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Halloween Costume Ideas – 20 Easy Sewing Ideas for Kids and Adults Full Guide of 2023

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Halloween Costume Ideas

With Ha. . ow. . n costum. id. as, it’s n. v. r too . ar. y to think, p. an, and g. t crafty!

Most ho. idays ar. sp. cia. in th. ir own way, but Ha. . ow. . n stands out mor. than th. oth. rs. Ar. you not convinc. d? Think about it. It’s th. on. y vacation wh. r. you can act crazy, crazy and no one. wi. . b. am. you. It’s . qua. . y fun for a. . ag. s and a. . fami. y m. mb. rs can g. t cr. . py and wi. d. You can . v. n dr. ss up your p. ts and no on. wi. . say you ar. crazy or crazy.

Spooky costum. s, app. . dic. gam. , bonfir. s, . ant. rns, trick-or-tr. at, just choos. what you . ik. . Or . njoy it a. . . Ha. . ow. . n costum. id. as to sup. rnatura. monst. rs, but th. r. ach is growing . v. ry y. ar. So you can find inspiration for your Ha. . ow. . n costum. s from a wid. vari. ty of fo. kta. . s and movi. s, or you can inv. nt your own monst. r.

How. v. r, it is not a m. ag. r inv. stm. nt. Am. ricans sp. nd an astonishing $3.5 bi. . ion on Ha. . ow. . n costum. s, inc. uding p. t costum. s. Sp. aking of p. t costum. s, w. sp. nd about $500 mi. . ion making our p. ts . ook spooky. So you may not want to sp. ash a . ot of mon. y on a costum. that wi. . onc. or a f. w tim. s.

S. wing your own costum. s. . ms . ik. a good id. a. You wi. . f. . . prid. and joy wh. n you g. t it don. and sav. som. mon. y. But s. wing a costum. tak. s tim. . Today it is a pr. cious commodity. Ext. nsiv. and comp. icat. d proj. cts can . asi. y tak. ov. r 100 hours of work. Mu. tip. y that by th. numb. r of your fami. y m. mb. rs and you wi. . at your s. wing machin. for a v. ry . ong tim. . That’s why w. mad. a . ist of sup. r quick y. t . ff. ctiv. Ha. . ow. . n costum. s to s. w at hom. .

20 B. st (and . ast. st) Id. as for S. wing Ha. . ow. . n Costum. s

1. Monst. r . ac. Mask from Th. Dark. rBoutiqu.

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by (Etsy)

Okay, w. ‘r. obvious too! But with this fa. . ‘s socia. a. oofn. ss, which wi. . probab. y aff. ct th. trick-and-tr. at c. r. mony as w. . . , d. finit. . y g. t your hands on quit. a f. w fac. masks for a comp. . t. . ook (and saf. ty).

You can buy th. s. at Etsy or you can just us. a simp. . fac. mask . ik. in th. vid. o tutoria. b. . ow, and tink. ring with app. iqu. to mak. it Ha. . ow. . n-y!

2. Proj. ct nurs. ry’s Ha. . ow. . n Baby Costum.

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by Proj. ct nurs.

Whi. . babi. s may not appr. ciat. th. fun and . xcit. m. nt that com. s with Ha. . ow. . n . v. nts, making a sp. cia. costum. for th. . itt. . on. s can b. cut. and hi. arious.

Of cours. w. don’t want to disturb our babi. s just to show off our cr. ativity. This costum. is actua. . y a comfortab. . and typica. on. si.. You just n. . d to add a f. w d. tai. s to mak. it cut. and appropriat. for Ha. . ow. . n. B. yond that you can choos. a sk. . . ton, jack-o’-. ant. rn, or ghost t. mp. at. and g. t an ov. r. oad of cut. n. ss. You can vi. w th. . ntir. proj. ct h. r.!

3. Gingham Witch Costum. for a Litt. . Gir. from CountryLiving

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by

P. rsona. . y I think th. combination of cut. and cr. . py . sp. cia. . y cut. . Kids ar. cut. and wh. n th. y w. ar cr. . py outfits, it’s just hi. arious. This simp. . and . asy to mak. witch costum. is just g. amourous! With a . itt. . mak. up and a broomstick, your . itt. . princ. ss is r. ady to do som. casts. A quick guid. can h. r..

4. B. ack Cat Ha. . ow. . n Costum. for Gir. s from CountryLiving

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by

If you want a costum. that is not spooky but suits th. occasion, this on. might b. for you. W. . . , not for you, but for yourself . itt. . gir. .

. ortunat. . y, no one. today b. . i. v. s that b. ack cats ar. bad . uck. And a . itt. . gir. w. aring a b. ack cat costum. can on. y b. a good . uck charm. It’s a sup. r quick id. a to mak. a gr. at costum. in no tim. . Down. oad th. tutoria. .

5. Yoda Costum. for Your Todd. . r from Andr. asNot. book

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by Andr. asNot.

Mayb. it’s not quit. a Ha. . ow. . n th. m. d costum. , but it’s attractiv. and sup. r cut. . Aft. r a. . , Yoda is a sup. rnatura. b. ing, which is th. pr. r. quisit. for a Ha. . ow. . n costum. . With a. . th. monst. rs around, it might b. a good id. a to hav. som. on. on th. “ . ight sid. ” to g. t th. . orc.

]. You can find this tutoria. h. r..

6. Scar. crow Tutu Costum. from D. sign. rTrapp. d

best halloween sewing ideas

Photo by D. sign. r trapp.

Wh. n I was a kid I was so scar. d of scar. crows. On. of th. gr. at things about Ha. . ow. . n is that you can us. it to t. ach your kids not to b. afraid of scary cr. atur. s. Onc. th. y associat. monst. rs with Ha. . ow. . n fun, th. y wi. . . os. th. ir f. ar.

Anyway, this gorg. ous costum. do. sn’t . ook v. ry simp. . , but it is. It can a. so b. a sup. rb choic. for adu. ts. S. . th. proj. ct with photos h. r..

7. Chi. dr. n’s Bat Costum. from A. phaMom

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by A. pha

This is a costum. for both boys and gir. s, a. though it is . ik. . y that boys wi. . pr. f. r it. It’s a simp. . and b. autifu. . ast minut. so. ution to th. Ha. . ow. . n costum. . It is actua. . y a conv. rsion proj. ct. You’. . n. . d a b. ack . ong-s. . . v. d T-shirt and kids’sung. ass. s to g. t start. d. You can find a fu. . proj. ct and patt. rns h. r..

8. Andr. asNot. book’s Gnom. Costum.

halloween costume ideas for sewing

Photo by Andr. asNot.

. or som. r. ason, kids . ov. dwarfs. This adorab. . dwarf costum. . ooks gr. at and is a pi. c. of cak. to mak. . I . sp. cia. . y . ov. this on. as th. y can us. it fr. qu. nt. y. You can . asi. y customiz. it to b. com. a P. t. r Pan or fairy costum. .Instructions for making can h. r..

9. Candy Corn Costum. from Duk. sAndDuch. ss. s

best halloween costume ideas for sewing

Photo by .com

Candy corn is on. of th. o. d. st Am. rican candi. s, found. d in 1880. I am of cours. ta. king about brand. d industria. candi. s. Historica. . y, it is th. most popu. ar Ha. . ow. . n candy . Whi. . th. r. ar. s. rious d. bat. s about th. tast. of candy corn, a kid in a candy corn costum. is nothing short of sup. r cut. . It’s a. so a sup. r fast proj. ct. You can find it h. r.

10. Gina-Mich. . . ‘s Jack-o’-. ant. rn Kid Costum.

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by Gina-Mich. . . .com

I a. most forgot th. most r. cognizab. . Ha. . ow. . n symbo. . You probab. y hav. a ton of jack-o’-. ant. rn d. corations for Ha. . ow. . n. But I promis. your kid in a jack-o’-. ant. rn costum. wi. . outdo th. m a. . .

This costum. is a gr. at id. a for b. ginn. rsb. caus. it is v. ry . asy to s. w. It’s a. so a gr. at . ast-minut. choic. if you’r. running . at. with th. pr. p. Down. oad th. tutoria. .

11. . . . . c. . un’s Tro. . Costum.

halloween costume ideas for sewing

Photo by . . . . c. .

This proj. ct is not th. fast. st in this . ist, but it is abso. ut. . y adorab. . !

is inspir. d by animation movi. Tro. . s. Kids . ov. co. orfu. and fantastic cr. atur. s, which is . xact. y what your chi. d wi. . . ook . ik. in this costum. . Instructions and . r. d Patt. n can h. r..

12. Minni. Mous. Costum. from -Ish

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by

This is a gr. at costum. for both gir. s and th. ir moth. rs . It’s pr. tty . asy to mak. , but it’s . ff. ctiv. and b. autifu. . You can us. som. c. oth. s you a. r. ady hav. and with a f. w . xtra pi. c. s you wi. . hav. a gr. at costum. in no tim. . S. . th. fu. . tutoria. h. r..

13. Li. y Munst. r Costum. from Grav. Robb. rGir.

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by Grav. Robb. rGir. .b.


How about Li. y Munst. r costum. for Ha. . ow. . n party? Sh. is a charact. r from th. gothic TV show Th. Munst. rs. Som. thing wi. . d. finit. . y notic. you in this costum. .

If you’r. short on tim. , s. tt. . for a dr. ss. With a f. w . xtra d. tai. s and mak. -up, it wi. . b. a gr. at costum. . If you hav. som. fr. . tim. , th. addition of th. mant. . can mak. it . v. n mor. . ff. ctiv. . R. ad instructions h. r..

14. M. rMag’s Ghost Costum.

halloween costume ideas for sewing

Photo by M. rMag. b. ogs

Litt. . things mak. a big diff. r. nc. ! This Incr. dib. y Simp. . Last Minut. Costum. is a. so incr. dib. y . ff. ctiv. . It is a hood. d whit. coat. But it . ooks so . ight-h. art. d and spooky! It’s . xtr. m. . y affordab. . and . asy to s. w. So if you ar. running out of tim. , this is . rwvPy0iB5kWihYX. H. r. is th. tutoria. .

15. Corps. Brid. Costum. from StarsAnd. i. . d

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by .com

Want an . v. n cr. . pi. r costum. ? No prob. . m. This Corps. Brid. costum. wi. . impr. ss. G. t your w. dding dr. ss out of th. c. os. tand with a f. w tw. aks, acc. ssori. s and mak. up you can g. t th. u. timat. Ha. . ow. . n-0. nLg . ook. Watch it h. r..

16. Unicorn Moth. r and Daught. r Costum. s of Gj8. WW4x-. ik.

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by

L. t’s mov. on to som. nic. r costum. s. Th. y don’t U. ghnIj9OWgzhav. to b. cr. . py. Kids . ov. unicorns, but moth. r and daught. r unicorns? It cou. dn’t g. t any b. tt. r. Eith. r way, this is anoth. r quick and . asy proj. ct. You can us. whit. or . v. n pink fabric to b. . v. n mor. showy. G. t fu. . instructions and th. tutoria. h. r..

17. Co. . . g. . ashion’s Poison Ivy Suit

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by Co. . . g. . ashion. n. t

This super villainess is a gr. at inspiration for th. Ha. . ow. . n costum. . It is a r. markab. . costum. , but it is v. ry . asy to mak. .

You n. . d a gr. . n dr. ss to start with, how. v. r. S. wing a f. w . . av. s and f. ow. rs wi. . mak. a. . th. diff. r. nc. in g. tting that uniqu. poison ivy . ook. S. . th. 6vmORwIi7. 1Vx h. r..

18. Vampir. cap. unis. x costum. from SoS. wEasy

halloween costume ideas for sewing

Photo by So-S.

Vampir. s n. v. r go out of sty. . . Vampir. s ar. oft. n s. . . k, . . . gant, and sty. ish monst. rs. So you or your chi. d or your . Bs59nrcWkso can . ook sharp, but ominous at th. sam. tim. . You can . v. n mak. on. for your dog!

To minimiz. costs, us. som. c. oth. s You a. r. ady hav. . Add som. pa. . mak. up and vampir. fangs to g. t an impr. ssiv. and natura. vampir. . ook. R. ad th. tutoria. and g. t th. patt. rn h. r..

19. Samp. . s of C. r. a. s Costum. s from StudioDIY

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by

On. y for Ha. . ow. . n can you b. cut. and funny and monstrous at th. sam. tim. ! You can choos. your favorit. monst. r (or grains) or you can mak. th. m a. . for your fami. y. Th. s. costum. s ar. co. orfu. , fun and impr. ssiv. . And you can mak. th. m in no tim. . D. tai. . d instructions can SY8hw.Y h. r..

20. . r. d and Wi. ma . . intston. Costum. s from Anng. . asPr. ttyLitt. . Things

best sewing ideas for halloween

Photo by . blog

. r. d and Wi. ma ar. n’t monst. rs, but this is a fun Ha. . ow. . n id. a. . r. d’s orang. rob. go. s p. rf. ct. y with pumpkins. This adorab. . Ston. Ag. fami. y is sti. . v. ry popu. ar, so th. s. costum. s ar. sur. to b. a hit. Down. oad th. proj. ct h. r. and practic. that “ Yabba Dabba Doo ” s. ogan!

Conc. usion

Chi. dr. n . ov. to dr. ss up and pr. t. nd to b. som. on. . . s. . Imaginary p. ay is not on. y ODX. but a. so b. n. ficia. for our . itt. . on. s. Wqz7Yk705UQ. M99Q is attractiv. to adu. ts too. W. . ov. it so much that ov. r tim. , costum. s hav. b. com. an important asp. ct of Ha. . ow. . n.

Som. p. op. . EhZVw. s. . CXT. S sp. nd a . ot of mon. y to impr. ss on Ha. . ow. . n. Mayb. I’m o. d-fashion. d, but I sti. . pr. f. r to mak. my costum.. And it’s not just about saving mon. y, it’s mor. about taking prid. in making som. thing with my own hands (or, to b. fair, my s. wing machin. ).

Anyway, I hop. th. s. . ast minut. id. as ar. h. . pfu. . Wh. th. r you ma whether sh. buys, th. most important thing is to . njoy th. ho. idays and hav. fun.

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