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How to Oil a Sewing Machine Full Guide of 2023

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Learning how to oil a sewing machine is essential for any sewer novice.

There are several elements involved. The process though, and that can make the start a little intimidating.

sewing machine oil

We’ve gathered some facts about original oils and the oiling process so you can understand the best how to maintain and maintain your sewing machine.

Why oil your machine?

You have oiled your sewing machine well to keep all moving parts working as they should.

Sewing machine oil reduces wear on all moving parts of the machine, while also preventing rust and unnecessary friction.

You should do your best to oil your sewing machine semi-regularly so that it continues to work safely and effectively.

How often should I apply sewing machine oil?

H How often you need to oil your sewing machine depends on several factors, not limited to how often you use it.

If you use your sewing machine on If you want to work every day, consider oiling your machine at least three times a week.

Some recommend oiling a sewing machine first for frequent drains. any use – but if you oil your sewing machine too much, that same oil can drip onto your next project. Not a fun predicament!

If you’re looking for an easier maintenance timeline, grease your machine once after every 50 hours of use, or clean the machine at the same time. lint that has accumulated in the various nooks and crannies of the machine.

What sewing machine oil do I use?

You have several options when considering what type of oil you need for your machine.

The two main types—synthetic and mineral—both have their advantages. Neither will damage your machine, however, as long as they correctly.

how to oil a sewing machine

Mineral oil – or petroleum oil – is typically a petroleum jelly-based substance and is the least expensive of your oil options.

This strain has no scent or contains no harmful substances that could damage your next project (except for a small oil slick).

For example, if you have a curious child who decides she wants to play with the bottle of oil, mineral oil won’t hurt her. It is excellent for the lubrication of machines and leaves no residue after use.

Singer, one of the largest brands in sewing, produces its own machine oil from this type, so if you’re wondering how to oil a Singer sewing machine, you’re in luck.

Oil from different brands can of course on Singer machines, but Singer’s production speaks to the popularity of mineral oil as a product. the plastic.

It is the ideal oil for polishing plastic and for preventing wire breakage during a project.

This synthetic option, such as Liberty Oil 100% Synthetic Oil, protects your sewing machine from oxidation and is less likely than mineral oil to damage your next project if you use too much oil.

Synthetic oil is unfortunately a bit more expensive than mineral oil, but the benefits of using it often outweigh the cost.

How to use a sewing machine oils

Once you’ve gathered the right materials, including the right oil and a few extra tools, it’s time to get to work.

Clean your machine.

Start cleaning the fluff yes from your sewing machine. After filling out several projects, it must have ended up in all the hard-to-reach places on your machine.

To get started, turn off your sewing machine, and remove the plug from the socket. Gather a stiff brush, a lint-free cloth, your owner’s manual and tweezers.

how to oil a singer sewing machine

Then remove the bobbin case, thread, neck plate and stitch from your machine. plate, presser foot, needle and extension table.

Once these , use your tweezers and stiff brush to remove the lint from the areas.

Oil a sewing machine

Once the fluff has off, turn the handwheel of your machine back and forth the best way to see which parts of your sewing machine are moving.

Then take the oil of your choice and add tiny– small– represents the areas most likely to build friction.

Use the lint-free cloth to absorb any extra oil. Let your sewing machine rest for a while and then reassemble it.

This process of cleaning and oiling does not differ much between sewing machine brands. However, if you are wondering how to oil a Brother sewing machine, the manufacturer recommends you keep the needle bar in mind.

To oil the needle bar, select one bar at a time and apply oil to the felt ring of the lower needle bar.

Repeat this process until all the rings , then continue to oil your machine or reassemble if necessary.

Here is a video with more details on how to oil a sewing machine and how to clean it.


Don’t by the process!

If you If you’re still concerned, your owner’s manual is a good place to start when thinking about maintaining your machine.

Also pay attention to what oils your manual also recommends as what moving parts it says to address, and you’re on your way to ensuring a smooth how your device works.

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