need sharpening techniques often but will maintain their edge over many years of careful use.

Double Curved Machine Embroidery Scissors

Experience the precision of double-curved machine embroidery scissors, crafted to cut through delicate fabrics with ease. Kai brand’s ergonomic handles give you comfortable control as you snip threads and trim fabric edges.

Their sharp blades are made from stainless steel for a clean cut every time, and their double-curved design allows access into tight corners and crevices when cutting intricate patterns in your work.

Pretty Vintage Embroidery Scissors

Pretty Vintage Embroidery Scissors offer effortless ease of use, with sharp blades and soft plastic handles for a comfortable grip. Retro trends meet modern technology in this eco-friendly tool for stitching styles from the simplest to intricate embroidery techniques.

These scissors feature a special curve in the blade, allowing them to easily cut through fabric without damaging it or leaving jagged edges. The ultra-sharp tip ensures precise cuts every time, and its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver even when cutting tight corners and curves.

Classic Gingher 8” Shears

Gingher 8” Shears are designed to handle the toughest fabrics with ease, thanks to their stainless steel blades and comfortable grip. The shears feature a classic design with 7-inch size, curved handles for an ergonomic fit, and sharp tips for delicate work.

Maintenance is key to ensure longevity; regular cleaning, rust prevention, and proper storage will keep them in use. Sharpening tips help maintain the cutting edge, and a lifetime guarantee offers peace of mind when buying.

The comfortable weight balance between size and weight, plus the curve shape on the blade, make it perfect for intricate cuts. Gingher 8” Shears are ideal for professional dressmakers who seek precision in every cut.

Kai Pink Handled Scissors

Try Kai Pink Handled Scissors for a lightweight, comfortable grip and sharp stainless steel blades that cut through fabric effortlessly. With micro-serrated edges and a blade length of 7-8 inches long, these left-handed scissors are perfect for cutting fabric with precision.

The handles fit almost all finger sizes, and the rubber-coated interior provides extra comfort when in use. These pinking shears feature rust-resistant titanium coating on the blades, ensuring durability without compromising sharpness at the tips.

Handi Quilter Batting Scissors

Handi Quilter, Inc Batting ScissorsView On Amazon
For a comfortable, lightweight cutting experience on batting and other fabrics, Handi Quilter Batting Scissors are an excellent choice. Crafted from premium forged steel with precision-ground knife edges and double-plated chrome over nickel finish for a polished look, these scissors feature easy-squeeze action with curved handles perfect for tired or arthritic hands.

The ergonomic design also provides access to threads inside embroidery hoops, while the blunt tip allows you to get close without cutting into the material below it. Their rounded tips prevent snagging, so fabric won’t tear when you work on intricate projects like reverse appliqué or hand stitching around curves.

These scissors come with a magnet conveniently stuck at the front of your machine, making them very accessible, as well as a protective nylon sheath for storage purposes. A full lifetime warranty is included upon purchase, giving peace of mind when buying this professional-grade tool.

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Lightweight & convenient
  • Easy-squeeze action
  • Rounded tip prevents snagging
  • Blunt tip gets close without cutting
  • Magnet & protective nylon sheath included
  • Not suitable for thick materials
  • Can be pricey compared to standard models

Features to Look For

Features to Look For
When looking for the best dressmaker’s shears, pay close attention to the material they’re made from. High-carbon steel is a must, as it increases durability and strength. Blued steel with metal handles ensures rust resistance, while titanium coating adds extra protection against wear and tear.

A lifetime warranty or guarantee can be beneficial when choosing a pair of shears, especially if you plan to use them regularly. To ensure precision cutting, choose 7” size scissors with serrated blades that allow you to cut through multiple layers at once without slipping off fabric edges.

Soft-grip rubber handles make them comfortable in hand, even during long sewing projects.

High-carbon Steel

High-carbon steel blades are ultra sharp and durable, making them perfect for cutting through even the thickest fabrics. The carbon composition and blade design ensure a precise cut, while ergonomic handles make it comfortable to use.

Heavy-duty sewing machines can be used with these scissors, as well as regular edges, allowing you to complete any project with ease. Regular tool maintenance is recommended for maximum performance – honing techniques such as sandpaper or aluminum foil will help keep these blades extra sharp! With its combination of strength, precision, comfort, and convenience, high-carbon steel blades are an ideal choice when looking for dressmaker shears that will last a lifetime.

Blued Steel

Feel the precision of blued-steel blades as they effortlessly cut through even the toughest fabric. Blued steel is a high-carbon cutlery steel that’s been treated with heat and chemicals to create a protective oxide layer, making it more durable than most scissors.

It also provides better corrosion resistance against rust and requires less maintenance. This type of blade is often used in Singer professional sewing shears or serrated dressmaker’s shears by Livingo Premium Dressmaking Scissors and Kai 5” Sewing Scissors for its superior cutting power and durability.

Metal Handles

Choose metal handles for a comfortable grip that will last. Metal is the preferred material choice due to its light weight and durability. Stainless steel is most often used as it provides strength and resists rusting, making them ideal for sewing or kitchen shears.

The ambidextrous design of these scissors allows right- or left-handed users to enjoy an ergonomic handle without compromising on performance or precision cutting ability.

Lifetime Warranty/guarantee

When looking for dressmaker’s shears, make sure to find ones that come with a lifetime guarantee or warranty – some even offer refunds if the scissors aren’t as sharp as advertised.

  • Lifetime Warranty/Guarantee
  • Refunds if not sharp enough
  • Comprehensive coverage of defects and repairs.

Quality shears like Guggenhein 9’’ Dressmaker Shears, P.LOTOR’s Pinking Sheers, Handi Quilter’s Batting Scissors and Double Curved Embroidery Scissors are all made with high-grade materials backed by such warranties, so you can be sure your investment will last long-term without fear of costly repairs or having to buy new pairs too soon!

7’’ Size

For a precise cut, opt for scissors with a 7’’ size blade that offer the right balance between weight and control. Quality materials and professional blade maintenance are essential for perfect results on any fabric type.

Singer Fabric Scissors can handle all your cutting needs, from delicate fabrics to multiple layers. All-purpose scissors are also great for sewing supplies like thread snips or spring-loaded scissors for rag quilts; they provide an ideal grip while trimming seams, notches, and jump threads, even under sturdy pressure when cutting thick things.

Serrated Blades

Look for serrated blades as they provide an extra grip for a more precise cut. Serrated blades are sharp and can easily handle intricate cuts on multiple layers of fabric, while their cushion-grip handles offer comfort even during long sewing sessions.

Additionally, these scissors require minimal maintenance – no need for oil or frequent sharpening. Budget options are also available, featuring cold-drop forged stainless steel that’s still extra sharp but at a lower price point than professional models.

Soft-grip Rubber Handles

Slip your hands into the soft-grip rubber handles and feel the comfort. These tailor-made scissors have an ergonomic design for superior grip and control without fatigue or discomfort. The rubber material ensures long-lasting use, while its cushioning properties provide extra support to minimize strain in your wrists.

Havel’s ProSeries Scissors are great for left-handed knife edge with soft-grip handles; they also have spring-loaded scissors for precise handling during intricate work like quilting or appliqueing fabric pieces.

The cushioned handles make them comfortable to hold, so you can keep going longer with less effort from your arms and fingers.

Titanium Coating

Titanium coating on dressmakers’ shears makes them incredibly durable, with some models lasting up to 10 times longer than regular steel blades. Benefits include protective covers that prevent rust and other damage, and sharpness that lasts longer due to the harder metal.


Experience the assurance of rust-resistant dressmaker’s shears; never worry about your fabric being damaged again. Seek out models with a titanium coating for durability and long life. Consider protective cases for storage, as well as maintenance regimes such as cleaning and honing with sandpaper or aluminum foil rather than oiling.

Look for sharpening tools designed for specific types of scissors, like Fiskars’ craft scissor sharpeners or Gingher’s blade hone kits.

When shopping for dressmaker’s shears, the top brands to consider are Fiskars, Kai, and Gingher. All three of these brands have a long history of producing high-quality scissors that offer reliable cutting performance and durability.

Each has its own unique features that make it stand out from the rest in terms of quality and value.


Fiskars Gingher 6 Inch Double-CurvedView On Amazon
Fiskars’ scissors offer a polished look with their double-plated chrome-over-nickel finish and ergonomic bent handle design, perfect for any fabric cutting task. Their 6-inch pair of double-curved embroidery scissors are made from premium forged steel with precision-ground knife-edge blades, making them ideal for trimming threads in home embroidery machines.

The classic Fiskars quality provides an ultra-sharp blade that can get into small spaces to snip neatly into corners, V’s, and other hard-to-reach places. This modern crafting tool is designed not only to be comfortable but also efficient; its lightweight construction allows for easy handling while the durable stainless steel ensures lasting edges cut after cut.

  • Polished look
  • Ergonomic bent handle design
  • Ultra-sharp blade
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Lightweight construction
  • Limited size options
  • Not suitable for heavy fabrics
  • Can be expensive


KAI 9 Pinking Shears -View On Amazon
Kai’s professional shears are crafted with stainless steel blades for precision cutting and a comfortable rubber handle, allowing you to effortlessly create clean edges on any fabric. These scissors have a 30-day return policy and come in an ambidextrous design that is lightweight yet durable enough to cut through multiple layers of fabric.

The high-quality construction ensures lasting sharpness, along with an easy squeeze action making it suitable even for those suffering from arthritis or chronic pain in their fingers. With its rustproof material and lifetime guarantee, these Kai Scissors Professional Series will make sure your projects turn out perfect every time.

  • High-quality construction
  • Rustproof material
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Easy squeeze action
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive


Gingher’s scissors deliver razor-sharp, lasting edges that glide through thick fabrics like butter for precise cuts. Crafted with professional-grade stainless steel blades and soft-grip handles for maximum comfort, these cutting implements are perfect for any experience level.

Their rust-prevention finish provides superior durability, while the high-quality steel ensures a long-lasting product. With Gingher Quality, you can trust the strength of their scissors to cut through even the toughest fabric without worry or fatigue.

Best Dress Makers Shears

Best Dress Makers Shears
When it comes to dressmaker’s shears, the Guggenheim Professional Tailor Shears, Karen Kay Buckley Scissors Purple, Tula Pink Curved Snip, and Havel’s Embroidery Snips are all top-notch choices. Meanwhile, the KAI Pinking Shears N5350, Fiskars Gingher Embroidery Scissors, Gingher Dressmaker Fabric Scissors, and Kai V5165P Sewing Scissors Pink offer convenience without compromising on quality, while Mundial Cushion Soft Shears provide a lifetime guarantee of sharpness for every cutting job.

Guggenhein Professional Tailor Shears

Guggenheim Professional Tailor Shears are perfect for achieving precise, clean cuts with ease thanks to their stainless steel blades and comfortable grips. The Handi Quilter design is rust-resistant and the soft grip reduces fatigue in the dominant hand while cutting smooth lines.

With micro-serrated edges similar to a hedge trimmer, these scissors make light work of tough fabrics from Joann Fabrics or any other cloth store.

Karen Kay Buckley Scissors Purple

Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors,View On Amazon
Karen Kay Buckley’s purple scissors feature a micro-serrated blade that makes it easy to cut through the toughest fabrics with precision and accuracy. The ambidextrous plastic handle is comfortable in the hand, even for people with arthritic fingers, while the serrated edges help stop fabric from fraying.

Lightweight and convenient, these scissors come with a protective cover so they can be stored safely. Perfect for home embroidery machines too, as their curved tips fit under presser feet, making them great for trimming threads without needing extra strength.

  • Comfortable grip – ideal for right- or left-handed people
  • Micro-serrated blade cuts accurately right to the very tip
  • Serration prevents fabric from fraying
  • Not suitable on wire materials
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Tula Pink Curved Snip

Tula Pink 5 Curved EZView On Amazon
For precise and comfortable cutting, the Tula Pink Serrated Bypass Scissors are a great choice. These scissors feature micro-serrated blades for an accurate cut right to the tip, as well as curved handles with spring action for easy operation.

Forged from high-quality German stainless steel with a 5-inch cutting width, these lightweight tools require little effort while providing impressive results. The convenient ambidextrous design is perfect for those who prefer their left or right hand when working on projects of any size.

Despite its superior quality construction and sharpness out of the box, this product comes at a relatively high price point that may deter some buyers away from purchasing it initially.

  • Micro-serrated blades provide accuracy
  • Curved handles use spring action
  • High-quality German-made stainless steel Cons:
  • Price is higher than average
  • Not as sharp as expected
  • Appears thinner in photos

Havels Embroidery Snips

HavelView On Amazon
Experience the comfort of Havel’s Embroidery Snips as you make precise cuts with minimal hand strength. These scissors feature a convenient and lightweight design with easy squeeze action, making them perfect for tired or arthritic hands.

The curved tips fit under the presser foot, allowing access to threads inside embroidery hoops without cutting fabric. Their silver-colored metal construction comes complete with a magnet that can be stuck to the front of your machine for added convenience.

These high-quality shears are forged from German-made stainless steel and have a blade width of 5 inches, so they can snip neatly into corners, V’s, and other hard-to-reach places – great for reverse appliqué! They also come in an ambidextrous plastic handle that is comfortable to hold, even if you suffer from joint issues or arthritis pain, while being sharp enough right up until their tip allows precision work on delicate fabrics such as chiffon or organza, easily done without crushing it between your fingers due to its lack of weightiness at 0.

  • Convenient & lightweight design
  • Easy squeeze action
  • Curved tips fit under presser foot
  • Ambidextrous plastic handle
  • Magnet can be stuck to front of machine
  • Not rustproof
  • Only cuts thin fabrics such as chiffon or organza

KAI Pinking Shears N5350

The KAI Pinking Shears N5350 offer a comfortable, ergonomic handle, ambidextrous design, and stainless steel construction for an accurate cutting experience. From rag quilts to glove boxes, these scissors are perfect for making precise cuts in various fabric types.

They also feature sharp blades that require minimal maintenance and handling techniques to ensure long-lasting results.

  1. Make sure the blade type matches the fabric you’re working with;
  2. Use Helen Mao’s Ballet Class technique for easy maneuvering;
  3. Pay attention when maintaining your blades;
  4. Handle them with care while using Freelance Writer methods;
  5. Learn different cutting techniques from experienced tailors.

With its professional-level features, KAI Pinking Shears will help you make beautiful garments every time!

Fiskars Gingher Embroidery Scissors

Try out Fiskars Gingher Embroidery Scissors for your next hand or machine embroidery project and watch the fabric come to life with sharp, precise cuts. These scissors have a soft plastic handle and serrated blades that give you extra control when cutting.

There’s a budget option available, providing a stable feeling while cutting small fabrics like comedy videos or general purpose sewing projects. The sharp tips make it easy to get into tight spaces without snagging the material, so every cut is smooth.

Gingher Dressmaker Fabric Scissors

Gingher DressmakerView On Amazon
Upgrade your cutting game with Gingher Dressmaker Fabric Scissors, a pair of premium shears featuring an ergonomic bent handle design for comfortable and accurate fabric trimming. Forged from high-quality steel, they’re sharpened to perfection right out of the box and come with a double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade finish that looks sleek.

The protective nylon sheath allows for easy storage when not in use, while its 8 length provides plenty of leverage for multiple layers of materials or long swaths. The bent handles provide better control over precision cuts like curves, V’s, or hard-to-reach corners without sacrificing comfort during extended periods at the table.

  • High-quality forged steel blades
  • Double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade finish
  • Ergonomic bent handle design
  • Protective nylon sheath
  • Cuts through multiple layers easily
  • Razor sharpness
  • Longer than other dressmaker scissors
  • Expensive compared to others on the market
  • Can be difficult to maneuver around intricate designs

Kai V5165P Sewing Scissors Pink

Kai V5165P Sewing Scissors withView On Amazon
Experience precision and comfort with Kai’s V5165P Sewing Scissors in beautiful pink, crafted from stainless steel for durability and a rustproof finish. The 16.5 cm blade is lightweight yet strong enough to cut through fabric easily without snagging, while the ambidextrous handle is comfortable to hold even for those with arthritic fingers.

With this professional-grade tool, you get a 30-day return policy providing peace of mind when purchasing it.

The sharp blades make perfect cuts right up to the tips, allowing you to reach small spaces or corners, while its Japanese quality ensures a smooth cutting action every time.

  • Lightweight
  • Sharp blades
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Rustproof finish
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • No lifetime warranty
  • Not suitable for heavy fabrics

Mundial Cushion Soft Shears

Mundial Cushion Soft BP1890-1 DressmakerView On Amazon
Enjoy a smooth, long cut with Mundial’s 1890 1 Dressmakers’ Shears – crafted with stainless steel blades and an ergonomic, ambidextrous handle for maximum cutting precision. These shears are designed to be used on a wide range of fabrics, from sheer to heavy and including stretch material.

The micro-serrated blade provides an incredibly sharp edge that won’t slip while in use, and the enlarged finger bows have cushioned inserts for comfort during prolonged periods of sewing or crafting.

An added bonus is the lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing your purchase will last forever! Whether it’s apparel design or quilting projects, these scissors provide unparalleled performance every time they’re used.

  • Stainless steel blade with micro-serrated edge
  • Patented cushion grip and enlarged finger bows with cushioned inserts
  • Ambidextrous design for maximum control and sharp, straight, accurate cutting
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Lifetime guarantee/made in China
  • Won’t replace all-purpose fabric scissors
  • Plastic piece that holds the two sides together broke
  • Doesn’t cut every time, even on single-thickness cotton

Three Rules

Three Rules
Take your crafting to the next level with three rules for selecting dress makers shears: high-carbon steel, lifetime warranty/guarantee, and comfortable grip. Quality craftsmanship starts with quality tools; choosing a durable pair of shears is essential to maintain accuracy and precision when cutting fabrics.

High-carbon steel blades are sturdy enough to endure frequent use while providing consistent sharpness that can be honed or replaced if needed. A lifetime warranty/guarantee also ensures peace of mind should any defects arise during regular use over time.

Comfort is key too – ergonomic handles provide additional support, reducing fatigue in hands and wrists while allowing greater control over fabric manipulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most important factor to consider when looking for a pair of dress maker shears?

When looking for a pair of dressmaker shears, it is important to consider the quality and sharpness of the blades, as well as their handle design. Look for features such as rust-resistance and a comfortable grip to ensure maximum precision when cutting fabric.

Consider also if you need a multipurpose option or something more specialized, like pinking shears or embroidery scissors.

Are there any additional accessories that come with dress maker shears?

Explore the features of dressmaker shears to discover accessories like protective covers, curved handles with spring action for easy operation, and rubber-coated interiors. Look out for lifetime warranties or guarantees, metal handles that fit almost all fingers comfortably, and lightweight options.

What is the difference between a pinking shear and a regular dress maker shear?

Pinking shears are slightly curved, with a zigzag pattern of teeth on the blade. Regular dressmaker shears have straight blades and don’t cut fabric into this decorative design.

How often should dress maker shears be sharpened?

Sharpening your dressmaker shears should be done regularly to ensure they remain sharp and able to handle the toughest of fabrics. Imagine a pair of scissors gliding through fabric like butter, effortlessly cutting every thread with precision and accuracy.

Regularly hone them using sandpaper or aluminum foil for best results – oil is not recommended.

What is the best way to store dress maker shears?

To ensure your dressmaker shears remain sharp for longer, store them in a cool, dry place away from moisture and humidity. Wrap them in fabric or place them inside a protective scissor pouch to prevent dulling and rusting of blades.

Additionally, use the cover provided with most scissors to keep dust off when not being used.


With the right pair of dressmaker shears, you can make sure your projects turn out as perfect as you envision. From Guggenhein 9’’ Dressmaker Shears to Handi Quilter Batting Shears, there’s a multitude of options on the market to choose from.

To make sure you select the best dressmaker shears for your needs, consider features like high-carbon steel, metal handles, lifetime warranties, and serrated blades. Popular brands like Fiskars, Kai, and Gingher offer options for every budget and application.

So, with a little bit of research, you can make the perfect cut for your project and take your sewing skills to the next level.

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