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Can Fabric Blinds Be Washed & Cleaned? Here’s How! (2023)

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Making use of fabric blinds and also drapes can provide your house an upscale as well as sophisticated feel, that is, until your attractive fabric blinds end up being unclean as well as discolored.

Because it can be wasteful and also pricey to replace your blinds whenever they obtain a stain or start to look dirty, you will possibly want to clean them.

Can Fabric Blinds be Washed Cleaned?

Fabric blinds can be washed and also cleaned either by you a specialist, or a company that specializes in looking after fabric If you want to do it yourself, invest in preventative steps to maintain your blinds as tidy as feasible, such as viewing for dust, handwashing, and area cleansing.

Review on to discover a secure and non-damaging method to clean your fabric blinds that will have them looking excellent as new!

Just how you care for your blinds can depend upon what style they are and exactly how they are designed.

Some fabric blinds need marginal treatment, while others that have more information like embroidery, brocade patterns, layers, or lining can need an extra detailed cleansing as well as could also need a specialist.

There are a few points that you will intend to remember while trying to keep your fabric blinds tidy as well as looking good.

Stay Ahead of Dust:

It is very vital that you do not let dust and dirt get the best of you or your blinds

Also if you do not desire to clean your blinds on a regular basis, you can still do away with the dust by making use of the vacuum.

To do so, take your blinds down, lay them level, as well as delicately vacuum cleaner both sides of the fabric Pay additional interest to the locations that have folds or pleats since these areas are susceptible to collecting more dust than the remainder of your blinds

These areas consist of cornices, swags, valances, cascades, and so on.

Spot Cleaning:

Another means to help keep your blinds tidy, without needing to completely wash them, is to spot clean them.

You can do this by utilizing a light cleaning agent, a sponge, and also water. Merely clean the discolor or spot with a sponge that has your cleaning agent and water service as well as blot completely dry with a towel.

You can additionally make use of fabric cleansers that are particularly made to tidy fabric spots. These normally can be found in an aerosol spray foam or various other types of cleansers.

To make use of these, you will spay them onto your blinds and quickly scrub the area with a clean, moist sponge.

Make certain you scrub back as well as forth carefully which you massage identical to any kind of pleats up until you see the discolor had been removed. Do not wrinkle the fabric while doing so, as well as make certain you dry the fabric when you are done.

Handwash Your Blinds:

It is suggested that when you do need to wash your blinds, you will certainly wish to clean them by hand. It can be really easy for your blinds to grab or fray when they are placed in the cleaning device.

The best way to deep tidy your blinds by hand is by washing them in the tub.

Machine Washing:

If you’re blinds claims they are device cleanable, after that you need to have the ability to toss them right into the cleaning device, but you will wish to take a couple of added preventative measures.

To maintain your blinds secure in the cleaning device you will wish to:

  1. Roll your blinds up right into a coil.
  2. Put them in a pillowcase.
  3. Place them in the cleaning equipment with just a couple of towels.
  4. Make sure you establish your equipment cycle to delicate.

Despite the fact that this will help safeguard your blinds while they are in the washing maker, it is just optimal for specific sorts of blinds Make certain you only maker laundry fabric blinds that particularly state they are equipment cleanable.

If you feel awkward with maker cleaning, due to the fact that it can battle royal and snag your fabric, you may wish to consider handwashing anyway.

Dry Naturally:

Whether you maker wash or hand clean your blinds, you will intend to ensure that you allow them completely dry naturally.

Drying your blinds in the cleaning machine can create them to completely dry at various rates as well as can also create diminishing. You likewise do not desire to hang completely dry them.

The best way to allow your blinds completely dry is to lay them level on some towels and also allow them to dry normally.

Just How to Wash Fabric Blinds in a Bathtub:

Washing your blinds in a bathtub is a terrific means to hand clean them without bunching them up and also wrinkling them.

To wash your blinds in a bathtub, you will certainly:

  1. Remove them thoroughly as well as unstring them if essential.
  2. Vacuum cleaner them well to get rid of all the dust that you can.
  3. See to it your bath tub is completely tidy.
  4. Fill your bath tub with soapy water and location your blinds in.
  5. Let your blinds being in the soapy water for some time.
  6. Carefully clean your blinds with a sponge.
  7. Rinse your blinds up until there disappears soap running out of it.
  8. Lay levels to dry on towels in a well-ventilated location for one to 2 days or till totally dry.

This method is a fantastic means to wash your blinds But it is not excellent for all blinds

Particular sorts of blinds can be extremely labor-intensive and lengthy for even more fancy blind styles, such as those with pleats or accordion style.

If you require washing among these types of blinds, you may desire to take them to an expert.

Just how Do you Get Stains off Fabric Blinds?

Obtaining stains off of your fabric blinds can be extremely comparable to getting stains off of other textiles.

The simplest method to obtain discolorations off of your fabric blinds is to do an area cleaning with fabric cleaner or soap as well as water.

If that doesn’t work, you might additionally attempt to saturate your blinds in an extra-deep-clean process.

As a last hope, you can always take your blinds to the completely dry cleaners to allow the experts take treatment of them.

How Do You Wash Pleated Blinds?

Pleated blinds are a lot tougher to clean than a more simple set of fabric blinds

This is because they are thicker, and they attract much more dust, dirt, and irritants into their folds up.

An excellent area to begin before you wash your pleated blinds is to examine their wash instructions. They will have the ability to inform you particular instructions that you ought to follow.

Afterwards, you must be able to clean them using soap as well as water unless otherwise defined. When cleansing pleated blinds, make certain that you do not submerge the headrail. If fluid enters the head rail, it could harm the relocating parts that are inside.

Does it Matter if the Blinds are Horizontal or Vertical?

Cleaning blinds, whether they are horizontal or vertical, is not also hard, but it can be a little different.

Cleaning articles blinds is a little much easier than cleaning up horizontal blinds This is since you can normally tidy then in one sweep. Upright blinds also generally just have a single track to open and shut the blinds

Although your vertical blinds may be easier to clean up, you will likely have to change them much more usually since they will put on out quicker.

Horizontal blinds, nevertheless, can be harder to clean up. Straight blinds generally have much more systems as well as strings affixed that can clean them hard.

You want to be careful when you are cleansing your blinds that have systems so that you do not harm them with water.

Just how Much Does it Cost to Have Fabric Blinds Cleaned Professionally?

If you are not confident in washing your very own blinds, or there is a problematic tarnish that you can not go out, you can constantly take your blinds to a professional.

Some reasons to visit an expert as opposed to doing it on your own can consist of:

  • Challenging stains
  • Detailed Embroidery
  • Thorough Brocade
  • Excessive layers or linings

Obtaining your blinds cleansed properly can be a fantastic means to see to it that your blinds come out entirely cleaned and also excellent as brand-new, but it can be costly.

The price of obtaining your blinds cleaned will certainly vary based upon a few elements.

Dry Cleaning:

There are various places that you can take your blinds to be cleaned based upon what you have as well as what you need to be done.

You can take your blinds to a dry cleaner’s to ensure that they can skillfully clean them for you. This is similar to taking in your clothing or various other fabric objects that need professional cleaning.

The expense of dry cleaning can range between $1 as well as $6 per foot of fabric This price can change based on the material type as well as the size of the blinds

You may be charged extra for a various and more labor-intensive fabric

Expert Cleaners:

You can also have professional cleaners concern your home and clean your window attributes for you.

This can be really convenient due to the fact that they will certainly clean all of your window drapes, drapes, as well as blinds in your entire house.

The average cost of having actually professional cleaners come as well as tidy your home window treatments for you can average in between $3 to $8 per square foot.

This is more expensive than completely dry cleaning due to the added time as well as work that is called for to take a trip to your residence and tidy them without taking them down.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Another potential expert method to get your blinds cleaned up is making use of an ultrasonic method.

This is a brand-new technique that makes use of ultrasound to upset a liquid such as water, aiding you to get rid of dirt, dust, grease, discolorations, smells, and various other allergens without utilizing chemicals as well as shielding the stability of your blinds

Some firms charge you on a per-blind basis, yet other companies could bill you based on exactly how large your blinds are as well as bill by the linear foot.


If you are billed on a per-blind basis for ultrasonic cleansing, the average rate could be in between $10 to $40 depending on the kind of blind, the size, and also the problem that your blinds remain in when you drop them off.

If you are billed per direct foot, the cost can be between $5 to $20 per foot.

These costs are just ordinary expenses and also can additionally vary based upon the specialist themselves in addition to the location you live in.

Also, understand that when you take your blinds right into a professional, there is often a “minimum” quantity that they will charge you regardless of what.

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