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Can You Put Fabric in the Microwave? Read This First! (2023)

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When many people consider what to place in the microwave, food is the only point that comes to mind.

All of us know that due to the fact that of the means a microwave works, you can not put steel in the microwave, however what regarding fabric

Can you place fabric in the microwave?

It is feasible to put the fabric in your microwave, supplied that you make use of the appropriate materials and also how those products soak up heat. Microwavable home heating pads are the even more usual products to utilize in the microwave, in addition to cotton, bed linen, hemp, and silk.

Keep reading to learn what, if any type of, fabric you can put in your microwave, and also why you might wish to (or not intend to)!

What Happens if You Microwave Fabric?

The results of microwaving fabric will certainly depend upon what kind of fabric you are utilizing, and what sort of item is made from that fabric

Microwaves function since they create heat that something then absorbs. Microwaving oven simply a piece of fabric will do absolutely nothing to the fabric, however it will not take in the warmth that was produced and can trigger damage to your microwave, similar to if you were to transform your microwave on with absolutely nothing in it.

Utilizing your microwave with nothing in it can cause genuine damage due to the fact that there is nothing to absorb the warmth, your microwave can be harmed as well as will certainly not work in the future.

One exemption to this policy is microwavable heating pads, soup dish cozies, and so on, which do soak up that heat.

Microwavable Heating Pads:

Among the most typical fabric jobs that you can make to enter into the microwave consists of microwavable hot pad.

Hot pads are fantastic to use when you have sore muscles, injuries, pains, or various other usages.

These are made by filling up a fabric bag with rice or other grains such as barley or wheat and also sewing it shut.

After you have built your microwavable hot pad, you would certainly position it in the microwave to heat up so that you can then utilize it as a hot pad. This can be reheated several times.

Why Does This Work?

Since the microwave does not do anything to your fabric, you will be able to constantly place it in the microwave.

The heat itself originates from heating up the grains inside.

Due to the fact that the rice is what is taking in the warm and also not the fabric, you will certainly not wreck your microwave similarly that you would if you were to just position your fabric in the microwave.

This is a comparable idea if you are making soup dish cozies or other microwaveable crafts.

Ensure when you do make one of these jobs, you are utilizing fabrics that are microwave risk-free. I have actually listed them in the section listed below.

Which Types of Fabric Can be Put in a Microwave?

If you are wondering what textiles are okay to make use of when you are making a “microwave risk-free” job, you do have a few feasible options.

When choosing your fabric for a microwave project, the most significant point to bear in mind is to make use of more all-natural materials as well as to remain away from synthetics.

Microwave safe alternatives consist of yet are not restricted to:

  • Cotten
  • Linen
  • Hemp
  • Silk

These fabrics will certainly not have a trouble in your microwave as long as you are not warming them for also lengthy.

Ideally, 100% of cotton is the best fabric to utilize when making a microwave-safe craft.

Synthetic textiles, since they are created artificially, tend to have various degrees of plastic in them, which will melt in the microwave.

Fabrics to keep out of the microwave consist of yet are not limited to:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Spandex

Although these textiles are not the most safe for the microwave, if there is sufficient various other matter, such as rice, to absorb the microwave’s waves, you could be safe having it in the microwave for a brief duration of time.

This is a similar principle to heating food up in a plastic container.

As long as you do not have it in also long, it will heat up the food instead of the container, but if you leave it in as well long, the plastic will eventually soak up heat also and melt.

An additional thing to stay clear of putting in the microwave is elastic.

Can You Use a Microwave to Dry Fabric?

If your clothes dryer is full, it is appealing to attempt and also warm an article of clothes or 2 in your microwave. It appears like a straightforward as well as quick solution to wet clothing that you need to use today.

This is not the situation, and you need to not attempt to dry any fabric in your microwave.

Since the fabric can not absorb the microwave’s warmth, it will not dry your garments and also can harm your microwave, as previously stated.

There is likewise the possibility for damage to your write-ups of clothes if you placed them in the microwave, especially if there is flexible. Elastic is a plastic that will melt and also can ravage your clothes and even has the possible to begin a fire.

When the elastic melts, it can create a fire with the cotton part of your clothing. For this factors, do not microwave your clothes.

Can Glitter Fabric be Used in the Microwave?

You might believe you are using a fully cotton fabric, however if your fabric has other attributes such as radiance or other products included, it is not 100% cotton as well as may not be completely microwave secure.

Some examples of things to keep an eye out for consist of radiance as well as metallics.

You should not utilize any fabric that functions metallic thread, shine, or pearl textiles.

If you use textiles that include any of these points, you would certainly have a microwave problem comparable to if you were to place a metal container or utensil in the microwave.

Also if your radiance is not metal, you ought to prevent putting materials that have glitter in it in the microwave.

If the shine is not metallic, it could be plastic as well as would certainly have the very same concern as a synthetic fabric or the flexible would certainly in your project.


To conclude, you must not instantly assume that your fabric is alright to enter the microwave.

Make certain that if you do put your fabric in the microwave, it is a component of a microwave-safe craft as well as not simply the fabric itself. Fabric will not get warm in the microwave as well as can not be heated up.

Due to the fact that fabric can not be warmed up in the microwave, one of the most typical microwave-safe crafts are made to safeguard your hands from the cozy items that you place in the microwave, like the soup dish relaxing project.

If you prepare to make a fabric craft that is expected to go in the microwave, make sure that you utilize 100% cotton that has no bonus whenever possible.

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