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Clothing Alterations and Repairs: How Much Do You Charge? (2023)

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When individuals find out that I recognize how to sew, they often ask me to fix things or do alterations for them.

Can you associate?

I actually do not mind doing clothing alterations as well as repair work for family and friends, now and then. I even do it totally free! I think it’s good to aid individuals out when I can.

HOWEVER, even if I often provide tailoring services free of cost does not indicate that you must, and even that you should …

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking individuals to compensate you for your time as well as skill. A tailor company can be lucrative. The tricky component is choosing how much to charge your clients.

Just How Much to Charge for Clothing Alterations and Repairs

According to Hero as well as Villain Style , the typical expense of alterations is $20 to $ 50. If you are executing standard clothing alterations as well as repair services, you can feel great billing within this amount. Certainly, a whole lot relies on the kind of repairing or alterations that demand to be done and for how long it will certainly take you.

I’ve found that people grossly ignore the quantity of time it requires to do clothing alterations and repairs. Many customizing work requires even more work than people believe. For example, absorbing a pair of pants is not as easy as finishing the side joint. You also need to reverse the waist as well as adjust the elastic or drawstring and after that deal with the hem at the bottom.

Here’s a listing of one of the most usual clothing alterations and repairs, as well as for how long I estimate each would certainly take:

  • Replacing zippers: 45 minutes
  • Changing lost buttons: 10 minutes
  • Fixing split seams: 10 minutes, 20 wins if you require to include a patch
  • Raising/lowering the hem on pants: 30 minutes
  • Absorbing clothing at the side seam: 45 minutes
  • Adjusting neck lines: 30-45 mins, relying on the intricacy
  • Moving darts: 30 minutes, plus time for suitable.
  • Modifying cuffs: 10- 20 mins, relying on the complexity.

If you intend to begin a tailor company, you’ll need to find out prices. Create a checklist of services and after that choose the total up to charge for every kind of clothing alteration or fixing. Conversely, you could bill an hourly rate for your tailoring services.

To Mend or Not to Mend

I suggest that you constantly check out the garment or item that requires alterations prior to pricing quote a cost. You require to evaluate if it can feasibly be taken care of or otherwise. Never make assurances, as well as always be open and straightforward with your customers when you run into change problems.

Required even more aid? We’ve assembled a listing of Resources for Running a Sewing Business

I have actually been doing a great deal of repairing as well as alterations for pals recently. I repaired a number of dresses and also other clothing things for a buddy last month and also this month I am absorbing a few pairs of scrub pants for one good friend as well as taking care of the wide neck on a gown for one more one of my good friend’s little girls. I don’t have a clothing alterations and repair work company, however it’s something I assume is in high demand. You might begin a dressmaker organization!

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